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Confirmed Arsenal team to face Everton – Torreira starts

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Unai Emery is sure to send out another attacking Arsenal line-up today against Everton as it seems certain that we are going to concede some silly goals as usual!

So with that in mind this is the line-up that I predicted….

Bellerin – Mustafi – Sokratis – Monreal
Ramsey – Guendouzi – Iwobi
Ozil – Lacazette – Aubameyang

We are used to Emery surprising us with his choices by now, so let’s see what his line-up is for today.

Here it is….

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95 thoughts on “Confirmed Arsenal team to face Everton – Torreira starts

  1. Uzi Ozil

    Xhaka-Torreira. Just what I wanted. Hopefully it works and Xhaka enjoys his long balls and play further up.

    1. kev

      Overhyped pairing primarily because of Xhaka.If not for ineptness of Walcott and Richarlison in front of goal we would be trailing.Auba at the wing is still not working as he cant take on his man in a pure 1v1 but needs space to run forward.The RW and LW are dead but Laca has been terrible so we should sub him for Iwobi,move Auba to CF and bring on Welbeck too for Ramsey.The defensive positioning as usual is very shocking it’s unbelievable.Im just waiting for a papering over the cracks scoreline.

  2. Sarmmie

    Leno too needs to start, if emery is thinking long term and his plans are long term, Leno is who he should be using, not Cech

  3. Muffdiver

    Need a nickname for torreira

    Lucas the mucus ?
    The small guy with four wives (unconfirmed)
    The count of midget Cristo
    Asap blocky ?

  4. kev

    Another overhyped lineup.We will probably win this because we do well against Everton.Leno,Guendouzi,Welbeck and Iwobi should’ve started.I also hope Mavropanos comes back quickly to replace Mustafi who’s been dreadful.All I see in this lineup is forgery of Emery’s favourites into one team.We will though.

      1. kev

        Like What?If you’re talking about transfers then at times some are wrong some are right.Funny how Gazidis said ITK’s know nothing indirectly yet they were able to predict him leaving Arsenal when it never ever looked obvious
        I just say it like how it is.I don’t really care as I know what I’m saying is true.

  5. Abu

    Towards the twilight years of Wenger Era, Arsenal in ability to win matches when our rivals drops points, time and again every time Man U had an earlier fixture and it happens that they drop points Arsenal will not capitalize on that opportunity. Today’s fixture against Evaton is yet another chance to prove a point that this team is not same as last year’s. Get the 3 points will you?

  6. Fkhalifa

    I’m never of Ozil and Auba on the wings, it only looks good on paper but I assure you there won’t be threat from either side against them..

    On the other side,Walcott and richalison will probably make fans moan at bellerin again.
    Good luck to the boys anyways.

  7. Emma Jékánmò

    Man U & Chelsea dropped 2 points, let’s capitalize on them. Any win is acceptable by me….. COYG

  8. Rkw

    Couple of second tier teams thrashing it out though they look a bit stutdierbin defense .. mustafi belkerin xhaka Ramsey … can’t have over a third of outfield at championship level …

    1. kev

      As I said it’s just an overhyped lineup with players wrongly position.Its common sense.Its so easy to see Arsenal’s problem.Why and how some players in these team are rated is beyond me.

  9. TH14atl

    Ramsey gives us absolutely nothing that a proper number 10 is supposed to. Can’t connect a pass, doesn’t offer an outlet, doesn’t have the proper technical ability to retain possession in tight spaces. Simply sprints straight forward into the box as often as possible. Not good enough, doesn’t help us.
    Get him off get Mkhi on as the 10 and watch how much better we look.

    1. kev

      Please what have the likes of Xhaka and Ozil done in the game?People will probably forget their performance when they assist or score in this match but even Ramsey as bad as he is which I agree has contributed more to Arsenal than these two.

      1. TH14atl

        Xhaka has been equally useless. Mesut slightly less useless as he’s not a winger after all.mcouldnuse his technical ability more centrally. Miss santi as well

        1. RSH

          He’s not playing as a winger, that’s just his neutral position when we are defending. He’s given a free role like always and isn’t doing enough

          1. TH14atl

            I’m not saying you’re wrong. Mesut may not be good enough.
            Xhaka just not quick enough with his movements in my opinion. Others may see it differently.

      2. Ks-gunner

        You are full of bs and just trying to shift the focus somewhere else. The point with xhaka is that he is playing good enough and no other player is currently fit to replace him while ozil is playing on the wings and miki bench who could replace ramsey with ease. So f off

          1. kev

            Everyone’s opinion counts but I just don’t know why some want us to conform to their view.If a player is dreadful say it like how it is.

        1. kev

          Playing what good enough?He’s an average player.I don’t get why you’re even attacking the guy.He almost gave away a goal which I refused to mention because an average player does average things more times than not.Because he cant dribble we are struggling to find someone who can serve as link to our attack in the team.

  10. Kedar

    Ramsey and Ozil both are wasteful..
    Ramsey should be used as deep line CM alongside Lucas and Ozil as 10 and Iwobi as Winger…
    Ramsey is not useful as winger nor number 10

  11. southwest

    First 35 minutes and no particular input from Ramsey so far in the number 10 role… The whole team needs fluidity and urgency when on the break in order to dissect this Everton team. Walcott with 2 glorious opportunities so far, our defense has been flaccid. Holding on, boy stand your feet please.

    1. Rkw

      Poor stuff .. Czech has kept us in this … Ramsey off Ozil in middle Miki wider … emery has had a dozen games now to work this out … getting my worried about his learning curve .. though defense is a serious worry…

  12. RSH

    Decent showing, Aubameyang has been working much harder today and Xhaka is more influential with Torreira by his side. Ozil and Ramsey, need more from. Not in this game nearly enough.

  13. antonioro

    Cech,by far,our best player-playing home!I can’t believe I say this-replace Ozil and Ramsey (passengers on the pitch)with Guendouzi and Iwobi.

  14. Dan

    If we had been playing city or Liverpool would be 5-0 down by now absoulutely shocking just a mediocre team who will be lucky to finish in the top 6 can’t watch this crap any longer off to pub after watching that I need a few beers!!!

  15. dave

    Why on earth is ramsey on the field he never picks up any dangerous spots between enemy lines. Auba and ozil are clueless on the wings. End result is we never have a forward pass available, defenders are forced to dally on the ball…lose it and get blamed….its the bloody attacking midfield that sucks. This is ridiculous from emery we have 2 of the best 10’s in the world (ozil,miki) yet he’s cock-blocking the team with ramsey

  16. plastic fun

    2 average teams playing in the first half with uncooperative forwards
    and weak defenses nothing new under the sun
    Arsenal unconfident Everton more willing

  17. antonioro

    Sell Ozil and let Ramsey go at the end of season.They bring nothing to the team,both primadonnas dreaming about money only.Get rid of them both.

  18. RSH

    Still waiting us to ditch a traditional No. 10. Ramsey is not that, and Ozil is too inconsistent to rely on. If he’s not playing well in CAM role we are down to 10 men. Would love to see Miki start on right, and a Xhaka-Torrieira-Guendouzi midfield. More emphasis on getting the ball to our attackers instead of relying on our midfielders to create chances. Because honestly, they aren’t very good at it and haven’t been since Cazorla has left our side. Ozil’s “chances created” stats may be great, but if you watch the games, the quality of those chances are not very good. It’s just a stat that looks good on paper. What is Emery doing to truly change this side? I think we get a win this 2nd half, but I am still waiting for a real improvement. A breakthrough that we are going in a positive direction. Right now, Everton is still our level, and I dont see any difference from Wenger days

    1. gotanidea

      Very good observation, I am sure Emery is seeing it too

      But I predict he would replace Torreira with Ramsey, because of Torreira’s yellow card. Then maybe he would shift Ozil into the center and bring Iwobi in

    2. TH14atl

      Dead on. I don’t know that much improvement can be made until our personnel turns over a bit. Right now we just kinda are a 5th/6th place team that could maybe get 4th

  19. Ks-gunner

    We are trying to force or way into scoring as the team lacks creativity big times. Put Ozil as a 10 and replace Ramsey with Miki who should be running on the flanks. There is no other choice to make as this. We cant win without scoring from a set piece or free kick as Everton is playing us against our weakneses. Our strikers are crosing the ball where players who should do this are busy playing striker.

    Need to be careful with the fauls the ref today is quick in pulling them out. Everton are going to storm our defense ans look for a penalty for sure as well. Need to be careful

    1. gotanidea

      Mkhitaryan is not on the bench

      @RSH ‘s idea about putting more emphasis on getting the ball directly to the attackers is good. Because our midfielders lack the creativity and skills to dominate the midfield, including the overhyped Ozil

  20. RSH

    much better! What a goal Laca! And 2nd goal is us finally capitalizing on mistakes made by the opposition. Let’s see this game out now

  21. Alldwayfromafrica

    All of a sudden bang 2-0 from no where….but who’s complaining…. finally emirate has woken up….funny…

  22. Kieron Blandford

    Bring cazorla on!

    Gazidis knew what he was doing!
    Look I’ve remodelled the club completely so yluve no excuse etc etc He knew it would be a tough slog for some time now and he’d no longer be able to hide behind wenger.
    #were a middle table team

  23. TH14atl

    Couple of nice finishes. First goal came from a Ramsey assist from a simple trap and pass. Wish he’d do the simple stuff like that more.

  24. Alldwayfromafrica

    You mean after scoring @waal2waal
    And can we keep a clean sheet today…or is it still early to hope????

  25. Kieron Blandford

    The Emirates library.
    Why so quiet? Its embarrassing my dad came with me once for the first time and thats all he said, “no ones cheering or making any noise”

    1. Angus

      They only ever make noise to complain or if we are winning easy. Why I stopped going and it’s the regular season tickets holders who are by far the worst. Tourists are quiet, regulars are quiet unless moaning.

      1. Angus

        Wengers gone to so the it’s only because I’m fed up with Wenger excuse has gone. News flash they haven’t changed and there should be a honeymoon period for Emery not that you can see it.

  26. Bur

    Take that Ramsey off. He is pathetic. Wee no 11 Tiri is outstanding a bit of bite……..that is what we need

  27. Alldwayfromafrica

    Our best player all game long….@ks-gunner
    This game could have gone the other way round I’m the first half of not for cech…seems you don’t need your feet to make the difference.

  28. Babasola

    Ramsey 2 Assists
    U Think He’s Not Amongst Our Best Midfielder ?

    …That’s From This Crop That We Have – He’s One Of Our Best

    We Need Better Midfielders Though

    And Yeah …Finally, Cech’s deserved Clean Sheet

    1. Angus

      Ignore Xhka/Ramsey as always. Fans have their favs and they are favs regardless likewise they have their hates and they are hates regardless. Ramsey had 2 assists, Xhaka was great but yeah praise Torrirea who was ok at best.

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