Confirmed Arsenal team and preview for West Brom

There is one slight surprise for Arsenal fans in the starting line up of Arsene Wenger today, although the use of our England international left back Kieran Gibbs in a more advanced role on front of the Spaniard Nacho Monreal has been tried before and with a fair amount of success, although it is normally a move made by the manager to shore things up at the end of a game.

Gibbs certainly has an attacking frame of mind as he showed by getting forard and scoring the equaliser against the spuds in the north London derby a couple of weeks back. As expected the boss has not felt able to rest the dynamic Chilean forward Alexis Sanchez despite him playing the full 90 minutes in both of Chile´s international games.

Wenger has decided to rest our Costa Rican forward Joel Campbell though as the youngster also had international games and long haul flight s and was back even later than Alexis. Wenger clearly feels that Koscielny is in the right frame of mind to play as he starts alongside Mertesacker with Bellerin returning to the right back role.

Bellerin, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Monreal
Coquelin, Cazorla
Sanchez, Ozil, Gibbs

Subs: Ospina, Gabriel, Debuchy, Arteta, Flamini, Reine-Adelaide, Campbell.

Watford have just done Arsenal a big favour by equalising against Man United so hopefully they can hold on and we can win to shift all the pressure top Man City. COYG


  1. No favour’s done matey,
    Deeney equalised from the spot and then goes and scores an OG two minutes later!

    1. I was so excited when Deeney equalised.

      I guess we can’t rely on favours. We got to win every week, starting with today

  2. pls recheck the Last Line of ur sentence in the post………


    “watford has just done arsenal a big favour by equalizing against manure…so hopefully they can hold on to shift all the pressure top manciteh”




    A word of advice…..nothing is ever over until it’s over!

  3. Sanchez will play every game this season. Lets face it a 40% sanchez is better than no sanchez. Strong lineup tho.

  4. If coquelin is out for a while its going to be a struggle for a couple of weeks, I mean not much we can do about injuries considering we bought cover in the summer and we hardly ever have injured players….

  5. Nowadays EVERY TIME ozil has the ball on the right side and facing the left having the ball on his left… i really really face the worst each time… for the opponent 😀
    not joking the balls from özil in that exact position are just mouth-watering and who said giroud was a bad striker for özil? özil can cross inch-perfect from the right side now.. and which player would you want on the end of a cross other than giroud? he is probably the best striker in the air right now!

  6. Wow, what a nice piece of defending. That free kick was 50 yards away and West Brom player was able to finish it with his foot.

  7. Atteta commits a stupid foul and then compounds it with a shocking display of matador D.

    38 minutes of predictable rubbish

  8. This team is no diff than any other teams we have had that are ‘close’ to winnin the league! Arteta should have been gone and replaced in the summer and now Coq injured. Season over nj

  9. mert and arteta MUST be released-can’t see anyone stupid enough to buy them
    Alexis is very selfish,constantly looking at the ball and,as a result,often late with passing

    1. alexis is the only player able to drive at west brom, teams are better set up to defend against our short passing game, we need someone willing to carry the ball and drag defenders across but when sanchez receives it everyone else is so static

  10. Well, Gibbs looks exactly what he is – a leftback playing on the left wing. Too bad we don’t have any other left wingers on the team than Alexis.

    Arteta, looks exactly what he is – a pensioner who for some reason was given a contract extension (out of pity I suppose, as usual).

    Giroud, although scored, already looks like getting frustrated (anyone remember Zagreb match?). At some point he could be subbed off but then again, how many strikers do we have on the bench?

    Let’s see.. we are lacking a CDM and a forward.. CDM and FW.. how long have we been waiting for these players again..?

    It doesn’t look like we would win this match. We could scrap to a draw at max.

  11. Forget about the goal that Arteta didn’t defend for their first and then scoring heir second, his first 3 touches were played backwards with no penetration. We must find a player that runs at defenders upon every touch. Where is Jack?

    1. Jack is where he always spends 33-70% of the season, playing PlayStation at the medical room with the usual suspects Welbeck, Rosicky and OX.

  12. Arsene Wenger needs to be taught game management why bring on arteta when you Flamini in the subs. I clearly see Wenger losing another title challenge along with losing the battle with ozil and Sanchez on contract negotiations. I have to say the chances you get at Arsenal is big that you can score 10 own goals and still have a chance to fight another day.

  13. Hahaha Now you know why I have been moaning all Xxxxing week!! ???

    Why the xxxx did The deluded one bring on Fartbetter! ?
    Surely Flamini was the better option!

  14. chillax guys, I know arteta goofed and I’ve never been his fan.but I feel this is gonna test our mental strength I’d like to see how we respond.I just hope arteta leaves this Summer.all the same even if we lose we are still in d race and thats what matters.we can’t win all the games can we?…….now c.o.y.g!!!!!!!

  15. If arsenal can fight back and win this match than I will say yes arsenal is better than last season, Wenger is great if not is just usual wenger 4th spot team.

  16. chillax guys, I know arteta goofed and I’ve never been his fan.but I feel this is gonna test our mental strength I’d like to see how we respond.I just hope arteta leaves this Summer.all the same even if we lose we are still in d race and thats what matters.we can’t win all the games can we?…….now c.o.y.g!!!!!!! yea goals from Sanchez and carzola

    1. His pulled a sicky…. I can’t blame him for that ?
      Nice one Wenger ? ? Now he brings on Flamindowski

    1. Because hes a bumbling twit that stubbornly refuses to acknowledge the transparent deficiencies of his team.

      What good is spending money on Cech, when the team in front of him finished twelve points off the Championship pace last year and is riddled with glass shoes that spend more time in the treatment room than on the pitch.


      The rest are bench players @ best and consistently are not fit enough or good enough to bring EPL or Champions League silverware vto the Emirates.

  17. We will not win a major competition with Wenger in charge of this club. He has awful decision making!
    Sanchez, ozil, cazorla and coquelin are all going to burn out over Xmas and we will be screwed, and on top of that be playing Thursday night football in Euro cup which will burn the rest of the team out.
    All we can hope is that arteta and mertesacker get injured for the rest of the season, so wenger might buy in January.

  18. Lol 4th ad usual.
    Wenger out, can’t blame poor players, blame person for choosing poor players.

    If im offered mega cash to do something im not good at of course I will do it.

  19. I don’t care what anyone says, Campbell is not anywhere near good enough, despite what a lot of his fanboys on here say.

    1. Font worry the 4th place junkies on this site have about as much understanding of football as they do of the origins of the universe!!

  20. seems every year we have extra long key injuries, messi gets his ACL reconstructed and he is fit to play 8 weeks later… i think theo misses 60% of every season, I dont get it, too many players injured again going into a busy schedule,

  21. Absolute rubbish!! We will not win the league with all these injuries. Ffs what the F@#k is going on at the club on that department!

  22. This is what happens when expectations dont meet reality.

    The expectations are that we can go win the league.

    The reality is that we are not and have not been good enough.

    Not strengthening an obviously (12 points off) weak team is ALL Wenger’s fault.

    Fracking Vidal was available, Draxler was available, just these two players would have made a difference in our season. Instead of those two we had Arteta and Campbell today.

    You play with mediocre players and expect 1st class results. It aint gonna happen.

  23. hmmmm.. our season just got started.. this is arsenal…wake up and stop …telling me wenger can do it.. if you believe that.. I got 1000 pounds up for bet…smh

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