Confirmed Arsenal team to face Bournemouth – Saka and Rice start

Arsenal, currently unbeaten, is set to face Bournemouth today with the aim of securing another victory. Mikel Arteta has chosen the following lineup for the match.

Much has been discussed about Arsenalโ€™s performances this season, and some have prematurely declared the end of their title challenge. However, such reactions are typical in football, particularly after a disappointing result like the one against Tottenham last week.

A resounding victory today against Bournemouth could quickly alter the narrative. Itโ€™s somewhat unreasonable to declare a title challenge over after just six games, especially when the team remains unbeaten.

Hopefully, the Arsenal players will deliver a strong performance, and Artetaโ€™s chosen lineup should be more than capable of securing a convincing three points.

Let us know in the comments below what you think about the team that Arteta has named and what your predicted score is.


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  1. If anyone still believe in Arteta then you must be biased like him. ESR had a good game only to be drop again for Harvetz ooh and Raya is the number 1 now, Ramsdale drop for no reason at all. I’m convinced we are not going to win the league or the champions league with Arteta has coach.

      1. Ackshay Arteta will also be an average coach until he win something big like the league or the champions league. The man acts like he’s kloop or pep. If you think the way he treats some players is nice then I don’t know what to tell you.

        1. Guess we can stop all the “competition” talk from Arteta. Perfect opponent to rotate squad with a couple backups, but no.

          Right back to over playing guys, and passing up a chance to rotate in a couple backups.

          Time to “Showcase” Havertz’s tools and game time while not giving better form players the same chance.

          Hard to keep up with all the buzz words and spin from our manager.

          So it’s about “showcasing” this week and not “competition” as he said last week with ESR?

          Anyone know about the next match?
          Will we be showcasing or have open competition?

          FFS I can’t keep up

      1. TruGoon the question I always ask myself is why give nelson a new contract when you know you don’t really trust him. It’s getting annoying at this point. Or is he saying Nelson is not good enough to start against Bournemouth while Saka rest and for some reason he just permanently benched Ramsdale, im sure he will still start Raya in the champions league next season. The man is so so biased.

        1. Lenohappy, after the PSV game, I raised the things you just said and I was called all manner of names by some people on the platform. I fear for a long term injury to Saka. With the amount of games he plays for Arsenal and England. Reis Nelson can starts some games honestly while Saka stays on the bench. ESR needs consistent run of games to get to the required level of performance. Rice must not start every game.
          Arteta imo does not utilize his players well enough. Same starting 11 in all games. Iโ€™m sure if we have another game on Tuesday, these same front 3 would start.

  2. I really wanted saka to be rested for this game. I can’t believe Nketiah is starting ffs.. What does Reiss have to do to get minutes for crying out loud! It must be frustrating

  3. I hope Saka and Rice are fully fit to play

    Nketiah was overwhelmed by Spuds’ CBs, but I believe he can handle Bournemouth’s

  4. Hog says the first dirty water seen it took a wash.

    Guess you can only beat what’s put in front of you, tomorrow takes care of itself

  5. It’s like, the moment a player shine in a game Arteta wil bench him d next game for a worst player. I dnt think he picks players based on form.
    A time Pepe scored comeback goal and assist for us against wolves he benched him following game. Trossard made 3 assists in a game and same thing happened. Nelson scored and played well in last game and again he benched him and went for the same lineup that almost cost us against spurs

    1. Because Arteta has favorites, that’s why. Simply no other reason to explain them being dropped.

      They were not injured, not over played or unfit, just not his favorites. Showcasing Havertz in Arteta’s words, over a performing ESR is another shining example.

      Average Havertz on poor form getting a chance to “showcase”, can’t make it up.

  6. In my opinion, I think Raya is number one for now. Arteta can’t be serious saying he will be rotating the keepers. Ramsdele plays cup games, maybe some champions league games. He takes back his number one spot if raya becomes injured or dip in form. Ramsdele plays against Brentford though in the league and maybe we will turn raya loan deal to arsenal player. From my emotions, I feel for Ramadele. Raya isn’t a bad lad but Ramsdele don’t deserve it. Well emotional speaking like I said. Anyway, so long we are winning..

    Esr should also start but maybe Arteta is managing him the way he managed martinelli injury seasons ago..

    Nketiah is one lucky champ. He gets numerous chance as a player in the red shirt. Can’t be really good at times and frustrating too.

    A front three of trossard/Nelson Jesus Saka or Nelson Jesus Trossard/Saka wouldn’t be bad but then again trossard is just coming back from injury if I want to think like arteta.

    In conclusion, I hope arteta keeper experiment and some special treatment to some players won’t be his undoing this season. I want Kai H. To succeed as an Arsenal player so he needs to start impressing us sooner than later.. Brighton are doing similar experiment with their keeper. They have two keepers that they rotate effortlessly although Aston V are thumping them 6 goals to 1. Wow….


  7. Agree that he has to rotate and rest players. Why would he not start reiss and Emile. Just to give them some confidence and let them know the manager has confidence in them. Iโ€™m baffle that we bought havertz and Iโ€™m baffled that he rest Saka when we come up against the smaller clubs! We have a lot of games to play this season and you want you best players available and not injured because theyโ€™ve been push to hard against the biggest competitionโ€ฆ

    1. Im sure, when Haverz finally creates or scores a goal, he will be hailed the greatest buy ever and well worth it by some.

    1. Now it’s obvious Arteta has no plan B for this season. Why not rest Saka, Rice and allow Rowe and Nelson to start? With the growing injuries in the team, it would have afford him the chance to try other players moreso, as they picking form. Why pressurizing and rushing these players? Or, is he looking for excuse for not winning the title if Saka and Rice got serious injury that keeps out of the season? Let Arteta brigade inform him of the danger in losing the duo to injury

  8. No ESR is annoying. I want to havertz to succeed but snubbing ESR is becoming a joke. If he can’t get a start with gabi, trossard, saka, jesus hurt or not at 100% then when.

      1. Nketiah is not at the arsenal level but he has gotten like 3 penalties since the season started. Have to give player his due.

  9. Nice match up till now 2-0 up playing 2nd gear, now we need the early subs for Saka, Rice and some mins for Esr.

    OT Comment section much better when we are winning with certain people conveniently missing.

    1. 3-0 up and still not substitution after 65 mins. Is it rule that substitution cant be made before 75 mins!!! Feels crazy. Why not be bring ESr, nelson and other fresh legs.

  10. I am so proud of the current Arsenal squad and how they support each others and are just great human beings.

    It was clear how important Havert’s goal was to everyone else too the way they were patting Havertz. That just made my day.

    I hope our fans here at JA learn from our players what it is to believe in each other and work to bring the best in everyone, especially if we dare to call ourselves Arsenal supporters and want Arsenal to become a great club again.

    Negativity and toxicity isn’t the way.

  11. Great points Daulat.
    Itโ€™s really great to see the positivity of players. This is essential for a successful season.
    Another good win.

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