Confirmed Arsenal team to face Crystal Palace – Very strong side today

So, there is only one hour to go, and we are waiting very impatiently to see who Mike Arteta picks for our very first game of the season away at Crystal Palace.

We know Smith-Rowe  is sidelined and Vieira, Tomiyasu and Tierney are most likely to sit it out or appear on the bench, but after our super preseason without those players anyway, we should be more than ready to take on Patrick Vieira’s tough team, who are extremely strong at Selhurst Park.

We may have lost badly here last season, but we will have a much improved and much fresher side this time around, but we will have to see how prepared Palace are as well.

This is the team that Patrick predicted earlier….

White Gabriel Saliba Zinchenko
Saka Partey Xhaka
Odegaard Jesus Martinelli

Well I don’t  think he is going to be far wrong but we will find out now as are just about to post the official team…

Here we go!


  1. ok team suoer weak bench, leta hope we are not chasing the game because there is no plan b or game changer to come on.

    Pepe could be but his confidence is at an all time low I would imagine.

  2. Strong lineup but our bench is kind of weak today. When everyone is fit we are going to have a strong bench.

    1. livestream….totalsportek……com / game / crystal – palace – vs – arsenal / 19986 /

      Remove all spaces and replace …….with just one .

  3. Eze will be determined to show his former club what they have missed, whereas Zaha will also work his socks off to make a big move at the end of the season

    I think Saliba should be able to handle Edouard, but Mateta is ready on the bench. We’d need to score first, otherwise the pressure could be too much for our players

    1. We finished 21 pts more than palace last season so we are a better team and have improved the starting line up. Another big change and why I think we will win, is because of the 5 sub rule 💪

  4. The season starts here, all i ask is we see an improvement on last season and we start to look like a team that wants to and can challenge. Prove you can actually do it Arteta, Patrick slapped your arse last season. No excuses now!!!!!!!!!

    1. Nothing wrong with that don’t forget Palace lost 4 games at homes only 3 teams did better, we were not one of them so tough game. Let’s go!

  5. 3-0 statement 3rd is ours, hard fought win we are on track, tough draw where we do dominate not the end of the world. Neville arsenal will only finish in the top 4 if Chelsea and United implode just said top 4 is must. He’s crazy scared about us.

  6. Palace had top 4 home form last year don’t expect miracles 1st half. If miracles happen then be very very optimistic.

  7. Probably our strongest line up if tiernay is not 100 per cent but.knowing xhaka is in line up is always a heart stopper … their midfield is weak so hopefully we have enough up front for a comfortable win to start the season … but a couple of injuries away from trouble

  8. I do not rate Odegard at all.. I don’t even understand why Thomas Partey and Chaka are in the team and Odegard gets the Armband 😠.
    Nothing Special and no steel.
    Anyways, 3 points to Arsenal, Jesus to Score ✅

  9. I ducking luv Selhurst, place is absolutely rocking. Drank too much with me old Eagle mockers and allegedly I’m going clubbing later😱

    Enjoy wherever you are watching.


  10. Completely different team tactics and attitude to what we seen at Brentford at the start of last season

      1. Yeah really composed guy, white can make a good right back but he should improve his concentration

  11. Carragher went from slightly better than Neville to questioning the tiniest moment of our players. Winning! ….. Desperate

  12. I loved Ramsdale before, after all or nothing noone should of been on the fence, love him more save.

      1. A good chance to score but he loves diving more. What a case study!

        I hope he doesn’t start the 2nd half as he’s likely going to get another.

  13. What Xhaka was doing??
    Absolutely rubbish…
    He could have been in better position to score
    Hope he is not getting 2nd yellow in 2nd half

    1. Good first half. Ben White still shaky. Saliba and Gabriel are the two that need play together in defense. Saka very quiet maybe due to tactics/formation. Either way I’m quite impressed so much so to comment which I very rarely do. Coyg

  14. Good first half with quick exciting football and what’s all the fuss about Xhaka he’s had a good half went over through momentum, no dive! Some of these comments are 😱

  15. Everyone on tv sounds so disappointed that we are winning. Cry more. Neville literally spent the week revving up the negative fans because he knew it was a tough fixture. So sorry, we are arsenal!

  16. Ramsdale’s and Magalhaes’ concentrations seemed low. A big team could capitalize on their errors

    I also agree with the other posters about Xhaka. Arsenal had better replace him before a disaster happens

  17. Great half. Saliba has had a great start same as Jesus his press and movement is unbelievable. I think Ben White struggles to get back in the CB position. Need another 2 goals to make a massive statement and another 2 solid signings

    Come you Gunners

  18. Good solid first half.
    We need to bury the game.
    Everyone has been on their A+ game tonight.
    Xhaka could’ve avoided that as he was through on goal, but still impressive game from everyone.
    Ramsdale’s dad will definitely cuss at him for those nonsense he was doing 😂😂

  19. @GB Those negative folks can never disappoint. It’s a new season and they are back. The whole team has played really well despite some shaky moment in the first half. We must start the second half strongly like we did in the first and get another goal.

  20. Saliba + Gabriel= Wall of Jericho. Saliba covering up for Gabriel and Gabriel defending well and moving forward. Great to see. I like what I’m seeing from Arteta and his boys, they just need to up the tempo to that of the first 15mins

    1. Yes been worried since towards end of last season. Decision to sell Leno might be a risky one because Turner doesn’t cut it for me.

  21. Another goal we kill the game. Xhaka absolutely stupid dive. Can’t leave him on or someone will win a fortune betting on him to get sent off. We were much the better team. Saliba looks good, but Gabriel Meg is a bit nervous. C’mon U guys another goal.

    1. Go away… we are winning away at the the team that had 4th best form in terms of losing at home. Still your pursuing an agenda. Watch the game, maybe cheer

  22. The new signings (Saliba included) are having a great game. Never imagined Jesus will be so good with the physical side of the game and close control.

    The first XI has improved but not so sure about the squad. Last 5 min. of the first half reminded us of the old Arsenal.

    How long can we play with high intensity? How much does Arteta rotate his squad? Can he utilize the 5 sub? Or is this going to be another false dawn?

  23. If someone can point out when Palace got beat by more than 1 at home last season that would be interesting.

  24. Game over. Pundit excuses galore from our rivals, from Dan Smith no doubt (he’ll wait), from everyone. Nobody did it last season, we do it? Shut up, sit down. Arsenal till I die.

    1. Hey Angus, why do you have to drag others names while celebrating? And have you really missed Dan’s positive articles about the club and MA? Anyways a very good game from Arsenal who battled pretty well with Palace on the physical front. Great start to the season!

      1. In terms of Dan directly to be blunt I believe he has ambitions and he encourages the outrage so his profile is raised. I find him to be completely devoid of any empathy for those he engages with in his comment section (if you want to be accurate he manipulates people into responding because he knows what he’s written and comments count on the cv.) That made me lose time for him, his consistent arguement last year that we were not in the top 4 race followed by his gloating about us missing it lost any semblance of respect I had for him running a prediction league. He’s angling a job at talksport. No thanks.

        1. Will add he will get a job at some point in that arena if ja aren’t paying already for the false statistics that will not drive and revenue. He’s already abandoned paragraphs. He also got to go to Wenger premier, most of us would drop everything for that. He’s fine and wil be regardless of anything I say. Doesn’t make me less inclined to call it as it is. He knows what he’s doing when he does it, why shouldn’t I call him on it?

  25. My MoM is Saliba. Thay boy is the real deal. Combative strong no-nonsense tackler. That is my type of defender!!!

  26. what a difference Zilichenko and Saliba made, both were great. imagine we played Cedric and Tavares instead, we would be trashed like last season. for now this is the main difference in our squad compared to last season. but we are still lack depth in attack and quality in meadfield. Xhaka very limited player and Odde can’t handale phisicality and opponents pressure. we need another top CM and top RW to realy be able to be dominating and imposing and not only good in defence.

  27. Saliba really excelled in his RCB role. Those vital strong and precise tackles inside and outside the box were nothing short of excellent. The MoM is between him and Ramsdale. I expect he will make mistakes because of the adventurous way he’s been instructed to play but over the course of the season, the team will benefit from his kicking prowess and close-range saves.

  28. We didn’t get bullied at Brentford last year we won more aerial duels than them such is the power of narrative from the United/Liverpool ambassadors.

    Loving them scrambling now.

  29. Great game. Stand out performers: Saliba, Jesus, Zinchenco, Partey and Martinelli. We need at least 2 new signings, a midfielder and a winger. It’s obvious Arteta still doesn’t trust the bench. He needs to be able to look at the bench and see game changers. I hope Ode having the captain band doesn’t mean he gets picked everytime even if he’s out of form. I hope Vieira will be good enough to be a competitor. I’m sad Jesus didn’t get a goal despite working his soc off and that’s on Odegaard.

  30. We’ll roll over a team like leicester playing on possession like this especially at our home ground.

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