Confirmed Arsenal team to face Bayern Munich – Jorginho and Martinelli start

Arsenal travel to Germany to take on Bayern Munich in the Champions League quarter-final second leg and this is the team Mikel Arteta has selected.

There’s a lot of pessimism surrounding Arsenal at the moment following the draw against Bayern last week and the loss on Sunday against Aston Villa. However, a win this evening for Arteta’s men could significantly lift the fans’ morale and get the team back on track as the season enters its final stages.

Bayern have had a poor season and are very beatable. They are not anywhere near the calibre of the team that defeated Arsenal 5-1 the last time the Gunners visited the Allianz Arena, so there’s every reason to feel confident.

That being said, Bayern does boast European pedigree, they’re playing at home, and of course, they have a certain Harry Kane who is very eager to knock Arsenal out of the competition.

It’s undoubtedly going to be a tough game, but Arsenal can do this. We just have to believe.

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  1. Both games yesterday reversed, results, come on, boys, we can do that as well.

    Is Partey really not available? He would be preferred starting players to replace Jorginho.

    1. He probably can’t play 90 minutes in such an intensive game. Since he came back he was very weak every time he played. Slow, bad passes, unlike his usual self he is now unconfident to take on opponents and passes mostly backward. So this is not the game for him.

  2. Subs: Ramsdale, Hein, Kiwior, Zinchenko, Partey, Elneny, Smith Rowe, Vieira, Nelson, Trossard, Jesus, Nketiah

  3. Not a bad line-up. Lose this and we will 99% have another trophyless season. Win or lose, I have been entertained and am proud of the team. No pressure, COYG!

  4. Is there more to this Partey snubbing by Arteta or is it down to footballing reason?
    For as far as I know, he won’t get that match fitness on the bench if he remained benched.

    C’mon boys give us something to replenish our hopes for a trophy.

  5. Strong starting squad. I just want to see a performance worthy of progression. Even if we lose. It’s all about turning up and being counted tonight. We can win if we play ay our very best. I do worry about tiredness after the Villa game though. Do us proud guys! COYG!!

  6. Best line up as Partey not fully back up to speed I suspect.

    Jorghino do have the passes in his locker, just that his legs are suspect.
    The gaffer has to have a plan B if the first twenty minutes don’t go as plan, Arsenal could play for a draw up to full time.

  7. This kind of games are the ones you can differentiate mens from boys. Time for the players to go out there and give everything they have. Regardless of the result make us fans proud.

  8. Pass, pass, pass, pass, side to side to side at the back. Lose the ball and give away a goal scoring opportunity. Let’s hope once the cagey, cautious start is done with we show a bit of adventure.

  9. What does Arsenal think? They’re playing Luton? All those chances and nothing to show for it. Bayern will come for them when they tire or have a single brain fart.
    Clearly Arsenal has the better quality team but the seriousness in the final 3rd needs more urgency.

  10. Both teams being patient and cagey. We need to get Saka into the game more to stretch the Bayern defense..

  11. Do bayern know that away goals have been abolished. They sitting back like a team defending a lead at home.

  12. We should have been 1-0 up, Martinelli with a big miss, and Kai with a lazy pass when we could create a good chance.

    1. As was the cass all season, our team lacks killers, who can really make a difference in the final third against top opposition.

    2. I like kai but his composure around the box is lacking. His all round game is generally quite good though. Just needs to consider his options better.

    1. Raya too small let the cross go it goes out for a throw in havertz my lord 💩

  13. I really dont know why we are not pressuring the weakness. The sluggish defence. We have to press as a front 3 or 4 not just Odergaard. Too slow so far. Bayerns defence is not that great.

  14. Cagey start and a few nervous moments around our goal, but they came to nothing, thankfully. We grew into it and had chances of our own. Honours even

  15. Proof will always be in the pudding and we are still drawing but I’m so proud of that performance 1st half. Bayern are a good team and we’ve been better if not massively and controlled the game away. As I said proof is in the pudding but in a year where we took 4 off of Liverpool and 4 off of City in the league nobody can say we bottle big ties! Still believe, meanwhile City losing at home (almost like the CL is hard.)

  16. As if on point Bayern prove the point at 0-0 with their quality they can score at any moment (as can we ofc.) Rode that hump. May the football gods smile on us, lets gooooo! Enjoy the second half gooners, it’s been awhile but we now scare Bayern (look at their play.)

  17. Ooer – let’s not repeat AV second half. Of the bar. Feel like we need more in midfield- they progress far too easily in a short time.

  18. Predicable. We allowed them to come forward far too easily and they don’t faff like us in the penalty are like us

  19. Well at least Arteta is being proactive with his substitutions- well has to
    It’s looking a bit ragged round the edges

  20. I honestly don’t think we’ll come across a weaker Bayern side. We just aren’t imposing ourselves for whatever reason.

  21. Proactive but reverting to the same tactics that failed against Villa. Is Havertz in midfield better than Partey, Elneny, Vieira, and Smith Rowe

  22. With 10 mins to and our movement going forward is too slow. Their keeper has had an easy game.

  23. Arteta is the Spanish Brendan Rogers, and Saka is either tired or overhyped. Tuchel, a coach who is being sacked at the end of the season, has once again out-coached Arteta. We can include Jesus in whatever deal we want for a striker. Rice has had a very bad game as well

    1. Bayern did nothing different from the 1st game. And Arteta still has no solutions. They didnt even do much different than Villa, and yet again no solutions. Just throw in a mid block, watch us lose the ball and counterattack.

  24. Game over the second Bayern scored. Let’s just say what we already know. This team does NOT have an elite mentality. At all. Every single time theres been pressure put on them they’ve crumbled. Martinelli will never be the player he should be, Saka is starting to become a small game player that is disappearing more and more, Havertz done well to redeem himself this season but how many times have people said he’s not a starter. Even Bayerns worst team can beat our best. Long ways to go and more changes needed to compete with the best. Arteta also needs to step up his game management skills. Better luck next season, but if Martinelli, Havertz, are still sticking around, and Saka doesn’t progress as a player then it’ll be the same old story. There’s no game changers in this team

  25. saka has been terrible in this match. This second half after the goal, they all stopped playing

  26. What I wouldn’t give for us to have an old fashioned selfish centre forward who’ll just shoot on site instead of keep passing it off to someone else and rinse and repeat. You don’t you score. Arteta ball is just like late stage Wenger ball, no end product after lots of passes.

    1. And they all need 100 touches before shooting. Why do they think if they keep on dribbling in the final third space is randomly going to open up… You’re just going to get closed down more! Shoot earlier, and even if it’s not clean, MAYBE you get a deflection, or a corner, or something. But these guys keep dribbling into nowhere.

      1. Because they prioritize keeping possession, which defeats the whole purpose of trying to score.

    2. Absolutely agree with you, we were playing like that before Dubai then we started shooting and now we’re back to passing on the edge of the area until they’re all back in position and losing it.. Mind you Jesus is so skilled on the ball out of the penalty area, but he seems to lose all ball skill as soon as he gets in the area – not sure what happens to him.

  27. Also, please buy a midfielders that can idk… not play nothing but a short pass? Jorginho was the only player that tried to find someone higher up pitch but nobody is even making runs. No real overlaps from the fullbacks either because they are too scared. Everyone besides Odegaard just plays with fear the second the pressure ramps up. Awful, awful game, but very expected.

  28. At least we can still win the league!😳 Or, there’s always next season to try and win something again. Us fans do get put through the wringer but we live in hope that one day things might come good.

    1. Come on. City will win the league, Arsenal are a good team but don’t have the pedigree

    2. Someone should tell Arteta that he should at least take the FA Cup & Carabao more seriously

      I feel it will become difficult to motivate the boys towards winning a trophy if they continue coming so close and ending every season trophyless

      When they win something, even if it’s Carabao that Trophy winning mentality might grow in them

      Just like how it is for Man City, they won’t slip-up like we and Liverpool did now that they’re topping the table

  29. Horrible performance. No one tried to take the game by the neck! I felt we should have picked up the pace in second half. To pin them down. And for goodness sake this guys need to learn to take a shot at first touch. In the first half we had lot of touches in the box but 1 or two more extra touch messes it up. Gutted!

    1. Yup, no guts. Possession for the sake of possession. Not to mention at Emirates we shat our pants and gave them easy goals. So much to learn, this team. Just an awful tie. Honestly, we limped through the majority of these European matches and weren’t convincing in most of them.

    2. Exactly what I was saying

      Trossard’s goal in Emirates was cos he didn’t touch it at all – if he’d touch it they’ll have probably found a way to block it

      We were making too many touches when a chance opens up

      We need a Striker ASAP
      Someone who needs half chance to score and who already knows what to do once he’s through – even before the ball reaches him

  30. This was the same tactic Aston Villa did against us

    Gave us the ball to totally dominate in the first then come at us in the second half

    The second half felt so short and like it didn’t exist – I don’t remember anything meaningful we did in the second half

    Bayern were truly the better team

  31. Poor second half from Arsenal. Hopefully this may be part of the learning curve. I can’t really add anything to what has been a disappointing night and Bayern Munich were better as we really didn’t pose a threat

  32. 110 squid for rice cant pass water sakas corner shocking bunch of overrated wasters katie mccabe would show more passion

  33. Nowthe first part of my prediction came true,albeit disappointingly . But as long as City win in extra time ,our PREM CHANCES improve massively tonight. Come on City!!

    1. Even if City go through, we are definitely not winning the premier league. This team don’t have the right mentality, Jon. City aren’t dropping points again because they know they cant. So they just won’t. Pep doesn’t need to say anything.

      1. 100% spot on 👏👏 City know how to win big, We do not and obviously havnt learned from last season at all, that’s all on Mikel and his handling of the squad

    2. Their extra time involvement is enough to do damage, so i couldn’t care less if they do qualify or not.

      1. Not sure why you’re dissapointed though, except you were expecting we go all the way, even if it was obviously unrealistic at this stage of our development.

  34. Artetas love for players he has brought to the club even when thay are not performing well will be one of his downfalls. Jesus, Havertz, Zinchenko have continued to play even when its clear they are lacking seriously.
    IMO we need someone to compete with Odegaard we really need someone who can handle pressure moments and spur the team to wins. Someone who can drive the team forward or take matters into his own hands.

    A striker is definitely required as we lack a target man who can instill fear in defenders.

    I thought Arteta would bring in someone like Elneny or Partey to sit in front of the defense and let Rice and Odegaard play further forward.

    1. Seriously it just makes more sense to throw ESR into this game so he can actually inject some movement in the midfield and make runs but we got essentially the same nonsense we always see with our underperforming players. Also, bench Saka this weekend please. Not sure what’s up with him but it’s not good enough at all.

  35. Can we now say the ‘annual Arsenal collapse’ is officially underway?

    Looks like Arteta has learnt much (if at all) from the past two seasons.

  36. Bayern was much better than Arsenal both in defense and offense. Tuchel was better than Arteta with the tactical offensive plays/attacks, at times Bayern players were playing beautiful 1 touch passes and they were carving/passing through the Arsenal defense easily. Most of the time, Arsenal players were passing the ball sideways, and backwards. Bayern Munich deserves the win, they were playing much better than Arsenal. Why couldn’t Arteta implement the beautiful 1 touch football that Wenger and Arsenal were famous for.

  37. Things don’t flow effortlessly as it does when Partey is in midfield. He was Arsenal’s Rodri, so either play him or replace him…

    Declan rice is not a Partey replacement..

  38. The team looks tired, lost and out of ideas, just managed to go a little further this season but not enough to win the League or Move by QF of UCL, mind we been out of the cups for a while.

    Mikel has ran Saka into the ground, we have no no9 goalscorer and has spent so much only to get us 3 games more better off this season.

    Maybe it is just me but Mikel can’t take this team any further than he is doing right now. All this money spent and wages to go with it for Havertz, Jesus, Zink, Jorgnho, Raya and we are worse worhbthese players on the pitch

    65, 45, 30, 12, 27 million spent on these players. £179m and at least 1m a week for all their wages and what have they actually done?

    Rice, Ode and Martinelli have learned their spots along with Gabi, Saliba, White. Why was partey not on the pitch AGAIN for the 100th time.

    Absolutely annoyed with Mikel, his purchases and over all inability to get us Iver that winners line.

    All looks and no substance, play well all u like but win nothing or remembered for coming 2nd all the time

  39. We’ve just got to stop this messing about in the penalty area – same thing with AV for 🤬🤬🤬🤬 sake just SHOOT, in both games we would’ve been out of site before the second half. Both AV and Bayern had less XG than us, but still won, because they took their chances.

  40. I see alot of confusion in the team,so much immaturity,sometimes they don’t know either to pass or shoot.the build up is slow and confidence is lacking. When they scored we gave up. Let’s hope we learn and improve next season. In all Arteta must step up his game.

  41. We have to have a honest assessment come end of the season if we fail to win the league.

    Mourinho built Madrid but was not the one to take them to the next phase, the Madrid that did 3 peat was founded by Mourinho.

    I think we’re on the right track, emotions aside, Arteta might not be the coach to bring in the trophies, he might just be the one to set our foundations right.

    It might be the right time to bring in Zidane!

    Kudos to the team🙌

  42. Jesus, Martinelli and Trossard are all just a little bit one dimensional and can’t take us any further. We need a left 8 and urgently. Declan rice is either 6 or not good to play for a champions league winning team. Why move a defensive midfielder into a position that requires attacking prowess. Secondly a left or right winger who can change the dynamic of a game. Leao, Neto, Sane or the young lad from Napoli would walk into our team. Finally a cf, I do like Havertz and think he still has a part to play for us but we need a fast hungry cf that can bully a back line.

  43. Last year we were underated. This year we are overrated.

    Without the core of CB and CM partnerships we would be conceding so many more goals. The four players in these positions have given the forward players a base, but it’s the forward players that don’t turn up in some of these matches.

    Didn’t do enough to score against this leaking bayern defence. Almost every opponent scores against them in this second half of season.

    1. Its not necessarily the forwards but the way we play. They cant express themselves, when we play so slow and deliberate. The manager dictates the style and the players execute. The way we play is not good in pressure situations. We freeze because we don’t trust the execution.

  44. 1. How anyone can see this as a positive result is beyond me!!
    2. I’m sure we’ll get other fans saying we were beaten because of our past history in Europe.
    3. There will be another kind of complete nonsense, like our horrendous injury problems at the start of the season affected the result in some way!!

    Let’s just remember this:
    1. We have failed once again in Europe under MA and our cup record, both domestic and European under him is underwhelming in the extreme!!
    We would have earnt millions more by reaching the semi final, money that might have gone into our transfer kitty, so why this could be seen as a positive result is completely ridiculous.
    2. The excuses being made before we had even started in the CL were that we were hindered by our past history and we were, therefore, the underdogs in every game…. simply to have a ready excuse for a defeat.
    3. We played at practically full strength tonight against a team that had (I believe) up to five players out for various reasons.
    So that’s all the lame reasons and excuses out of the way, on to the game.

    I thought we played much better in the second half, after being very nervous and defensive in the first.
    MA’s line up was a good one, with changes made that most fans were calling for and the defence looked much better down the left.
    Martinelli and Saka were closely marked and still posed problems, but yet again we persisted in too many sideways and backward passes, that enabled Bayern to defend easily.
    In truth, over the two legs, Bayern deserved to go through, so we have just one trophy to try and win.
    A really disappointing night, but we are used to it – let’s not make any excuses, but get behind the club, as we did after every European disappointment, at least those who supported the club did, whether it was Arteta, Emery or Wenger!!!

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