Confirmed Arsenal team to face Burnley – Unchanged team

Arsenal embarks on a journey to Burnley with the aim of securing three crucial points to sustain their title challenge. Mikel Arteta has unveiled the lineup he believes can clinch the victory.

Once, teams like Burnley posed a threat to Arsenal, given their style of play. However, that is no longer the case, and it would be quite surprising if Arteta’s men fail to secure maximum points today.

Certainly, Burnley is in a battle for Premier League survival, and in such situations, surprises can occur. Yet, as long as the players steer clear of complacency and stick to their game plan, victory against Burnley should be both expected and convincing.

Title contenders typically don’t stumble against relegation strugglers away from home. It would be disheartening to defeat Liverpool and thrash West Ham at the London Stadium, only to drop points against Burnley. Such a scenario is almost inconceivable and would indeed be a letdown for Arsenal.

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      1. Trossard isn’t as tenacious as Jesus is at high-pressing and he loses the ball too often, but I could ignore his weaknesses if he keeps producing goals and assists

        1. I think Jesus loses the ball more often, is almost always offside, and likes to fall without contact. He is also not as clinical as Trossard. But in terms of workrate, he is a pack horse.

        2. Jesus loses the ball also

          Trossard when playing in the middle of the park is when he loses the ball

          Upfront he’s a magician

          But Jesus has the tenacity and workrate

  1. The klopp pity party is full on, won’t see any major var decisions going against them now. Nailed on pen on toney not given.

  2. Burnley tried to take out both Martinelli and saka in the same play. Need to put this game to bed early to avoid injuries.

  3. Yes! Liverpool are looking set to collect all the maximum 3 points in their match away to Brentford this afternoon.
    But the only thing which I think the Gunners can do about the Liverpool win at Brentford. Is for the Gunners to wallop the Clarets by at least 0-4 away win by them in the match. By their so doing if the Gunners does it. Us will maintain our 3rd position in the standings.
    But us could move to 2nd in the table today above Man City IF Chelsea’s Cole Palmer carried out his threat to show Pep Guardiola the Citizens boss, what he has missed by his offloading him to Chelsea.
    So, let us hope for Chelsea’s direct sake and in-direct Arsenal’s sake. Palmer will carry out his threat to help his Chelsea club side force Man City to drop points in the Blues’ match against the Citizens at the Etihad later in the evening.
    Kudos to Arteta for his keeping a winning Gunners starting XI team to start the Burnley match.

  4. Looking all too comfy today. Need 1 more though to really relax….been there too many times where teams pull one back and we panic.

  5. I predicted a 4 – 0 win for Arsenal in this game. Still hoping for it to come true especially with Liverpool’s thumping of Brentford earlier today

    1. Hope you’re right
      I actually thought Burnley might score but with Saka just scoring then I’m on shaky ground

  6. I’m fearing a saka red card anytime he comes back to help white. Get that hat trick quickly and off u go bukayo.

  7. Havertz and Trossard anyone?
    I hope the referee keeps an eye on the fouls going in by Burnley.
    3-0 let’s see another 6-0 scoreline and WELL DONE the ladies!!

  8. Ridiculous I’m hearing 1 of the commentator saying how odegaard should be sent off for that tackle. Limited braincells detected

  9. Trossard are missing too many chances today
    Generally his finishing is good but today don’t know what’s wrong with him

      1. Indeed. Glad the women are doing well i tuned out having followed before it was a virtue signal once all media started adopting nefarious tactics to inflate clicks/views (leading to situations i thought i’d forgotten a men’s game was on.) Wish them the best but i disapprove of those tactics with my feet.

  10. Oh what a goal from our scapegoat Havertz!!!
    How silly he is making his detractors look once again.
    Another great squad performance and STILL ten plus minutes to go!!
    COYG πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. He offers nothing going forward and makes us feel a player short whenever he starts games lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      1. Angus, let’s hope those who have knocked Havertz from the very beginning will realize the truth of your words.
        Unfortunately, I can’t see it happening.

        1. Havertz is making me eat humble pie at the moment. I thought he was deadwood but lately my opinion is changing and if he continues to put in good shifts, I will change my opinion on him completely. I will not change my opinion that he should have been integrated slowly into the starting 11 rather than starting game after game when he clearly wasn’t offering much to the team. I felt that was a bit unfair on some of our other players that had better games but were dropped for the following game, yet when Havertz had a poor game, he started the following game again. In the last couple of games he has just about justified starting again the following game but he should be looking over his shoulder at some of our other players, whom have come on as subs and looked lively, such as ESR. So from my point of view, Havertz has definitely improved and I have been impressed with his recent performances, long may that continue and I’m rooting for the lad but one swallow does not make a summer, neither does one fine day.

          1. I’m afraid, I have to disagree.. Who should have been playing ahead of Havertz? How would you have set up the team?
            ESR, who people keep banging on about is not reliably fit enough for any length of time. Also, whilst he has had some OK performances he has not really been at the level he had promised to be a few years ago. Last season he was being benched by Vieira.
            Also, MFs such Vieira and Partey have also been out which has affected the MF setups.

            1. Hi David, it’s fine to disagree, we are both entitled to have different opinions. I was thinking there were more than a few occasions that Trossard was overlooked, for Havertz. Emile is clearly not match fit, last time he started he managed 55-60 minutes and after that he looked like he needed to sit down. He needs more minutes to get back to 100%. Based on performances so far in an Arsenal shirt, who would you pick Trossard or Havertz? How about a fully match fit ESR or Havertz?

  11. 22 goals scored since the break, 3 conceded; +19 GD. Liverpool and City must be taking notice.

    We must not celebrate since according to pundits and rival fans and even some fans son the forum as they are cock sure City will win the league. I assume we all have to wait till the end of the season to be jubilant and show no emotion all season.

    Regardless of who wins the league, this kind of performance should fill every well-meaning fan with hope. Only cynics would complain at the moment.

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