Confirmed – Arsenal sign yet another wonderkid

It may not have been much of a secret but it has now been confirmed that Arsenal have nabbed the 16 year-old wonderkid Sam Greenwood, who has been a schoolboy at Sunderland for the last ten years. They reportedly beat off competition from both Manchester United and Stuttgart for his signature.

The player himself announced the deal on his Instagram page…..

Again this just confirms that the Gunners are concentrating just as much on getting the very best youth players for our academy as much as we are strengthening our first team. The future’s bright, the future of North London is red!



  1. Unai Emery says:

    Did they reach home yet?

    1. Phelyx says:

      Do you mean it is coming home ??

  2. Phil says:

    On topic-Mancs and Scousers both wanted this lad so that’s a coup getting him over them.It could just be this new Dream Team is working throughout the Club from youth level to first team

    1. OzzieGunner says:


  3. gotanidea says:

    Hopefully one or more of those new kids can reach their potential

    Why is Rhian Brewster chased by Juventus and PSG? And why are Arsenal not chasing him?

    1. Declan says:

      And why has Seri signed for Fulham?

      1. McLovin says:

        Seems like Seri was hyped by the media to think that Barca, Arsenal and Chelsea were after him when in reality, it was only Fulham who held interest.

        1. RSH says:

          im sure seri wasnt hyped by the media when he had an actual agent to tell him who wanted him

          1. Break-on-through says:

            Goes to show us what we already knew, you can’t go by youtube clips alone. I was never interested in Seri but he was mentioned so damn much that I thought I’d look up his best clips, and he did look like he could play a bit. But then they began saying how he is not only an attacking CM player as he can be tough in duels and winning possession also. I didn’t agree with the second bit of praise. The Che links seemed true but now it looks like his agent was in overdrive trying to get clubs to compete for his signature. This reminds me a bit of Soyuncu’s agent, and we seen it with Mvila and Capou or whatever their names were too. Agents love to use Arsenal so often that it can be annoying, tabloids can be just as bad. But this might change a little now because we seemed true in our aim this summer. Also Emery has come out and said no more incoming unless a big opportunity becomes available.

  4. McLovin says:

    I really hope our English core would come from youth rather than buying them from other clubs for millions.

    1. Kumagaya says:

      There is no more English core. All were spinless babies wjo neesed protextion feom Wenger

  5. Innit says:

    Just curious. Are these youth players being found by the same scouts that were under Wenger or do we have new scouts? Because we haven’t had a lot of success with youth players really over the years

    1. Sheet Head says:

      Their training had alot to do with the lack of progress. From reports, it seems Wenger put very little emphasis on training with the ball. That means the players relied on their raw skills with very little input from the coach. Nowander young players stalled as soon as they joined the first team.

      1. snowden says:

        What reports are you referring. Please give us all the info on these reports. Thank you

        1. Sheet Head says:

          Unai Emery Makes ‘Drastic Changes’ to Arsenal Regime and Training Methods

          And its no secret Wenger never used to train on individual /team tactics. He even said it himself

          1. OzzieGunner says:


          2. Ken1945 says:

            Sheet Head, thanks for the Google site.
            I have looked it up and read what is in the review.
            Interesting facts emerging on how the two manager’s roles differ as well don’t you think?
            The new regime looks as if it is going to give Unai much more time with the players and I love his idea of all the players sitting together and being part of the family.
            Finally found out what Steve Bould was actually doing, as the article states that he ‘often took charge of the training work delegated to him by Wenger.
            Wonder what he will be doing now then?
            The article also states that more work will be done with the ball, rather than fitness (paraphrasing) .
            I understand your reasoning behind the ‘raw talent’ comment, but feel that, if true, the onus should have been on the youth team coaching regime.
            Nevertheless, further proof that the club is moving in a different direction.
            Thanks again for the information regarding the site and it is FACTS like this that show me personally,how the new regime is sweeping out the old and bringing in the new.
            We are changing, not just for the sake of it, but because the club needed it… bring it on!!!!

          3. Sheet Head says:


          4. D says:

            Sheet Head – I know exactly what article you’re referring to and all it mentioned was that Emery was not allowing mobile phones during training. What you said here – ” From reports, it seems Wenger put very little emphasis on training with the ball.” is a straight up lie and there is absolutely nothing that suggests it to be true.

            If you disagree, please post this supposed report that you are referring to.

          5. Ken1945 says:

            D, as you can see from above, I also followed the link and found exactly what Sheet Head was talking about.
            I put in to Google exactly what he quoted and there it was at the top of the page.
            I just saw it as a reference to the different approach by two regimes.
            You must have the wrong article, because it also mentioned other things that I referred to.

          6. jon fox says:

            Hi Ken, I also followed the link – and thanks to Sheet Head – and found it interesting. True, there were just a few significant differences mentioned but what else could anyone expect in a short article? I am excited beyond belief about the coming season and esp as I will now be attending again after almost two seasons of my unwillingness to give the club ,as it was, any more of my money. I do not expect miracles and nor should any rational fan. I do expect a change in team attitude and a willingness to fight for the shirt and to take defence seriously, which strongly appears to be happening, judging by the new signings and Emerys statements. I hope , but don’t insist on, for top four, and possibly fourth. Anything further or higher would be a nice bonus. But, provided we see progress, in attitude as much(or more so) as league position, I will be a happy Bunny. I do not forget that I too, worshipped Wenger for his first decade and surely Emery is also entitled to a decent time to prove his worth. I know you too agree with that last sentence.

          7. Ken1945 says:

            Jon, I absolutely agree with your two last sentences.
            How on earth any reasonable fan could disagree with this is beyond me.
            What I really liked about Sheet Head’s post was the fact that he didn’t judge anyone or anything, just gave everyone the opportunity to read an article that spoke volumes about the changes taking place within the club.
            If anyone else has this kind of information, share it with the rest of us please.
            There are so many articles flying around, we are bound to miss some.
            Emery is doing a great job since taking over and I am fully committed to his management style.
            As long as people don’t try and rewrite or belittle our history, you will never see a negative feedback from me. Bring on the City!!!

          8. jon fox says:

            Ken, Can I ask when you changed your mind and then wanted Wenger out? On the next thread. you have told Durand that you wanted Wenger out for the last two seasons. Is this honestly true? Your comments for some time prior to his sacking gave me to understand you would have preferred him to stay. Clearly, I had not known you also wanted him gone for two seasons. I also do not want his legacy for his first decade(approx) trashed and he was certainly a great manager for this period. Personally, I have never understood WHY he abandoned his proven successful pursuit of power players throughout the team and began to collect virtual dwarfs, around 2006-7 onwards. He became almost an opposite manager in his methods from the great years. I know the stadium prevented him buying world class superstars, but what we lost was , power, determination, motivation and intolerance of defeatist attitude. These were not down to lack of money but a change in philosophy. God alone knows why! Had he NOT changed , he would probably still be in charge and we would still be seriously challenging City/ United/ Liverpool at the very top table.

          9. Ken1945 says:

            Jon, I have just read this after replying to you on this very subject on the previous post.
            Your comments are so much more personal and not just a passing throw away accusation.
            In that spirit I can answer your question in a different manner.
            When I discovered this site, it was actually your posts that got me involved. I found them totally against my perception of what the manager had actually achieved and felt that I had to defend him.
            I believed that he should have gone immediately after the fa cup win against Chelsea.
            It was a magnificent win and that was the time, in my honest opinion, for him to go.
            It was your views ( plus Phil’s I should add) that really made me annoyed.
            I think that I misread what you both were saying as much as you both did with my comments.
            If you remember, the discussions were both heated and quite personal and in that situation our beliefs were lost in translation.
            All three of us are very volatile in our beliefs and do not hold back in our postings.
            My problem is that I cannot stop reacting when I believe that Wenger’s achievements are being belittled. I now understand that this was not always the case with the two of you regarding his earlier tenure.
            I do however still react to those who are saying and believing that he was the devil incarnate!!
            Everyone has a right to their views on Wenger’s legacy and I respect that. It is only when ridiculous accusations or statements appear that I feel compelled to defend him.
            The last two seasons of Wenger’s reign was the worst of all I can remember from any manager I have known at Arsenal..
            Not for the results, but what I believed and expected from him.
            The sparkle had gone and I believe that he was betrayed by others who ensured their own futures were secure.
            Your comments regarding money does not have true ring for me, as I do believe he went after top players, but was thwarted by those I hint at above.

            In summary Jon, Wenger has become an enigma within our fanbase and has divided fans in a way he would never had wanted to.
            You just have to look at how you and I have misconceptions about each others views of the man.
            I can only look forward now and hope that Emery will bring the club back to those wonderful early days of Wenger’s reign.

            The problem is, for me, that I know I will jump in again if I feel that an injustice is perceived.
            For that reason I expect to get as many offensive posts as ever, but there you go.
            Hope you view my earlier post on Wenger’s last two years as part of the passion I have for the club.

        2. RSH says:

          AW was known for being pretty hands off. some invincibles have said this as well. and its not a criticism because it obviously worked for a while, but rest of football caught up and surpassed AW’s methods.

    2. JOSEPH K says:

      We have new scout from Leicester

  6. tom says:

    Not too sure about the word wonderkid that gets used so freely. Mbappe is a wonderkid and he’s 19 yrs. At 16 he wasn’t really in demand other then Wenger wanting him…

    Nonetheless Greenwood’s record is worth signing him up for sure. And he joins another 16 yr old from Barca in J. Lopez.

  7. Sal says:

    good stuff!! happy days!! can’t remember us handling tranfers this well. I have been enjoying the WC but our eye is on the ball, can’t think of a club who’s identified what the coach needs and got him what he needed this early on! and this is with the WC still going. i’m gonna be greedy and ask for an explosive winger or a defender but to go and sort out the DM for the next few years is just wonderful i’m delighted. head of recruitment has definetly earned his paycheck, bravo!!

    we can start the season now if you guys want we all know the trophy is heading to Paris…I’m just so excited to see the shape that our team will take in the next few weeks. new page make us proud boys. COYG

  8. ruelando says:

    Let us hope we can build on the talent they possess already, for the players to reach certain heights it is not only the coaches job but also the player’s responsibility to put in the work in order to become a success.

    Saying you want to be great is nice, but doing constructive things to make you a star is even better

  9. OzzieGunner says:

    Sam Greenwood is a centre forward who has represented England at under 16 level. For Arsenal to attract him from Sunderland and spurn the advances of Manchester United and Stuttgart, as well as apparently Manchester City and Liverpool, is a real coup.
    From reading his post Sam comes across as a polite, level headed young man, who appreciates the help he has received. Welcome to Arsenal and I look forward to following his career.

    1. Ken1945 says:

      Ozziegunner, agree with the coup sentiment, just wish Kronky would open the pursestrings so that we could say the same with the top world class players.
      More than happy with the results so far mind you, but if the owner just gave Emery some more of the missing millions and we signed the likes of Zaha, what a message that would send out!!!
      Agree with your assessment of Sam Greenwood as well.
      The planning being put into place suggests that the new manager and his regime plan to be here for a long time.

      1. OzzieGunner says:


  10. Chiza says:

    Footballers with this kind of name called greenwood don’t succeed spectacularly in football but i hope he proves me wrong

    1. jon fox says:

      If you are referring to the late, great RON GREENWOOD, then I have to firmly disagree with your comment. If you don’t mean Ron , then who are you speaking about?

      1. OzzieGunner says:

        ?Ken, Arsenal has a long history with many great players. How soon people forget. I’m just hoping this wasn’t a shot at players with Anglo Saxon Celtic names like James, Bastin, McLintock, Ball, Brady, Adams, Wright, Wilson, Jennings etc?

        1. OzzieGunner says:

          Oops, jon not Ken!

  11. Break-on-through says:

    I’d love to know if we’ve been watching his progress over the seasons or is it Sven being tasked to find young home grown players like he did in Germany for Dortmund. I’d love to hear Sven speaking about the youngsters we sign. I believe Matteo was Emery’s choice but I’d still like to know what Sven makes of him. This lad esp I’d like to hear his thoughts.

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