CONFIRMED – Arsenal make offer for top Serie A striker

Arsenal is his first choice in England

If the saying that “There is no smoke without fire” then there is definitely some truth in the rumour that Arsenal are in contention to sign the young Argentinian striker Paulo Dybala. The Palermo hitman has scored 12 goals for the Serie A minnows this season, and Maurizio Zamparini has already admitted that the Argentinian striker will be moving on in the upcoming transfer window.

Zamparini was previously asked if Dybala and his team-mate Franco Vazquez would be going to AC Milan this summer. He replied): “Dybala and Vazquez will probably be sold this summer,”

Now the president has confirmed that Arsenal have made a bid for the 21 year-old and that the Emirates is his destination of choice if he moves to the Premier League. Zamparini was quoted as saying in the Independent: “Juventus and Arsenal have already made offers for the boy.”

“Someone like Dybala cannot be worth less than €40m,” he continued. “He would prefer to stay in Italy – he still wants to play in Serie A.

“Of the English clubs that have shown interest, though, Arsenal is his first choice because of the way Wenger makes his team play.”

The 21 year-old is now approaching the end of his third season in Italy since coming over from Institut in Argentina, and had only scored eight goals in his previous two seasons at the club, but he has now matured and has helped keep his club away from the relegation zone this year. But he has also indicated that he is keen to prove himself in the Premier League. He said during the January transfer window: “I obviously like Italian football, but I also like La Liga. And I follow the Premier League as well. All the teams charge forward and try to attack. That doesn’t happen in Serie A,”

“This is why I really like English football. A lot of teams are fighting for the title. That’s the biggest difference with La Liga, where you always have the same teams challenging for the title.”

That sounds very promising, and obviously Wenger must find the lad promising. If Zamparini wants to get 40m euros (about 28m GBP) for Dybala, then I wonder just how much Arsenal have offered?

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      1. @Champagne Charlie
        Dude looks deadly, from what I’ve seen of him. I don’t think he would cut it in the EPL though. He’s a bit too slight.
        Would rather have Lacazette…

        1. If it is true i dont like the way your man zamp is spilling news to everyone. I dont think he would like if his targets club start informing everyone look here we have a bid from palermo but its ten mil shy of the asking price and the asking price is such.

          Id be interested to know what Arsene has said when asked about the lad and the bid, surely he has been asked. If there is no interest or even if Wenger likes the player but has no intentions he will flatly refute claims.

    1. BTW,

      Thanks to all ya that stood by our country Nigeria before and during the just concluded Presidential elections.

      Now back to football and Arsenal.

  1. What can we say about potential footballers price tag these days. It’s been destroy by the clubs like Chelsea, ManShit, PSG, etc. Oscar 30M then Jovetic also. They’re all unproven.
    But in Dybala case I could see Arsene will makes exception. To see his action (where else then from Youtube) is like seeing a star in the making. He has complete skills, even as free kick taker. No wonder he dub as new Aguerro. A striker like his type will bring Arsenal different dimension and optional strategies. Bring him now or regret later, he’s worth it.

  2. To be fair, the lad has looked pure quality this season. I heard about him so started watching Palermo games to see what I thought. He would definitely fit in at Arsenal. Small, quick, good technique and an eye for goal. If he keeps on progressing as he could, he will be up there with the best. However, after one good season in a far inferior league, I’d only pay £15M-£20M tops. We’ve seen so many “wonderkids” come and go and not reach the potential. would definitely love him at Arsenal, but not for £28M.

  3. Not gonna pretend to know this kids game inside and out, and when presidents come out with comments like this you know it’s just a ploy to up the price.

    Unsure whether we have genuine interest, but I’d rather put 28mil towards Raheem Sterling and hopefully snare that mobs best player. Maybe a Walcott/Sterling exchange would be a good move all-round.

  4. If Wenger signs him I won’t complain, I won’t mind an alternative to girlie who is young and if he keeps developing further would be an excellent striker. Haven’t said that if we miss out on him due to the price I won’t complain as well, if we are going to spend 40m euros I’d rather we try for lacazette instead

  5. Hope this is not another “fools day” prank…

    The kid could be a good replacement for Poldi and Campbell.

  6. This boy shows up on the scene in a similar manner to harry cane (overnight) for one season and all of a sudden he is a top striker worth 40 mil.

    I do not get it.

    I have nothing against him but its just to early to put him up there. For now he is doing well, hands down to him.

  7. I did not see this guy playing. However, I am very attracted with the media speculation and love to see him as a gunner. Is there any body who can confirm me his current quality status?

  8. I will be happy if we get him.
    If not hope we try for Lacazette

    Either one will be awesome

    Also DM. Kondogbia or Schneiderlin preferably

    It would be nice to have our transfer business done early

  9. Palermo pulled off similar s*** in the pastore deal… they overrated their own player…spoke about interest from number of clubs and ended up selling him at a HUGELY inflated price

    We should avoid falling into their trap and instead try for lacazette… lacazette is physically stronger and dybala and will suit the EPL style more easily

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