Confirmed Arsenal Line-up to take on Newcastle this evening

The teams are out for today’s Premier League clash between Arsenal and Newcastle at St James’s Park, in what is a must-win match for our side.

The Gunners need three points here to assure that they return to the top-four after Spurs’ win over Burnley yesterday, a lead which should prove important if we can go into next weekend with the advantage.

The Toon are unlikely to roll over however, especially with this being their chance to thank their fans for their support in what proved to be a difficult season, with this being their last home outing of the campaign.

There was a lot of doubts about the starting line-up that Arteta would name tonight with neither of Ben White or Gabriel Magalhaes having trained much in recent days, and with Rob Holding’s suspension after getting sent off against Spurs on Thursday, and as you can see, he has been able to call on both.

Fingers crossed the defenders make it through today’s encounter unscathed, but seeing them in the team fills me which much more confidence tonight.

What are your expectations after seeing tonight’s line-up?


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  1. It’s crap. Just two games, win and in the CL in six years and management goes to give ‘Teta a new contract. Well, it’s gone now. We are in back in Europe, Halleluyah.

  2. Our full backs Cedric and Tavares need to be upgraded in the summer.
    We need tall and strong full backs.

  3. If we blow this top 4 race, I’m taking a 1 year sabbatical like manu fans. No need to waste my time watching the same shit year in year out.

  4. Pressure on and Arsenal fluffing it. Arteta struggles to change tactics, just can’t seem to outwit other managers.

    Is this weak mentality still Wenger’s fault? Sorry to say but we’re getting outplayed by Newcastle, it’s like we have no motivation.

    Poor showing, simply not good enough and folding under the pressure

  5. No European football after 25 years, out of both cups in the blink of an eye, tactically inept and what do we do? Give Arteta a new contract.
    You literally can’t make this s##t up.

    1. When you put it that way it doesn’t look too good! Two 8th Place finishes also, £250m odd spent, got rid of alot players due to ego.

  6. We wreak of desperation. Only start putting a few passes together when we go one down.

    What kind of strategy/system is that

    I see absolutely no idea of how to play here and zero chance of us getting 1 let alone two goals at present. Hopefully that changes but I doubt it.

    Again, bottled it. Too naive, no personnel with enough about them to take the game by the scruff and being bossed by a Newcastle team with nothing to play for.

    The spuds have 4th

  7. Gotta feel for the fans that have made the trip only to see a performance like this. Hats off to them. 20 to go to turn it around for us all.

  8. Well what the hell is wrong with Arsenal! There is still many minutes to go! OLD ARSENAL WILL NEVER LET GO LIKE THIS. Its still 1 nil for God sake!

  9. Arteta’s going for it. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Pepe gets a brace and saves our bacon.

    1. About as much as an inexperienced manager and a 250 million check to spend on players gets you.

      Our play is crap, awful football and performance, and Arteta has no answers tactically.

  10. Flummoxed by what I’m watching
    A tale of two teams and both come from north London
    How can a team crumble, rise and then crumble again?

    1. Depends how you define ‘rise’ and whether you are looking at the macro or micro.

      If it’s be in a relegation zone to a possibility of getting 4 yeh that’s a rise. But since the invincibles this club had been very much in decline (a fall)..

    2. Depends how you define ‘rise’ and whether you are looking at the macro or micro.

      If it’s be in a relegation zone to a possibility of getting 4 yeh that’s a rise. But since the invincibles this club had been very much in decline (a fall)..

  11. Headless chicken play I guess. No cojones. We just want some joy, it’s not too much to ask.

  12. Gutless, cowardly, playing as if drugged and a total disgrace. A black day in our recent history. No excuse for playing in a trance. Only RAMSDALE deserves to wear the shirt . Sob!!

    1. @ Jon,

      This is so painful.

      This will go down as the most painful defeat supporting Arsenal.
      I am tired

  13. Need a pee, hopefully when I come back in the room I’ll have missed us scoring and I wouldn’t mind at all!

  14. So finally we know which title that Amazon Docu will he called.


    I just want some joy, there is no crime being an Arsenal fan.

  15. We need to upgrade our FB/WB position next season and Arteta should consider playing with a back 3 with Saliba and Tomiyasu involved. A new striker and 2 class CM are needed as well.

    Regarding where we end the season, 4th or 5th I am not too worried. At the start of the season, our target was a return back to Europe which we have achieved.

    For the fans going bananas over the Top 4 place, take it easy on yourself, so you can live to see the team play next season. The new contract to Arteta is well timed. It’s either you support him or take a break, to return when the team finally gels and begins to win. That is what plastic fans do!

    1. Abeg keep that to yourself. We had the CL in sight and we lost it and you expect us to be happy because we are back in “Europe”. Well I am so glad, glad, glad.

    2. What a dross comment. I am commenting on our style of play….I would be embarrassed to be in Europe with the novices tactics. We’d be struggling against the 3rd from moldova

      1. Grow up Perry
        What a remark to make!
        We are Arsenal supporters and nobody wanted a night like this

        1. I never wanted the clown to manage our club but if you are happy to have him then you deserve this crap.
          5 defeats in the last 10 games and players not even trying for the manager. I think you need to look at the games we have lost because of his mistakes before you start insulting people

      2. Hahaha…Arteta lovers already won a trophy as their sweat heart got the new contract. As long as we have fans like them who have no standard we will always be a mid table team. Ambition to win is driven by fans of club, no Ambition by fans then no Ambition by club.

  16. It’s a sh** show of ginormous proportions .. and if the fans here think it’s not a systemic problem then we get what we deserve

  17. Normally when you go a goal down there’s a splurge of energy, fizz, get a goal back attitude. Awful and I can’t see a route back into this game

  18. Burnley at home and Southampton away are the games that have cost us in the long run coz these games against Spurs and now Newcastle wouldn’t have mattered

    1. Goodbye Sue… just done with this (insert every insults in the world). Only a miracle can save us not, Pukki??

      1. Not a chance in hell, Ackshay! When it matters, really matters, we go MIA… these last few days have been an embarrassment and to hand it all over to the spuds in this manner is unforgivable

      1. 👍👍👍 … calked for it a year ago .. nothing this season to make me change my mind

  19. With all the so called rebels gone, most money spent by a club in summer, no Europe so less games to play and a manager who has been blindly supported by board n fans. Where do we end up 5th? I bet we still have a lot of fans who will be saying we are on right path and they are satisfied. Our owners show the same ambition as our majority of poor fans. In Arteta we believe lol!

    1. Logic
      You are spot on mate.
      Whatever the seasons outcome the club says it is an achievement and our fans swallow it.
      One look at the clueless fools we have running the club and you realise why we are in this sorry state.

  20. Bottled it AGAIN!

    New they would as there was something to play for.

    Weak, naive, leaderless, clueless.
    See ya. Gonna use my time for something more beneficial. ‘Enjoy’!

  21. I second you. If he likes Arteta should win the EL next season, he should still get the hell out of our club, enough of this flutter to deceive. 3 years of crap.

  22. Typical Arsenal … give you hope and then take it away …. What was the point of beating all the top teams and losing to the pub teams? It’s all 3 points whatever way you look at it.

  23. I see Ant and the other one are happy. I bet Gary Neville is wetting himself with excitement about telling everyone we bottled it.

  24. Dream over
    Thanks to the team for all these strong emotions I felt through out the season.
    I love Arsenal whatever

  25. Every. Single. Time. Why the hell do I ever get hopeful? They just bottle it, absolutely no fight at the end of the season, when there’s a chance of CL.

    1. You get hopeful because you love Arsenal mate. At the end of the day that’s what matters. Keep your head up

      1. Can you imagine this clown leading Arsenal in 4 comps next season they’ll be lucky to finish 10th Sue.

  26. See you in the EL where we are going to loose to Mictchankan FC in the semi finals. So long.

  27. By the time our young team and manager get near to coming good players like Saka and Martinelli will be off to Pool or City.

  28. Let’s look on the bright side, at least we learnt how to be hopeful, crash be hopeful and crash again.

  29. This is the Bruno Guimaraes, Arteta said he didn’t need in January, talking like he’s a pro when he’s a rookie that needs to be in championship if not that Arsenal is unambitious; they even offered this failure a contract extension, I wonder if Saliba will agree to come play for a Europa league squad when he can be in Champions league next year.

    I hope he’s seen how foolish he is now, Arteta is simply a failed project, and I don’t see us going anywhere next season with this sort of unserious leaders at the helm. How can’t one see that Arteta is not deserving of the position he’s been handed? How ??

  30. Tonight not a single player rose to the occasion. We don’t deserve CL. A relegated team would have played with more pride. Never once in the game it felt like we were playing for the top 4.

    I will be really surprised if Saka remains with us for the next season.

  31. White Gabriel Pepe Nketiah Laca Xhaka Elneny Cedric and if we don’t win EL next season Arteta all out

  32. We did well with these young players. None of us on here expected us to be in top 6 let alone top four. I think we did well so we can only go upward from here.

    1. Please, don’t make it worse. If you don’t what to say, go make a cup of coffee and sleep. I wish you happy night rest.

    2. Dboy Artetas football is shit his motivation skills are non existent that team will seriously struggle next season.

    3. Silly .. most people on here expected top 6 … by beginning of year given the level of other contenders and the light schedule top 4 shoukd have been nailed … instead novice manager got rid of our one serious striker and refused to strengthen midfield with quality options including the guy who just ran their midfield again at us … best young centre back shunted off across the channel .. overworked youngsters exhsusted with 6 games to go … and anyone with half a football brain knew that xhaka elneny could never run the midfield again at decent opposition .. chickens come gone to roost … but hey let’s blame the referees

  33. I still don’t understand why Arteta allowed Calum Chambers to go in Janaury.
    He is a better player than Cedric

      1. Maybe …. I can’t get over such a gutless pathetic embarrassing display, when not only do we have the chance of a CL place, but beating the spuds as well – if we can’t get ourselves up for that, I don’t know what we can get up for.

  34. It’s not possible to excuse the indefensible
    I can’t begin to imagine how or why that happened. The chance to go to the last game of the season to have some meaning and a pop at the CL
    It reminds me of Emery’s season of capitulation at the end when 4th was there to be had.

    1. Yea and he got his marching orders 4months later
      Arteta gets a new improved 3 year contract on 8.8 million a year ,this is what some fans wanted .
      Dark day for Arsenal fans or some anyway

  35. Well, it’s really painful to bottle it as usual but if I must be sincere, this shows Arsenal is still far away from making any difference. I wouldn’t want to witness another 10-2 battering from a champions league team.

    They should at least focus on getting to Europa League semi final next season.

  36. I think we over achieved with this team. So fifth place will not be too bad. It’s painful it’s disappointing, but we can only get better from here.

    1. We’re on par. We have the 5th wage budget in the league and we’ll finish 5th (unless miracle).
      We have the youngest manager and the youngest team in the league.
      Reasons to be optimistic for the short term future

    2. Only with a new manager .. otherwise we will be repeating man utd this season as they move ahead next … after 3 seasons you expect to see quality football on a regular basis … we have delivered that one game in 7 … Newcastle are clearly better than us right now ( see there points total this calendar year )and will add in the summer .. Spurs will attract quality for sure … we will be rubbing shoulders with the hammers and wolves without a big change at top .. shoukd be the greedy yank but don’t happen so it’s arteta out or another rained season

  37. The Top 4 obsession still lingers in the mind of some fans here. Return to Europe was the target, which has been achieved for the season. CL is only gonna be icing on the cake. The club set this target based on the quality of the squad and calibre of players. Now, they can move on to continue strengthening and demanding more from the manager. Like I said, the club set this target, not we the fans! So demanding Top 4 as a fan is ludicrous and facetious to say the least. There is a reason was renewed earlier on.

    If Gabriel Jesus is ready to join regardless of whether we make CL or EL, then the better. Who says we can’t win EL and Super Cup to then compete in CL with the team more mature and ready.

    I implore people here to take it easy. Before anyone here turns on me, remember you are free to take a break of football and make this site less toxic. it’s just an opinion though.

  38. Arsenal.. The gutless wonders. Managed by a clueless pretender. Edu should be fired for giving MA a contract. Most of this squad don’t know what pride and passion are! No hunger or drive. Wasters! Shouldn’t be paid for that drivel!

  39. Plan A wasn’t working and there was no planB. Like for like substitutions are usually a case of the manager blaming a solitary player, in this case Smith Rowe because Odegaard, Elneny and Xhaka were doing brilliantly.. Arteta was clueless.

  40. No matter the tactics, none of our players was able to hold on to the ball. I’ve said this countless time Saka is overated. For the past 8 games he has been crap. If that was pepe all hell will break lose. Why start esr? He’s out of his depth. We literally had zero defender. Did anyone see our bench? Man that game was a pain to watch. Only white and ramsdale turned up today. Elneny sadly is what he is, a bench player. Why does our players always get injuries when it matters the most? I’m tired of this team. We need like 8 players because we don’t have a rb and a leftbavk cover. We need a defensive mf because partey is unreliable. We need strikers and wingers because we don’t have any. I’m so angry because we didn’t at any point in time played like something is at stake .

    1. Newcastle bullied us off the ball. This team is so weak a mild breeze would force us over..

  41. Wait Gooners! the season hasn’t end yet but next Sunday. When a miracle can still happen that will see Arsenal miraculously qualified for the UCL next season at the expanse of Spurs if Norwich hold them and Arsenal beat Everton. So, I won’t give up until it’s all over.

  42. I knew it will come to this the very moment we were unable to salvage at least a point in spurs match: we are most vulnerable when under pressure, which is a weakness we have failed to address for long.The annoying thing is, the gaffer failed to learn anything from the mistakes of last season and it does not look like anything would change soon.

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