Confirmed Arsenal side to face Southampton – PL debut for Nelson

Arsenal have named a makeshift line-up to take on Southampton for today´s Premier League match-up, with Reiss Nelson selected to start his first ever PL encounter.

The Gunners boss has clearly made a number of changes with Thursday’s Europa League tie against CSKA Moscow in mind, with all four attacking players having been rested from the 4-1 first leg win.

Has Wenger given up on a top four spot? Can this new-look attack put the Saints to the sword? What are your predictions for the tie?

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Pat J

Updated: April 8, 2018 — 1:35 pm


  1. Oh Christ… Iwobi & Welbz 😣 I really hope this team have enough to win 🤞

    1. Our best midfielder Xhaka is on the job, no need to panic

  2. hope nelson does well. Havent really seen what he’s capable yet. Does well in youth games and hope that starts to translate to first team.

    1. And where is Ramsey??

      If he is injured, which i hope is not the case, it goes to show how “irreplaceable” he is

  3. Looks like he’s going with the 4231.

    I hope Nelson takes a few steps forward, he has to take this opportunity and run with it. Look at Rashford, Sterling, Richardson, go for it Nelson.

  4. Interested in seeing what position Nelson will play, and i also hope Aubameyang gets enough supply of good balls

  5. Happy to see Nelson get a chance, hopefully he can does us proud today as he’s not playing wingback and concentrate more on his attacking elements. Not surprised to see Iwobi in there, disappointed but not surprised, I can’t see what he offers our team but he’s a Wenger favourite. Anyway coyg another 3 points to keep Burnley at bay

    1. he may as well play Nketiah as well at this point instead of Iwobi. I just dont see what he adds to the team. He’ll probably score today just because we’re slating him now.

      1. Then let’s continue slating him more if it guarantee goals.

  6. Not sure about this lineup or where Maitland-Niles is?

    1. He is 25 nautical Miles offshore
      He can’t play today

    1. Pretty optimistic..

  7. Id prefer:
    Holding over Chambers
    Nketiah over Iwobi
    We are lucky to have two quality players at LB.
    I like Nelson

    But hopefully we can pull off a win

  8. What a stupid team selection..

  9. I’m amazed anyone was willing to pay money for this crap

  10. the Everton reject strikes again, useless mustafi

  11. We are 1-0 down.
    I wonder what would happen if we were to be drawn against Athletico in the Semi Finals of the Europa League and went out.
    Or lost to them in the final.
    This could be another nail in the coffin of the inept manager….

  12. Old fool got chewin gum from Bouldy..
    OMG ..and I thought I have seen it all..

  13. This team shows how weak both our starters and bench is

    But Wenger probably believes Iwobi, Chambers, Eleny, Xhaka, Welbeck are all World Class

    1. What do I mean probably … just being picked by the fossil makes them world class

    2. Did you forget the real culprit-in-chief S. Mustafi or your hatred for the named players beclouded you judgement ??

  14. What a game, am a Nigerian Iwobi isnt arsenal standard, some might say hes only 21 and that he is still learning, ffs arsenals first team is not his learning ground

  15. When I saw welbeck iwobi elneny chambers and xhaka in the line up I decided to go out and catch the result later. Judging by the start and saints predictable tactics I made the right choice.
    # arsenal = no B sqaud.

  16. How crap is this… losing to Southampton!! Iwobi has been his usual sh*t self

  17. Sorry but got to say it Iwobi strikes me as a bit of a d*ck. Wasn’t even dressed on the bench the other night in the EL, I find that inept and just stupid.
    How is it that we’ve found ourselves with so many mid to low table players.

  18. Aubameyang!!!!!!

  19. Thank you Pierre…. ❤

  20. Oh Santi how we miss you 🙁

  21. Aubameyang is awesome

    Aubameyang is the signing of the season but keep in mind Wenger only signed him out of desperation because we were/are 6th place so don’t expect a lot of huge signings this summer if Wenger stays
    Wenger is a leopard that doesn’t change his spots

  22. Nice 1!!!!

  23. Omg contract and payrise guaranteed.

      1. That there is your difference between Liverpool’s AOC v Arsenal’s AOC (support/fans)

  24. Footballistrivial

    That miss is really funny. Hahahahahh

    1. Footballistrivial

      And a strong finish. Gg

  25. A complete air of inevitability about Southampton’s second goal.
    And Arsenal wonder why their stadium is always half empty.
    No one can be arsed anymore…
    I hope to god we don’t succeed in the Europa League – we cannot have this repeated next season…

    1. Hoping for club not to be succesful is just wrong in all departments. Even if you hate the man wish our club success..

  26. Oh Danny boy!!!!!

  27. Quote from Sue
    April 8, 2018 at 1:38 pm
    “Oh Christ… Iwobi & Welbz 😣 I really hope this team have enough to win 🤞”
    Welbz= 2 goals + 1 assist ( pass mark for a striker)
    Iwobi= 2 assists ( pass mark for a midfielder)

    Football game is like a biscuit. You never know its cracking point.
    Destructive criticism cannot help.

    1. The pair of em wouldn’t b out of place in the first division though

    2. nah they both stink.

    3. Haha sammi…. I was waiting for a comment! I’m still stunned & speechless that Iwobi got 2 assists

  28. Footballistrivial

    Wilshere that’s not an Arsenal value. Horrible behaviour by him.

  29. Why Mohamed Elneny sent off???

    1. Footballistrivial

      He hit a player.

      1. That was just a push… If Wilshere got away with his Shirt Pulling then I don’t think Elneny deserved Sent off

        1. Stephens just pushed Wilshere after Jack ripped his shirt. They both shouldve gotten yellows. Dont see why only one got a red. And Elneny mustve said something as well or the ref was stroking his ego. All of this was avoidable if Wilshere stopped giving the ball away every damn time he had it.

          1. Footballistrivial

            Stephens red is correct. But Wilshere should’ve been sent off as well

          2. thats fair. Whatever card the ref decided to give, it shouldve been the same for both.

        2. Footballistrivial

          Wilshere should’ve got a red because of his animal like action. But elneny did hit/push the other guy. I suppose the red was deserved.

  30. You cannot make contact with the opponents face.
    Harry Maguires was lucky yesterday!

  31. That was quite funny big bad fierce elneny and cedric who bats for the other side every day of the week!

  32. Jack was utter rubbish when he come on…… Missed passes everywhere. Not how you get an extension on your contract.

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