Confirmed Arsenal team for must-win final fixture with Everton

The teams are out for Arsenal’s final fixture of the 2021-22 campaign, with us needing to beat Everton to have any chance of finishing inside the top-four.

There is so much to play for going into the final week of the season, with Man City or Liverpool vying to be PL champions, one of Leeds or Burnley to lose their status in the division, West Ham United or Man United fighting it out for the final Europa League or Europa Conference League spot, and us hoping to leapfrog Spurs to clinch the illusive Champions League place.

Thankfully our opponents today do not have anything to play for after securing their place in the top tier of English football with their win in Thursday, and that could ease the task set for our players.

While wins are rarely easy to come by in the English leagues, today will not be one we can afford to take for granted. Our personnel issues in recent weeks have made everything difficult, but we will hopefully be able to overcome it all today to claim one last three points of the season.

With some guesswork going in due to the unknown condition of a number of players, we predicted the below starting Arsenal line-up earlier on today:

Cedric White Holding Tavares
Elneny Xhaka
Saka Odegaard Martinelli

As you can see from the below confirmed XI, we were just the one player away from being right.

Which of our team will you be looking to stand up and make the difference today?


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  1. If Spuds lose against Norwich, their players/ manager and the referee should be investigated for match fixing

    1. That’s silly.
      Any team can beat any team in the PL
      There’s no reason why Spurs can have a really bad game and Norwich can have a really good game. Norwich are at home too

      1. Norwich have been relegated and playing badly, whereas Spuds have to win and they’re in-form

      2. Not in this type of match. He’s right if totheanm lose this match they should be investigated for match fixing

  2. I just hope for a good game, for me top 4 is 99% fixed and we are not in there. If by some miracle we are then it’s cheers to all the Gooners around the world! I hope that all the supporters who are going to watch the match be treated to goals and a win.
    Also, I agree with GAI above, that scenario though beneficial for us, is so unlikely that they need to be looked at for the 2nd time…

  3. This Arsenal team is spineless. They only perform when there is no pressure to win.

    If we fail to make top4, it is down to just two things.

    1. Arteta’s Arrogance
    2. Arteta’s Naivety

      1. Yes Leno. You got me there. lol

        Say what Say what, anything can happen-Wyclef Jean

        Norwich can beat Spurs.

    1. Yeah yeah we get it hater it’s all arteta fault…. nope it was a team failure, players, arteta and edu failed.

      1. Hi Ackshay,
        Arteta is the team Manager. It stops at his table. It is not rocket science to figure it out. It wasn’t Edu that selected the team that lost against Brighton and Southampton.

        A manager who brought in Lokonga who hasn’t played for long and sends Chaka to left back against Brighton is NAIVE.
        It took Arteta back to back losses before he brought in Elneny in midfield.

        It wasn’t Edu that cost us 3 points against New castle.

        It wasn’t edu that allowed Chambers and AMN to leave in January.

        When the players fail, the manager also fails.
        It is all down to Arteta

    2. @skills
      That’s a very intellectual comment, except you don’t explain how he is arrogant or how he’s naive. In fact it is simply a troll comment

      1. Admin pat I think if you read closely and pay you will see how naive and arrogant he had been in the comment.

      2. Hi Admit Pat. lol.


        To think that you can let an influential player like Aubameyang go in January without a replacement is arrogance.
        Not even a loan signing for goodness sake. So, Arteta could not get in a striker on loan in the whole of Europe in January?

        Wasting his time trying to sign Vlahovic.
        He could have kept Aubameyang till the end of the season. Managers do fall out with Players. But a times, you apply the carrot and stick approach. Tuchel had issues with Lukaku. They sorted it out.
        Arteta is too arrogant to sort out things with Aubameyang. He was frozen out of the squad.
        He should have kept Aubameyang and sell him in the summer.

        His Arrogance also comes into play when he allowed Chambers(a taller and better player than Cedric) go in Janaury.


        Only a naive manager would fail to realise that the moment Thomas Partey was injured, Elneny is the guy to put straight in midfield to partner Xhaka. The definition of naivety is when Arteta plays a very physical team like Brighton, and weakens his midfield by playing Lokonga alone In midfield. and Xhaka at left back. That is the definition of Naivety.
        We lost back to back against Brighton and Southampton because Elneny wasn’t in midfield.

        Arteta had to play Saka till he was injured and tired. Pepe can’t even start any match.

        Arteta is a poor man amanager.

        AMN can play as a right back, a left back and central midfield. And the naive/arrogant manager loaned him out to Roma in January.

        What if we had Chambers,Aubameyang and AMN in the squad in the second half of the season? We could have sealed top 4 a long time ago.

        Arteta is both Naive and arrogant to think that he would make top 4 by weakening his squad in January.

        A manager cannot continue to fall out with his players. You can’t loose Aubameyang, Chambers and AMN in January and expect to make top4.

      3. Why is it a troll comment?
        Is it just Arsenal where managers are not accountable for their teams performance or results?
        Is the manager not responsible for tactics or team selection or team motivation?
        He may not have written it correctly but his key points are correct.
        Arteta is responsible.

  4. For me, this match is an anti climax feeling. To think Arsenal had it in their hands (top 4). Yes, miracles do happen,,, but I won’t be holding my breath for 90 odd minutes. Thank God the season is over. Here in Australia it’s either late of a night time or early hours of a mornings. Out of 37 matches, I’ve missed 15 minutes, just before Christmas. I think it was against Newcastle. Whoever it was, it was a 4-1 win to Arsenal at home. I’m not tuning into Goal Rush,, that’s Manchester City vs Aston Villa. I’m just watching Arsenal vs Everton live. I’ve got no score predictions for the match. I’m over it. I just hope the mistakes of this season are not repeated next season round

  5. Laca and Leno should have started their last game in an arsenal game

    That should be a sign of respect

  6. Just bought my 22/23 grey DNA Track jacket, looking foward to the new season,were are not ready yet for champions league football.Arsenal for life,always hoping for a better arsenal.coyg!

  7. all of a sudden, in the last match of the season, guys are swarming up from the back, multiple players are getting into the box and guys have seemingly be given total flexibility to roam…baffling how much desperation has to be in the offing before such tactical maneuverings are made…GD Bizarro World

    1. Was there any doubt NY, maybe against us they might turn up lol… but Spurs wont give them that leeway.

  8. Let us jettison the blames outcry in the timebeing. But focus on Arsenal and pray fervently for the Gunners to overcome the Toffees totally in the game today. Beating them hands down in the match at full-time of it.
    And also pray us will see Arsenal rivals, Tottenham collapse today in the match to a defeat to Norwich City.

  9. Yeah you can tell MA really transformed the defense *chuckle*

    Last clean sheet was about 2 months ago?

    1. DaJuhi, don’t say that Arteta lovers will start pasting how Arsenal had 3rd best defence last year for few months πŸ˜…πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

  10. Absolute horrendous defending. Pathetic attempt by Gabriel amd no idea what holding is doing. It’s all Ben whites fault. But it’s ok our defence is solid.

    And we are soooooo slow in midfield

    Next joke please

  11. So un-Arsenal!a goal difference of +10.does anyone know last time we finished the season with a GD so low?

  12. We only have one decent centre back
    One decent left back
    One half decent right back who is always injured.
    In midfield and upfront we have perhaps five decent players.
    This requires major rebuilding in all areas which will cost a lot of money – I don’t think they will spend that kind of money…
    And this game feels like a massive, disappointing anti climax..

    1. Leon don’t think it will cost as much as we all think there are good players out there if we look hard enough

      1. I agree.
        Sometimes you get a real gem like Martinelli for what seems like pennies these days.
        Patino will also become a great player for us. If he is given the chance..

  13. Our defense is currently joint 8th best in the league.

    What a transformation our last summers 100 million defense reinforcements have made this season.

    1. What about if the season has started in December? would it make a difference?πŸ˜‚

      1. We might drop even lower lol…
        But lets remove the first 3 games and 9 goals coneceded and you see we only conceded 39 goals…same as last seasonπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. Liverpool and City forward players must have been terrified.
      Β£50 million for Ben White…..

  14. Even if we win Everton by 15 goals to 1, and Spurs beat Norwich, this season would still be regarded as a failure.

    Top4 is the target. Arteta should realise that he failed and learn from those mistakes he made.

    A young manager should be wise and humble. He should try to put the club ahead of his ego.

    He should take full responsibility.

    We had top4 within reach. But we bottled it.

  15. But Norwich should fight back and fight back to cancell out the 2 goals they’ve conceded to Spurs. And score the winner to beat the Spuds at full-time.
    Otherwise Norwich the relegated club side to the Championship should become a clown club side not worthy to be in the English Football Pyramid.

    1. And why would that be? And regarding clowns, are we not regarded as clowns for blowing out a 4 point lead? Its over this season Samuel, we will have to look at next season. Spurs have played well let them receive the CL while Mr. MA will lead us to thursday night football.

        1. Yeah Skills. But somehow I dont know why I was not surprised one bit. Need to handle pressure better if we are to seriously go into CL and compete for the EPL.

            1. Who knows who will be bought? Multiple reports now stating our first choice targets may go elsewhere… lowkey kind of not looking forward to this summer after a season of so much promise and so much at stake to end in a whimper like this…

  16. just for a little perspective, our goal differential is 60+ worse than the City’s…that’s 60+, not a typo

    1. Yes Sue. Our players only perform when there is no pressure to deliver. That mentality needs to be fixed.
      I have a feeling. That Liverpool will win the EPL

      1. City have been awful… what a time to capitulate – not the first time I’ve said that this season 🀣🀣🀣

  17. City completely bottling it; Liverpool score they are champions quadruple could be on for them

    1. not like Stevie needs it, but a victory here just might help relieve some of his longstanding guilt from his famous missing of the ball which lead to Ba’s goal

        1. like I remarked below K82, I might have spoken too soon about the whole Stevie redemption tour

            1. big fan of Klopp’s, but not sure I like the whole quad narrative potentially hanging over everyone’s head for the foreseeable future

                1. far less concerning notion K82…just waiting now for Vieira to run onto the pitch and randomly kick a fan for no particular reason(lol)

                  1. TRVL I have to admit it is a relief I was more than a little bit stressed πŸ˜‚ haha maybe Gerrard might take a lump out of someone today πŸ˜†

  18. that must be the first time that Xhaka’s come off the pitch without receiving a red card since MA’s arrival…whenever I think about this particular player the song from the old SNL skit “lowered expectations” plays in my head

  19. If only we had done the double over Everton. Everton were struggling way back then, we played them at Goodism Park

  20. Well that’s it.
    The seasonal Arsenal bottle job has truly brought us rock bottom and to lose Champions League football to Spurs.
    Of all the teams to lose it against we lose it to them. And to lose it by BOTTLING it when a spine was needed. When hard work was needed.
    Utter CRAP!
    None of them are good enough.
    None of them…

          1. agree with you Sue, much rather see a team with some offensive conviction remain up than the poor man’s Stoke getting another chance to bore the living shit out of everyone

    1. No love for LiVARpool from the ref’s Sue? Nice of City to be that sour taste in Klopp’s mouth lol.

  21. I don’t want to see Liverpool win the quadruple until Arsenal have won it. For, if the Reds win the EPL title this season, it could galvanized them to go on to win the quadruple.

  22. Would have been mad if City went Trophyless this season. They might have sacked Pep and got Zizou lol…

    1. I care Kobin, as I think I finally understand what the “process” is truly all about…the sky’s the limit so long as we can convince MA that every game is the last game of the year, with no pressure and our opponents are a relegation safe Everton

  23. Welbz just scored for Brighton, delighted for him!he also has signed a contract extension.what if?had it not been for injuries.

  24. Nothing to play for and we put on a show;)
    The spuds will be very happy todayzzz

    All to familiar.

    Well done to City!

  25. Wow. What a comeback by Man City. Congrats Man City.

    Congrats Arsenal for playing europa league next Season and finishing 5th.

    We just have to support our club.

    Looking forward to the summer.

    We need to sign a full back. A tall, strong and aggressive full back to replace Cedric. Tavares is only good as a wing back. He isn’t what we need to compete for trophies.

    We need a top quality striker. One of Gabriel Jesus/Nkunku/Haller

    We need 2 top quality midfielders: Ruben Navas and Bissouma(Partey can’t be relied upon to stay fit all season)

    So, we need 4 signings in the summer

  26. City have set the bar high once again,93 pts and only 3 losses,even Liverpool 92 pts and just 2 losses.

  27. Can’t watch that awful Europa League and terrible theme to it next season plus Man Utd will be favourites for it and have an excellent chance with Ten hag, we need to concentrate on the league completely.

    1. You have got to be joking, we should be in all comps to win. That mentality has to go. Lots of posters on here was mortified we went out of the FA cup early….

      1. GD yeah but Arsenal very very rarely win anything in Europe I’m not even sure they would win the conference league we have always been more of a domestic team best we can hope for fa cup/ league cup and a scrap for 4th

    2. Don’t forget the teams which will drop from the champions Anyway,make sure to clear up your Thursday nights for next season.

      1. Yeah probably Atletico Madrid and Bayern Munich haha. Can’t believe we’re back in the Emmerdale cup while Totts are playing Europe’s elite πŸ˜‘

  28. With their abject performance today at home against Tottenham. Honestly, Norwich City is a joke club that’s not worthy to be in the four-tiers of the English Football Pyramid. But outside it.

  29. When xhaka, holding cedric pepe eddie lacca Gabriel piss off in the summer we’ll b OK next season saliba saliba saliba

    1. You’re dreaming man,they will not all be gone that would be too many players to replace.

  30. GD yeah but Arsenal very very rarely win anything in Europe I’m not even sure they would win the conference league we have always been more of a domestic team best we can hope for fa cup/ league cup and a scrap for 4th

    1. I don’t think that the domestic cups will be a priority next season(again). it’ll be the league and Europa League.

      1. I can’t see us winning Europa League, I think man utd or a champions league drop out it’s an embarrassment we’re back in it anyway 250 mil to return to a competition we sacked 2 managers for.

  31. In the bright side,with the season over now I can give my heart and my head a break,well until the transfer window that is.

  32. Magalhaes is a complete centreback at Arsenal. Who has not only done good defensive job at the heart of team defense-line this just concluded 2021-22 season. But has scored 5 Epl goals for Arsenal at season’s end Martinelli 6, Eddy Nkethia (to stay) 5, Odegaard 6, ESR 10 & Saka 12.

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