Confirmed Arsenal team for our final match of the season with Brighton

Arsenal will play host to Brighton at the Emirates today, where only a win can give us a chance of European football.

Whether the fans want to qualify for the European Conference League or not, the club has to have intentions to be playing on the continent in any shape or form.

Much of today will be spent following the results of both Everton and Spurs as we need both to fail to win, although many of my Arsenal brethren would be most happy if Everton were to steal seventh, as long as St Totteringhamโ€™s Day was secured.

Mikel Arteta doesnโ€™t have the luxury of being able to guarantee minutes to certain players who may never wear our famous Red & White again, there is likely to be a send off for some of those at full-time, and Iโ€™ll certainly be on the lookout for any overly-emotional players come the final whistle.

With the knowledge that Bellerin was unavailable today, and with Luiz needing to be assessed, we named the below Predicted Line-up earlier on today:

Chambers Holding Gabriel Tierney
Partey Xhaka
Pepe Smith Rowe Saka

As you can see below, we was just one name off with our predictions.

Do you think there could be any surprises at full-time when some players could potentially be saying goodbye to the fans?


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  1. Fans are back! (Enjoy, Ken and Phil ๐Ÿ™‚)
    Gunnersaurus is back!
    Even Josh is there!!

    COYG (Come on Pierre!!)

    1. Wow Sue, your third sentence is telling! Josh at our venue… but then again he has to show that Kroenkes’ are not willing to sell and are fully behind our manager.

      1. It is the popular belief among fans but according to Charles Watts he is almost a regular until lockdown.

  2. Why odeegard? Heโ€™s probably not coming back. Martinelli Sits for another wasted loan. What a clown

  3. Hopefully the last match we see Leno, Xhaka and Elneny play for us. Thanks for the memories, COYG!

    1. Do you think Lacazzett is leaving?
      I think we should sell Aubameyang and Keep Lacazzett…
      He is much better in link up play, hold up play and hustle and tussle…
      Aubameyang is really bad in fighting spirit and physicality..

      1. If it’s in FIFA it’s possible with high transfer fee but in real life it will be very difficult, we cant place him on transfer list, and no team can afford him because of form, wages and transfer fee he will command. So we are stuck with him and willian.
        The only striker we can sell are Nketia and Lacca. I’ll be happy if we get both sold for 40m and above then get a better, faster, good in air striker

      2. Aubameyang has never been a dribbler, hold up player or even great with ball at feet. His best asset is his positioning and poaching which he’s still good at. Even when Auba was scoring for fun in many of the games he scored minus the goals his performances were just above average but of course we could overlook that because he was scoring. He is not a complete player and has never been. The team has struggled a lot this season and his style is heavily dependent on service. If we create loads he will score loads and vice versa. That is his style.

        1. Kev what were you saying about Pepe? You saying it’s a fact that Zaha is a better converter of opportunities than Pepe? So biased

  4. THIS CURSED SEASON is about to get finally OVER, and get my Sabbatical for the next upcoming 3 months to purge myself of this horror show called arsenal and maybe go to somewhere i wouldnt be hearing about arsenal b4 the new season starts

  5. I am not raising my hope in fact with our players mentality, we might be losing at half time but it’s going to be a win at ft,
    Am not interested in us getting 7th but will be lovely

  6. Willian has a tight calf – has he played his final game for us??

    Any surprises at full-time? Well, if it gets to the 89th minute and we’ve only had one shot on target, which we failed to convert, it’ll surprise me if any fans are still there ๐Ÿ˜‚

    1. Such a pointless signing and the funny thing is it wasn’t hindsight as many said it would be a bad move. Chelsea unknowingly tried to save us from that transfer by not heeding to his contract demands just like Mou tried to do by preventing a Petr Cech move to Arsenal yet so many were happy with Cech signing and were even angry Mou tried to prevent a move. I just hope we don’t go for a past it player this window again too. Can’t stand that mediocrity.

  7. Two managers who I feel at least try to play in a similar manner. Graham Potter has led Brighton admiringly this season, masterminding some shocking results too. I still remember the 2-1 loss to them last season, lol. I hope MA will meet his challenge head on and the fans get to watch an exciting game. COYG!!

  8. Arteta canโ€™t look at a clean sheet without thinking how to include mr sideways in the middle of park … hopeless case … the worst season in my 4 decades as a supporter … I think we have a top 6 squad but not under arteta .. unless we get lucky with transfers itโ€™s difficult to think we will build back better next season

      1. Maybe we would sell Xhaka. Without European football, even he would be assessing his options.

      2. I know MA said he’ll return, but if the Geordies come up with a decent enough offer I can see us letting him go..

  9. Seems like our standard pattern of play. Slow build up with sideways passing allowing the opposition to sit deep leaving no space behind. Runs from midfield almost non existent. Auba anonymous


  10. here’s a phrase you’ll never hear at an Arteta-run training session, “look to play the early ball”

    1. That’s why we need a CF good in the air, when we dont score by leg we can score by head

    2. This is awful, no clue as to brake down a bang average Brighton side. We need to bring on martineill or lacazette because aubameyang is poor. There is no point in sugar coating this but if we dont get the European place then it’s good bye MA for me

  11. I feel the players are either in holiday mood already or trying to get a draw to avoid the Conference League. I wished Lacazette started instead of Aubameyang

    1. Donโ€™t be silly man, itโ€™s coming , itโ€™s coming.
      Trying to get a draw! Are you serious?

      1. They didn’t have the confidence to build from the back in the first ten minutes and were lacklustre afterwards. I hope we win though

  12. 7th place is up for grabs but I fear we might do what we does best (at home this season).

  13. If Chelsea finish 5th and win champions league what happens to the euoropa league places?

  14. Super slowish boring game.
    Playing ten men against eleven again?
    Arteta, be careful what you wish for yourself!

  15. I really don’t want conference league but want to finish above Spurs.

    Yes we can play youngsters but it still doesn’t change the fact that the whole 1st team still travels and there’s no guarantee that we will play only youngsters.

  16. If Chelsea were to finish outside top 4 and lose the CL final Tuchel is gone and Pรฉpรฉ again!๐Ÿ˜

    1. Siamosis,
      I would love it lol but Tuchel has still done a remarkable job tbh


      1. Said from day 1 that Pepe has a lot of great qualities, he just desperately needs coaching. Keep in mind he doesn’t get a ton of starts so it’s also difficult for him to settle.

        I still don’t think he’s received much coaching but getting used to the EPL and teammates. Imagine Pepe under Pep for a year or 2, would be immense.

    1. Oh how.i hope it ends like this, us pipping spurs on the last day chelsea losing the fa Cup and now out of cl and Leicester getting cl which I think they deserve.
      Blow the whistle now!!

    1. Is it only me that thinks that should be 2 in 1 goal?
      First through the defender’s legs and into the goal.
      Who needs Zaha when we got Pepe?

  17. Arteta is a terrible manager! There’s no plan, everything slow, no movement, no ball carrying/dribbling, doesn’t know goals can be scored by shooting outside the box. Pepe scores brace last match and returns to his crappy football. No motivation, no spirit, no leadership.
    Do they want to win this match at all? This team deserves no support from fans!

      1. they’re trying to mock people who were dissatisfied with the season. Because we all know a final day match against brighton negates all of the issues we’ve had this season.

    1. Are you seriously watching Arsenal?

      MA and the boys have been nothing
      short of disappointing this season
      but if your seriously complaining
      about today’s performance maybe
      just maybe you need to step away
      from the ledge.


    1. Still remember that goal against QPR in the 95th min or that about. Loved it because it denied those cheaters another title, lol.

  18. Jams are at it again. Winning 2 nil, playing good football. You think with the season we have had Gooners would be positive…

  19. Am waiting for the Artetaout brigadier to tell me their assessment of the whole season, how we have regress, how Everton has snatch veterans Anceloti and Spur Mouriho and have done exceptional while we just went for a rookie clueless yes-man Arteta,
    Oh, and Chelsea, great recruitment and great coach

    1. Am on the fence, not taking any sides, but your question has me thinking about another question. Does this not prove that our squad is better than Everton and Spurs?

      1. Regarding Tuchel am on the same page as you, but let them play in the CL final. Also maybe his tactics was a slightly rejigged form of our last season’s counter tactics and that was undone same way as ours was. That said Tuchel has done remarkably well for reaching the CL final consecutively. As has MA done well with us when he won the FA cup, though results this season are not upto the mark.

  20. 5 games won in a row and only ending up 8 points behind pool in 3rd is a huge turn around and a good way to finish the season.
    Now we need a good transfer window, and to get willock back whilst he’s still hot scoring 7 games in a row!

      1. Yet EVERYBODY watching,
        including the announcers saw it
        as a clear hand ball.

        ANYBODY other than Prince Harry
        and its disallowed.

  21. No Europe then as things stand
    Canโ€™t make up my mind whether itโ€™s a good or bad thing

      1. Well if we have to make any point, I guess it replaces the Carling cup, or the EFL cup as its called nowadays๐Ÿ˜‚

      2. agree. didn’t really bother me whether we got it or not. It’s not really a benefit to travel around eastern europe midweek. And this competition is going to have even less prestige than Europa league. these were my initial opinions too, not just because we’re missing out. I wouldn’t really care about doing anything european if it was below the Europa League.

      3. Awful season Sue no European football and finish below an awful Tottenham team again. Glad the season is over.

    1. yeah, he was a standout today. even if you didn’t have a visual of the game you’d be hearing the guy mentioned all over the game.

  22. Awesome win and Awesome Pepe

    Well officially no progress under Arteta. 8th place again. In fact, one can argue slightly worse with no trophy

  23. Gutted but at least we won 5 in a row and found some form in pepe late on.
    Not bothered about not making the conference league as long as we can attract players we want but gutted we didn’t PIP spurs. Oh well next year should be easier with no Kane or Bale there.

  24. Can’t wait to see how the powers that be will attempt to polish up this turd of a season

    1. Pretty easy when you think about it, players like willian under performing, auba way off it due to catching malaria Tierney injured and no lb cover with Kola abroad etc etc.
      Poor decisions, bad luck, but above all a side with poor mental strength and belief again. believe its key what arteta said about ridding the club of bad apples though, its been going on for sometime and will take some repairing.
      Looking forward to seeing saliba, AMN and willock back let’s try and add bisouma and odson eduard.
      We also need a Bruno Fernando’s type player like the ozil we once had.

  25. Bloody Hell. Where did Arsenal Football Club rent or hire that miserable boring crowd at the Emirates Stadium from??? Looks like the Adams Family. Only thing missing are the clicking of fingers๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ. Pepe just scores and the supporters sit there like a stale bottle of piss. Fans complain about Arsenal’s boring style of play. I think it works both ways. It’s a bit of an anti climax at the Emirates. I was expecting Arteta’s barking to be drowned out. The more vocal crowds are, the more The Arsenal can play with imagination just like Pepe’s second but meg goal. At least The Arsenal end this miserable lackluster season on a slight positive note. I personally am enjoying this match. And fools say Thomas Partey can’t shoot. But honestly,,, looking at those morbid Arsenal supporters at the match, one would have thought they were off to a funeral service instead. Oh well, at least some of the supporters have the spring/summer to sort themselves out before the 2021/2022 season. Things have been toxic at Arsenal Football Club for years which also stems back to the supporters. The whole culture within The Arsenal has to change. Owners, board members, coaching staff, players need to take a good hard look at themselves. Arteta’s honeymoon ended a long time ago. There’s been too much teetering (more than a mechanic would do to a Formula One racing car). There have been too many tactical blunders, some very strange starting line ups throughout this season. So many mistakes, we’ve lost count. For the 2021/2022 season we have no European football for the first time in 26 years ( no Thursday night football). Maybe a blessing in disguise. As I said, Arteta’s honeymoon is long over. The man will at least have a pre season to work and to sort out his nonsense. Only a fool repeats their mistakes. He’s no longer a rookie manager. He’s the manager of the greatest football of all time,, let’s not forget that. No European Football for 2021/2022 = Arsenal gaining top 4 Champions League Qualification, winning the useless League Cup, and winning the FA Cup Final. That will be in my eyes fair progression. It’s not asking alot. It is not impossible to achieve. Yes, I am a tough hard nosed bastard. But in reality, if Arteta wants to attract decent players and keep his managerial job, he has to aim for European Champions League Qualification and silverware. No more excuses anymore. Honeymoon officially over today. Tottenham Hotspur supporters will be laughing today. But that will be their final laugh. Harry Kane will leave, and that will be the start of the wheels falling off Tottenham Hotspur. It will be a slow death. And I must admit, I was all for Arteta from the beginning. It’s time for the man to take the blinkers off. If he put as much effort and time into Arsenal, the same way he does with his hair, the man would be a bloody world beating genius. Happy Summer times in England. It’s coming winter here in Oz Land

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