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Confirmed Arsenal team to face Lazio – Torreira and Lichtsteiner start!

So we now have Arsenal’s last pre-season game before we take on Man City in our opening League match, so we are hoping to see how Unai Emery lines up his starting XI to see how he sees his team for next week. bUt now that seems unlikely, as Unai is starting with fringe players other rthan the newly returned Torreira and Lichtsteiner…


The great news is we are going to see Torreira in the famoUS rED & wHITE FOR THE FIRST TIME,

And here is the Lazio side…..

92 thoughts on “Confirmed Arsenal team to face Lazio – Torreira and Lichtsteiner start!

  1. Chiza

    Dembele deal looking to fall through…increase in wage demands trying to break down already agreed deal… He agreed personal terms verbally but had a change of heart…arsenal not willing to agree to what Dembele wants… It is becoming dangerous now because i see arsenal going for another winger.. But let’s still keep a close eye on the Dembele transfer.. So many things to happen from now till deadline day… But it doesn’t look good at the moment but things can change quickly..let’s keep faith

    1. Afc

      How do you know this info? I feel we need another defender I just don’t think arsenal are ready. Also losing kolosinac is a massive blow. Why won’t arsenal just go big on a top class defender.

  2. Chiza

    Arsenal now silently going for Zaha…more to come though…just take a drink,put on your seat belt and enjoy the ride to deadline day

      1. GoonerP

        Kev got many rumours right?
        Arteta, Ramsey, Dembele, Wilshere to some Turkish team, you are seriously having a laugh!

            1. Lix

              He did got all right just that it fell through. Arsenal did went for Lemar and the others so he was right about them.

  3. Cliff

    Trying to figure out the formation as I can’t see a left back on that line up.Or will it be AMN.Where is Monreal?

  4. Chiza

    Dembele deal was verbally done…Dembele is still arsenal preferred target but Zaha is coming in as a plan b….. Dembele would still be signed… Just the normal huff and puff here and there

    1. Declan

      Dembele has returned early from his holiday to show Barca he wants to fight for his place so stop with th3 false rumours.

  5. Declan

    Looks a decent alternative line up and am looking forward to seeing how they perform. Everyone needs a game and this is the final tryout before it all kicks off next a Saturday.

  6. Chiza

    I’m not here to act like Kev…I’m not here to impress any one… I’m only telling you guys what I know…alot of things happen in the transfer world..things change quickly and sometimes things don’t go according to plan…I’m not perfect but i would only tell you what i know

      1. Phil

        So @Chiza-What exactly DO YOU KNOW and where did you get the information from?
        Don’t tell me-a bloke down the pub told you.Am I right?

  7. Gifted

    I think Emery rates Reis’s Nelson and wants to promote him to first team as our winger..The boy has literally started all the preseason games

    1. Afc

      If arsenal go into the new season with the defence they have now they won’t be competing for any prem title. Winger or not

  8. Chiza

    Arsenal will sign Dembele…but if things don’t go to plan then Zaha is our back up plan..our plan b of course

    1. sanmi.marvellous

      Why using the word “will” for something that is uncertain?

      Do you understand English at all ?

      The only reason you are spewing these rubb*sh and you are not challenged is due to Freedom of Speech.

      So, continue to enjoy your freedom to post bollo*ks.

      1. jon fox

        Many have challenged his posts as total make believe. They are what he wants happen, NOT WHAT WILL HAPPEN. He cannot understand the crucial difference.

  9. I

    Though I am happy we got a another coach. How many on here realize Wenger’s innocence in the off- position BS here. Emery has played AMN at left back and Auba at left wing. How many on here used to roast Wenger for this.

    1. Phil

      What do you expect Emery to do with Kolasinac injured and Montreal not yet fit?Play Lacazette At Left Back?You tell me what other options he has available if not AMN.

      1. I

        If Torreira, Xhaka and the new RB who all resumed at the same period as Monreal started, why do you think Montreal who didn’t sweat in the world is not fit. I am not blaming the coach. My point is that some players are usable in positions other than their preferred position. But some fans seem to know better than coaches especially when things go bad.

        1. Phil

          What are you saying?I merely pointed out that Emery has no back up for Montreal other than AMN.Wind your neck in Pal

        2. Hokage

          @I what @Phil is trying to make you understand here is that the club’s current situation at LB leaves Emery with just Monreal to start the seaaon and could play that position for more than 2 months cos his teammate in that position is out for months while playing in a “pre-season friendly”….so tell me if you risk your sure starter who has no natural back up for a friendly and he gets injured just days to the start of the season who will you field against City and Chelsea?

  10. ger burke.

    chiza, you are the biggest fraud on here my friend. you have let yourself down badly. however, i do hope that you have learned something from all your loud mouthing about dembele, oh dear.

    1. Chiza

      Get a bit of sense.. I’m not here to impress you.. I’m only giving out information that i know

        1. Chiza

          I’m not forcing anyone to take me serious…i would only drop my information and move out.. No time to waste…if it comes through fine.. If it doesn’t then remember nobody is perfect

      1. Phil

        What information and where did you get it from?I think that is what we are asking.Is it too secret for you to divulge your sources?Anyone can come up with anything.Give us THE FACTS

  11. I

    I think Emery us trying to keep his premier league opponents guessing about his preferred starters ahead of the season. I like that though.

  12. Gifted

    @Chiza Please stop embarrassing yourself ..You remember telling everyone to pop drinks? You just a wannabe dude

    1. Chiza

      Look it was verbally agreed… That’s why i told everyone to pop their drinks… But I’m sure not everyone popped because i don’t expect everyone to believe me after not everybody believed Jesus is the Messiah

  13. Alatari Douglas

    The team is performing well and I can see we’re pressing lazio whenever we’re without the ball. Feels good to watch arsenal play like this, impressive, and this is not even our strongest squad…

  14. Innit

    Hopefully not our starting lineup for City.
    Would prefer Aubameyang, Ozil and Mkhitaryan to Iwobi, Nelson und Nketiah.

    Hopefully both Monreal and Kolsanic get to 100% soon.

  15. D mc

    Hi admin what is that site that lists all the streaming sites/channels that will be showing the arsenal match??

    I think you posted it last time for the psg game

    Cheers in advance 👍

  16. Innit

    Liverpool are demolishing the Serie A runners up 5-0. but Liverpool have a fuller starting line up ie Salah, Keita, Firminho, Ailison, Mane, Clyne, Van dijk etc. They still have talented players on the bench.

    Our bench ranges from mediocre to decent

    1. Declan

      So you’re watching pool then? Do we care what they are doing?
      Anyway, back to the Arsenal, interesting game, funny enough Xhaka and Iwobi playing ok imho. Lichsteiner looks quick with a good range of passing and Torreira fitting in well. I thought Nelson was offside but he was quick to follow in. Looking for2ard to second half.

  17. dave

    arsenal lack a composed ball player in midfield. Our defenders are always having to take an extra touch before a outball becomes available and this is inviting pressure onto our defense. when our midfield gets pressed they are passing the ball backwards again inviting pressure onto our defense. The player we missed most these past 2 seasons was cazorla with his ability to hold the ball under pressure and distribute it forward and we still haven’t replaced him 🙁

    1. Innit

      The old Cazorla and Torreia with Ozil would have been perfect central combo. Xhaka/Ramsey < Cazorla

      1. dave

        that would have been a great midfield. Its not that xhaka and ramsey are bad players its just that no combination of them gives us a balanced midfield

  18. GoonerUTH

    If Iwobi had a bad 1st half he would’ve been killed, literally killed. Nobody is saying anything now. Well done Iwobi. Lichtsteiner looks very calm and composed.

    1. Senile

      Iwobi is not has bad as people make him to be here. He is got talent but not consistent and can be dissapointing. I think that apply to most of the squad under wenger with some not even played in the right position.

    2. Phil

      Yeah Pal I am watching the game-I was also watching when he got through on the edge of the box and didn’t have a clue what to do.So he scuffed an embarrassing toe poke well wide.Useless player who will NEVER be a first team player as long as he has a hole in his ARSEnal

  19. Avenger

    I have enough of Iwobi please get somebody else at front he never finish properly the last touch

    1. Phil

      Mate he is and always will be a second rate footballer.He is like the runt in a litter.Theres always one and he is it.Talentless nobody who is already behind Nketiah Reiss Nelson and Smith Rowe.An absolute embarrassment of a footballer.

  20. Ojay

    @GoonerUth,i was just thinking the same thing,iwobi would have been called a headless chicken

  21. dammy

    but I thought Ramsey is supposed to be the saviour in this position….or what is his position in this squad…. I guess you are not confident with him… well ….. so am I…if this his the type of player we want to make captain and build the squad around…. then am sorry for the coach….

  22. Douglas

    Guendouzi should start against City, he looks the real deal, impressive & hard working, I mean, this guy is everywhere in midfield. He has successfully outshone Torreira in this game for sure. For me, we got a rare gem 4 little & I believe he has a very bright future @ Arsenal FC.

  23. Phil

    Again I would like to clarify this point very clearly-I do not HATE Alex Iwobi as a person.I believe he is an absolutely useless footballer who will NEVER be good enough to play for Arsenal Football Club.
    You can come at me as much as you like but he again proved this evening exactly what he brings to the team which is NOTHING.He created NOTHING.He contributed NOTHING.He made absolutely NOTHING happen.What he did Do was make himself look an absolute CLOWN when through on goal and he does what he always does-FLUFFED IT.He could not embarrass himself any more if he tried.Useless talentless player who again showed his utter lack of even basic ability this evening

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