Confirmed Arsenal Line-up to take on Chelsea at Stamford Bridge

Arsenal are set for yet another big test as they take on Chelsea across London, with us hoping to return to top spot in the Premier League table with a victory.

Manchester City scraped past Fulham thanks to a last-minute penalty, which saw them move above us by a point (with an eight goal difference advantage also), and only a win today would see us return to the head of the table.

Not only have we been the better team than Graham Potter’s side this term, but we come into the game with the advantage in the personnel department also, with Chelsea having to juggle a number of key absences in naming their side, while our only likely predicament was who would start at left-back.

Our predicted line-up from this morning:

White Saliba Gabriel Zinchenko
Partey Xhaka
Saka Odegaard Martinelli

And as you can see, there was nothing to be surprised about.

It’s great seeing Oleksandr make his return, as he brought a lot for us in the early part of the season, but I do wonder whether it is a little too predictable, which could allow Chelsea to have a gameplan to try and stop us.

Should Arteta have considered changing anything up today? What are your predictions after seeing the teamsheets?


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  1. Best possible lineup and good to see zinchenko back
    @pat got it spot on here it’s line up .
    3-1 Arsenal .

  2. Did u all see how man City was celebrating a win against Fulham yesterday like they won a trophy. Had it been arsenal the media would be all over us today criticising us

      1. We beat Wolves last season with ten men after Martinelli went off. The lads, led by Lacca celebrated at the final whistle and got loathed for it. Double standards and England are like 5 & 6

  3. In the absence of Tomi and ,surprisingly, Tierney, I think our back four could struggle, particularly on the left side.I suspect this could be scoring draw, say 2-2.

  4. I think Zinchenko’s inclusion in the starting line-up is a gamble, because he’s just recovered. But the coaches surely know their players better than I do

    I predict Chelsea will use Sterling to get a free kick or penalty, then we’ll reply in a similar manner

  5. Zinchenko is the ‘footballer’, he is our fluency director. I always think we play a level up with him playing. The Zinchenko, Martinelli, Jesus triangle is like the Bermuda Triangle. Hopefully where Chelsea go missing and our football obliterates the Oligarchs.

  6. Start zinchenko is ok , if arsenal don’t wast opportunity in this game, it’s Chelsea 1 v Arsenal 3

  7. It’s a great line up, we must hit them hard and early, history shows when we start on our front foot we cause endless problems for the opposition.

    The line up maybe predictable, but it’s too delicately poised to experiment here.

  8. Well most teams know how arsenal set up these days and the only thing is to stop us from playing our game and find chink in the armour to succeed. We know the left flank will be problem, because Zinchenko will switch from left back and move into midfield when arsenal have the ball. When the ball is turned over, quick transitions will haunt us on that left hand side. Hope we succeed though and I am still looking for a positive result today. Coyg

  9. From an Arsenal point of view, I think this match will be decided in the first 45 minutes. Judging from the Chelsea line up, they might get a little better in the second half. It is left to us to kill the game by half time.

  10. The only way 3pts is guaranteed is if Arsenal players take their chances and kill the game as soon as possible.

    Anthing apart from that we going to loose and its going to hurt more knowing we could have done better.

    Hopefully we kill them asap

  11. Not necessarily mine but this is most definitely Artetas no1 line up. It his strongest team and probably his dream team.

    1. Strongly agree, if the gaffer had every Jack man fit and ready to go, he would have still selected this line up

  12. Not watching it… listening on

    Seems we’ve had more of the ball in Chelseas half…

    Nice to hear that Saka is playing! Jesus seems to be getting at their defence. Let’s go Arsenal big 3points at the bridge!!

  13. Chelsea sitting back like a small team at their home. How time change? Remember when we used to sit back to avoid getting pummelled.

      1. Of courses they will be dangerous with the talent available but what i was getting at is with all the squad they have they are scared to go face to face with us. Teams fear/respect us now.

        1. Actually we are playing far better compared last few season so team has to go to back foot whether they Like it or not or whether they give respect or not

        2. That’s a great thing to read 👏
          Mikel has done really well for what he has done! The project has justvstarted since last summer when we bought Ramsdale & Ode.

          Had such drama around the club too with Papa, Mesut, Laca, Matteo, Auba & shady deals like Pepe & all the massive contracts to deal with! 👏

          Arsenal of Old coming back…

    1. There saying here we’ve had more possession, 5 shots for Arsenal, 1 for Chelsea. They are sitting deep waiting on the counter! Are they fouling us alot??

  14. Would be a much better game if both teams stopped falling over from every slightest touch which in turn is making Oliver whistle every 30 secs .

    1. They would stop if the ref stopped giving fouls for those stupid fouls. Football has stopped being a contact sport for a while, just look at that ridiculous penalty for city yesterday or even ours vs Liverpool.

  15. The pitch seems very slippery and affecting the ease with which we move the ball and commit to tackles and 50-50 balls. Let’s hope it works in our favour.

    1. I can safely say that the weather in West London this morning was torrential rain and rained a lot yesterday

  16. Jesus should’ve scored I am reading. Great build up play only for him to miss a simple header at the back post?

  17. Chelsea didn’t dare to play from the back and seemed to have been hoping for a good luck to score

    This Conte-esque smash and grab tactic could work in the second half, when our players are tired. We’ll need one of our CBs to score, because our attackers wasted their chances

    1. But they are looking very dangerous on break..
      I just hope we are not repeating the same what was happened at Old Trafford..
      United killed us on counter and Chelsea has enough quality to hurt us on counter..

  18. Can’t believe Jesus missed the target with that opening, should punish chances, we need Martinelli to be on the end of one, he would have buried that one… COYG!

    1. I can’t complain about this Oliver ref..
      I have seen over the years him giving 50-50 decisions in favour of Arsenal…
      Even Penalty against Liverpool..
      He was the ref

      1. Its not a dig at oliver who is doing a decent match. Saka gets absolutely no protection from refs for a while now. Every match repeating fouling on him goes unpunished.

        1. But that’s not gonna change at all..
          We have seen over the years players like Ronaldo, RVP, Nasri have been targeted by defenders..

    1. Maddison won’t come to us because he can’t displace Odegaard and he won’t come here to sit on bench…
      Same applies to out an out striker..
      No Decent striker will come to Arsenal to sit on bench and deputies Jesus

      1. Can’t rely on Jesus if he’s not scoring though. It’s the difference between beating the bigger teams. Jesus can play in a 3 sell pepe sign an out and out striker.

        Xhaka isn’t getting any younger so Odegaard can play that role and play Maddison in Odegaard position. Obvs rotate them all

        1. Odegaard is more of Playmaker…
          And Xhaka has transformed himself into box to box midfielder from DM
          Odegaard can’t play as Box to box

  19. Let the Gunners rise up to the occasion very big in the 2nd half and hit the Blues. Much much bigger than they did in the 1st

  20. Let’s go. Again jesus even when not efficient in front of goal creates a chance out of nowhere which result in a goal

  21. Partey is looking tired
    We need to bring on another midfielder to release the pressure on Partey..
    Bring on Lokonga and take off Xhaka..

    1. Vermaelen was a good footballer but not a great central defender at all – I much prefer Gabriel to him.

  22. That’s how it’s done.
    And to quote Granit Xhaka” You see the atmosphere is f@&%¥ing amazing”…Well said my dude. 😂😂😂😂

  23. Almost developed a panic attack but in hindsight it was a fairly comfortable win. A very good performance from the team especially Saliba, Jesus and Partey.

  24. Amazing win. It’s easy to drop points at Stamford Bridge, even when we play well, but this was pretty dominant and they barely had a sniff all game. Only negative for me is that Jesus couldn’t score again. He just needs one to go in…

  25. Dominated all 90 min. Deserved win. Loved to see Chelsea players fuming, desperate and later on, utterly helpless. Loved it.

    And Jesus, he conjures chances where there are literally none. Guy is Superb.

  26. Making your own luck sometimes. Finding ways to win is an ingredient of Champions.

    Great snatch on that corner, making a goal from nothing.

    City continues to chase us, love it for the weekend.

  27. I am not only delighted for our today’s Epl match win over Chelsea. But I am as well elated, buoyant, jubilant, satisfied and feel taller in my head Than am physical tall for the win.

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