Confirmed Arsenal team to face Fulham

After three resonably easy wins over Palace, Leicester and Bournemouth, Arsenal are expected to extend their winning run to four when they take on our local rivals Fulham at the Emirates this evening.

Fulham may be another newly-promoted team like Bournemouth, but they have been excellent on their return to the EPL and are unbeaten so far including a hard-fought draw against Liverpool, so will be in a confident mood today.

But this week brings a new problem, as Arteta needs to factor in the fact that have another game on Wednesday at Villa Park, so I have predicted that the Boss will be forced to do a bit of rotation to keep some fresh legs for Aston Villa, or at least make full use of the new five sub rule this evening.

Well here is the team that I “tentatively” decided on earlier…


So now we just have to wait and see which XI Arteta will choose to start the game.

And here it is!


Watch Arteta’s full pre-match press conference ahead of Fulham

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      1. Why would I do that?

        It doesn’t seem difficult to find a photo of the current players – and I might not mind if it were a former player like Henry rather than an ex-player who caused so much grief last season.

      2. Replacements weren’t mentioned:

        Turner, Soares, Tomiyasu, Holding, Sambi, Vieira, Smith Rowe, Marquinhos, Nketiah

        Sambi and Vieira only options in midfield.

    1. You mean he should be exile from anything that has to do with Arsenal.
      Do you guys realize many of these players still support Arsenal even though they don’t represent the team anymore.
      I thought we all say we should put the team first above anyone?
      Yaya toure and eto had prob with pep at both city and Barca.
      He doesn’t stop any of those players from being part of those club history.

      1. Good one Kaay
        Some people need to realize that this is “Arsenal FC” and not “Arteta FC”. They demonize anyone whom Arteta deems not good enough or casts away. Aubameyang had issues with Arteta, not Arsenal Football Club. So why should he be banished from the club’s history?

  1. Zinchenko’s left out for precaution after feeling a strain on his thigh.
    Partey out injured from a tight thigh too.
    Tierney screams depth.
    Elneny, hopefully he can step up confidently and we get this win.

    1. Partey injury is not surprising…
      Since joining Arsenal, I don’t remember has played continues 4-5 games one after the another…

  2. Bad news! Zinchenko and Partey are injured

    I think Arsenal had better hijack the deal between Paqueta and West Ham or sign another LB since Tierney is also injury-prone

    1. Sign another LB? A bit overreaction now are we?
      Zinchenko’s never been an injury prone player, he missed out solely cause of precaution. Means KT will get less get time and exposure to injury.
      Don’t start please.
      We’ve been singing getting a backup for Partey though

      1. I thought Zinchenko missed many games at Man City because he was injured? Tierney can compete with Magalhaes or become an LW

        As for Partey, we’ve got Elneny, Sambi-Lokonga and Azeez

    2. Agree on the Paqueta deal GAI could make us strong contenders he’s a step up from Odegaard but apparently he as a big ego ,which we know Arteta Cannot handle .

      1. “Cannot handle”? Why do you use such over-emotive language?

        back in the real world, Arteta is right that players with egos are toxic and can wreck a squad’s harmony.

          1. How is it a “fact”? Do you *know* how Arteta feels, what he can handle etc?

            No, you don’t – and that is the only fact in play here.

            If you could just bring yourself to post sensibly and say “Paqueta has ego problems” my response would be different – I’d be saying “That’s interesting, where did you hear that? That could explain why we’re not signing him”.

            But no, you had to have a swing at MA, you just couldn’t help yourself.

            Do you have anything to back up the statement re Paqueta?

      2. I got different vibe from Paqueta. But maybe Arsenal don’t want the Brazilian clique to grow further, as we’ve got four Brazilians

    3. After Paqueta (reportedly) said he was only looking for CL football he didn’t seem a good signing, but if he’s prepared to go to WHU (and it’s hard to understand why he would want to do that)… then he does seem a good buy (if he has the right temperament).

      I hope we do hijack that deal. Seems a bit late though.

      1. I heard his agent has been talking to several EPL clubs, including Arsenal, Man City, Spuds and Newcastle

        But only West Ham launched an official bid, so he didn’t have much choice

        1. Maybe after today they’ll be thinking hard about it.

          I note your comment above that you got a different vibe (from the poster above saying he has ego issues) – the other possibility is that Edu has met him and didn’t think he’d fit the squad ethos.

          It was reported that he was only looking for CL football if he moves – and that’s not a good sign (but it was onhly a report and 90% of such reports seem to be made up on the spot by an armchair journalist).

          Time’s getting short!

  3. Damn this day started good with city down 0-2 and chelsea down a man then haaland happened and mendy became a wall.

  4. Still a strong lineup no doubt, clearly this screams squad depth. But the signs are obvious, injury has reared its ugly head quite early, MA and Edu should have been proactive but it isn’t too late to react. It’s time for action. After today’s WIN, they should get back and get in more signings to keep our options up so we don’t once again rue our chances which is becoming too consistent.
    3 points to the boys today…sure win.

  5. As expected Partey is injured once again. But we seem to keep overlooking to need to strengthen in that position. With both Arteta and Edu being former midfielders, I expect they would know better.

    We have a great chance this season to achieve something incredible, but the apparent lack of interest in adding quality and depth to the midfield may just cost of so dearly.

  6. Problem now, Xhaka will play as CDM or CM today instead more advance role because Partey is not there and Elneny is not as good as Partey.. Xhaka is vulnerable into CM or CDM position… Our Midfield May get overrun…
    Also Zinchenko use to drift into CM position which allowed Xhaka to more forward…
    But now I don’t think that will happen as Tierney is more of old school LB compared to Zinchenko…
    Interesting to see how we gonna cope with this shift..

  7. Would have liked to see Marquinhos get a start ,sakas been off form the first 3 games
    Anyway still strong team without partey,but 3 games and he’s already getting rested ,does not bode well .

    1. Saka hasn’t been off form for three games but since last season, we need a new winger and a midfielder, our dependence on Saka needs to stop; he needs competition in his position.

  8. So there goes the midfield … hopefully enough upfront to see them off .. so long as defence doesn’t get bullied … the idea we have enough in the midfield in this squad just beggars any sense of credulity .. hoping Jesus continues his form and saka perks up … lpool have put our 3 against bmouth into perspective

  9. I so wanted Zinchenko to start versus Fulham. Solely for the reason that Fulham have been thriving most on risky plays by the opponents which the player like Zinc would never do. But still happy that Elneny is in. He is a safe player.

    The match today will be decided based whether Arsenal plays safe and secure and not let much probable goal conceding situations. Let’s rock n roll.

  10. This is my exact concern an injury to Partey.

    Not Tielemans, we need a player when added actually improve us in the midfield.
    Savic is that player, we can remain around the drawing board and strike the rod whilst still hot.

    1. I’ll love Savic, he’s my dream midfield option but no way he’s coming here to be sitting for Partey, and no way Partey’s also sitting when he’s fit. So you see it’s not that easy.

  11. I don’t understand what all the fuss is about though. Both players were clearly left out due to precai and Partey’s injury sounds more mild than he could’ve gotten.
    It’s just a tight thigh.
    Give it a few days rest and he’s back. I bet he’ll be available next weekend for the United game, same as Zinchenko.
    The club’s handle clearly said Precaution for Zinchenko, and Partey’s own is clearly not serious and now like a precaution too.
    This is still a very strong line up.
    Let’s focus on getting the win 🔴🤝

  12. Look at today’s midfield and ask yourself if it is good enough for the top 4. To me as solid as Elneney is he is not good enough for a top 4 team if he needs to play 10-15 games as a result of Party’s injuries.

    Criminal we did not look for a better back-up to Partey.

  13. No easy games in the prem as the cliche goes but not sure where anyone got the idea that Fulham at home is harder than Palace away. Can guarantee Fulham fans do not believe their away form will be better than Palace’s home form. Similarly a lot of our struggles last year were away from home. Finally we haven’t lost to a promoted team home or away since 2018 when Wenger lost to Newcastle 1-0.

    As attractive as the football Marco Silva employs is (and it will be a test for a defence) they are exposed at the back. Nunez ran riot in a substitute appearance with a goal and a silly number of shots for his minutes and Toney bagged 1 and had one chalked off by var. Honestly see a Jesus hattrick here.

  14. Some nice play down the right .. but no real threat down left and lack of creativity in the middle is blatant …

  15. Can anyone explain to me why white is on the pitch .. we have a better right back on the bench and his decision making is poor

  16. We have massively improved on the off the ball movement. This is why our play looks less static and slow.

  17. A45 minute lesson in why we need to invest in quality in middle of park .. no one to take if from back hold and drive forward .. why is this so difficult for arteta to understand

      1. Controlling middle gives our forward options more options .. so far one clear chance for saka isn’t good enough

  18. I dnt know what to make of this game actually…… I think Fulham has been very tight, Saka very disappointing, the rest are doing well

  19. Why is the crowd so quiet? Like all the season ticket holders who were selling their tickets have decided to start going again. Disappointing. Otherwise decent enough. Xhaka has shown he can be a threat without Zinchenko. Elneny has been solid. Not as fluid but the goal is clearly coming.

  20. What are we complaining about is I don’t understand. Fulham are no pushovers. There are high in confidence as well as the results. They drew against Liverpool. Their defense is solid. The fact that we came so close to scoring on multiple occasions is the testament of how we have improved. Really like the game so far.

    1. Don’t engage with the negativity they don’t listen, don’t remember what they said previously and drag you down to same level. Not worth it.

  21. Plenty of opportunities despite Fulham’s park-the-bus tactic

    The team seemed to have missed Partey’s and Zinchenko’s playmaking abilities. Tierney isn’t a deep-lying playmaker and Elneny doesn’t possess Partey’s dribbling skills

    I guess we’ll approach Leicester for Tielemans soon

    1. Tielemans would superb addition to this midfield…
      We should have snap him very early the way we bought Jesus and Viera…

  22. Partey injury could be a blessing as it might mean we get cover.

    Not nice to think that way, but we lack adequate depth in his position.

  23. How on Earth we’ve ended up with more yellow cards, I’ve no idea, this ref is one of the worst I’ve seen, applying different criteria to both sides

    1. i cant even be mad. I was just laughing that he’s so much of an amateur. Another poor ref added to a league already known for bad refereeing.

      1. Yeah… Last week hé gave Trippier straight red and later on embarrassingly overturned his own decision after VAR’s intervention…

    2. Yeah I saw that but swore I’d stop my ranting posts via a vis refferee’s. He’s controlling the game in favour of Fulham, don’t think it will work but smacks of the nonsense that happened to Wenger’s side.

    3. Jesus needs to be very careful, that ref will be itching to card him and he will be targeted by Fulham.

  24. all fine and well just a bit of slowness. As we know, Elneny is limited and only does simple passes, not finding runners and shifting play quickly enough. Saka, needs to put his big boy shoes on and needs to be scoring that chance. Make everything one notch quicker and I’m certain we can get a goal.

  25. I am surprised how the fans are disappointed with Saka today. He is being immense today. We are just not playing versus Bournemouth today, it’s Fulham. They might not be a big name yet but look at the table. They are really good this season.

  26. A partey back up is essential but the big problem is that players with partey skills are rare and aint gonna come to be a bench player.

  27. We need to pump crosses in the box and watch one of the Fulham player topple Leno when he comes to claim a high ball😅

  28. Started second half well. Zinchenko is a big miss in my opinion. Plenty of game time left. Come on the boys

    1. Your the worst kind of fan is. Get back to me when Fulham away outscore palace at home. Totally against the run of play. Your awful. Go away ijs

              1. +1

                But rememebr your own advice mate – ignore the Doom Squad 🙂

                (I know, it’s hard, they’re annoying)

  29. You see why I dont rate Gab, he has cost us so many goals with his poor playing out from the back.


  30. Commentators said we have never won a game where we dis not score in 1st half.

    This shows Artetas lack of ability to adapt during a game.

    He has the players to do it, but can he?

  31. Saka has been soo wasteful today, showing more than the last 3 matches but still not good enough.

    1. Robinson is nothing impressive should not be getting beaten so many times by him. He’s on a yellow now too. At least Arteta made an early sub. Tierney has contributed nothing to this game.

      1. 👍, We need different styles of players. A nimble Jesus and a dominating Mitrovic can be a deadly combination for our opponents. Doesn’t have to be him, a big controlling forward and a DM, our team is heading for the top.

    1. Martinelli’s delivery has been suspect only takes once! Gabriel redeems himself. Thoroughly deserved.

  32. Why is Arteta doing this? The best man on the pitch off. Why are we defending at home against Fulham???

    1. The way you spell Fulham is wrong. It’s FULHAM. They are so good this season. Don’t get carried away by what the big NAMES are.

      1. 🙂 Relieved about the win – but worried when we actually get to play against the big names. Yes , Liverpool drew against them but I think old gnasher gave the a cruise missile up their backsides, judging by their performance today.

  33. Odegaard is so ice cold in his interview. Love the personality. Really love his comments on what’s the goal next match. No excitement over the win. Just an undivided focus what’s next. Love it.

  34. Thank you gunners for a hard job Weldon….. You guys really make us proud….. 3 points cleared ….. Next game please ….. COYG

  35. This team is beginning to show mettle.. W got nervous after scoring our second goal. I hope they get better coaching on game management. Against the likes of Chelsea, Man U, Liverpool etal, we’ll prolly finish the march 2-2…

  36. Hats off to Odegard. He was phenomenal no doubt. These kind of hard grind wins Is what will count come the end of the season.
    4 down, 34 to go. COYG

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