Confirmed Arsenal team to face Burnley

Arsenal need to beat Burnley today to maintain pressure on Man City at the top, and this is the side that Mikel Arteta has just announced to complete that task.


Itโ€™s been a bit up and down recently for Arsenal with losses against West Ham in the Carabao Cup and Newcastle United in the Premier League. However, they bounced back with a professional and efficient midweek win over Sevilla in the Champions League and come into this match on a high.

Burnley is in trouble, with just one win all season in the league, accumulating only four points from 11 games and currently sitting second bottom. They will be desperate to get something from this game.

Without being arrogant, this is a game that Arsenal should be winning. Their opponents are not in good shape, and, of course, Arsenal has home advantage.

However, the lads must avoid being complacent and play this game to their usual high standards. Do that, and all three points will stay in North London.

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  1. Havertz, what a joke that he still starts and a complete waste of 65 mil.

    Just accept your losses and demote him to bench or something, I would literally try anyone instead of this guy.

    I guess Arteta has to prove himself right with his God complex, unfortunately he will just hurt Arsenal.

    1. @SWS you are not making any sense with your comment. Let Havertz breath and lets support every player that fights for the badge of our beloved club. Why making Kai the scape goat all the time.

    2. Who would you start over Havertz? I donโ€™t think thereโ€™s a better option available bc of injuries.

    1. Come on Guys time to leapfrog them and also boost our goal difference.
      I just hope there is no complacency as this teams in the bottom love to park the bus.

  2. Havertz has played the last 3 consecutive matches without being pulled off. Waiting for Havertz to come good is equivalent to watching paint dry. But at least by watching paint dry, I do actually see the end product. Giving Havertz a spell in the Under 23’s won’t exactly hurt him. They do it for player’s confidence after coming back from injury. Havertz has been so pitiful to watch. How many matches do you give a player? I would love to see him succeed. Spuds went down 2-1 against Wolves

  3. The best possible line up all things considered, once again the big German is ask to lead the line.

    This could well be the day when Kia Havertz returns life.

    1. I wonder if I will ever read a post from you when you do NOT refer to “the big German?”
      I doubt it, as you seem obsessed with using that false description for a tall but extremely skinny player who is not strong at all.

      At least it seems that NOW, you have at last , learned his proper name!

  4. Great job Wolves! Did something happen behind the scenes to make arteta treat Ramsdale this way. I thought both keepers were very close to being no 1 why isnโ€™t Ramsdale being given his chance with the first team? On havetz on what weโ€™ve seen his never gonna all of a sudden become this dangerous player that dominates games and score goals and provides all these assists. Itโ€™s not happening! Period! Now how long will arteta persist with this? Will arteta start to use him less before, come to his senses Xmas? January? next season?

    1. maybe Arteta feels Ramsdale is stagnating and uses Raya to make Ramsdale push himself, but so far Ramsdale reacted poorly to the competition and Arteta waits for him to pick himself up. That is my guess.

      1. Thanks ox! Guest Iโ€™d like to see Ramsdale given his chance with the first team in the premier league again now he knows the pressure is really on!

      2. Ramsdale has been in the worrying last couple of months of his wife’s pregnancy. The baby was born this morning. So it’s possible Ramsdale has been a bit distracted….

        1. Only “possible” PAT? You are a Dad, so MUST know how distracting ANY birth is.
          But I do not suggest that RAMSDALE has not been able to focus on training. I would have said “on playing” but our esteemed manager, for reasons of his own, doesnt rate him enough to pick him.

          To my mind that is a big mistake!

          1. A mistake when Aaron may have things worrying him. I know. You don’t drill into the detail but the fact is that his new wife had a miscarriage when they were last expecting a child. So obviously they would be taking every precaution. And he would be distracted….

            1. Distracted, yes, just as I SAID TOO.

              BUT I also said he is strong enough mentally not to let it interfere with his training. Id also like to know if you are seriously trying to suggest that the REASON he is not selected is because of his wifes pregnancy and her previous miscarriage.
              It would make a good conspiracy theory and you probably know what I THINK OF THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN SUCH THINGS.

  5. The movement of the ball needs to be a bit quicker from the defence to attack.
    Martinelli is not getting the ball quick enough. If he insists on playing Havertz then just play him as a false no. 9.

  6. Interesting that saka shove is a foul this week but wasn’t last week. One rule for us and another for the other as usual.

    1. Exactly. Not to beat a dead horse but his body movements are so slow and he is always looking like he is about to fall over every time he is on the ball.
      I really hope that he finds the back of the net sooner rather than later ๐Ÿ˜.

  7. Arteta tried several interesting ideas which should’ve been done against Spuds, Chelsea and Newcastle, but better late than never

    Trossard was very brave. I hope he’s okay, otherwise Nketiah would have to come in

  8. Havertz has gone from pissing us off by doing nothing in games to doing the same by missing big chances every game instead.

    My god he is so frustrating to watch, worse can’t even be angry at him cause he looks like a man depressed๐Ÿ˜ฎโ€๐Ÿ’จ

    At some point those chances will start going in and there will be less pressure on him but he is going to make us suffer for it.

    1. That was the same observation I made on his home debut game versus Forest. I compared his languid style of play to Ozil but some folks here were shutting me off.

      It’s agonizing watching him play, particularly when he keeps snatching at chances inside the box. These days I enjoy watching Saliba play as funny as it may sound. Good luck to Arteta in his bid to get anything out of Havertz.

  9. How brave by Leo Trossard. Bit reserved football but Burnley will have to come out of their low block. Might be a chance for Saka to turn them inside out.

  10. Each of us who strongly supported Kai Havertz signing should apologize to those who criticized this move from day one. My smart brain cant defend this joke anymore. I WAS WRONG about Kai.

    1. I feel sympathy for him in a way.
      Is it his fault or is it the fault of the scouting team who recommended him to Arteta?
      Either way it is a very expensive mistake for Arsenal.
      He is simply not suited to the Premier League – a lot of players are not – Shevchenko and Veron are examples of that.
      We struggled to get rid of one German who was a terrible financial burden and have now replaced him with Havertz..

  11. Funny i was looking during the match who hasn’t scored yet in our starting 11

    Saliba done
    Zinchenko done

    Over to you gabriel and jorginho.

  12. We are second in the league, I say we are second in the leagueโ€ฆ..doesnโ€™t quite work does it but Iโ€™m, h a pp y ๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. I sometimes wish referees will be consistent in making decisions like this when it is an against Arsenal player. Bernando will do the same and get away with it. Same with Rodri. Kovacic got away with a similar dangerous foul last time out.

      1. Its the arab money, huge bonus when they ref a match in UAE if they negatively impact man city and Newcastle rivals.

        1. It’s an open secret that some filthy souls are messing up the game but some blindfolded fans still don’t see the writing on the wall. They keep making excuses for the officials week in week out, trying to be politically correct.

  13. Remember why oliver didn’t want to sent off kovacic to keep the match balanced. Apparently only applies to arsenal opponents.

    1. My same observation. Bunch of sad miserable souls!!! They always follow the rule book when it is the favour of the opposition and against Arsenal. That was the same referee that issued MArtinelli two yellow cards that resulted in a red against Wolves last season.

        1. I guess FIFA officials despite their egregious corrupt nature still feel like saints since they know what goes on behind closed doors in the EPL. There is a reason Arabs only have access to buy up English clubs among the Top 5 European leagues, bar PSG.

          Italian Serie A and Spanish La Liga don’t want them to erode their footballing industry and culture. To dine with the devil, you need a long fork.

  14. Michael Oliver is to Arsenal as Anthony Taylor is to Chelsea. Not forgetting Paul Tierney is to Liverpool ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    Some EPL referees are corrupt.

    1. Spot on ๐Ÿ˜œ. They are like 5&6 with the mentioned clubs and can’t seem to prove otherwise ๐Ÿ˜”.

  15. There’s some suggestion there hat Vieira was hard done by in getting his red card. That was an awful studs up that might have broken the players leg. But Oliver was so pleased to give it, it’s made his week.

  16. Great day at office, did’nt get to watch the game but going by the comments above it’s obvious not much happened in the game except the brilliant goals. It’s surely a great way to head into the int’l break. COYG!!!

  17. True, heading into the international break well within striking distance, as two of the most expensive assemble teams slugs it out at the Bridge tomorrow.

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