Confirmed: Arsenal striker joins West Ham – Who will be left to play in Europa League?

It was always on the cards that Lucas Perez would not be staying at Arsenal this season, and now the Mirror has confirmed that the 29 year-old has moved to West Ham, who have now signed nearly a full team of new players this summer. The Mirror reports….

West Ham have continued their £100million summer spree by signing Lucas Perez – and will swoop for ‘The Rock’ next.

Arsenal striker Perez, 29, arrives as Manuel Pellegrini’s ninth summer signing.

At a cut-down £4m, Perez will move across to east London to provide competition for Marko Arnautovic and Javier Hernandez.

So Perez has gone, and after selling Olivier Giroud and Theo Walcott last season, our stock of strikers has been reduced drastically. If, as is constantly rumoured, we also going to let Danny Welbeck go, then that would leave just Aubameyang, Lacazette and Iwobi as our only recognised attackers. Surely we can’t risk going through the whole season with just those three, unless Nketiah (or Joel Campbell?) are going to be used in our Europa League games?

Should we start worrying now?


  1. gotanidea says:

    We have three strikers in Aubameyang, Lacazette and Nketiah, which is more than enough, since Emery will only use one striker

    I’m more worried of the lack of left-footed winger. Now we just have Campbell that apparently will be sold along with Welbeck

    They missed the opportunity to get Malcom, so I guess they would chase Bailey or Neres

    1. Dammy says:

      I agree- We have long blocked the path of our young strikers under AW. Chuba has just left after 2 years in no man’s land (post academy). This is why we lost Willock and Gnabry and are today looking for a winger. You can’t keep blocking the path to the first team for the youth – it is not a sustainable model. I know we do well enough with the likes of Bellerin and Iwobi breaking into the first team but we need only 2 senior players in each position which creates room for young players as understudies but also have a chance to stake a claim for a first team spot if it comes up. I’d like to see Nketiah get a chance- you never know he might hit double figures in the Cups… Welbeck certainly wouldn’t.

      1. Midkemma says:

        Akpom had 12 months left on his deal according to various reports, not 2 years.
        Akpom never done anything to justify being given a role at Arsenal, all his loan moves was flops and he never shown the real fight to be part of the 1st team, almost like he expected Arsenal to hand him a starting staring role.

        Gnabry was lost because Wenger refused to guarantee him football, saying he had to prove his fitness 1st, this was the right call as Gnabry had suffered from some injuries and we was putting up with other players who was always injured. Wilshere was sent out on loan as well to prove his fitness. Not just the kids.

        Willock left because he thought the grass was greener on the other side, I read a while ago that Willock could be pushing for another move because he… well… He is in their 2nd team now after being dropped from 1st team, basically he could have progressed further if he stayed but he jumped ship thinking it would be all roses and sunshine.

  2. John Ibrahim says:

    its pretty disappointing that Emery refuse to give Perez a chance…

    He must be too good

    1. gotanidea says:

      Maybe Emery saw that Perez was not impressive in training sessions? His statistics was also not good last season

      Perez was not bad as an LW, but he was not good when playing as an RW

    2. Midkemma says:

      Perez is a 1 season wonder.
      Arsenal got mugged when we bought him.
      He was never good enough, show me one other season where he performed, should find the stats if a 2nd good season actually existed for Perez.

  3. satanK says:

    Kroenke bought the club, so we can get used to all players, especially the good ones being sold. The worst day in AFC history.

    1. Absolutely. With him taking out a £550M loan from Deutsche bank to finance the buyout I can’t help but think it is the club that will pay for it transfer window after transfer window. Goodbye to anymore top signings it will be back to loan repayment days only now it won’t be Wenger taking the heat, it will be Emery.

  4. Innit says:

    Why not just ghive hhim for FREE for a paltry 4 mhillion
    we bought hhim for 17

    hI rate Perez and Welbeck hhigher than Nktehiah at the moment

    We desperately need a whinger now

    1. mobella says:

      I believe there are some clauses and performances related add-on in the deal that brought him here. I read somewhere he is going for 5m now with 3m in add-on later and he was on loan last season which was paid for by the loan club. Put all that together we will get between 10-12m. It will be daft for arsenal to take a 13m lost on a player bought 2 years ago. There are so many fact about transfer that fans don’t hear about all we hear is the price quoted for all players.

  5. Auba Arsenal of Lagos says:

    I’m quite delighted with our outgoings,….
    1.most of them are mediocre or average at best
    2.haven’t we all been complaining about these same set of players in the last 5 or more seasons?
    3.we all need to go and hug reality that we are on a rebuilding process therefore we get to strengthen in phases over 3-4 windows.
    4.let’s sincerely look at the players we’ve sold/let go so far,apart from santi & Sanchez who haven’t we all complained about their quality meeting up to arsenal standard? Walcott, chambo,coq,paulista,giroud e.t.c’ll agree with me we still have a few more in the team Ramsey,iwobi elneny,chambers,mustafi,bellerin (all average & as a sub at best).but we do not expect to get all the right ins and outs & some player improvements in one window do we?
    Conclusively, let’s hope Stan kroenke’s son (loves football more than his dad who just became the sole owner of our darling club) fully supports the managing team Sven,Raul & Ivan to take us into a new dawn.but sincerely fellas its going to be one rollercoaster journey. Seriously hope we do away with welbeck as well and get in a good winger b4 the window shuts & then bring in another competitive attacker in January

    1. gotanidea says:

      Looking at our fire sale so far (Perez, Welbeck, Campbell), I’m confident Arsenal would get a new winger

      The CB department that I’m worried of

      1. Disgusted1 says:

        I really would like someone to tell me how is this team better than last year. Top 4 please we haven’t done enough in the transfer market. But lets give everyone a chance I hope after Saturday’s spanking we will all come back down to earth.

        1. Ingleby says:


  6. waal2waal says:

    Let look at it this way Peres to the hammers is hardly any loss to the team, now who’s next? i say we needed a clear-out. If they shown no quality then there’s the door.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Unfortunately waal2waal Arsenal has to compete in 4 competitions. Perez has previously shown his worth in the Europa League and the cups; unfortunately Arsenal does not have the funds for a wholesale upgrade of players in one window. One has to hope that the academy players can fill the void left by players such as Lucas Perez.

      1. waal2waal says:

        @Ozziegunner – though we’re in as many competitions his striker club status is somewhere in between welbeck and nketiah; sorry bud, but seems emery (also) holds an opinion that perez isn’t going to be missed. Not as if we are without options, Reiss or Nketiah;

  7. Mikey says:

    Westham will be really thanking Arsenal this season, first Wilshere for free then Perez for 4mil only. I can imagine Tottenham’s player who has one year remaining on contract and are demanding for 50Mil from Man utd.

    Emery needs to sign Dembele afterwards and time is running out. I can also imagine with the club going through a sale it’s going to be a lot of different stories.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Arsenal is the only major club in Europe that buys players at a premium and sells at a loss.
      Hopefully the young players Arsenal have bought will develop and either become first team regulars or be sold on at a profit.

      1. mobella says:

        That is because our player and money are mismanaged. Why the hell we bought Perez for in the first place in the same season Dembele went to Dortmund for less . Adding 20m to that would get Lacazette.

        1. ozziegunner says:

          Mobella, I don’t disagree.

  8. barryglik says:

    No wonder the club scaled
    back spending this season.
    So many players have left
    at a significant loss.
    Mertz Cazorla Wilshere Perez Debuchy Sanchez
    betwwen them in purchase fee and salaries cost
    200m but returned just 4 m.
    Looking ahead it gets no better.
    Jenkins 10m salary. Resale?
    Ospina 4m + salary 8m = 12m. Resale?
    Chambers 16m + salary 8m = 24m on loan again
    Wellbeck buy 16m + 16m salary = 32m. Resale?
    Monreal buy 10m + 12m salary 22m. Resale?
    Ozil 42 mill +35mill salary =77m. Resale?
    Auba (60m)+ 20m salary + 80m. Resale?
    Lacazette buy 50m + salary 25m + 75m. Resale?
    Mustafi 30m and Xhaka 30m + salaries 25m = 85m. Resale?
    Ramsey buy 5m + salary 24m + 5 year extension 50m = 79m. Resale?
    Sanchez cost us 50 mill so we must not make that mistake again.
    I say let Ramsey Mustafi Wellbeck Ozil Chambers all go now.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      barryglik, can you please explain why salary paid for players to train and play for Arsenal (ie services rendered) would be included in the amount to be recouped when a player is sold?

      1. barryglik says:

        Perez Debuchy Wilshere
        barely rendered any services.
        Cazorla and Mertz were liabilities
        for the last 2 years they were paid.
        During the time these players were “serving”
        the club did not win the PL or
        get any where near the CL and the football
        played was often a million passes backward and sideways.
        We could have played the U21s and stayed in
        the PL at a fraction of the cost.
        And I forgot to mention the likes of
        Rosicky Flamini Sagna Chamakh Park
        Bendtner Diarby Sanogo Arteta
        Djouou Podolski Girvinho Gibbs +Gabriel who also
        returned little or no resale for the 150 mill the club outlaid on them.
        Only Chamberlain made a profit while
        Walcott and Giroud broke even when sold.

  9. Chiza says:

    I have told you guys a winger is coming…dembele,bailey or zaha

    1. waal2waal says:

      it would be more impressive were you to stick out your neck and tell us which of these is Neo?

  10. Pablo Picasso says:

    Best of luck to Lucas. Did his best in his few appearances but I don’t think he was fully suited for this club, so many of us blamed Wenger for benching him but it has taken his fellow country man to push him out.

    Now get Welbeck, Campbell, Ospina, Jenkinson, and Ramsey should he refuse to sign out. Get in a winger, CB and someone else apart from Stan to buy the 30% shares and we are good to go.

  11. RSH says:

    forget about wingers. Kroenke taking full ownership of the club brings very dark times ahead. The few months of optimism were nice, but also felt too good to be true. More pain to come boys

  12. Declan says:

    2 days 4 and a half hours till the window slams shut at 5pm Thursday.
    I think more will be going out than coming in.

  13. APANGU IDDI AMIN says:

    the fringe players were the resion why arsenal never won PL and CL so let them go and we better leave withought them so us to give way for new arivals.l

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