Confirmed Arsenal team to face Chelsea – Aubameyang is back

Now we all know by now that it is extremely dificult to predict who Arteta will choose for his starting XI in any match at the moment, and with our season practically over and no-one giving us a hope in hell of winning at high-flying Chelsea, I have a feeling that the boss will put out an experimental line-up in the hope that Thomas Tuchel has no ida of his tactics.

We are also hoping that Chelsea leave out a few of theit stars with the FA Cup Final looming this weekend, but Tuchel didn’t give us much hope in his earlier statement, but you never know!

But Arteta can’t be seen to be throwing the game either, and according to Patrick’s earlier prediction, he will stick with his most favoured line-up (injuries permitting) tonight.

Here is what Patrick’s predicted line up was….

Chambers Holding Gabriel Tierney
Partey Ceballos
Saka Odegaard Aubameyang

And here is the confirmed Arsenal team chosen by Arteta tonight….

Do you think this confirmed Arsenal team will be able to beat this in-form Chelsea side?

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  1. Kepa in goal – please put him under pressure 🙂

    Andre Marriner… I wonder if the commentators will bring up the last time he officiated our game at the Bridge.. let’s hope he’s been to specsavers since 🙄

  2. As predicted, Arteta uses a three-CB formation to counter Tuchel’s. The most interesting part is Saka playing inverted RB to cut inside

    Luckily Kante won’t play today, but Pulisic’s dribbles are usually dangerous and we will miss Lacazette. Hudson-Odoi and Giroud can some in as super subs as well

      1. I think it’s going to be 3-4-2-1, with Magalhaes plays left DM when we have the ball:

        …………………….. Leno
        ……… Holding . Mari . Magalhaes
        Saka . Partey . Elneny . Tierney
        ……… Odegaard ……………………. Smith-Rowe
        ……………………… Aubameyang

    1. “inverted wingers” again?Your favourite subject,other than keeping Arteta til December…

  3. He sees Odegaad as the superior player to ESR so always playing ESR out of position

    Meanwhile Odegaad can do better on the left since he’s a leftsided player

    Am happy though that he’s not playing Ceballos today

    1. I believe Arteta wants both Odegaard and Smith-Rowe to cut inside and pass diagonally to the other sides more often, hence he likes to assign them in their weaker sides

  4. I think Cedric may have insulted the Arteta family at some stage

    Just another MA outcast

  5. Well I hope for a close game. Sad Martinelli doesn’t get a start, he has previously scored a worldy against Chelsea. At least Willian is not playing. Simply the worst year I have known for Arsenal. When Arsenal were previously rubbish Terry Neil was sacked, seems that our guilty manager is escaping the firing squad for a worse offence.

  6. The clueless Arteta set us to lose before the whistle blows…
    Smith rowe and Odegaard doesnt work…How long before he learns..

    1. I’d agree in general but they’ve never both played central like they are tonight.

      Could work,might be terrible…who knows 😶

  7. A very surprising line up.Three right backs on the bench with our most effective forward this season at RWB.Two left footed centre backs in the back three.First time this has been tried by Arteta this season following on from similar tactic used by Pep at Man City last week.Did not work for Man City and unlikely to work for us tonight I’m afraid.

    1. Is it maybe 3 CBs and 2 wingbacks in Saka and Tierney?

      I’m lost with this lineups

  8. He’s experimenting Gabriel and Mari as CB’s today

    Two left sided CB’s

    Arteta has to be sacked
    The club is to big for him

  9. This man called Arteta will never listen, smith Rowe and odegaad in the same line up again. He benched Martinelli, Pepe and William, our wingers and Auba as a lone striker? Okay oooo, I pray he proof me wrong shaaa.

    1. ESR and Ode are actually both playing central for the 1st time with wing backs. We’ve only ever seen them play together when one is playing wide.

      It might actually work as they have complete freedom with 2 DMs and 3 CBs

      1. @ Mark yes to me, because its only a blind person will know that the guy is not meant to coach Arsenal….. Please don’t tell me that we won today’s game by his poor tactics because they only chance we had was the mistake jorginho made and after that it was Chelsea throughout the game…. He didn’t use any wingers that can disturb their defenders instead he field in two attacking midfielders……

  10. Un-balanced team in my view.
    Why climb uphill when a level playing field is possible?
    Trying to trust the process but having difficulty.

  11. Arteta experimenting yet with a new Gunners team selection tonight at the Bridge away to the Blues should payoff with a handsome dividends for Arsenal in the match.

  12. What on Earth is Holding doing on right back position when you have Cedric, Chambers and bellerin available?

  13. Arteta has killed the joy i usually derive from watching arsenal play&i can’t endure watching anymore,i just follow the proceedings online.i just that kroenke&family will do something drastic soon to change our situation for better

  14. Not the Chav team I was expecting.. can we replicate Leicester’s result against the Mancs?!

  15. Fans like gotanidea,dan kit&declan don’t even help matters with their ill manners when i come on here

    1. Yeah, exactly where have I been ill mannered?
      I certainly do not think I have ever conversed with you or mentioned you.

      1. Haha what a clown
        Haven’t interacted with you in months and you just bought up random names to make a drama .
        This is the one who was accusing Dan of cheating on his predictions game .

        1. Don’t think so bud ,keep away from you ,your just trying to make trouble where there isn’t t any

      1. Not today man,but i know you will still find a way to annoy the hell out of me before the night ends

          1. @Matthew, Got An Idea is one of the most sincere and polite posters on this site. Even when provoked he answers with his honest opinion.
            Admittedly most of his ideas are totally crackpot, but then so are Arteta’s, and at the moment I would have GAI as manager over Arteta every day of the week
            And I write this AFTER the game is finished

  16. Arteta can experiment all he wants…I ain’t complaining no more, I just watch the matches for fun and excitement….win or lose

    Saka can even goal keep if he wants or luiz cud play center forward…balanced squad or unbalanced squad… Am just gon enjoy a game of football and if its boring I do something else

    Ain’t no arteta gone take the joy of the sport away from me no more till next season…

    The Villarreal loss was the peak of the pain, now its time for inner peace and observation on where we headed to as a club…

    Win or lose..cuz my complaints aint gon change nothing…so let’s go gunners..

    1. Sue, Arteta has taken the joy of watching my beloved team away from me. He truth is, he should have been sacked after that Villareal match. I hope the club make that decision in the summer.

  17. I love when we play around with the ball in our penalty area, doesn’t make me at all nervous…

  18. Don’t understand why we are playing a makeshift right-back when we have a fully trained one on the bench for 8 weeks in Cedric..

  19. I’m beginning to think arteta picks a player randomly to drop to the bench every couple of weeks. Guess soares got the bad luck.

  20. We are struggling to play out from the back a bit. Time to punt it longer and use the space behind

  21. Thing is we’re playing a defensive game now and we always concede when doing that. We need to keep the ball in their half.

  22. We really need Laca on for a game like this, we have zero outlet. At least Laca could provide some hold up play.

    We look like we are going to concede any moment now.

    1. Agreed who would you take off and bring on?

      For me it’s Mari off Chambers on.

      I would also be looking to get Martinelli on at some point, may be for Saka if he doesn’t pick his game up after moving forward.

      After tonight, I would hope we don’t play any players who won’t be with us next season.

      No point giving other teams players minutes when we have many of our own who should be able to play against palace and Brighton.

  23. Chelsea’s pressing was much better than Arsenal’s, but Havertz’s finishing was atrocious. Arsenal’s pressing worked once and Jorginho’s error helped us

    Arsenal players’ confidence was very low, hence they couldn’t build from the back. Partey’s and Magalhaes’ heavy touches/ misplaced passes killed some of our attacks as well

    It’s impossible to improve the players’ confidence within 15 minutes, but we can counter Chelsea’s attack using Aubameyang’s pace. Hopefully Chelsea make another error

    1. I thought our build up play looked pretty good at times until we get into the final third. Then its non-existent.

      1. We were lucky not to be conceded, because we couldn’t break through Chelsea’s high pressing in our area. Our captain and the other senior players should’ve helped our coaches in improving the young players’ confidence

  24. What i see arsenal lacking are two components, a santi-esque player that can take the ball from our box to the centre half and a player upfront who can actually win headers upfront, apart from pepe none of the players are good at winning long balls. I feel once we can find this two specific players a lot of out defensive gaffes and fear hitting a long ball front due to inability to win the ball back will reduce.

  25. Please put aubameyang up for sale if this clown is our manager next season , how many players improved under arteta no one how many players lost there fire, desire and confidence , Tierney will lost his desire eventually under his management

  26. Leno has played really well, Partey is looking very good this game too.

    We can’t keep on the way we’ve been playing though, we will concede.

    Also you can see last game and this one that Tierney is lacking fitness quite a bit. Cedric should definitely be starting instead IMO

  27. Don’t be fooled by score-we play absolutely nothing!Disgusting,11 players behind the ball,in a 30 meters area in front of Leno,bombing everything forward and hoping for an Auba run.This is how we won FA Cup.,playing nothing.What kind of football is that,without even touching the ball?No shoots on target at all.No attacks,just desperate defending,a la Simeone.Tony Pulis will be jealous for this kind of crap.Arteta out,the man is delusional,desperate,trying to save his skin and reputation in any way,riding his luck all the way to the end.Chelsea looks like 2010 Barcelona,excenging 20-25 passes without any Arsenal player touching the ball.If this is the brand of football we are trying to preserve keeping Arteta,I don’t want any football.Coz this is not football,this is shiite and embarassing.Arteta out,what this man can do to be kicked out the door?Looks like he’s untouchable and I don’t know why.His incompetence and amateurism can be seen from de moon.Out,out,out,now!

    1. @anto. Spot in again but some posters here will tell you , next season their man with his brilliant tactics will win the quadruple…..thats how deluded some here are.
      Football is luck and we had it tonite, like the cup. I will take the win…..always BUT still want the novice gone. Playing a defensive formation whose cbs have not played together?

  28. Of course Artetanot bringing on speed to catch them on the break, if he’s going to play defensively

  29. everyone here watching every game must really love the club to watch this trash every week.
    I usually hate the summer break because i juat want to watch us play, but rhia year I cant wait for summer.
    I can only hope by some miracle we improve nexr season.

  30. Getting embarrassing now. Literally looking like a training exercise of defense vs attack.

    Need Laca and Martinelli on

  31. Arsenal doesn’t even have the ball for two seconds🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 what a coach and pattern we have got🤣🤣🤣🤣 y’all keep on with the comedy on the peach so I can keep on laughing,heard it’s good for the soul!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  32. ” The sort of performance you would expect from Sheffield United,but not from Arsenal”,said the commentator. Pretty much sums up our misery. I would accept this kind of grind if we had something to play for, but with nothing on the line you’d think Arteta would have experimented with something more creative. Damned, the Chelsea goal has been overturned more of this tripe.

    1. You must be watching the same stream as me 😂
      Embarrassing when someone compares you to shreff Utd

  33. Im here in nigeria, watching this shiit from arsenal and having a very very very good laugh!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Can’t really stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  34. Wengers time we have a forward moving midfielders and flowing passes now when we have a counter attacking chances first we look for a backward pass and all players are static , no movement . Only saka and pepe are capable of dribble past the players rest of them not even dribble past one player in front of him they just stand and pass the ball backward. There is no drive or energy from midfield

  35. AUBA is not captain material…In a derby we hanging on to a one goal lead and shajes his head while being subbed…No attempt to fire up his team mates to hang on to the win..

    1. Auba looking like he is contemplating a summer move and in fact I think he should go. Get those wages off the bill and hopefully grab a £30m fee?

      Get Willian, Kolasinac, Luiz and xhaka off the wage bill too. That’s over £900k a week.

  36. Anyone else got that awful feeling that if Chelsea get one, they’ll get a second as well. This is bloody awful to watch.

  37. So we’ve been through two right backs and still can’t manage to choose our best one this season…

    1. I know now why we had 3 right backs on the bench let’s face it none of them are really first choice. I would keep Chambers as back up, get shot of Bellerin and Cedric, move on one of osei-tutu or Swanson and loan the other. Norton-Cuffy is the man.

  38. Why can’t we just try and keep the ball instead of just keeping giving it back to Chelsea to try another attack. 6 minutes more of this hell coming our way. Hope we can hang on.

  39. Chelsea starting to run out of ideas in a very Arsenal like way, have a feeling we’ll get the points. Good on ESR for bagging the winning goal. For us true fans, it would have been better in the long term if Arsenal had lost.

    1. No it wouldn’t
      Losing tonight would breed a losing mentality which is the last thing we need regardless of your opinions on Arteta

  40. What a save!!!
    Can we possibly do the double over Chelsea?
    Four minutes of extra time – COYG!!!!!

  41. If we win this match i can’t consider it as a moral booster, the face of our captain (auba) tells the whole story, we can’t ride our luck like this through whole next season, we need a better manager than this rookie. He is costing us our club’s pride, now we will see players will prefer to play for Leicester, everton or even westham over us, our international fanbase is going down in recent years

  42. Gotta be happy with the 3 points, but not with the way they were won. Very negative and not the real Arsenal way.

  43. I hope MA comes out and openly admits we were terrible.

    You cannot fill a cup that is already fill to the brim! Time to put the ego away and learn from our mistakes


    1. @dboy Good comments. Just surprised, you didnt include the novice or did you also realise, it was in spite of him?

  44. Makes a change to break a long standing record for the better with our first win at the bridge for 10 years.

  45. Haven’t felt so down after a win since the FA Cup when ManU. battered us only for Arsenal to win the penalty shoot out. That’s football.

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