Image: Confirmed Arsenal team for EFL Cup clash with Wimbledon

The teams are out for todayโ€™s EFL Cup clash between Arsenal and Wimbledon at the Emirates Stadium.

Much of the build-up to todayโ€™s fixture was around whether youngster Charlie Patino would get the nod to make his senior debut, while the likes of Gabriel Martinelli, Eddie Nketiah and Folarin Balogun could also be in contention to stake a claim for further involvement in the first-team.

The only confirmed absentees this evening were Granit Xhaka and Mo Elneny, two players who could well have stood in young Patinoโ€™s way for a role in central midfield, but unfortunately he didnโ€™t even make the bench.

Does this prove that Nketiah remains a part of the managerโ€™s long-term plans? What are your scoreline predictions after seeing the strength of our confirmed line-up?


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    1. Completely unnecessary risk I agree. Considering we have a large squad for a team out of Europe this is a poor decision.

      Yes he’ll prob be fine but why take the chance.

  1. Strong line-up… hope TP comes through unscathed ๐Ÿ™
    The draw is later (I’m hoping we’ll be in it ๐Ÿ˜„)

  2. Well I’m interested to see Eddie – looked like a new player over the summer. This season (maybe just the first half) has to be the last chance for him at arsenal. Hope he takes it.

    1. Enh Davi I don’t remember announcing that I’ve signed for the club, neither did the club make any sort of announcement about me without my knowledge ๐Ÿ™„

  3. I don’t Nketiah and Lacazette would like to extend their contracts. So maybe we play them to attract other clubs, to make a move in January

    1. I kind of like Lacazette but for his age. So he can leave. Nkethia is not exceptional. We have Matinelli and Balogun who can develop well if given enough chance to impress and improve.
      This lineup is capable of winning the game. We must keep the momentum towards London derby on Sunday.
      T. Pathey should not do more than 45 minutes if possible because of his injury record we need for Sunday gamel

      1. Yeah, unfortunately Lacazette is 30 years old, short and not getting any faster

        Nketiah and Martinelli seem to be more explosive on the left wing. About Balogun, he needs four more games to start as a CF, before we write him off or move him to the left wing as well

  4. I think Partey is in just to thwart Wimbledonโ€™s early onslaught and once thatโ€™s over he will be subbed off, after say 15 minutes๐Ÿ˜Š but Iโ€™m worried Leno will be targeted with high balls and we know how he like those, not!

  5. Hopefully itโ€™s a case of getting the job done and then taking players off
    I agree on Partey
    Maybe Arteta thinks he needs the game time?

  6. Patino not even on the bench is a shame!! Big chance for Eddie & Gabi….

    Partey will play as much as he can at a normal pace to build up fitness, maybe just the 1st half for him!

    Cmon Arsenal let’s bang in a few tonight, all being well… Imagine if we go out ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ jesus I hope not lol

    1. Patino played the full 90 minutes against Chelsea didn’t he?
      Now we are going to start overreacting because of a 17 years old kid most of y’all started reading about months ago?
      Whose position is he meant to take?

      1. eddie, some of us have known about him for years. and wanted to see him given a chance. i suppose the full 90 min shouldve been the hint he wasnt going to play, but something that easily couldve been planned for.

        1. I’m sure he would’ve been on the bench because he trained with the first team, but according to Chris Wheatley, Partey asked to play today so to build his fitness.

          I know only a few knew about Patino, as only few of us actually put in the time to watch our academy and women squad.
          What I don’t get is the whole overreacting that why isn’t he starting, his first training with the team and some fans expects him to walk into the team?

  7. Asking a favor, does anyone know how to stream this game in the US? Unable to find anything. Thanks in advance

    1. If you are really DESPERATE, you can try this:

      http s://

      Hopefully the link will be allowed.

  8. strong lineup hinting that this side just doesnt have confidence and arteta is not confident about the players. where are the academy players? many expected for patino to at least make the bench.

  9. Arteta try young patino ur havn a laurfe ๐Ÿค” but deadwood kola รณ ya,, balogun lucky he made bench eddie wouldn’t score in a who#ehou%e๐Ÿ’ฉ

  10. No links for this match even on hesgoal, then there s Tottenham n United, even the TV package I paid is showing the same am dissapointed

  11. For those looking for streams etc. apparently this is not being shown anywhere so no streams (as far as I’ve been able to find out.) Highlights only.

    1. I swear it’s been like that for years with this cup. Remember when I was desperate to see Carlos Vela playing but couldn’t because the games weren’t big enough. He looked incredible in this competition and I still believe he could have been excellent for us if given a proper crack

  12. Had it been arteta was our head couch before unai Emery, we couldn’t have seen saka playing. He’s a coward!

    1. Arsenal fans never fail to disappoint ๐Ÿคฆ
      This because of a kid most of y’all never heard of or spoke about until weeks ago?

  13. So according to the first half stats z we’ve only had 1 shot on target and it was a penalty. All hail King Arteta.

          1. Mark Noble ruined that Sue and missed a sitter tonight as well ๐Ÿ˜‘ it’s amazing how United fans call Havertz, Pepe etc 70 mil flops but Flopcho needs time ๐Ÿ˜‚

          2. If it hadn’t been his last season, it would be now ๐Ÿ˜€
            At home to Leeds in the next round, Kev. I was expecting the scousers!

          3. Yeah because we usually play them in the league cup every year ๐Ÿ˜† done Sue I knew he was missing on Sunday who comes on to take a pen ? Any west ham player capable of scoring from 12 yards apart from noble? ๐Ÿคจ onto the real stuff on Sunday NLD day ๐Ÿ˜‰

          4. Mental decision letting him take that penalty – I couldn’t watch ๐Ÿ˜†
            I can’t wait, Kev, I’m going!! 2-1 to us I’m going with – you?

          5. Your nephew must have been punching walls after that ? ๐Ÿ˜† Well Son and Kane always seem to cause us problems Sue and Sunday won’t be any different so I am going for a 1-1 just as long as we don’t lose ๐Ÿ™ I’m very impressed with Tomiyasu I think he could be the signing of the window ๐Ÿ‘Œ

          6. Yes, he has Noble on one of his shirts – can’t see it being in one piece after that haha!!
            He’s been excellent, Kev. Really enjoyed watching him (please keep it up on Sunday!)

          7. Haha no that shirt might be put out to pasture now Sue ๐Ÿ˜‚ oh I think these type of games will suit him so I wouldn’t worry ๐Ÿ˜€ how was your day out to the Norwich game was it ?

          8. It was great, Kev! The atmosphere was brilliant – realised how much I’d missed it… went home really hoarse ๐Ÿคฃ

  14. This is very frustrating listening to snippets here and there and itโ€™s still 1-0
    Disappointed to say the least

          1. @Angus
            It means theyโ€™re still in the Cup. And that we might face one or both of them down the lineโ€ฆ

          1. If I need to elaborate what reaction would be on here if we had lost to West Ham or drawn with Villa though on pens or drawn with Wolves through on Pens? Outrage about how dire we are so it is obviously relevant.

          2. Yeah we won 3-0 against an average league one side with a very strong team playing, nothing to write home about and nothing much else to say just job done.

          3. I personally don’t give a toss about the league cup tbh I only care about the FA cup i think the league cup should be for championship teams and below.

          4. Think it’s worth winning but doesn’t rank in my priorities. Your just arguing for the sake of it clearly. Given my original point. That was support the team before laying on about it only being 1 nil because it ended 3-0. The other teams results were illustrations.

          5. To further explain it (shouldn’t be necessary) had we played the teams I mentioned above the results would of been considered below par. 3-0 was expected from our B team no doubt but they also did it.

          6. Not in the slightest and judging by some of the lineups it’s not in the priorities of a lot of managers either. My take on the game is that AFC Wimbledon tired near the end of the game and we took advantage.. we won happy days but I’m not gonna get overly excited by beating a team we should be wiping the floor with. As I said job done.

  15. Winning with whatever grade of team Arteta fielded was good enough for me. Winning builds confidence throughout the squad.

    1. Winning is always good. It’s also irrelevant to the NLD except Partey getting mins he needed. One thing I know our fans will be fully on board for the derby and Spurs can’t handle us. Above them on GD by the end of that day (we need 2 clear goals.)

  16. I focused on the negative fans and then Spurs at the weekend, on the off chance any of you players read this…. you did us proud today! No doubt!

    1. Angus, you’re overplaying your hand, as per usual, so it might be wise for you to slow your roll a tad until we actually put together a handful of quality performances against some Premier League sides…what you fail to realize is that many of us who aren’t buying what Arteta is selling have been waiting, for years I might add, for someone within this organization to put on their big boy pants and right this rudderless ship….the fact that this manager, who you so eagerly endorse, has asked us to patient, once again, even though he himself couldn’t do likewise when it was so clearly required, following his rather fortuitous FA victory, is a bridge too far for some, especially considering the self-inflicted nature of our present predicament…furthermore, please keep in mind, when you’re embarking on one of your usual in-game and/or post-game crusades, against those whom you have deemed as “negative” fans, that many of these very individuals come to the equation with a considerable amount of justifiable angst which extends far beyond that particular day’s events

  17. Watched the highlights package. 3 good goals, a clean sheet, a good day at the Office. Martinelli very lively, although some of the challenges on him and Saka were pure hacks. They need protection from officials.
    Thomas Partey was pure class, got more kms in his kegs and only a great save stopped him scoring his first goal.
    Rise in class for the North London derby EPL to Division 1 team), but the team is hopefully on the rise.

    1. Yap, also heard from the fans that Nuno Tavares put in an excellent shift. Am very excited for the NLD .. we MUST take out the trash!

  18. Well done all!

    So happy for Laca (a goal and an assist) + Nke for his brilliant goal.

    Martinilli was lethal and created decent chances for his teammates and Lokonga seems to be the perfect duo with Partey

  19. Gradually we are getting there. I won’t give up on my team for I know this time we will be in the top 4

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