Confirmed Arsenal team to face Chelsea – Iwobi starts – No Torreira or Lacazette!

We are all hoping that Unai Emery learned a lot about his team from Arsenal’s defeat to Man City last week, and also hoping that his players have understood a bit more about how he wants them to play. There will still be a lot of experimentation until he gets to know his best team. As Emery said himself: “First, we want to build a competitive team. We are going to play away but we need to keep our personality, keep our mentality, because I think on Sunday against Manchester City, the team kept their ideas, kept their spirit in the game for the full 90 minutes, even when we were losing, and didn’t let [their heads] go down. That was a good thing, [despite] us losing 2-0. I want us to continue with this work and to be competitive for 90 minutes, but with a better performance than on Sunday, both individually and collectively. We want a good preparation before and a good response on the pitch to that preparation.”

Well, we all know that the team that played in the second half was better than the starting line-up, but how will Emery see it in another game that will be very difficult to win? We need to be tight at the back and try some fast breakaways. Ramsey needs to sort his contract out before he plays again I feel, so this is the team I predicted earlier…

Bellerin – Mustafi – Sokratis – Monreal
Guendouzi – Torreira – Xhaka
Ozil – Aubameyang – Mkhitaryan

I’m not expecting to be right as we hardly know how Emery thinks yet, but the official team will be here any second now…..

Interesting? Is this team good enough to beat the Blues? Or at least stop them scoring?



  1. jon fox says:

    We PLAY RUBBISH FOR HALF AN HOUR AND SHOULD BE 5-2 UP! WHAT’S GOING ON? Chelseas defence is even worse than ours!

    1. Kedar says:

      Should have been 6-2 mate

  2. Senile says:

    No matter the result…we were poor for a long stretch in the first half and the line is still not close to our strongest.

    The current score line shows a lot of weakness in Chelsea team who could have killed off this game by now with that start.

    1. Heyzee says:

      Sorry and we couldn’t also have killed them off too…especially with auba and mkhi missing sitters earlier on…take a chill pill and enjoy the game.

  3. Jumper says:

    Finally, the game worth watching!!! To be honest I was kinda waiting us to be humiliated again but somehow we found the right chemistry!!! Let’s stand behind our team accumulation of belief might lead us to great path!!!

  4. Kieron Blandford says:

    No issue with iwobi hell be a better player this year.
    Xhaka is my issue.

  5. msty says:

    Any of u still wonder why i always have iwobi in my starting 11 the guy is class just consistent but with time he is still very young….

    1. msty says:

      he is not consistent i mean to say bt still young

    2. Angus says:

      Iwobi’s biggest problem is that he is good at just about everything but not exceptional with anything so his presence on the pitch is a plus but he doesn’t have very many wow moments. His finishing is average though which gets him stick but average isn’t bad and at 23 it can improve. He doesn’t have any weaknesses he is average-good in practically every area. Podolski who was weak-v.weak in numerous areas had an exceptional left footed shot and fans loved to see it and loved him for it.

  6. Alldwayfromafrica says:

    First time am agreeing with you Mr fox…this game is greatly defying logic….I mean we could be 2 goals up after starting so badly…what the hell…

  7. dave says:

    Our attack is good (creating chances at least not converting enough though). Our defense is average with no support from midfield. We also have no one to bring the ball out from the back (cazorla replacement). I don’t know but i feel like i’ve said this before….many many times….for several seasons actually….nothing has changed

  8. waal2waal says:

    (to save blushes) Auba needs to carve a goal out of somewhere – he’s not proved lethal …at least not yet

  9. Roshan says:

    WHAT IS XHAKA DOING STARTING AGAIN! He’s been so useless until half time! Put Torreira on, or start Ramsey over him.

  10. ArseOverTit says:

    Game on.
    Ozil off Ramsey,Torre & Lich on

  11. Alldwayfromafika says:

    Can we get in the Uruguayan now….protect the defense better we can’t go afford to go down again…..xhaka should be butted off this team…

  12. Kedar says:

    If I count early Ozil chance then it should have been 7-2
    2 for Aubameyang
    1 for Mkhi
    1 for Ozil
    And 1 for Iwobi
    And we have already scored 2

  13. Sue says:

    Sick of hearing Steve Mcmanaman….. that Scouse accent is just horrible

  14. Sue says:

    COME ON ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Kieron Blandford says:

    No issue with iwobi hell be a better player this year.
    Xhaka is my issue..
    Iwobi showed glimpses of what he can for Nigeria

  16. TH14atl says:

    Iwobi. Auba
    Guendouzi Torriera
    Nacho Cb. Cb. Lichtsteiner

    1. TH14atl says:

      Same 4231

    2. GunnerConfused says:

      Yea that’s more like it
      And Leno

  17. Kedar says:

    Lucas is coming…

  18. I am sure wenger is watching …lolll

  19. Janmaar says:

    Our weakness is the right side, we get exposed non stop there. The the biggest Arsenal flop is Xhaka, i dont see what he gives to the team apart from gifting the ball to the opposing team with slow sloppy reactions and passes. Everytime hes out of position we get caught, bring Toreirra on!
    Iwobi playing good so far (kinda shocked tbh).
    Bring on lacazette and we are hopefully gonna win!

  20. Dee23 says:

    Well at least Emery is learning. He took of Xhaka and put on Torreira.

  21. Ackshay says:

    My heart won’t survive another 45 min like this. Its ridiculous how both team defence can be shit, one over the top through ball and arsenal defenders shit their pants. One cut back from the wings Chelsea defenders shit their’s.

    Never seen auba miss so many clear cut chances. We already knew he missed big chances so does salah and kane but atleast 1 in 2 he should score.

  22. waal2waal says:

    ..makes me wonder why it is xhaka consistently plays so poorly – if continues his stock will soon be on the wane. Well done emery getting shut of him for the second-half …

    1. jon fox says:

      WILL SOON BE on the wane? What happened to he has no further to wane and he has always been a great big, useless lump, cos that is the TRUTH! He MUST NEVER wear our shirt again.

  23. Kedar says:

    Chelsea is in mood
    Pressure is mounting
    May snatch a lead

  24. xhaka you are the weakest link. GOODBYE

  25. Kedar says:

    Arsenal are just able to keep the ball
    We are in trouble

  26. Kedar says:

    Why not Lacazzet… Why Ramsey

  27. Senile says:

    Ozil always giving ball away and does not pretend to chase the ball…

    1. Senile says:

      Now out! I give emery a pass for substitution.

  28. avenger says:

    Get OZIL OUT right now!!! we need laca

  29. Adienl says:

    Wow he substituted the useless Ozil. Wow, count me inpressed.

  30. Kedar says:

    Chance for Chelsea

  31. avenger says:

    Laca Laca Laca please!!!!!

  32. Senile says:

    I am looking Emery’s pressing now

  33. Kedar says:

    Chelsea is controlling entire 2nd half
    That’s not the good sign for us
    Good Substitution…

  34. Kedar says:

    Our missed chances are haunting us

  35. Mertinho says:

    Aaaaaaaaand its over.

    1. Innit says:

      Still 8 min plus injury
      Give them a freaking chance Mr Doom and Gloom

  36. TH14atl says:

    Lacazette gave that ball away because he had no one underneath him, because Ramsey the 10 had taken off down the field tryna run in behind. Mhki needs to be our 10.

  37. Ackshay says:


  38. Innit says:

    At least one more goal
    I will gladly take 1 point away at Stamford bridge

  39. waal2waal says:

    Mhiki to assist an help salvage the game STAND UP AGAIN

  40. John0711 says:

    MAybe people will stop think No we will win the PL with Kronkie now

  41. Rkw says:

    Bellerin should not start another game for arsenal he is worse than xhaka

    1. jon fox says:

      Both equally useless actually and both should go.

    2. Agree. Sell him to Tooting & Mitchem, Thetford Rovers or some Spanish shit team. Get him out of the Arsenal a.s.a.p.

  42. Innit says:

    We probably won’t finish in the top 4 but we can get something from this match. Still a few more minutes

  43. Leon says:

    Arsenal are a joke.
    This is the end of Arsenal as a big club.
    I must admit – I don’t really care.
    Dick Emery has no clue.
    Josh Kroenke is a f***ing leach.
    Sven and Raul are idiots…
    And Arsenal are bottom.
    Which sums them up as a club – pointless…
    EMERY OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. A.ball08 says:

      2 games in and you expect miricales
      I thought it was massive improvement fr9mast week
      Had chelski wobbling
      When was the last time we actually thought we could get some thing from a chelski game
      We will only get better and stronger
      The boss looks like he has the drop people

      Do us all a favour and go and support them mugs up the road

  44. avenger says:

    thats I was afraid of last ones in PL table
    frustrated what else…….

  45. This is a horrible team ever

  46. Lexynal says:

    1st Back-to-back defeats in 26years☺️

  47. Rkw says:

    No comment really … We are officially now part of the second tier of the EPL … That’s the wenger kroenke legacy but emery can’t be excused … Including bringing on Ramsey who was utterly feckless … Bellerin just played himself in to the reserves … Xhaka can’t start … but pretty hopeless all round … The kid was fine and torreira needs to start every game Monreal was ok too

  48. Roachie says:

    Time to ring Big Sam?

  49. jon fox says:

    We urgently need Bellerin, Xhaka, Mustafi and even Ozil gone from our club. They are just not doing what they need to do. Surely no one can disagree after watching the game today. Iwobi, you can now come OFF the list of those to leave. I have been telling everyone that Bellerin has not a defensive bone in his body. Who can now possibly disagree. Ozil is just a wimp and is turning into as big a weed and coward as WaLCOTT. I WILL NO LONGER MAKE EXCUSES FORE HIM. Xhaka should not play again for us ever and Mustafi is slow, clumsy and brainless. Why Lichtsteiner did not start instead of Bellerin is beyond me!

    1. Lexynal says:

      Just blame Wenger AGAIN for everything – for team selection- for top strikers missing seaters- for Emery playing Xhaka in first 11 for the second consecutive match despite poor performances last season and last match; for the tactics …for not able to hold a draw even in the match. Just blame Wenger again and you will have a big relief as usual; just blame Wenger for Lacassette giving the ball away and yet not marking Hazard enough to salvage his first mistake in giving the ball away in the first instance; just blame Wenger for the transfer business; blame Wenger for everything – that’s all you did last weekend!

      1. Lomomi says:

        Just Shut your gutter mouth!
        We all are glad your Idol Wenger left. The after effect of his uselessness is what we’re still suffering. Wenger left us a Useless team as useless as himself and maybe Youz

        1. Lexynal says:

          Just shout up that BIG MOUTH! Fans looking for all kinds of excuses. Aubameyand missed a seater,,,,is he one of the useless players left by Wenger? Could that not have earned a draw and possibly a win if he has scored?I am sure by the time we will the first game against some WestHarm or Cardiff – you will say the new coach is a Genius -(that he marginally turned so called useless players into super-stars). The message for fans like you is be objective……it’s a new coach, some players missed some chances….they are getting to gel…they will sure get better….with some additions in Jan We will get better. Get behind the team and stop blaming Wenger for everything. We could have earned a draw in that Match… simple!

        2. ken1945 says:

          Lomomi, t’s so refreshing when someone appears and offers such wonderful insight into the club’s present situation.
          Lexynal, you and Durand (in a earlier post) hit the nail on the head.
          The longer we keep trying to find a way to make sure Wenger is the cause, the longer we take to address the current issues.
          Rkw and the incredible lemomi believes that this is a legacy of the Wenger) Kronkie era, yet completely forget that the lowest any Wenger side finished was sixth. That was with all the so called dross and weedy players that Emery has inherited and without the five new players bought to improve the squad.

          It doesn’t matter what one believes, we can’t change the past anyway.
          If you keep your head in sand you’ll never be able to see the future.

          So let’s look at the two games under Emery and what has happened.
          Losing the game to City was a huge disappointment, but not unexpected. In my opinion we witnessed a team that would have given the Invincibles a great game.
          But the defeat to Chelsea could / should have been avoided if Emery had not done what our previous manager had been so criticised for.
          For two games running he did the following:
          Picking players out of position
          Picking players not in form, thereby suggesting he had favourites.
          Not playing players purchased to strengthen the team.
          No plan B and a plan A that wasn’t working.
          As I say, all criticisms thrown at Wenger and, in the last two years, rightly so. Can’t speak for others of course, but that’s my opinion.

          However, what I have seen that gives me a lot more encouragement than some of you doom and gloom merchants is this.
          Would we have come back from 2-0 down in an away game last two seasons?
          Would we have seen the positive substitutions made against”senior”players?
          Would we have seen the strength that the right team selection would give us once Emery has managed more than just TWO premier league games?
          He’s still learning and everyone said that he deserved to be given the time to get things as he wants them to be.
          One so called supporter even wants a “Emery Out”campaign started.
          Is this really the level that our support of the club, players and manager has sunk to?
          Just remember Pep, and Klopp in their first season, let alone Poch in five seasons.
          We’ve had so much disappointment in the last two years and it amazes me that both sides of the Wenger debate are being so pessimistic about Emery.
          If only we were more realistic about our club, the first two games might have been seen as the learning curve Emery needs… just my opinion of course, probably not speaking for the thousands of gooners who have their own views.

          1. A.ball08 says:

            Well said Ken
            Even though we lost and I feel sick for losing I was happy because 2-0 down and still felt we still had a chance
            Now the 2 openers are out the way I can see us hurting a lot of teams and cling up 3 point
            I liked our lines 2nd half
            We looked more compact
            Still a heck of a lot to do and still some Ayers to go but we will only get better

  50. Manoj Veeramanoharan says:

    Auba is the one to blame for whole game . 2 easy chances

  51. msty says:

    is high time we move bell to be a winger and play litch as rb we need the pace of bell but not as a rb… and now o see why laca is not starting.. why will you make such back pass poor thinking…

  52. Fkhalifa says:

    Aubameyang was poor, but fans are keeping mute,if it were to be iwobi or welbeck missing chances and being useless, fans would have bring the heavens on them and called them headless.

    laca’s back pass killed us today but he’s immune to criticism from fans..

    Bellerin was targeted all day and the boy tried all he could for his age..

    my conclusion is that we should go all out for a world class winger of about €50m, if we will have any chance of taking 3 points against a big side this year..

    As usual we were punished by our opponent’s high pressing fast wingers in Hazard, William and Pedro, while we had none,

    iwobi was our best on the flank today, though not a performance of a world class winger because that isn’t his position..

    A zaha,coman and bailey is needed asap in January.

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