Confirmed Arsenal team to face Lens – Havertz starts

Arsenal will progress to the knockout stages with a win this evening at the Emirates, and this is the team that Mikel Arteta has selected to achieve that goal.

Depending on the result of the Sevilla vs. PSV game (Sevilla leading 1-0 at the time of writing), Arsenal will go through as group winners, which is important. Of course, there is also payback for the loss against the French side in the first game between the sides. So, there is more than enough motivation and incentive for the lads to secure a victory tonight.

That said, Lens demonstrated in the first game that they cannot be underestimated, and they also need a positive result from this game to keep their hopes of qualification to the knockout stages alive.

If Arsenal play to their true ability, they will win. However, on occasions this season, that has been a significant if. Hopefully, the lads will not let us down and will pick up all three points.

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  1. What on earth must Aaron Ramsdale be thinking tonight?
    I just hope that MA has handled the situation in a better and more professional way than he has with other players who he decided were not needed.
    The squad? Looks strong enough and I have a feeling Havertz will steal the shoe tonight.

  2. A draw will be enough to secure top spot with Sevilla winning today leading 2-0 at 66min.

    Had to jinx it, Sevilla just gone down to 10 men ffs

  3. If Sevilla wins, our game is likely to be inconsequential, meaning there’s no pressure or room for excuses. This provides an opportunity for players to deliver good performances without any added stress. Two players in particular need to prove their worth.

  4. Came to the game after the goal. What a surprise that Havertz scored!
    Raya starting was no surprise to me because we weren’t- or still aren’t- assured of top place. Why throw in Ramsdale into a high pressure game when he has been treated so appallingly? Sorry folks, I can’t get too hung up on …. What a sweet goal …. anything more than an Arsenal victory

    1. Spot on Sue. I’m more about the team than an individual because that’s the way of life.
      Maybe Ramsdale should borrow a leaf out of Harry Maguire’s book and just keep giving his best when selected and the rest will work it self out 😁.

  5. Good job Guys. Hope the next round is kind to us. I see us getting to the semi final of this competition. COYGs. We need that residence and luck

    1. Even last 8 would be good, just wanna get to that stage where you start to thinking we can win this. Those high stakes games experience are essential for a still young team.

      1. Yes Ackshay.
        I believe this team has that confidence, residence and experience to go far in this competition.

        One thing is, we are topping the group. If we win the second round and the quarter final we are in the semi final.

        This team deserve success this season. I have been laughing out loud at Man united. They should be in the europa conference league.

        1. Looks more likely they will now finish bottom of their group and have NO fatiquing European football this season. We NEED them to finish at least third.


  6. They are having a real go at Saka – take him off perhaps, as the job is done.
    Anyone watching Havertz link up play?

    1. Lens deserve a thorough beating tonight. We need 3 more goals in the second half. Saka should be taken off at half time. G.Jesus and Martinelli also. We can’t afford an injury to these key players.

      1. He was objectively one of Chelsea’s best players when he was there they were just terrible overall. Stats will back that up both him being better than those around him and overall it being not impressive. He was being played upfront which isn’t his best position because he was good enough to do a job there where others couldn’t. Never got the hate he gets, wasn’t certain he’d excel with us either and understood the question marks when actually reasonably presented but the outright he’s useless narrative and hate was insane.

    2. No KEN . NO ONES WATCHING AT ALL. We are all watching Coronation Street instead.
      Not sarcasm, just my own warped humour!

      BTW, I hadnt realised Ena Sharples had died, as I’ve not watched it much. lately.

      1. Indeed Vamos, as I’ve said before, a scapegoat is always required by some “fans”.
        Your not a German international if you can’t play football!!
        Half time 5-0 all different scorers absolutely brilliant and time for some substitutions.

    1. Not just 5 different players but our preferred front 4 and Havertz – Ode, Martinelli, Saka, Jesus! This team just needs to replace Partey by January.

      Douglas Luiz would be an upgrade on Partey in term of availability and will be as efficient as Partey with time when he understands the positional football style of play at Arsenal.

      Getting Ivan Toney would guarantee we end the season with at least a trophy. If it means selling Ramsdale for the mooted 50M pounds and promoting Carl Hein to complete the purchase of Toney, then I’m in for it.

      This team will explode in the Champions League without the dubious refereeing of the EPL to worry about. Playing on a level playing ground outside England in the Champions League is an excellent atmosphere for the boys to play with freedom. An example is Saka’s stat – 7 goals involvement in just 5 games (3 goals and 4 assists).

  7. Kudos to Lens for not parking the bus, but Arsenal were magnificent

    I’m sure our first-team players would like to enjoy the game a bit longer in the second half, but we need to make a lot of substitutions

  8. Lens have no idea defensively. They think they are D’Artagnan, all thundering forwards. We are simply the worst team to play against like that and we are pulverising them. I hope the kids get on later.

  9. Dont give up Arsenal. Its not over yet, as we can still win this game!
    PS: Its called”off the wall” type humour!!

      1. No, he’s called Havertz Kai actually KEN ! Or as Gunsmoke would say “The big German”.


  10. Two assists for Tomiyasu. Let’s hope they put them to the sword put the game to bed and then Arteta can make his substitutions.
    Maybe l am being petty but this Lens team really annoyed me last time out πŸ˜” when we played them 😭.

  11. Hi Racing Club de Lens, hope your LENS is still in a good condition? you need a good LENS to RACE back to France tonight.

  12. It is said lightening doesn’t strike same place twice unless it’s the Empire State building or you are a big German ofcourse.

  13. I can’t believe Lens is 6th in the French league, tells you everything you need to know about playing in France πŸ˜…

    1. Yes @ PJ. Newcastle almost beat PSG yesterday.
      I just wish we go far in this competition this season.

      Arsenal all the way to the final. COYGs.

    2. This has got nothing to do with being 6th in the French League. The French league has produced quality players over the years and currently has arguably the best national team. Arsenal are simply brilliant and outclassed Lens. We lost to them in France, don’t forget.

      United 6th in the overrated EPL with fantastically inept and notoriously corrupt refering association, could not finish off Galatasaray, 2nd in the lower rated Turkish Super Lig.

        1. It’s always a nightmare watching those EPL mind-controlled referees interpreting the game wrongly week by week. I will be on the lookout for the next debacle from them this weekend; I expect at least two, with at least one in favor the Arab-owned clubs.

          I just witnessed the UEFA referee correctly awarding the penalty kick in our favor. If that happened in the EPL and they even bothered to send it to the VAR for review, the referee would take at least 5 minutes and end up waiving the penalty or award a red to Martinelli for perceived simulation and going to ground too ‘easily’ or claim the contact was not sufficient for him to go to ground.

          The week will then be dominated by debates and retrospective interpretation of the patently wrong decision. That is the league they claim is the best in the world, smh!

  14. After playing 5 games in the champions league, Manchester United has the same number of points as a Rectangle.

    1. @Gunsmoke
      He used his arm to hit Martinelli in the face. It backfired on him though. Instant Karma got his azz. Jus sayin 😁

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