Confirmed Arsenal team for crucial visit to Napoli

Unai Emery has named the Arsenal starting XI that he thinks will best serve us defending our 2-0 lead, and you have the be happy to see a return to our favoured 3-4-2-1 system, and Xhaka and Torreira was a must.

The Spanish boss is no stranger to Europa League action, having guided Seville to back-to-back-to-back competition wins between 2014 and 2016. Tonight’s task will not be an easy one, despite the dominant scoreline at the Emirates last week, but a goal would surely put Napoli in serious trouble.

Our 2-0 win means that any goal from us will see the hosts have to vie for four or more goals, and when that mentality kicks in, there will be holes in the defence for us to aim for.

Mustafi returning to the bench is also a relief personally, as he has been partial to errors of late, and is starting to become a burden on our defence. (I couldn’t care less if he won all seven aerial battles against 10-man Watford, he scares me!)

Lacazette and Aubameyang in the line-up was also a must, and will have our opponents worried about opening themselves up too much at the back, and I will be very surprised if we don’t bag at least one tonight.

I’m going for a 2-2 draw tonight. Napoli will be coming at us but won’t be able to control the game enough to get back into it, but there is no doubt about their capabilities in attack.

What are you backing tonight? Should we be at all worried?

Pat J


          1. Yes Sue, except there wasn’t the excitement like yesterday. ?? but it was nice. And Jon Fox, Martin is neither a fool or a liar because it was easier than we all expected.

  1. Picked itself really ,would have had ozil instead of Ramsey ,and Leno ofc
    Bench looks weak AF except from Ozil

      1. Old wife’s tale that ozil can’t play away .i mean the rest of the squad haven’t really set the world on fire have they while playing away .

        1. Totally agree Xxnofx. This line up isn’t too bad but wouild much prefer Ramsey alongside Torreira and Ozil pulling the strings. Ramsey more of a glory hunter than a creator

  2. Did you say their attacking capabilities?what happened at the Emirates then? It’s another win for us tonite . Coyg

      1. ? VAR will rescue us! I really like how it has been used int he champions league so far. I hope it will be used tonight. You can bet though Sokratis will be wrestling somebody ?

      2. Sue, It’s half time and I’ve got to say how refreshing it is to have a decent referee who’s not scared to make decisions regardless of the atmosphere he’s in. Now compare him to these incompetent English referees who are constantly swayed by crowd noise. Unbelievable the difference. How I would like these refs every week.

        1. I totally agree with you Kenny… the team (& crowd) are trying it on, but he’s not having any of it! Which is how it should be!
          Gutted for Ramsey… ecstatic for Laca
          Also Kenny how refreshing to hear some great commentary from John Hartson

          1. Sue, honestly you beat me to it. I was going to write how lovely it is to have a real Arsenal supporter doing the commentary. His voice was croaking when we scored our goal. A little bit different from the likes of Alan Smith and Paul Merson who’ve never said a good word about us. I also know that this is going to hurt some people but since Ian Wright has been with the BBC he’s gone along with Shearer and Lineke in agreeing with whatever they say. The truth is Wrighty was never an Arsenal supporter as a kid. The boy was out of the Crystal Palace area and played for Greenwich Borough, a team I played against a few times in my non league days, more likely a Palace fan or even Millwall. I wonder if anybody knows who Wrighty supported as a boy. Anyway getting back to the game Martin Keown also a real Gooner predicted a 1-0 win before the start. Briliant free kick from Laca and excellent defensive display.COYG

            1. It was great Kenny & he was quite funny too! Hopefully he’ll be back for the semi’s!
              Good old Martin for getting that right ? on we go Kenny! Another day at the EL office for Unai ? COYG

            2. Kenny, Wrighty was and still is a Millwall fan. He also loves us for sure and is also his own man. He also has a very soft spot for Palace. None of these are surprises. I believe he says what he honestly thinks and only goes along with other pundits he truly agrees with. In general I do not share your contempt for pundits who say things we may not like to hear. To me the worst pundits by far are Savage and McManaman, who are both excitable and ill considered. The vast majority say it as they see it. So what if some of us disagree! I often do too but so what! If you only respect someone who agrees with all you say and think, then you are hardly a mature person( not you personally, of course). They are paid to give their honest opinions and most of them do. I dislike generalities about all pundits, all refs, all players, and any other “all” as well. Everyone on this planet is an individual but we all share many things we like and cherish with many others but we remain individuals, whatever “tribe” or “tribes” we belong too.

              1. Jon, thank you for the Wrighty information, I’m sure you’re correct, however I don’t agree with your”everybody’s an individual” quote, I think many people in life are easily swayed in a different direction if it suits their objective, ie their job with a tv company for instance. Your quote “I dislike generalities” does that include politicians, just wondering about that ,anyway don’t you think people make statements just to please people which they might not believe themselves, if you don’t and that’s the case Jon, I feel you show signs of naivety. Also if I remember correctly, you recently criticised Alan Smith as a pundit. Does he fall into your category of honest upstanding pundits or is he just looking after himself and his tv career.

                1. Jon, also like to add, I don’t mind you being confrontational, sometimes you make me look at life with a different perspective, you always talk sense even if sometimes we differ. You’re also not afraid speak your mind, something I very much admire. Take care mate.

                  1. Kenny, Please be assured that I have huge respect for you both as a person and a great Gooner. I also have this respoect for very many on here, including those I oft take issue with. What I most respect is HONESTY in thinking ; people being true to themselves and their own life principles. MERE DISAGRREEMENT IS THE STUFF OF LIFE AND NONE OF US WOULD BE IN THE LEAST INTERESTING AS PEOPLE IF WE ALWAYS ONLY LIKED THOSE WHO WE AGREED WITH . That would be an immature life attitude and thankfully, those of us who have been around the block many ytimes have ALL long known that is true. If I seem confrontational, which I AM, it is only to try to seek truth; often my own as well as others on here. I never forget that if I could be CERTAIN of being right , even a mere 52% of the time, I could make a financial fortune on roulette , the stock market and suchlike. But, like all fallible humans I cannot be that certain. OCCASIONALLY, I even get bitten by the humility bug, but sadly, never for long enough. I am a puppy dog really but with a fearsome bark, which I cannot much help, fool that I am.

                    On the “individual” subject, I feel we are looking at this from two entirely different ways. I do understand what you say but to me everyone is always an individual in thousands of ways. It would be a human tragedy were that not true. We can belong to many tribes with many others too but STILL be individuals.

  3. Our level in UCL is last 16
    Our level in Europa is last 4
    Our level in PL is 3rd to 6th
    We can however win Capital One or FA Cup if the draw favors us.(since they involve few number of matches)

    Thats my prediction until we stop buying average players.

    1. Ayo, all you’ve done mate is quote our performances over the last few years. Try writing something original.

  4. I think I will go with emery with this, ozil or either iwobi should be introduced at 2nd half around 60 to 70 minutes to create chances for our attack

  5. It’s 3-4-1-2, Pat J

    And it is a good choice because the two wide forwards would force Napoli’s defense to play with long balls

  6. Boys should go and enjoy the match and play without restrictions.
    It’s just a game of football which they are currently winning 2 nil

  7. I already say it we have to fight to the last ball with courage and determination… I dont see it .dont let them
    to control the game or we are toasted

  8. I agree Ramsey is a hard worker and a damn good goal scorer but really is he the best #10 we have in our squad.

  9. We’re relying on the flag to keep a clean sheet. Will concede anyway and end up relying on a flag to prevent us from exiting the comp

  10. Ramsey season might be over if it’s a hamstring injury. Not a good news for our top 4 hopes.

    LOL Superb free kick this match is done.

  11. 1-0 up, couldn’t ask for more. Ramsey gone for at least a month now though and that may be it for him. If we make Europa final he may be back in time for that. 45 more minutes of focus and we’re through.

    1. Agree Sammy, been like this for quite a few years now. Sad when you think of the great Italian teams of the past.

          1. Like you appreciate what Iwobi contributes. Like it or not Ozil is now a shadow of the player he was. A once very decisive player always looking like he does not want to play football again. He is manageable in home matches but away from home he is a disaster. I’m glad the coach didn’t lesson to the emotions of some fans by not starting him in this game.

  12. I am entitled to have an opinion. I think Rambo is more important to our top 4 course as compared to Ozil. Not that I want Ozil to get injured but if I was to choose, I know a fit Rambo is better any day. So the stupid one here is you Kenny

      1. The key word in your response is “When Fit.” Ill pass on paying a good,
        injury prone midfielder $250K a week when such money can be allocated
        for more critical positions on the pitch, specifically CB and winger.

        Wish the Welshmen the best @ Juve and thank him for being a loyal servant
        to the club.

      2. Yeah Ramsey hasn’t done anything. While you’re at it, I presume Ozil is better than De Bruyne for you? LOL

      3. Ramsey has been one of our top players for years. He’s won three fa cups, scored crucial goals putting us into the CL groups and scored some blinders against the scum.

    1. Nope. you are in the wrong tonight. A real fan doesn’t even joke about an Arsenal player getting injured. That’s really a bad thing to say.

    2. Joe, yes, you are entitled to an opinion, like anyone else, but to wish injury on any player is, I repeat, a stupid statement.

  13. Two goals in the finals we have been involved in lately. If that’s not an achievement, I don’t know what is. What has your Ozil done Xxnofx?

    1. My ozil ?
      What kind of wording is that ?
      I like to watch footballers that can get me out of my seat .and ozil as done that a few times over the years

  14. @ Xxnofx, you are actually just clueless. Ramsey has scored some of the best Arsenal team goals in his career. As soon as he became available for transfer, big clubs came calling. On the other hand……Mesut….eeer… Fenerbache

    1. I seriously have no idea why ppl rate Ozil’s Arsenal career higher than Ramsey’s. Ramsey has given us silverware. Ozil has given us good half-seasons at best. Silverware and stepping up in big games matters far more than 19 assists to achieve nothing. Honestly, I dont blame the players when AW has held this club back for ages though. He was the main problem, and now we just have to get Kroenke out and we’ve got Arsenal back again. Well done Emery! Finale push is upon us. Let’s get back into UCL!

      1. Ozil’s football is on a different planet to Ransey’s. Juve have signed a player and put him on exceptional wages. For some reason Ramsey is rated in Italy, maybe for his performance against AC Milan a year ago. Juve will soon find out what a massive mistake they have made. He will turn out to be another Thomas Vermaelen at Barca and for those who keep telling us what a great goalscorer Ramsey has been, 37 Premier League goals in about 250 games. Not that good. I’m sure you’ll agree.

        1. Bog standard KENNY, no better than that over his ten plus years as a MIDFIELDER. He is having one of his decent spells right now but we all know they never last long. And true to form, now another in his long line of injuries. He is unlikely to wear our shirt again and I am cool about that, personally.

          1. And Jon, I’m fine with Ramsey leaving too. But no chance do I believe Ozil’s Arsenal career matches Ramsey’s. Both have had their good and bad moments, but Ramsey’s high’s are higher than Ozil’s.

        2. Considering he’s played CM most of his career and has only played CAM sparingly, that’s a good tally. And he has more EPL goals than Ozil since 13-14 season when he has arrived. So yes, Ramsey’s Arsenal career is superior.

          1. RSH, I’m talking about them as footballers, Ozil’s won the Champions League, the World Cup and has played for the biggest football club in the world, slightly more than Ramsey has achieved. As I said, on another planet.

            1. Ozil has not won UCL. But yes, Ozil has had a better career. I thought we were just talking about Arsenal.

  15. A conservative game for Arsenal introduce them to semifinals as the best 4
    to the road to Baku Olympic Stadium

  16. It’s getting clearer now that this year is Premier League year. I predict Arsenal vsChelsea in Europa and Tottenham vs Liverpool in Champions league.

    Emery has really done well as a manager. Thanks to Emery we finally are heading towards the right direction.

  17. Can’t be bothered about Ozil Ramsey comparisons, different players in different positions. Ramsey gets injured too much, I like the lad, but 400k a week is obscene if true.

    He could have signed earlier like last year and been here. He chose to hold out for king’s ransom ( which is his right) and now he’s moving on.

    I thank him for his service and professional attitude, but he’s replaceable now that he’s leaving. Good player but not one of our greats. Wish him the best but not shedding tears; I’m Arsenal first and foremost.

    1. Agree about not keeping him even though I rate him higher than Ozil. He misses too many months and I don’t think he’s worth Ozil money. Ozil is not even worth Ozil money.

      1. Agree, too often Ozil puts in 50k week performances and gets 300k week wages. Personally I like him, and if there’s a chance he’s on song and delivering, he should play. Otherwise yank him at halftime and let another have a go.

        Ruthlessness and tough love sometimes, team first for me.

      1. Thanks Kenny, players come and go nowadays so while I love the team, I don’t have that same attachment to players. The money has blemished the game for me somewhat, so it’s the team and brotherhood of the badge that I cherish.

        Call me sentimental, but the badge is the prize, not the bank account.

          1. Thanks Jon, I’m old enough to be in the “I remember when” group, hence my sentimental comments.

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