Confirmed – Arsenal sign David Luiz from Chelsea

Well, this is not an article I thought I would be writing on transfer deadline day but here goes. David Luiz is now officially an Arsenal player following his transfer from Chelsea.

Luiz is reported to have signed for a fee of £8 Million on a two-year contract.

This transfer definitely is a fan splitter, anyone looking on social media will see how divided the Arsenal faithful are.

His age, his former club, his errors and even his haircut have been cited as reasons why Arsenal should not have signed the Brazilian.

On the other side, his experience, fantastic shooting ability and leadership have been presented as reasons why he is a good signing.

That is all a side issue now, I personally was against this but he is now an Arsenal player and therefore gets my full support, it can only be hoped that he is an upgrade on what is already at the club.

It has to be said that Luiz is of course highly experienced, he has played 248 times for Chelsea across two stints with the West London club, he played 89 times for French giants PSG, under Unai Emery and has 56 Brazil caps to his name.

Going to be an interesting season with Luiz in the team that is for sure.


  1. Sue says:

    He’ll look so much better in red ?
    Welcome David Luiz… I’ve come round to the idea ?

    1. Eddie says:

      Sue I’m just waiting to read dat bullshït interview where he’ll say it’s always been a dream to play for Arsenal

        1. ken1945 says:

          Sue / Eddie, just had a look on the chelsea news site to see what their fans were saying…here are a few of their thoughts:

          Lampard clearing out the deadwood (thought we had all of those!!)

          Lazy player can’t play for his place (ditto)

          A rat … accompanied by a picture of Luiz’z head superimposed on the body of a rat!!!

          To Arsenal of all places (obviously not pleased with the move)

          Thank goodness we have more progressive thinking fans who treat their players with more respect…deadwood!!! I ask you:

          1. Sue says:

            Ken you really have made me laugh (a lot) lately.. I’ll have some of whatever you’re on!
            Here’s to a great window, hey?! And hopefully 3 points on Sunday!

          2. Eddie says:

            Ken/Sue I saw those also,Chelsea fans are really mad and pissed. How do you rate the transfer window out of a ten by the way?!
            I’m giving it a 6/10. I have my reasons.
            Still it’s a pretty good summer.
            I’m looking forward to Sunday, damn I hope we don’t struggle to win.
            Here’s to a brand new season you guys, it’s gon be fun, bumpy, but we’ve got each other. Pat!! you ain’t left out!

          3. Sue says:

            I’d say a 7, Eddie! I’ve been impressed.
            I’m glad the Chelsea fans are mad & pissed ?
            Roll on Sunday ?
            Yes it’s gonna be good.. looking forward to it COYG!!! Feels really good writing that again!!

          4. ken1945 says:

            I rate this even higher at a 8, not only for the players signed, but for a much more important reason.

            Unai Emery: this window has seen a lot of the old AW players moved on and he is now operating his team of choice. He doesn’t have to play any individual, because he has built a very good squad.

            So much time has been taken up on here, arguing about who’s fault it is, how long it will take, deadwood, dullards, dross etc etc.

            There are still splits amongst the fanbase, but this window has given everyone something new to look forward too. I am really positive for the coming season, the only negative being the defence once again, but steps have been taken to remedy that.

          5. Tissiam says:

            You’re giving some of our fans too much credits, seriously!

      1. Terry says:

        Omg Eddie you are so funny you just made my day with your comments.

      2. st sass says:

        that is what they always say and its very disgusting, I keep thinking why they never joined in their prime.

      3. RSH says:

        it was the little boy inside him Eddie! It can’t be ignored!

        1. Gunnerphilic says:

          Or the prostitute inside his head.??

          1. Gunnerphilic says:

            Me too! He’s one of us now. Here’s to a great season for the team.

    2. Johnny says:

      ??? funny old sue makes me laugh everyday

    3. Pat says:

      Sue, Eddie I joined you in welcoming him to the club

        1. Pat says:

          Sue at least he raised his head. Maybe he is full of hopes. Loves ? babe

          1. Sue says:

            Very true, Pat… sleep well honey ??

      1. Gunnerphilic says:

        My last comment should have been in response to Pat’s. Too excited to care though!

  2. simon says:

    wonderful transfer from arsenal..if they don’t make top three..then something is wrong

    1. Am not sure about top 3 but I think we are in a strong position to make 4th!

  3. Pablo Picasso says:

    Welcome David. Can’t wait to see those thunder bolts and diagonal passes to our forwards.

  4. ken1945 says:

    That picture isn’t Luiz…it’s stevie bould before he worked with AW and UE!!!

    Very happy with this signing – experienced in the PL – a winner – weakens chelsea – replaces kos – only £8,000,000 – two year contract – great player for Holding, Chambers etc etc to learn from…AND makes mistakes, so we can all rest easy!!!

    Brilliant work from our negotiaters this window, so glad I didn’t let my season ticket go in “protest”!!!

    1. Dan kit says:

      I agree with you Ken ,I think he could turn out to be our best signing this window ,8mil don’t see how that is a bad deal seeing the prices of other deals going on .
      A great window imo ,let’s hope Emery can get this team working together now ,no more excuses .

      1. ken1945 says:

        Plus Dan, we have still got saliba to come in next season and Luiz is ready to go this weekend…agree no more excuses, but it will take a few games for all the new signings to blend in and get used to the PL.

        Really need every player to get behind UE and, if this happens, we will give any team a match.
        Time for others to be nervous about playing us!!!

    2. Welbeck says:

      “That picture isn’t Luiz…it’s stevie bould before he worked with AW and UE!!”

      I only just got that! ? ?

    3. ozziegunner says:

      Show me a defender, any player or in fact anybody, who hasn’t made a mistake?
      Arsenal even have top line forwards who miss penalties and open goals.
      How about we see how he performs in an Arsenal shirt? The interesting thing is that he has just signed a new contract at Chelsea. Maybe Luis preferred to play under Unai Emery (given his experience at PSG) than Frank Lampard?

      1. Tissiam says:

        I completely agréé with you, all defenders make mistakes,but in lampard’s case he got rid of players he played with for 10 years,I believe he was afraid they could question him as a young manager,he promoted young players too,it reminds me of villas boas and if I remember didn’t end very well!

  5. Welbeck says:

    I’m a little sad to see Iwobi leave but 40 million is a good bit of business. Luiz is a welcome addition, better than what we already have, if only just.

    Can we all just take a massive deep breath and exhale….. ?️

    The transfer window is officially closed!

  6. A.ball08 says:

    Definitely right out the blue(forgive the pun)
    Upgrade on what he we have
    Back 3 and we will kill teams off from the back
    Back four and I think we have some scary moments ahead of us with him
    Hopefully he can give us some leadership. Really looking forward to the start of the season
    Been a good window for us

    1. A.ball08 says:

      A question I forgot to ask everyone
      1. Do you beleive we have a had a good transfer window
      2. Do you beleive silent stan has delivered for the first time?

      Just to add some fire to the fuel
      At first glance I am over the moon

      Dig deeper and we have actually made a profit rather then a deficit this window
      Now I am thinking to my self it’s all been smoke and mirrors and silent stan is feeling off the hook

      I am now feeling a bit cheated and think we could have spent more then the reported 40m

      1. Eddie says:

        Let’s find a way to drag Stan into this again! Let’s go ahead. Isn’t it clear the real problem isn’t Stan who refused to pump his money into the club like City and PSG owners do?
        Isn’t it obvious the real problem was Gazidis?
        Has Stan ever stopped the club from spending the money they made? Does he pocket the club’s money?

        1. A.ball08 says:

          I am not trying to be a damp squid on a solid day for us but the answer to your question
          We are unsure off what stan pockets. As being the 100% share holder he is not obliged willingly or legally to disclose that to us..but in a word I beleive he does and why wouldn’t you if you own it.
          The old regime were to blame for lots of things but at the end of the day ss signed it off
          And dont be fooled by the feeling of eutopia at having a good transfer window
          We still haven’t spent a penny on transfers.. we have balanced the books in favour of it been positive again
          Hand at the ready to raid the cookie jar again.
          In my opinon
          Onwards and upwards

          1. All businesses must balance the books or they will quickly collapse..and no, the club still releases audited financials so we are sure Kroenke has not been pocketing the clubs earnings.

          2. Grandad says:

            A ball.Perhaps you could enlighten someone who was a Banker for forty years how you reach the conclusion of “not having spent a penny on transfers”?Eddie is dead right when he cites Gazidis as the main cause of our current difficulties.It is very easy for fans to blame the owner but he has precious little to do with the day to day Management of the Club.

          3. ozziegunner says:

            The available funding has been very well managed given FPP; hats off to Raul Sanheili.

      2. Loose Cannon says:

        Happy that quality players have joined us, some non performers have left, a bit disappointing that the crux of all our problems – Mustafi, Xhaka, Elneny, Mkitaryan and Ozil have remained, or else we could have had Zaha/Coutinho coming in.Feel sad for Zaha, hope the lad stays calm and does his job well, maybe we return in Jan for him if any/all the above mentioned can find clubs. Also Eddie going to Leeds is a good move. As long as Mustafi does not play, I’ll take Luiz any day or even John Terry.

        1. Tissiam says:

          Listen no teams in the world has a squad of 25 world class players,you need squad players,elneny is the perfect one,never complains, knows he is a squad player and is better than people give him credits for, West ham bidded 12M for him so he can’t be that bad and I’d also an international player!

      3. Tissiam says:

        Yesterday,I was thinking asking admin for a post where we could debate our transfer window!was it a good/bad one or alright? could we have done better, also can we finally speak of the 45M budget?

      4. Tissiam says:

        You are right except one point the only money Which could have made a difference was Iwobi but it was to late to do anything with it,we might use that money in January you never know!

  7. Lugdush says:

    Question guys…if the iwobi transfer is true…can we go for soares since (i understand) is the local transfer windows what is shutted up, but global transfer is still open? Sorry for my english…i think if we lose iwobi we need somebody who could play there…knowing emery, he would probably play miki or ozil in that position before the kids…i dont think we play auba too much there since nketiah go to Leeds and laca and auba are our only strikers

    1. Players can no longer join the premier league but they can leave for the rest of Europe where the transfer window is still open.

      1. A.ball08 says:

        It’s open untill 2nd sept
        We still have time to off load some dead wood

        1. Yes, but it’s unlikely any more exits will happen seeing that any outgoing players cannot be replaced. We will be left short.

          1. A.ball08 says:

            As you said previously..its a business and need to balance
            Theres a price for everything
            elneny is replaceable
            Xhaka is definitely replaceable…maybe that’s wishful thinking on my behalf..
            Ozil is definitely replaceable

            2nd wishful thinking on my behalf

            Did I miss anyone else off the list

          2. RSH says:

            mustafi and elneny do not leave us short if they go. Nor does Miki. Shirt seller does, but I just want him gone and we can easily find someone better in Jan or summer.

    2. Francis says:

      Arsenal Will have to sell a non home grown player before buying any foreign players…their non home grown quota is full currently Teirney counts as non home grown

      1. simon says:

        why is a Scottish player non-homegrown

        1. RSH says:

          yup. we’re at exactly 17 non-homegrown over the age of 21. More reason to get Elneny and Mustafi, the easiest sells, out of the club. I wouldn’t even bother registering Elneny. Useless player.

        2. RSH says:

          @simon. That is a great question. Only Welsh & English FA youths count as homegrown. Why Scotland isn’t included I have no idea.

          1. ozziegunner says:

            RSH, I suppose Scotland has its own leagues, whereas Welsh teams play in the English leagues?

          2. RSH says:

            perhaps ozzie, but only two Welsh teams. The rest of the Welsh teams have their own FA just like Scotland. Maybe the two Welsh sides were enough for them to decide.

    3. Sean says:

      I honestly believe Martinelli is Iwobi’s replacement..from what I read part of the reason he chose to sign with us is because we guaranteed first team action..would have loved to keep Iwobi for late offense off the bench but 40 mil and Martinelli has me just as excited..great transfer business all around in my book

    4. ken1945 says:

      Lugdush, what I think we could do is agree a pre-contract deal that will take effect in January’s window…in the same way that we could tie up Zaha.

    5. Adepholly says:

      Soares deal if coming up by January. He want to help Gremio finish this season strong. He was the man of the match in their last match. It will be a great deal and balance front by January

    6. Tissiam says:

      It was true iwobi sold to Watford for 28M but too late for us to buy a player:( the deadline was 5 PM my friend

  8. Innit says:

    Welcome David. He should help both our defence as he is better than Mustafi and attack with his crosses/passing

    At least we got three defenders this summer (2 for this season)

    Overall excellent transfers:
    1. Pepe
    2. Ceballos
    3. Saliba
    4. Tierney
    5. Luiz
    6. Martinelli

    1. Tissiam says:

      I checked his stats last year,37 appearances,he was either 1,2,3, no lower concerning aerials duals,tackling, clearance.,. he is a replacement for Koss but he is younger,fitter, scores goals and wants to be here,we may have lost 3M but he will make it up by playing more games,all in all I am happy!

  9. X says:

    What an awesome window… Now I really do hope the Iwobi transfer falls through – that’ll make the perfect window for me. Strongly believe man still has a role to play this season. That way we only ease in youngsters, not just throw them in; plus more time to consider if we do need to buy a proper LW if youngsters don’t live up to the hype.


  10. Sue says:

    What an absolute belter of a transfer window for us!!
    Really happy with our business! Can’t wait to see our new players out on the pitch. Thank you Raul, Unai, Josh.. and everyone else involved with making this window such a success! Josh.. I’m really excited!!!
    Now let’s go to St James’ Park & start as we mean to go on!! COYG ❤

    1. Dan kit says:

      Andy Carroll hatrick then Sue ?

      1. Sue says:

        Haha no!!! ? He’s not in the squad for Sunday, so they said earlier! Phew!!! ??

    2. Le Coq Monster says:

      You are a very exciteable person, Sue ! 😆

      1. Sue says:

        I have to be Le Coq, as at one point I didn’t think we’d sign anyone (well, maybe bring Lichtsteiner back!) ?

  11. Good job board! One of the best transfer windows in years!

    1. Matovu Deus says:

      Atleast they’ve done a different ting
      bigups to ARSENAL FUNS

  12. Le Coq Monster says:

    Some good stuff, but the thought of Side Show Bob and Crusty the Clown as our CB`s fills me with dread……………..we better score a lot of goals !

    Talksport news saying Auba and Laca have also signed new deals !……………now that would be good news and the goals we are going to need as per previously said !

    1. ken1945 says:

      That was reported earlier Le Coq, so it seems as if it’s true.

      That means we haven’t got to worry about the two year left contract secenario.

      The club is buzzing in wvery department at the moment, let’s just carry it forward to ST. James’s park.

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Raul from Barcelona was the best signing of them all

  13. MATOVU DEUS says:

    Tierney ,Luiz i think they are great addition to our team
    Welcome to the biggest club ARSENAL See you as the season starts

    1. Philip says:

      Think Luiz is a good signing for defensive midfield but not cb.would make our defense alot stronger with him patrolling in front.

  14. Le Coq Monster says:

    What time kick-off on Sunday ?…………….so we can get even more excited ! 😀

  15. Where'sMyTop4TrophyGone? says:

    Wow! Well done, Arsenal, well done.
    Definitely did way more than what I’ve expected. I have to be honest and say that with both Tierney and Luiz, my top 4 hopes have just returned. As error-prone as Luiz is, he’s still better than any of our senior defenders (even Koscielny from last year). This looks good.

  16. Austin 3:16 says:

    Still gutted about iwobi ‘s departure but for 40million pounds being Afc most expensive outgoing player I guess I’ll take d dough…it beats me how top players are so desperate to play for us (arsenal) ..zaha ceballos saliba all chose gunners over spurs with ucl and now luiz…Great season ahead..

  17. Yossarian says:

    It’s going to be difficult to tell which one is David Luis and which one is Matteo Guendouzi with the hair! But what an excellent transfer window. Really looking forward to the coming season 🙂

  18. Eddie says:

    I just can’t wait to listen to this

    Commentator: David Luiz is already on a yellow card, and the former Chelsea man’s in big big trouble. IT’S A RED! But the ref is showing it to Guendozi, what on earth is happening? Guendouzi has been shown a RED CARD!!

    1. Francis says:

      That won’t happen this year..there is VAR to take care of that

  19. Oscar says:

    David Luis was always an important part of Chelsea’s winning teams in the past few seasons such he’s an upgrade to what we have even better than the big games flop Kos.

    1. Adega Olatunji says:






      This is war

      1. Durand says:

        “Subs” and you leave out our golden boot winner? Surely you have forgotten to include him my friend.

        Healthy Auba has to be among first on the team sheet. C’mon now

        I’d only change the formation

        Bellerin Luiz Holding. Tierney
        Torreira. Ceballos
        Pepe. Laca. Auba

        1. GunnerJack says:

          That’s one helluva line up Durand! Can’t believe how good this window has been. Now hope some of our youngsters make the bench and get a chance this season. Wonder if Nketiah will be the boost Leeds need to make it to the prem – I think it’s an excellent loan.
          For the first time in years I’m very optimistic about this season.
          And in our pub draw I got Arsenal for the FA Cup! Only Wolves and Watford for the EPL though.

      2. Gunnerphilic says:

        Total mayhem man!

  20. Websurfer says:

    With Luiz we will have one of the very best ball playing defenders, who has excellent attacking skills. He can quickly reorganise from defence to attack.
    He could in this way be an asset for Arsenal, giving us something, that we have missed.

    I do understand the concern by fans though, who think that we should have gone for a real tough physical defender. But I think Sokratis , Holding with Luiz will be a good combination, and I believe Chambers will come good in this season.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Don’t worry about David Luis, he can get down and dirty and knows the dark arts of defending. He is also a leader.

      1. GunnerJack says:

        Ozzie I think he’s the only leader we have! At least he should be one of Emery’s ridiculous 25 captains! Okay I exagerrate a bit but really hope Xhaka is not made captain, unfortunately Emery seems to have a blind spot for him. Hope Durand’s line up is chosen and Xhaka confined to the bench, if that.

        1. 350oz says:

          LOL, sometimes UE read too much fairy tales when everybody are kings and heroes.

  21. Just hes not been paid by chelsea to make us even worse, he could get away with it and no one would question it!
    I so hope this works out I think it’s a smashing bit of business for us 🙂

  22. Godswill says:

    Best transfer window by far in the past 7 years. Only sad that Iwobi is leaving.

  23. Tommogun58 says:

    Bravo Raul and co ,luiz wouldn’t have been my choice but all ln all a great window, apologies for doubting the management team’s efforts earlier in the window COYG’s

    1. Tommogun58 says:

      Another master stroke drawing 35-40M for Iwobi,

    2. Sue says:

      You weren’t the only one to doubt, Tommogun58!

  24. Amah says:

    This is the happiest i have been with transfer windows in over a decade. Hoping it pays off. Let the season begin already

  25. Break-on-through says:

    Guendouzi, Luiz, Elneny, two perms enter, one hair leaves.

    We’ve done some good business but we need to see it on the field. Looking forward to seeing Tierney, Saliba, Cabellos and Pepe …Martinelli and Willock could be the surprise packages.

  26. Is Harry Magurie 10x better than Luiz? Just shows what a great deal we got for the scenario we are in, (stop gap ready to go CB needed for a year or so).
    A fantastic signing a leader and ball player with real technique and fight in him.

    1. ozziegunner says:


  27. SAGooner says:

    Indeed a great transfer window. Now all the coach has to do is teach the team how to cope with opposition that pushes high, like Barça did on Sunday. Our running off the ball and creating space was appalling, and we gave the ball away more times than I could count. That said, I’m really looking forward to this season and at least 3rd place and FA Cup!

  28. Tissiam says:

    So many two faced people on here,2 weeks you were all dissing,name calling,saying the club had no direction, strategy.,.the coach,edu…didn’t know what they were doing, Josh was lying when he told us to be patient, excited the same speech for the last 12 years or so,I could go on go on for a while,the same people calling themselves fans couldn’t see that work had already started behind the scenes even before Wenger left and couldn’t understand that it takes time to see results, positive one, lets not talk about the budget the infamous 45M, anyone with common sense knew it was always going to be more,if people had done some research (TV revenues, players sales,new sponsorship deal,extra, revenues from the europea,prize money, extra tickets sales…..)I would love an explanation from orstein to tell us how he come up with this number when some fans who it is not their job got it right unlike him??I know this post is going to be censured but don’t worry the same people who slammed the club and are now celebrating, they will be back after a couple of losses no matter the reasons like returning injured players not quite fit,new players needing time to adapt.,..anyway the brigade #HYPOCRITES will soon be back that’s a given, COYG

    1. Dan kit says:

      Mate I think you need to do your maths ,by my reckoning we have made money so the 45 mil budget was prob right ,I think you need to read up on some of the deals we have done then come back and re write your post .
      As for the fans moaning and being 2 faced ,we have every right to be seeing how we have been mugged off in the past ,and don’t you think the protest the fans had a couple of weeks ago sprung the life into the board .

      1. Dan kit says:

        Sprung the board into life *

      2. Tissiam says:

        go check TV revenues about 100M,new sponsorship deal, players sales,europea cup prize, extra tickets sales…and you came up with 45M really? do you think #we care do you had any effect?generation # thinking it is the solution to everything how farcical!also you didn’t slam the club, insulted the coach, players,edu… Josh kroenke and now we are all a big happy family ??how convenient to forget about it!we deserve a proper explanation not only for me but for the divide it caused,insults…! don’t you agree!any like I said after 2 losses we’ll be back where we started, blaming this/that player,the coach,…oh if you have the time check the meaning of the word fan, thank you!

      3. Tissiam says:

        Dan when you say “budget”what do you mean?does it include everything I mentioned above or was it 45M cash in the bank before everything?i don’t pretend to know everything but the 45M caused a lot of fraction and you can’t deny the abuse directed towards OUR CLUB AND STAFF, PLAYERS can you, anyway I am happy with the business done, players bought,sold,loaned…and money made may be for January!

  29. gunnertz says:

    Not too long ago Sven Mislintat was giving an interview dismissing the leadership’s “agent-based approach” in favour his data-based “systematic approach”. As if Arsenal, a club that owns an entire data company, was gonna dispense with data altogether. And many of the regulars on here gleefully piled on the club. Someone even described Raul as a “seedy” man who had “conflicts of interest” with some these agents.
    Arsenal was dead they said, and letting Sven Mislintat go was the club’s death-knell. Such a load of reactionary rubbish.
    Don Raul has absolutely bodied the lot of them. Fair play to him

    1. 350oz says:

      Raul’s done excellent work this window, shout out to him.
      Regarding Sven, I also feel dejected when he left but I believe it’s more of work style difference or politics came into play (Raul trust UE more than his inputs).

    2. Tissiam says:

      Well said!

  30. Durand says:

    Welcome Luiz very excited for season to begin.

    With Sokratis, Luiz, and Kola no team will manhandle us again. No more soft underbelly for Arsenal.

    I think we’ll rip Newcastle on Sunday, Emery has the players to play his style now.

    Ceballos linking up with attackers and Luiz and Sokratis to ensure we don’t get manhandled anymore at the back.

    Raul did masterful job, Edu as well from what I’ve heard. Gazidis was utter disgrace and we see how bad he was.

    Also shipping out deadwood at a rate I haven’t seen before from Arsenal. Good luck Iwobi and all the best against the other 18 PL teams. Arsenal just couldn’t afford to wait on him while chasing top 4.

    Top 4 is very very tough, City, liverpool, them ba$tards, and us. Thibk Chelsea dropping out this year finish 6, and utd just missing out in 5th behind us.

    1. ken1945 says:

      Durand, I know you have had harsh things to say aboutthe kronkies and your experiences with them over the pond has helped us understand their motives etc.

      We both agreed with the gazidis point you make above and I still believe he was the reason we lost out on Griezman.

      Working out the maths for this transfer window,it seems that the club has played their hand very well and, with the hire purchase agrements in place for three players, immediate cash used is around the original £40,000,000 mark (kenny I agree with your point that the club will have to pay in the end).

      So, bearing in mind the above, how do you view the kronkies now (Josh in particular) and do you think they just might be viewing The Arsenal differently to their other sporting ties?
      He certainly delivered on his promises of a week or so ago in my view.

      1. Durand says:

        Excellent question Ken, and my honest answer is I can’t say for certain, only rely on my experiences with them over the decades.

        Josh seems to be a sports fan and far far more competitive than his father. He oversaw Denver Nuggets (NBA) as one of his first major projects. Compare Josh’s time there to when his mom was listed in charge and run by Stan.

        He was mocked and ridiculed by their fans and worked hard to turn them around. A great learning curve for him and experience for Arsenal project.

        I think he’s running Arsenal while Stan focuses on the Rams project, tho I have no evidence to support this. A while back when Josh came over to oversee Arsenal, I think he was stepping up and taking charge.

        I believe the fans letter had some weight with Josh, and it was he more than Stan who took action.

        Josh is a fan of Arsenal and does want titles and glory. I believe it’s personal now for him, he put his reputation in his letter response and is eager to prove something. He is willing to take educated risks (see Denver nuggets) while his father isn’t.

        He is an active owner while his father has always been standoffish.

        I view Josh as active, competitive, and a fan and businessman. Time will tell, but Denver first now Arsenal shows Josh is not his father and is looking to be his own man rather than Stan’s understudy.

        1. ken1945 says:

          Durand, thanks for the reply, you have given the views about Josh that I, based on just a couple of incidents, was starting to feel as well.

          I believed he was really genuine and passionate in his reply to the fans and he has been true to his word.

          OT. was discussing the spuds seemingly golden egg money that seems to have entered their coffers, despite the new stadium, with my grandson.

          He has dual Brit/America nationality and follows American football, having played it at uni, along with the emotional ties.

          His theory is that the money is coming from the fact that the spuds have contracted American football at the “toilet bowl” and the money involved is out of this world…it does seem very plausible.

          I also noticed that they have increased their capacity to over 62,000 now and that;s a lot of bums on seats.

          1. ozziegunner says:

            Durand and Ken, the important thing this transfer window is that the available funds have been spent in a professional way, in accordance with the current FFP. The last two windows have shown the difference between Raul Sanheili and Ivan Gazidis.
            Given that the European window is still open it will be interesting to see who moves out.

          2. ken1945 says:

            ozziegunner, couldn’t agree more, but to also have the thought that the owners son is activally taking an interest and supports the club, feels pretty damn good to me.
            Negative to positive by just getting involved directly with the supporters and being honest about what his intentions are/were…such a breath of fresh air compared to his father in my opinion.

            By the way, you were lucky in the first test!!!

          3. Durand says:

            Ken you are correct about Spuds and NFL. I said a while ago how NFL wants to expand to London and London has passed a couple requirements set by NFL; example stadium, population, interest level, and ability to generate ticket sales.

            Mexico City is another, but not as far along in process as London.

            A bit of dirty pool by not using Wembly as original drawn up, not sure how spuds weaseled their way in; perhaps their modern stadium and the amenities.

            Unfair how Spuds got to use Wembly during their transition. I’ll have to see what else I can find regarding the NFL expansion and spuds toilet bowl.

            Finally Josh seems quite honest and honorable so far, and at one time was wanting Henry as manager; Josh well aware of Arsenal’s traditions. Also youngsters and making them stars is not Josh being cheap but rather getting back to Arsenal traditions. Freddie, Edu, and others aren’t coincidence, it’s Josh, his father had many opportunities to do the same but chose not to.

            Josh will be good owner for us in the future and more active and involved than his father.

          4. Durand says:

            Ken regarding spuds and NFL it’s a bit long but here goes.
            1. 10 yr contract signed with nfl to host 2 games per year, for £10 million

            2. Split evenly everything from tickets, food, drinks, merchandise, estimates around £1 million per game

            3. Spuds have retractable soccer pitch with artificial nfl field underneath.

            4. Locker rooms largest in England to support 53 man nfl roster

            5. Spuds have massive nfl medical facilities at stadium

            6. Unobstructed sightlines from seats with steepest gradiant allowed in UK to fit nfl demands.


            Levy and nfl vice president pressing super hard for spuds toilet bowl to be the home of new nfl london team and extensive multi year contract and royalities.

            Spuds will put City to shame flooded with millions and millions and further supported by nfl and no competition.

            Spuds will put City’s oil money to shame, and the massive revenues that will follow.

            Should be illegal and unfair competition regarding other clubs.

            States have laws against this practice, not sure about England.

          5. Durand says:

            Lastly in terms of NFL team profits

            1. Dallas Cowboys made $864 million in profit in 1 year (highest)

            2. Cincinnati Bengals made $354 million (lowest)

            Not sure how popular nfl is in london, but imagine spuds getting a chunk in profit sharing from sharing the stadium as nfl team home stadium.

            They will have virtually no stadium debt off their books and stand to make hundreds of millions over course of multi year contract if they get the nfl contract.

            Scary stuff and make them virtually untouchable in terms of finances and spending power. Above Barca and Real Madrid by far.

          6. ozziegunner says:

            Ken, if Australia was lucky in the First Test, how lucky were England in the World Cup 50 over Final? A run is not scored until the batsmen (batters?) cross; somehow 5 runs become 6 when the ball crossed the boundary. Although by hereditary, I am more English than the Queen, I was a New Zealander for a day (LOL).
            By the way Burns in his first innings, scored the luckiest hundred I have seen for a long time; 26% false strokes/played and missed. I think he has used his luck up and England can’t expect to get David Warner cheap for the rest of the series. Peter Siddle also couldn’t get a wicket for love or money. Lyon and Cummins bowled well and Starc and Hainsworth are waiting in the wings, so England should be very afraid!
            England needs to pick their best wicket keeper (Foukes?), allow Barstow to concentrate on his batting, choose a specialist test opener and move Roy down the order, because he is a walking wicket opening. Unfortunately Mo is playing without confidence and needs a rest back with his County.
            For Australia, I prefer Harris rather than Bancroft (great at short leg) opening;however Bancroft is Langer’s protoge.
            Looking forward to many sleepless nights as the tests finish at 3:30am EST here.

          7. ken1945 says:

            Durand, that sums up my g/sons take as well.
            That really doesexplain the extensive activity regarding the buying power of the spuds, theyreally do seem to have done their homework regarding the future.

            interesting to see if Stan might have any influence on the decisions made, especially with his involvement in American football.

            ozziegunner, re the test match…it changed when the ball was changed during our first innings!!
            Not enough sandpaper used is the rumour!!!

            Seriously, if we don’t bat properly annd Anderso misses the test series, it could easily be a 5-0 hammering.
            As for the world cup, your correct, but what a final it was and didn’t the Kiwis show incredible sportsmanship after the game?

            Thanks both for your input, really enjoyed getting the facts about spuds financial dealings out in the open and abit of aussie bashing that backfired on me!!!

  31. Jo Gunz says:


    Martinelli Lacazette Pepe

    Torreira Ceballos

    Tierney Luiz Sokratis Bellerin


    Opposition gotta be careful now

  32. Alee says:

    I’m not a fan of david luiz but i will give him a chance hopefully he cuts out his silly mistakes. It will be horrendous to play him and mustafi together.

    1. RSH says:

      Emery will never put those two together. Also, there is a chance we sell Mustafi before window closes, so hopefully this transfer window gets even better.

  33. Sue says:

    That was good money for Iwobi.. it’s no secret that I wasn’t a fan of his… but I bid him farewell…. and I also spare a thought for TH14.. he must be gutted….

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      You’re a true lady of the highest esteem Sue.

  34. kenya001 says:

    soo elnely is stuck with us and we sell someone who was our starter last season

  35. Kingojode says:

    I am very excited because of the transfer window we he have had, barring Iwobi sudden departure.
    For those who are so concerned about David Louis, calm down and think it through. The nature of his contract suggests that he is not part of the long term plan. From what I see and think, a solid defender is coming next transfer or the one after.
    Arsenal will be solid again. Raul and his crew are not clueless as Gazidis and his band. It is a big football mistake that AC Milan will not sack him early enough; that man is not just good enough.

    1. Tommogun58 says:

      Kingojode, I too think Luiz is only a fill in,he is only on a 2 year contract and by the time that is up hopefully Holding, Saliba, Mav will be ready to take over if not already entrenched in the team,also 7M is good business for a player with that amount of experience and medals,not my choice i would rather have seen Rugani but beggars can’t be choosers and we must make do for now.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Tommo, I liked Rugani as well, but Luis will have a point to prove to Lampard.

  36. Mobella says:

    I don’t often speak highly of Iwobi and that isn’t because I don’t rate. I was a top class player yet but he has potential to be if he works hard. So I’m very disappointed to read from many posters that I hold in high regard that we swindled Everton for the price they paid for Iwobi. In this inflated TM 35m is about right for Iwobi if not low. Watford paid 30m plus Ibrahim Sarr, Newcastle paid 40m for Joelition and westham paid 40m for a strike that I can remember his name and we paid well media said 73m for Pepe. All these players have no single epl experience btw them. When we sell cheaply we complain and now that we sell well we still complain. Maybe you guys are just disappointed your value of him is wrong. This is another reason why we fans should leave administrative part football to the experts. I had read from some fan valued him so ridiculously that I had replied them because I felt they have interest of the club they claim to support.

  37. samz says:

    …………. auba laca pepe
    ………………. ozil/cabellos
    ………….. willock toriera/gundouzi
    ………………kolas sokartis luiz mustafi
    …………….. leno

    just for the start
    with a great summer
    we now have a strong bench too


    tiereny and bella are injured for now so add them later
    forgive me for name spellings

    1. Adepholly says:

      Strong bench or what did you said? Who among your bench can start in wolves or Watford? Not to talk of top 6?. We only have strong 11. But very weak bench. Wake up!

  38. Sean Williams says:

    We have a footballer. A real footballer. David Luiz. Matteo’s dad. I’m really happy. C’mon boys you are becoming the Harlem Globetrotters of the Premier League. A defence. A real defence too. Bellerin, Luiz, Socratis/Holding, Tierney. We have a REAL defence. Wooooooo.

    1. 350oz says:

      He will add steel to our defence that’s for sure. No more our players pushed around.

    2. Gunnerphilic says:

      Now I know why the hairstyle looks so similar! Damn. I should have noticed.

  39. Roshan says:

    With Iwobi going for $40m, think we might go hard for Fraser in January as he will only have 6 months on his contract left and probably only cost $15m.

    If that’s the case it’s good business.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      The £40 million for Iwobi may also be set aside for an up and coming top drawer CB, or pays off two seasons instalments for Pepe.

  40. ozziegunner says:

    Unai Emery now has the problem of incorporating a number of new players into the squad. The pressure is on him now he is in the last year of his contract. The positive is that players obviously want to play for him and Arsenal, even without Champions League and Lacazette and Aubameyang have extended their contracts.

    1. 350oz says:

      That’s true ozziegunner, the pressure is on Unai Emery.
      I’m especially curious how he will sort out the midfield and defence (the front three already sorted).

      Ozil-Ceballos-Mikhi-Xhaka-Torreira-Guendouzi-Willock : Three of them have to play second fiddle (if we play 4-3-3).

      Sokratis-Mustafi-Luiz-Holding-Chambers-Mavropanos-Monreal : One or two won’t make it to the bench regardless of the formation.

    2. Munster says:

      I wouldn’t worry much about him, he is one of the top drawer around.

      1. Grandad says:

        Sorry to put a damper on the start of the season but it could be another 4 weeks before Tierney, Holding and Bellerin are fully match fit .During this period I hope Emery uses Chambers and Luis in central defence and ignores the claims of Mustafi and Socratis who are mediocre liabilities.The on going injury problems of Mavroponas is a concern but let’s hope he recovers and confirms the promise he showed when he arrived at Arsenal.

  41. 350oz says:

    This is a good transfer for us, especially since we need a short term-quick fix to our leaky defence.
    That way young players like Holding & Mavropanos can be eased into the first team and Saliba will join us next year.
    Don’t forget that he once worthed £50 million (when he was sold to PSG), world record transfer for a defender at the time. So 8m is a steal.
    Welcome Luiz!

  42. Munster says:

    Its such an exciting time to be a gooner.

  43. Scubagooner says:

    Better than what we have. Enough said. Welcome.

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