Confirmed – Arsenal secure Torreira for €30 million

So it looks like just about every Arsenal transfer rumour is coming true. Oh my how things have changed! No two-month pursuit and haggling over prices, the new boys are just going all out to secure their targets, and they are getting the deals done quickly and efficiently.

After the arrival of Bernd Leno last night, we now have the Sampdoria President Massimo Ferrero confirming that Torreira has been sold, and Arsenal are the only club that’s been linked with the little terrier….

“Sampdoria do not sell unless there are excellent offers,” said Ferrero. “We do not look for buyers. We have natural talents whose values increase exponentially.

“Generally, we do not make changed. Sampdoria is a stepping stone. It’s a family-run club and that allows players to grow up. It’s normal they have aspirations to play for big clubs, but I do not need to sell out.”

“Torreira has left for €30million. I bought him from Pescara when no one believed. We bet and we won, paying just €3million. The money that comes in is used to keep the club going.”

That is an amazing bit of honesty from the Italian. Could you imagine Wenger ever giving anything away like that in public before the deal is confirmed by the club??

Sam P


  1. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Great News for the Arsenal family….
    Thumbs up Kev, I don’t care if you got it from someone’s Twitter but you called these transfers first before the media did

    1. Nikhilesh says:

      All hail kev

  2. Unai Emery says:

    Very happy with the dealings…. Think we just addressed the RB CB GK and the decade old DM issue. Now after some smart offloads I think we might have some cash for a dashing winger… Lozano please

  3. Unai Emery says:

    What I love about this transfer is , most of us were crying for Torreira even before he was linked with us…. First I thought it was a lost cause as Napoli seemed to have secured him…. But voila…. Sven and Raul have brains

    1. killamch89 says:

      For real though. I have been looking at Lucas Torreira for the last few months and wished Arsenal got him and walla! We killing it in the transfer market.

  4. Marty says:

    It certainly makes a change from all of Wengers dithering and offering low bids, at least now the new arrivals can have a decent pre season with the club

  5. Unai Emery says:

    Also interesting to see how AMN will be used…. Lichsteiner’s arrival means he is not going to be played at RB anymore… So will he play as an attacker or a midfielder….. And how much will he be used?

    1. Trudeau says:

      At least initially I see AMN as backing up Xhaka with Elneny back up for Torreira. He’ll start all cup games and because of his versatility will be a reserve most PL games. Hopefully by Xmas he is giving Emery something to think about in PL (no matter how well Xhaka performs in a more advanced position)

  6. ThirdManJW says:

    We’re spending money at the moment, so we’ll surely be selling at some point. I wonder who’s off?

  7. Nikhilesh says:

    Waiting for Dan to point out at Torreira’s flaws

    1. Dan says:

      Several but you wouldn’t understand keep believing in these so called great signings and new look arsenal all I say is wait till season starts and you will change your tune be Emery out after a few months total dreamers if you think this team will get us in top 4!!

      1. De-Ra says:

        Football expert Dan. Would remind you of this comment later on! Aint no pleasing some fans

        1. Xxnofx says:

          I have to agree with dan ,I don’t see any improvement in player signings form the last 10 years ,I know the season hasn’t started but I see an uphill struggle .
          Where are the auba type signings ,we all saw what he did when he signed ,I’m going to predict our league position will be 4th-6th , don’t hate that’s just my opinion from what I’ve seen over the summer and what kind of player we are going for .

          1. De-Ra says:

            I respect your opinion. Would simply like to ask, how many dm’s have we had in the last 10yrs that are actually better than the dm we are looking to sign? And you cant possibly say that the way Bellarin played last season is better than the way our incoming side back plays (check his last match during this WC).
            My friend not all expensive signings provide success. Kante was once bought cheap, Mahrez same, Griezman same, even Auba also was once bought cheap. So i plead with us arsenal fans to kindly exhibit patience and not jump to conclusions like the fellow Dan over there. I do share your fear regarding papastathopolos as i have not really seen much of him, also dortmund aint really known for their defence. Also same with Leno, but in this case he is 26 and could def improve under the right guidance(step in Cech). Now that we have a new manager and the board are actually making early moves i have decided to wait for atleast 2 seasons to judge our new Manager, new system and incoming players!!! Dont forget that our previous manager left much work for the incoming manager, so do exhibit patience gunners.
            P.S new to this gunner site (tho have been reading articles for a while), and honestly i feel that the personalities here are actually good for having reasonable arguements. COYG!!!!!!!!

          2. De-Ra says:

            Also all knowing DAN, you are still yet to point out his flaws as stated by Nikhilesh. Our new manager does not have a game under his belt and here you are saying we wont finish in the top 4. Just sad. I wont allow your negativity tint my eyes as i can clearly see that the club is taking a diff route this time around. Ask yourself DAN, when was the last time you actually saw our club make moves this quick?? Not just making them but actually getting the targets ( be it that they are not world class atm, but even Wenger’s not world class signings took ages to complete) I respect that everyone is entitled to an opinion but spreading negativity aint just cool. Atleast state the facts that made you dismiss our new signings and managers….

          3. Dan says:

            It dosnt matter how quick you sign someone it’s the quality of the player are our signings so far top quality def not just average if you think the club is suddenly going to take off and finish in top 4 your completely deluded I say it as it is in reality not in a dream world!!

          4. Xxnofx says:

            I do agree with you on the getting signings in quick but the problem here is most fans are happy that we have just signed whoever when most of them have not even seen them play let alone heard of them .My argument is the nature of the player and I think Dans also , we were miles behind Man City and Liverpool last season in terms of squad quality and they have gone out again and bought real quality players to finish there squads off .i would have rather we went out and bought a couple of star players rather than 5-6 sub par players which in my eyes Won’t improve the squad in terms of quality .

      2. Marty says:

        Surprised you haven’t won the lottery with your ability to predict the future……….

        1. Dan says:

          I gave up my season ticket 4 years ago the club was in decline even before that even if I won the lottery I would not waste my money on watching arsenal again now signing pensioners and a poor goalkeeper my god Mark my words be a struggle to make top 6 with these players club in total turmoil from top to bottom!!

          1. Ozziegunner says:

            Dan, apparently you are a better judge of a footballer than Sven, Raul and Unai. Anyway when the season starts in August all will be revealed, but a bit rough to bad mouth the Arsenal staff and players before a ball is kicked.

          2. De-Ra says:

            Take my thumbs up OG?. Dan talks as if during wenger’s tenure all we were getting were top notch players. Again i feel Arsenal as a club is moving in the right direction. We aint there yet but we are making moves. I watch seria a and not just premier league. From what i have seen of Torreira he is a top notch player.
            Also i dont believe in spending ridiculous amount of money on players. You cant just throw money out there especially when a new manager is coming in. Atleast give the manager time to better know the players he has and the few he would get, then judge after 2 seasons. Dan if you dont feel that there is a slight positive movement in the way arsenal act then am sorry but your expectations are way too high. Do not forget that currently we are not in the champs league, hence signing players might not be as easy as you think. Even when Wenger was around during the last decade, how many top notch players did we bring in while present in the champs league??
            There is a difference with being a realist and being blant out negative!

          3. Sue says:

            So Dan, are you still a fan???

          4. Dan says:

            I will look out for the teams results but as far as watching them on tv it’s a no go for me everyone saying new manager new start new ideas yeh that’s all true but I actually feel sorry for the manager on a hiding to nothing cos the board are not giving him the right ammunition to turn things round hence the signings we are making not top draw players we moved to New stadium to achieve this and now we fallen so far behind I can never see us catching up!!

          5. Sue says:

            Yeah but Dan.. once a gooner always a gooner!

  8. Sue says:

    Get in there!!! ?????

  9. Sheet Head says:

    Kev was right!! We should sign him as our DM! ??? then he will be able to foresee/predict/prophesy the opponent’s attacks and block them before they even begin ????
    Or maybe kev has a psychic unicorn pig ? ???? he knows who will win the world cup. Hi Kev, is it Russia?? It must be Russia ??. Then Putin will end the world ???
    All in all, I believe you Kev, I’m converted to your following. I’m now a Kevirite ????

    1. Phil says:

      Our NEW Management Team-Emery Sven Raul and KEV

      1. Sheet Head says:


      2. calvin says:

        hahaaaah lool

    2. kev says:

      At your service.But please don’t be a Kevirite.There’s only one you should follow all the days of your life. This is just transfer news nothing much.I just do my research and post news that is real,concrete and from reliable sources.I test all the news in the fire if you know what I mean so at the end only the truth comes out.

      1. Arsene Wenger. says:

        Now that Wilshire is gone.Are we expecting any additional midfielder to replace him according to your sources?

        1. kev says:

          I surely expect us to sign another CM,RW and CB.Then if possible one luxury signing but I doubt.

          1. Nikhilesh says:

            @Kev any news about gelson martins or any other transfer, Gotze rumors gaining momentum are saying that it will materialise

          2. Arsene Wenger. says:

            That will be good for the team

  10. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Looks like the benefits of the wengerectemy are in full effect now

    1. Maks says:

      Yes, but process will be complete when we sell Ramsey to Inter Milan for 25 mil.

  11. DarlingBudofArse says:

    The King is dead, Long live the King!
    Wow, what a way to start off! This guy feels me with so much confidence, doesn’t hold prisoners and is quick to get a deal closed unlike our former incumbent. So sad though to see Jens leave the club. For Jack it would have been a case of sentiments to have let him stay. We now need fighters not wimps as was the case with you-know-who. Good riddance in the end as he was become rather stale and clueless.

  12. Nikhilesh says:

    @Kev any news about gelson martins or any other transfer, Gotze rumors gaining momentum are saying that it will materialise

    1. Arsene Wenger. says:

      I’ve seen some fans here arguing that Arsenal is turning out to be Borrusia coz we have signed three players from there.I will appreciate Mario Gotze anytime he will be signed

    2. kev says:

      Not yet.We are very interested in him as well as Pavon and Lozano.If he’s to come to England then it will surely be us.But remember just because he’s free doesn’t mean the signing won’t be expensive as in his salary,bonus and others.
      I’ve not seen anything concrete on Gotze yet but expect Golovin news to gain grounds.We are very interested in him.No jokes.

      1. Nikhilesh says:

        Read about Golovin that his father told that arsenal are trying to sign him


      2. Arsene Wenger. says:

        What is the status of Calgar Soyuncu signing for arsenal????

  13. Remember resource says:

    Remember resource was the first one to call the move. And it was taken from moley. I don’t understand why no one follows him. Called the move agggesss ago

    1. shekar233 says:

      Hi kev… we know it is you. 🙂

  14. Sue says:

    Happy Birthday Kolasinac you beast ?❤

    1. De-Ra says:

      Nice shout out. I like the guy. HBD Kolasinac and tnx Sue for the shout out

  15. pires says:

    Is he a starter for Uruguay?

    1. RSH says:

      no. Way i see it, less of a chance of getting injured

  16. Malch95 says:

    If he’s a Wilshere/carzola replacement then I’m excited. I think the club believe xhaka will play the Matic-role in the pivot (defensive mid who sprays the ball around) let’s hope Torreira helps him play better. Either way we’re moving forward and I’m excited

    Sokratis is a solid CB but I still think we need one more

  17. jon fox says:

    If you are reading this post KEN 1945, I have no comparison to make between the new regime and the previous one. No need. Because MANY other posts are going it for me. The feeling of excitement and optimism at how the new regime are taking early and decisive action is thrilling and widely spread among virtually all Gooners. There will always be some who hanker for the past. Such is life.

    1. De-Ra says:

      True about the new regime?hope it continues and improves the more?

    2. Maks says:

      Yes, I dnt remember when Arsenal started a season ready and with already decided first 11.
      I hope we will start against City with full guns!
      My pick:
      Bellerin Socratis Kos Monreal
      Torreira Niles
      Mkhi Ozil (New winger)

      1. killamch89 says:

        I agree. I still can’t believe I have my VR headset on. Arsenal and a drama-free transfer window? how? Is this real? I am so excited for the new season! We might not win the premier league next season but I suspect we will some serious progress this year and let me say this before anyone else – 2018/2019 Europa League champions confirmed!

  18. Ronny says:

    I bet Arsene has his head in his hands panicking!
    His son Jack leaving, and more than 3 signings being made! He always said too many and it imbalances the side. We’ll see won’t we 🙂
    The fact we’ve done it early and are keeping the likes off Ramsey means a good pre season will hopefully integrate the newbies beautifully.
    If this works amazing if not I’ll be gutted but still positive to see how emery tackles problems etc.
    At least were active and incisive, love it!!

  19. Maks says:

    Waiting for that kind of player from the moment Wenger let Gilberto leave.
    I hope this is not the end of our transfer business. We need winger and not one for 30 mil. We need somebody who can step up with 100% moment he come in.

  20. Umar Faruk says:

    We need a DM and a winger

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