Confirmed – Arsenal Sign Experienced International Backup to Bernd Leno

When Mikel Arteta said he was now starting the second phase of Arsenal’s transfer window where he started bringing players in, we didn’t expect to have two new arrivals confirmed so quickly.

This morning we found out that Martin Odegaard will be arriving from Real Madrid, and now Arsenal have officially confirmed that the Brighton keeper Matt Ryan will be coming to the Emirates as the backup to Bernd Leno.

The 28-year-old is a very experienced Australian international and although he has lost his spot to Robert Sanchez at Brighton, it doesn’t mean he has lost his skills.

This is what he told on his arrival, what Gooners can expect from him: “I’d say on the field it’s probably my reliability as a goalkeeper,”

“I feel like I’m quite consistent with my performances.

“I dedicate every aspect of my life to playing football and trying to win football games for whoever I am representing, be it the club or the national team in Australia. So that willingness to win and to go the extra length to do that is probably the main driving force behind me.

“Off the field, I like to think that I’m just a genuine, easygoing person. I’m pretty laid back and approachable and happy to have a chat with anyone. Like I said, I’m very dedicated towards my sport and very professional and I don’t want any stone unturned in trying to get a win on matchdays when they come on. I give all of myself in order to try to achieve that.”

Arsenal’s Swiss midfielder Granit Xhaka and Arsenal’s German goalkeeper Bernd Leno celebrates after the English FA Cup third round football match between Arsenal and Newcastle United at the Emirates Stadium in London on January 9, 2021. – Arsenal won the game 2-0 aet. (Photo by Glyn KIRK / AFP) (Photo by GLYN KIRK/AFP via Getty Images)

And what is he looking to achieve while at Arsenal? He continued: “Firstly, to get in here and start the adaption phase and learn the ins and outs, to get more understanding of the playing group and the coaching staff and what’s going to be required of me as a goalkeeper and what they’re looking for and the way of playing, the style of play and all those types of things,”

“I’m ready to develop a great relationship with them and I feel that the quicker and more efficiently I am able to do that, the better chance it’s going to give myself as an individual to contribute at a greater level for the club.

“That’s my focus, to come in here and work hard, push each other and improve as a player and as a person. I have no doubts that I’m in the right environment to do that.”

Well I am sure a lot of Arsenal fans will be relieved that we have brought in a keeper with some experience in case Bernd Leno gets injured again this season, and if he impresses in the Cups, perhaps he will earn a permanent place in the squad…

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    1. Surprised he was available. Didn’t know he’d been dropped permantely. Our gain though. We essentially have an EPL starting GK as our backup GK.

  1. Yes Yes Yes… It was I,,, David Pohlman in Australia that broke that news an hour ago in another post. No one believed me. It just goes to show. I don’t need to live in the land of Doom and Gloom to get the latest. What’s more,, talk is that Matt Ryan will play in the 4th round of the FA CUP against Southampton. Cheers folks

  2. The goalkeeper situation was my biggest concern. Pleased with this signing as it gives us time to secure a permanent number 2

  3. A signing that makes sense. We need a temp backup. Loan Alex to get regular football.
    We can search in summer for a long term GK, hopefully a tall reliable one.



        1. I think he earned the right to *start the season* as first choice. Martinez was practically flawless for a decent string of games that included high pressure, important matches – few people really deny that. If he’d lost his place purely because the other keeper had regained fitness, it would just show favouritism and make it clear that some players have no chance to become first choice, regardless of performance.
          In any case, Leno has completely won me over now, so it’s worked out well for both keepers.

  4. That’s Arteta for you. First they sign a back up GK from a relegation threatened French team, now they sign a back up from relegation threatened English team.

    1. Veteran EPL keeper

      Australian international (a country that
      knows a thing or two about producing
      quality EPL goalies)

      True professional and fan of the club who
      wont cause unrest and drama when not
      GIVEN promises of first team futbol.

      Yeah I see the similarities…


      Yeah I can see how you could draw such a

      1. Yeah no similarities between the two, but is Alex causing unrest in the team for not being played? I apologize if I have misread your post, but it seemed to me that you were suggesting that. Also, it was reported that Alex is a Gooner too. That said I am extremely pleased with Matty Ryan’s signing. A quality EPL GK.

  5. I am surprised that he has signed another non-homegrown player. That is us over our limit, obviously if we sign odegaard then we are 2 over the limit. So one would assume that runarsson will not be involved and probably Mustafi?

      1. Declan, he’s Non-HG. You have to play in England for a certain amount of time before you turn 20. He doesn’t qualify. His parents passports dont matter. Eric Dier is English but NOT homegrown because he spent his youth in Portugal.

  6. Matty Ryan may not the tallest goalkeeper in the Premier League. Yet he stands tall. Only a true goalkeeper knows that terminology. Don’t take notice of his playing statistics. A good goalie playing for a weak club. He has kept Brighton in the Premier League for 3 years. He’s been a great servant for Australia. And believe me, Australia are not all that great at football. We don’t rank in the top 100. If it weren’t for Matt Ryan and Tim Cahill, we would never have reached the World Cup consecutively. I don’t believe Australia should deserve such an easy passage to the World Cup. He’s good with the ball at his feet. I hope signing for Arsenal saves his international career. He was to be announced as Australia’s new captain. He will make Lenno work very hard. I could never understand why Matt Ryan settled for Brighton in the first place. He did have European clubs after for his signature a few years ago. I would not be surprised if Mr. Tim Cahill has been in Arteta’s hear over Matty Ryan. Those two are best of friends.

    1. David, it is bad enough when non Australians denigrate our national football team, but when people like you don’t get your facts right, it is a concern.
      For your information, Australia is currently ranked by FIFA at 44, the fourth ranked team in Asia. This well within the 100 you state.
      Also Australia does not have an easy run in qualifying for the World Cup, having to qualify through the Asian Region. They changed from Oceania some time back and when they did qualify from there had to beat Uraguay to progress. Where do you expect the island continent of Australia to move to Africa, Europe or America North or South?
      It’s too bad that a country with 25 million people spreads its available sporting talent between four football codes, including Australian Rules, which is played no where else. Those players are serious athletes.

  7. If the Odegaard deal is confirmed as well, that just leaves cover for Tierney… unless MA believes AMN can fill that spot.
    Excellent signing with, hopefully, a clause to permanently buy him, if he performs and wants to stay – good business.

  8. Just to confirm: a homegrown player is any player that has been registered at a club in England and Wales for at least three years before their 21st birthday. Ryan, having only been in England since 2017, will have to be registered (like Tierney) as a foreign player.

    Source: the internet

    1. it’s ridiculous that Scottish players are considered foreign, lmao…. If he does have to register, we may need to leave someone off the squad again considering Ryan would be taking up Kolsinac’s spot. And if we get Odegaard he needs to take someones NHG slot. Runnarrson is redundant now so guessing it will be him.

  9. “Signing for the club you grew up supporting as a kid ✔ @Arsenal
    Buzzing to be beginning this new chapter and will give everything I’ve got to contribute to the first club I ever loved.”

    Welcome to the Arsenal, Maty Ryan!!

    1. Hi Sue 🙂 you happy with that signing? I think he’s a very decent keeper and we needed one because the young Icelandic kid just doesn’t look a good fit.

      1. Hey, Kev, how are you? Was out of the blue, that’s for sure, but yes happy as he’s very experienced in our league. It says online he was signed in time so is eligible for tomorrow….
        Surely Runarsson will go out on loan now…

        1. I’m very well thank you Sue, how are you ? Yeah definitely I went online today and was stunned we actually signed someone with all the links and hassle we usually endure lol. Yeah I think we should just release him tbh he’s not even Iceland number 1 he’s behind a 36 year old 😳 a united fan earlier said our defence is rubbish, is that the same defence who have conceded 19 goals to they’re 25 ? Also we’ve been to Liverpool, city, united, and totts, a very difficult first half season away schedule.. I swear I just believe united supporters have to be the most arrogant, antagonistic supporters in the world, the same bunch who said Martial is the best striker in the league! I’m doing a king kev here.. I will LOVE it if we beat them LOVE IT 😂😂

          1. All good thanks, Kev! Poor sod – Runarsson – I do feel sorry for him with all what’s happened. I hope he gets a good loan with loads of minutes!
            Funny how the scousers are oh so quiet, yet you can’t shut the mancs up!! Been so exciting lately, Kev!
            Haha nice impression 😂 You’re right though, it would be really sweet to shut them up just like we did with the chavs!!

          2. Yeah Sue it’s not quite worked out has it ? Maybe a loan to league one side or something would do him the world of good 👊 oh so quiet because the wheels have come off 😂 oh they love running they’re mouth off Sue but we got them soon, hopefully we can shut them up 😄 big game tomorrow can we continue our run in the cup ? 😄

  10. Matty Ryan’s signing to Arsenal has caused so much outrage at Brighton. Brighton supporters are calling for Graham Potter’s head. The supporters are not upset towards Matt Ryan. It’s quite the opposite. They are wishing Ryan well at Arsenal Football Club. Many Brighton fans are commenting, “Brighton’s sad loss,, and Arsenal’s gain”. Says alot for the respect Brighton supporters have for Mathew Ryan. I hope some of you Arsenal Supporters in Gloom and Doom England infested with Covid-19, welcome Matthew Ryan. Some of you so called Arsenal Supporters whinge and carry on no matter what. Nothing ever seems to please you. Is it the weather, or is it Covid-19 in your system 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔. No cases of Covid-19 in Australia🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Maybe the Premier League should be played in Australia. At least the players will play in crowded packed stadiums 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. We got murdered by India in the Test Cricket,,,,,, at least we had spectators in the stadium. If the Premier League gets void,, and it probably will,,, bring it to Australia. Don’t you all love it. Who wants to play football behind closed doors🤔🤔🤔🤔🤨🤨🙄🙄🙄. It looks like a training session. Some whinge about Arsenal’s form. Look at Liverpool’s of late. Alot of you people don’t know the game of football. You don’t seem to have the intelligence to comprehend the game itself, or how a big organization like Arsenal Football Club is run. I think Jon Fox and Sue knows

      1. From
        “The loan agreement is subject to the completion of regulatory processes.”

        Only clarification needs to be whether there is an option to buy.

  11. Good that you are having a “Covid free” 2021 In Australia. Wish the pandemic just disappear ethat we can have the Emirate crowed back. They are not outspoken like at Anfield, but you could use a lasting roar whenever lads score. Ryan, I have not seen his stats but to play at Brighton (who happen to be a kind of person bougey team for us in the past few years), he must be a better player than young Alex “Karius” runnason.

    1. Kobin, it has taken serious intervention by State Governments in Australia (and the NZ Government), state border lock downs, travel restrictions, mandatory mask wearing on public transport, movement monitoring, free Covid screening etc and self discipline to get us where we are. It is unfortunate that the leadership in other countries has been so lacking and people are suffering.

  12. 100+ EPL appearences as well as 50+ internation caps, in line to become national skipper seems to be overqualified for a backup keeper. He will surely keep Leno on his toes.

    Arteta and Edu has really pulled a rabbit out of thin air.

    1. The stars aligned well in Ryan’s falling from favour at Brighton & Hove Albion.
      Matt follows a long line including Mark Bosnich and Marc Schwarzer (who Arsene Wenger should have signed!)

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