Confirmed Arsenal team to face Everton today at Goodison – Raya starts Jesus on bench

Arsenal prepares for a pivotal Premier League face-off against Everton this Sunday. Following an inspiring comeback against Manchester United last week, Mikel Arteta seeks to maintain that momentum in this notoriously dangerous fixture.

With a hectic schedule looming, Arteta aims to keep his squad fresh and competitive, with five matches in 13 days. This presents an opportunity for rising talents like Nelson, Trossard, Kiwior, Raya, Vieira, and Smith Rowe to shine when given a chance.

Facing a struggling Everton side, currently languishing near the league’s bottom, Arsenal must be wary of underestimating them.

Previous experiences serve as a stark reminder that confidence alone won’t secure a victory. Arteta’s squad needs leaders on the pitch, voices that echo the importance of each fixture.

Complacency is not an option, and this sentiment should be etched in Arteta’s team sheet.

With a midweek Champions League fixture on the horizon, Arteta should aim for a streamlined approach on Sunday. A focused, no-nonsense lineup is imperative to secure the desired result.

This was my predicted Starting XI:


Tomiyasu White Saliba Zinchenko

Rice Odegaard Trossard

Saka Jesus Martinelli

Now let us look at the official confirmed team that Arteta has decided on…..

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  1. I want to see smith Rowe also get a chance. The Lad is too good to be on the bench everytime. The squad is strong enough to beat Everton. I predict 0:4 to Arsenal

    1. It’s actually very sad to see ESR rotting on our bench, lovely player that’s so gifted that’s Arsenal through and through.

    1. Viera starting a full blooded physical encounter? No Gabby Jesus? Not sure about that. Anyway COYG. We should have enoughm

  2. What a huge call, No Havertz or Jorginho in the middle.

    We seems a little light in midfield if you ask me, surely the gaffer has somthing up his sleeves.

  3. Sensing defeat here, we’ll be muscled in the midfield, as it looks so feather weight. Hoping for the best though.

    1. If Havertz had started,you would still complain..we all wanted Viera to start and we finally have our wish…but guess what,you still needed to find another fault

  4. The result of this game will depend on who gets the first goal. If we do, Everton would concede more spaces for Arsenal to exploit and score more.
    But if the home team get the first goal, we would struggle to get even, never mind winning if

  5. Getting those everton midfielder booked as early as possible will be key. Can’t play rough when already booked.

  6. Very interesting selection and I said in a previous thread that I wouldn’t be surprised if Nketiah started. So many changes though?

  7. Makes good sense to give Raya a warm up game before the CL match on Wednesday & Eddie justifiably keeps his place, but Vieira in for Havertz, now that really is a statement.

  8. Everton will be physical today, not sure this a game for Vieria, would have played Havertz for his physical ability, Trossard not sure, Saka should be rested and Jesus should be playing. We have CL in the week then Spurs. ESR maybe could have started, I hope this isn’t one of these games where the players are baffled as I am with the line up and formation. First fifteen mins will show us if it is working, I do hope so. Everton will feel they have an advantage against us, but we need to show them why there are a relegation team relegation.

  9. Cannot even celebrate a goal anymore ,as you know VAR are going to take 15 minutes dissect every passage of play leading upto the goal ,you get a bigger celebration from the opposite fans when the goal gets disallowed .

  10. 2 arsenal players are taken out in the same action yet that ref sees nothing. Remember cheat hooper was “suspended” after that wolves vs man utd match.

  11. A typical Dyche setup against Arsenal forcing us to pass, pass, pass with lots of possession and no end result. You would think Arteta would change tactics against Dyches’ game plan by now? We never do well against Everton away!

  12. Arsenal played very patiently to prevent counter-attack from Everton

    I believe Arteta plans to take higher risk after the 70th minute, if we still can’t break Everton’s defense

    If I were Arteta, I would’ve instructed Zinchenko and White to shoot more often, because Everton’s defense was a bit spacious in the half-spaces

    1. EPL as a whole has been more difficult this season. City scored their winning goal on 76th and 88th min with a 3-1-1 record at h/t, Liv is 2-1-2.

  13. Such boring pass pass pass. I can count only 2 good occasions for us one the disallowed goal (not sure on the rules but isnt it like the moment the ball played if player is offside then its an offside?) and the White chance. Need more directness in our play now that Marti is off injured…

  14. Most obscure stupid reason for an offside. Absolutely absurd. VAR are imbeciles. Nketiah was in no way interfering in play in ANY way….stupid decision.

  15. Our wingers are afraid to take on a player, can’t MA see Saka or trossard can’t take on there defenders we always passing sideways.
    These kind of games are won by shooting from outside the box.
    Hope to see that in the second half

    1. Saka bad run of form has gone under the radar. been very poor for some time now. Yes he has moment of magic but overall not good

  16. And people here have been saying we’ve been playing perfectly fine just because we’ve been picking up points.

    This is not sustainable, we may even win this game but if we keep playing this way we’ll be lucky to end in the top 4.

    If you are genuinely happy watching this dross and keep claiming we playing well this season then I’m not sure what you are watching.

  17. This team and the way its been playing so
    far this year will get exposed and embarrassed
    by Pool, Spuds, City and Brighton.

    Such a BORING, BORING product on the pitch

  18. What an uninspiring gameplan by Everton. They probably need to be relegated to the lower division at the end of the season. I do not wish to visit Goodison Park next season and in the near future.

    1. Exactly! They’ve been escaping it for two seasons in a row and still no changes. They indeed deserve to go down this time except they if can dramatically resurge.

      1. I would rather Leicester or Leeds remain in the EPL than those scums. They remind me of Stoke City of old under Tony Pulis.

        The game has evolved beyond the cynical approach and niggling fouling tactics that Everton still employs. It’s high time they evolve their team and recruitment or get relegated and languish in the doldrums of Championship, never to return again to the top flight.

  19. Not to mention all the times Everton kicked the ball away after the whistle but not 1 yellow , if that was us i doubt it would be same outcome.

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