Confirmed Arsenal team to face Brentford in Carabao Cup

Arsenal will be looking to bounce back from the disappointing 2-2 home draw with bitter rivals Tottenham over the weekend, and this is the lineup that Mikel Arteta has chosen to achieve that.

Arsenal is unbeaten this season, despite some critics describing the season as underwhelming. A victory against Brentford this evening will likely lead to a significant shift in public opinion, as is often the case.

The Bees are currently not in great shape; they suffered a defeat at the hands of Everton at home over the weekend. They too will be seeking a positive result, but one would have to believe that if Arsenal performs as expected, they will emerge victorious.

That being said, we all remember what happened last season in the early rounds of various competitions. So, it’s crucial that the manager and players approach this game with seriousness.

Please share your thoughts on Arteta’s chosen lineup and your predicted score in the comments below.

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      1. Duberry is by far my fav youngster by far. Unfortunately the chequebook is seriously slowing the promotion of our youngsters to the 1st team

        1. Indeed we show play more youngsters instead of buying players and finish 30pts behind City and be happy cause academy😆

          1. Ah the classic oversimplification of a comment 🤡

            Buy sometimes, promote sometimes. Bit too complicated for some to understand 🤣🤣🤣

            E.g. with lots of cover already in CM we should’ve spent the Havertz cash on a DM, then promote a youngster to be 4th choice CM.

            Very confusing I understand, keep up son 😂 this guy thinks always throwing money is the answer and that youngsters play no role lol

        2. Youngest team in the league last season, and one of the youngest teams still now. Our whole rebuild was built on the likes of Saka and Martinelli, so youngsters are getting a chance more under MA than any other manager in the league.

          Factually incorrect to say progress of our youngsters is slow. It’s actually the complete opposite, when you also consider how many we keep sending out on loan to speed up progress.

  1. My problem is the midfield. If indeed both Partey and Rice will be out for a while, I think its time we used Ben White as Dm and not Jorginho.
    The first quality of a Dm is to defend. Jorginho can be badly exposed in a serious Epl or Cl match.
    To me B.w has excelled as R.b and also is a decent C.b.He is more physical and athletic than Jorginho to play as D.m.
    This are the matches to try out such,in preparation for the Epl.

    1. Rice is supposedly short term and likely available for City game so 2wk.

      Agree about Jorginho, class player but badly exposed on transition unless flanked by 2 workhorse. Midfield looks lightweight too.

  2. Was expecting Elneny in that DM position.
    If there won’t be Rice or Partey we need someone solid enough.

  3. Great save, well done ESR…already showing signs of why he should get more game time. Criminal that he sits so long on the bench.

    1. When did Kai get into the dangerous area, except for one chance which was quite far out in the box with defenders in front. In fact ESR missed a really good one imo.

      So far, Nelson is my motm, not just for the goal but for his defensive duties as well.

    2. And it’s a mistake to compare Kai with Nketiah. Both have vastly different roles in the team. Kai isn’t a striker and isn’t tasked just to get goals and assists. If you have followed his positioning, I think he is asked to perform more defensive duties and when on offense, he is asked to stay a bit behind the in the space. It’s important to understand what Arteta is asking of him before laying judgement on what he is doing.

        1. That does sound like a clickbait question but will answer. In place of Xhaka, definitely Havertz. No question of Pepe. This isn’t a Fantasy league where you can just have roster of players that look good on paper. There is more to real football.

  4. Entertaining match. Arsenal usually play well when there is no pressure to win the game

    White could’ve avoided the yellow card though

  5. Arteta has created big problems for himself with the buying of kai Harver or what is his name? The is so detached from the team to the extent that I began to pity him.

    So, what do we do now fans?

    1. Are you watching the game? Havertz is playing well. He is given a different role than ESR. Havertz stays behind, and drops deep, and is being asked to focus on defensive side it seems, like Xhaka was. Even on offense he is the one who stays behind than ESR, look out for possible transitions scenarios if the offense fails or ball is lost.

      If you think Havertz is playing this way on his own accord, you clearly don’t understand football. There are instructions by the manager for every player on the pitch and what duties they will take.

      And, once and for all, please don’t consider Kai a striker, just because Chelsea player him as one. At Arsenal. he has new role, and one that is very much focused on defensive aspect and facilitator like Xhaka was.

      1. @ Daulat, claiming Kai Havertz is playing well really shows you are the ignorant one when it comes to football. “Oh he creates space, he connects headers, hi positioning is good ” after paying £65m for this !!!! We are now potentially looking to buy a striker. THERE IS YOUR MONEY £65M already wasted on Kai Havertz. I have more patience with Kai. I repeat, for £65M he should be making things happen OR AT LEAST SHOW GLIMPSES THAT HE CAN MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. With due respect it is really frustrating listening to fans like you accepting this mediocrity. Arsenal has wasted enough time. We need to go for the Premier League or Champions League. Signing the Havertz of this world will not get us there. As a matter of fact there was no need to sign this guy with ESR or Nelson, present

        1. I can see the frustration in you, but let me remind that’s due to your misunderstanding of the situation rather than Havertz doing anything terribly wrong.

          “For 65mil, he should make things happen..”

          I hope Goalkeepers who cost that much don’t heed your advice and attempt to dribble down the middle leavingthe goal open.

          I am talking about roles and positions.

          Would you replace Xhaka with a striker?

          Unless you feel Xhaka wasn’t instrumental for us last season. If Xhaka had a bit more pace, and was also versatile and good in tighter spaces able to make 360s, we would have a worldclass midfielder in Xhaka, one who NEVER GETS INJURED as well.

      1. He’s playing absolutely crap. Don’t know what match you’re watching. The Silky German is playing hide and seek

    2. The choice is clear, we have to throw our full support behind him, like an old tube amplifier Hope’s he gets better the more he plays.

      1. @ Gunsmoke, you mean beg him to play or teach him what to do after paying £65M for this guy and giving him a humongous salary. Let’s wait in hope you say. Perhaps he will spring to life. I say no more. Please sit down and critically examine the sense in your thinking 🤔

    1. Ben White and Kiwior passing has just been sideways or backwards.
      This game is lacking the cutting edge 😔.

    1. ESR,Nelson, jorginho and all our back four are literally standing out not poor at all you sure not watching the game.

    1. Yep, Brentford are no pushovers as can be inferred feom some of the comments here. We have mostly dominated here.

  6. The main problem is that Arteta is clueless in coaching up the bench players. People here don’t want to hear it, they’re in denial,, a bit like ostriches with their heads in the sand. Who says I have to support Shite Havertz. A certain SELF PROCLAIMED REALIST on this site used to belittle Granit Xhaka all the time. The problem is,,, no one on this site has the balls to stand up to the PROCLAIMED REALIST. Tomiyasu has had a great match. Good on him

    1. Alongside jorginho and kiwior, they are the reason we didn’t concede. Dominant display and good passing of the ball from the non well coached bench players. Not destroying the opposition with goals can’t take the great performance from them.

    2. I take umbridge with PJ, regarding standing up to the SELF PROCLAIMED REALIST
      I call him out for his hypocrisy, the latest one being in the article by AndersS.

      As for the game, yet again we see chance after chance not being taken.
      Love the attitude and commitment of Ramsdale – what a save…. when one remembers Raya’s save against the spuds, who can argue that we have two great keepers?
      What’s your take on these two as a pro keeper yourself?

      Great that we are in the next round, as it gives the opportunity for our “bench” players to be given playing time.

      Well done MA and the squad tonight – who’s next?

      1. A big hello to you Ken. To be honest, I haven’t really had time to sit down and process Ramsdale/Raya situation. I’m still in Japan with Women’s International side the girls have had a Friendly International match. We’re all about to go our separate ways back to our respective countries. But while in Japan I’ve not missed an Arsenal match. The Japanese take an interest in Arsenal because of Tomiyasu. The other evening I was chatting with Mark Schwartzer. He’s a commentator/pundit for Optus Sport back in Australia. Mark feels for Ramsdale. The same thing happened twice to Mark. Once at Middlesbrough and once at Fulham. When he was dropped at Middlesbrough, they were still winning. After 4 matches of leaking goals left right and centre, he was back in the first team. At Fulham he dropped because Arsenal wanted to buy him, he wanted to leave Fulham, but Fulham refused to buckle. Fulham kept Mark but at the same time Mark was dropped. After a while he was brought back into the first team. On those two occasions, Mark said that he lost total faith and trust in those two managers. He believes Ramsdale will feel the same towards Arteta. It’s now got me kinda thinking. This Spanish Goalkeeping Coach at Arsenal seems to be in a middle of all this. All those years I was at Hamburger SV, I never acted like a Scout for the club. I’ll keep in touch Ken. I head back home to Australia. Then in 5 weeks time I head back to Japan permanently. It’s nearly impossible for me to be based in Australia, and then going to every conceivable Men’s and Women’s Tournament. Just got an email yesterday that my cat passed his medical examination to fly to Japan. He’ll end up with slanty eyes, start bowing to people and using chop sticks. My wife is Asian,,, so I’m not mocking the Asians. As for Ramsdale and Raya, I’ve not made up my mind. No doubt my son will be telling me everything once I am home. He’s never been overly fuss on Ramsdale. I don’t know why, because he can’t back his argument as to why

        1. Thanks for the reply, very interesting to hear about Mark Schwartzer.
          I hope the same scenario doesn’t happen with Ramsdale!!
          You lead a fantastic life within football it seems.
          Keep in touch with Just Arsenal and hope all goes well in Japan for you, your wife and the cat!!

        2. pjennings, thank you for your expert assessment. Mark Schwarzer would have been a great buyfor Arsenal, who should have gone in for him at Middlesborough. Like ken stated, great for Arsenal to have 2 quality goal keepers; but difficult balancing act to keep both happy.
          Keep up your good work for Australia. Your passport will be getting a workout!

  7. Havertz was clueless in this game. Elneny, who just returned, created more chances and added aggressiveness to the team.

    1. For that name, you are talking way out of your head. He nearly had an assist because of the run initiated by him. And he has been a great target man for Ramsdale on several occasions to relieve pressure and get on the front, so many headers won and ball retained, what game were you watching?

        1. pjennings, the annoying thing is rather than waiting for Havertz to come good (after 2 sub par seasons at Chelsea), £65 million would have gone a long way towards a top class prolific striker.

      1. Are you on Havertz payroll or something. It amazing you are the only one who sees Havertz playing well. Really amazing,,,🤔

  8. In the end hung on for the win in the end. A lot left to be desired from the second half performance.
    The team just seem to lack cohesion when it matters.

  9. From this match,I have noted the following.
    1.Tomiyasu plays better in central defence than at L.b and R.b
    2.Kiwior defends better than Zinchenko
    3.Elneny should be considered in the Xhaka position ahead of Kai
    4.Nelson is quality but he should stop being so casual and be more serious in his game.
    5.Our forward line needs is the weakest department in the team.

  10. For the folks @pjennngs and @Sean Williams

    Here are Havertz stats from the game :

    5 Aerial Duels won. In fact Havertz is third behind Tomiyasu and Gabriel! None in our midfield had more than 1.

    4 Total tackles (Only behind Jorginho’s 7!), 5 Clearances! (Highest among our midfielders, even Jorginho), 1 shot blocked, 3 fouls made, these are defensive duties that he is doing that all of our midfielders and forwards are able to match.

    He is behind only our back four defense when it comes to the above stats.

    If you couldn’t see these contributions, I suggest you watch Shaolin Soccer on repeat instead, that might suit your fantasies.

    Havertz is here to do Xhaka’s role with even more versatility and it’s clear by his defensive duties so far.

    I don’t know what people are expecting people from him.

    And some said ESR was so good tonight. He was actually our poorest midfielder and among forwards as well. Stats don’t lie. Eyes only see what they want to see.

      1. Take the win and move on. It’s only Caribou Cup. The starting line up looked terrible on paper. There’s nothing there to suggest that many of these players are better than mid table level. If you enjoy this type of time filler make the most of it. Me I prefer to wait for the real football.

        1. I think you are forgetting we were against an EPL team. And the midtable team that you suggest dominated the first half. Only thing we have lacked is clinical finishing.

  11. Going by the comments here, I have concluded not many have a clue as to what’s going on in a match.

    I heard, Elneny came and created more chances than Havertz! What? He created no chances, no key passes, no shots but hey some saw him create chances.

    I heard, ESR was really good today and he proved why he should be getting more time. His only good stat was his passing accuracy. Apart from that, offensively and defensively, he did very little. Check the stats!

    In fact if any player showed he should get more game time, it’s Nelson. He had a superb game, and not just for his goal. He should’ve scored 2 easily.

    And finally, we have a player like Havertz who is reliably our target man during long balls and goal kicks with great aerial duel success, for the first time in our midfield and people are going nuts. He nearly had an assist if Nelson had converted his simple chance. Defensively, Havertz was superb.

    I guess people just want players running around mindlessly like zombies from World War Z or Train to Busan.

    1. Agreed! Except on ESR who was our orchestrator and could’ve scored and assisted on two different occassions and he was not even at his best.

      1. Yes, ESR was ring rusty. Was trying to make an impact as long as he played, but intentions and executions are what separates a player in form.

        I highly rate ESR. He has the goods to be a world class act if he plays regularly and doesn’t get injured again. Sometimes, players need to adapt around their own susceptibilities towards injuries. A little tweaks to how you operate with the ball, without it, reducing risks that aren’t worth it, how to avoid being targeted, these are subtle arts a player needs to develop to keep playing more. I hope ESR can pull it off.

      1. Hehe. Who knows?! If that means Havertz has been an Arsenal fan for more than 2 decades, that’s one more reason I will support him, or rather myself lol. 😁

    2. Trying to talk blindly from stats trying to deduce things and claiming Havertz almost had an assist lol, can’t make this stuff up

      1. Personally Harvertz is performing below my expectation, but yes! He almost had an assist, but Nelson couldn’t score from his pass

        1. That just shows many either don’t actually WATCH football, at least not the European one.

          Havert nearly had an assist, and it was a great run by him. Nelson couldn’t score.

      2. “Trying to talk blindly from stats trying to deduce things..”

        Statistics were developed so people didn’t have to talk blindly and deduce things based on individual perceptions.
        I think you are talking blindly and deducing and claiming things that stats don’t support.

  12. Nice to see another Hale End kid make his debut, Sagoe Jr. That makes 7 now that have made their debut under Arteta.

    1. Who are the 7? An how many of those feature anywhere near the first team?

      Seems like you are trying to insinuate that we give our youngsters genuine chance at making the first team?

      1. The 7 are. Balogun, Azeez, Cottrell, Patino, Hein, Nwaneri and Sagoe Jr.

        Not insinuating anything, just saying that 7 Hale End lads have made their debuts under Arteta.

  13. Tomiyasu my man of the match. Followed closely by kiwior then Gabriel.
    Kiwior was the left back come in midfielder both wasn’t doing it well like zinchenko.

    By this time last season, xhaka already had 4-5 goals, so Kai havertz is a downgrade. An expensive downgrade.
    But I’m willing to give him half the season and see how he fares.
    Overall good game, everyone hustled, fought for the ball.

    We literally played with a man short today, as Ben white and tomi even jorginho were not eager or willing to pass the ball to Jr.

    1. “By this time, Granit Xhaka had 4-5 goals already…”

      He just had one against, against Leicester in the first 6 matches last season.

      If you are counting Europa league, We had already played around 8 games in the league, and your 4-5 goals had been in around 15 matches or, and mostly in europa league where the level is not quite how it is in EPL or UCL.

  14. Such a shame that for whatever reason, Jorginhos splendid display has gone down the drain in the eyes of so called “fans” who would’ve been first to be here bashing him for a making just one mistake at least keep aside one whole game.

    1. He was actually a motm contender alongside Nelson. Apart from a small error, Jorginho was immense in the midfield.

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