Confirmed Arsenal team to face Lens – Arteta not resting anyone

A few weeks ago this game at Lens looked like being Arsenal’s easiest opponent in the Group Stages as the French side had lost their 5 opening games in the new Ligue 1 season, but their fortunes have turned around rapidly and they have since drawn 1-1 at Sevilla and won both their latest Ligue 1 games, beating Toulouse at home, and this weekend just gone they won away at high-flying Strasbourg, so it now looks like we could be in for a tricky fixture tonight.

Personally, I believe that Mikel Arteta will be making a few changes to the starting line up as our injury list eases, and of course the boss will have one eye on our showdown with Man City coming up at the weekend

Arteta has declared Partey, Saka and Trossard are all available but I’m not sure that Arteta will risk them for more than half the game if needed, while I am hoping to see Kiwior, Tomiyasu, Zinchenko, Nketiah, Havertz and Rice in the starting line-up.

But in all honesty, I am sure Arteta will surprise us but also make sure that we have a strong team out tonight.

So, no more waiting, here is Arsenal confirmed starting line up….


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    1. Clearly most insane lineup. Arteta clearly doesn’t trust his squad players. This lineup is the pavement of our own demise as we are going to lose to mancity for sure. Arteta doesn’t seem to learn by mistake, he doesn’t want to learn. In Spur game Arsenal were jaded and faded and devoid of better ideas, we lost 2 valuable points. Now again same thing gonna happen in mancity game.

      1. You may be right
        Alternatively putting out a strong team may get the job done so that the squad players take over

      2. @VZ That’s why the best thing that ever happen to Arsenal is that you are not the coach.
        And losing to MCity? We wait till Sunday and if we win just know that you will be “crucified” on this platform by we optimist 😁

        1. We have already been screwed against Spurs where fatigueness was quite evident. Can you bring back those points? And if Arsenal do win at city then I will be happy to eat my words. And brother neither me nor you nor anybody else here are coach, so what everybody doing here!!

  1. Strong line up. I hope we blow them away in the first half then give some starters rest for the manc game…. Good to see Partey on the bench. Please no injuries before the manc game… COYG

    1. Even if we blew them he is not going to substitute before 70 or 80 or 90mins. Didn’t you watch Bournemouth game?

  2. LoL if I’m Ramsdale smith and nelson I will start looking for another club. It’s obvious Arteta doesn’t rate smith and nelson at all. I’m sure this will still be the same team that will play this weekend so when exactly are you going to rotate, you didn’t do it against Bournemouth you didn’t do it against Lens it’s sure he’s not going to do it against City. So Ramsdale is now so bad that he can only start in the carabao cup. What a coach.

    1. Martinelli didn’t play for a long time after having fully recovered from his injury, then he was gradually becoming Arteta’s main LW

      I believe Smith-Rowe will have to make a similar effort, if he’d like to usurp Havertz or Odegaard

        1. Havertz is a safe option, as he has a remarkable injury record. For any coach, a player’s ability to play every single match without nagging injuries would be my prime criteria on who gets in the starting XI.

          No manager likes changing tactics and personnel every other weekend. Experimentation should always be built upon a stable structure.

        2. I guess there is a minimum-appearance clause on Havertz’s contract and most high-profile players become starters for their new clubs, otherwise they won’t join the teams

          I think Arteta selected Havertz because of his height, skills, stronger foot and EPL experience. He’s been winning duels so far and Vieira/ Smith-Rowe can be super-subs after Havertz tires the opponents out

      1. @Gai I agree with you. It’s all about self believe for ESR he needs to take every opportunity given him seriously and give his best to give the gaffer something to think about. A good example is Trossard every time he is called upon he always deliver and same with Tomiyasu. The squad is big and quality now every player must take his chance with passion

        1. Sylva you mean the same way Harvetz has been taken his opportunities. Why is it that some of you are hypocrites, what exactly has Harvetz done for arsenal that made him untouchable and Smith with Nelson are always overlooked.

          1. Havertz is available, and will be available more reliably to actually build a strategy around. I don’t understand the idea of liability in a proper sense.

            Look what happened to Tierny noe. He got injured and the timeline for his return is expected to be 10-12 weeks going by some reports. And he didn’t even had any kind of bad knock.

            Many here were shouting that why Tierney doesn’t play, and Arteta was rather willing to play Kiwior instead of Tierney. You can’t build your core strategy around players who get injured often. I hope it is clear.

          2. Lenohappy, the issue with your type of fan is that you don’t read comments with details and incisiveness. For records, I am not a hypocrite like you. I didn’t mention Havertz here and you are not adequately informed.
            Arteta has said in one of his press briefings he is managing ESR & Nelson fitness and that there time would come. If he didn’t believe in this two players he wouldn’t go all the way to extend their contract. Read ESR statements on Metro & Dailymail on his conversation with his coach.

        2. No matter how many times Trossard had delivered he is still squad player in Arteta system. Had it not been Martinelli injury he would have sit on bench despite form. In Arteta system once you are squad player you will always be squad player unless those Infront of you are either sold or injured. Jesus and Saka were limping in Bournemouth game and they still played almost full game. Most important thing is once the team gets tired they will lose getting creative ideas. So even if we avoid injury in this match our game against mancity will still won’t be up to our usual standard.

        3. I think Smith-Rowe will struggle to fit into Arteta’s tactics because he rarely uses his weaker foot as an AM and would likely get shipped out in next summer

          1. What exactly is Arteta system, the same system that made us bottle the league Last season and went trophless. I really pray we sell smith next season he has alot to offer than just sitting on the bench. Same with Ramsdale and nelson. Arteta doesn’t choose his team based on who is in form, he already has his first 11 and only injury can make him change his mind.

            1. Arteta’s tactics made us EPL runner-up. I also believe Smith-Rowe will get shipped out next summer

    2. Some fans can be so annoying, you mean the manager paid to do his job should select a line up you prefer? Cos i don’t the moan over the selected line up more likely to win us the match. Chronic whinners everywhere!!!

      1. It will only be justified if we win against mancity otherwise this is path of own downfall. And we just lost the title which was ours to lose, so we are not winners everywhere. Manager is paid bacause of fans, no fans no club. So we have every right to voice our discontent if we feel things are not right

    3. Arsenal fans are never satisfied!
      Every decision MA takes is questionable to some people.
      He’s the manager, he should do whatever pleases him.

    4. I think about how hard Mikel fought to sign Nelson to a new contract too. All so he can have him rot on the bench. Makes zero sense.

  3. You cant really afford to rest players this early in the group stage. This ain’t europa league, a bad result here vs a team who did push psg for the title last season and we are under pressure vs Sevilla away next game.

    Now if we are leading by 2 goal in the 60 mins and arteta doesn’t take Rice and Saka off, i am volunteering to go to England to slap Arteta across the face.

    1. Ackshay my question is this, are you saying the likes of Smith can’t start games, even if he can’t start a champions league match, can’t he start against Bournemouth same with Ramsdale.

      1. The same Arteta gave Smith Rowe the opportunity in the past that we are yearning to see. If he’s not giving him now, it means there’s something Smith is not doing right.

        When Viera took his chances this season he was rewarded with a starting slot.

        I love what the gaffer is doing. Let the boys bring something positive to the table.

        1. I just think that ESR isn’t fully there in terms of fitness. He is an aggresive player and needs to be eased in slowly. Arteta can’t afford to lose him again to injury this season and neother would ESR.

      2. Not sure why i’ll have a problem with a manager that selects teams that has gone unbeaten thus far, if he thinks a particular line up is the way to go so be it, he does’nt answer to you or any of us FFS!

    2. Acshay at least make it 70 minutes. With 60 minutes , I bet 30 minutes left is enough time for Lens to come back remember they are playing at home.

    3. It’s not about resting players, it’s about squad rotation. In mancity can you tell me who are definite started among Foden, Grealish, Doku, Silva, Alvarez. Same was true when they had sterling, Mahrez, Jesus, and others. So as important it is to play our best players as keeping the squad fresh and rejuvenated. Lethargy can bring great deal of inefficiency and just hoping this will not cost us against mancity game. Or may be it’s possible that Arteta had already given up on mancity game which he never wins.

  4. Arteta didn’t dare to gamble on his fringe and squad rotation players or maybe he considers Lens as a good sparring partner for his main players before the Man City game

    I hope we’ll kill the game in the first half and rest some starters after the sixtieth minute

    1. @Gai I also agree with you. French team could be a tough opposition for English league at times. Hope we settle the scores in first half.

      1. It’s a bit surprising because Lens are currently one of the worst teams in Ligue 1, but Arteta might want to play safe because Arsenal will play in France

  5. Good to see a coupe of changes to give some players a rest (unlike what the headline says), and good strong team and bench. Hopefully see some subs on if we are in front comfortably.

  6. Actually @I it has to do with ESR’s fitness level as he’s slowly being integrated into the team. a move the gaffer and physios deems best but our fans seems knows better, where? Right from the comfy well paded foam of the armchair in their living room.

  7. Absolute p1ss take Ramsdale does not start ,strongest team yes which I wanted but that does not sit well with me ,top 3 keepers in the league last season and got us into this comp .
    No debut for him,pathetic from MR ego once again .

    1. Neither Martinez kept any foot wrong nor Leno was that bad. Infact Leno has been outstanding for Fulham. Martinez has turned out to be worlds best. If we compare all 4 keepers there won’t be much class difference. But it is as it is. Now Ramsdale is no 2 and Raya is no 1. Arteta likes overhauling goalkeepers every year and thats the way it is.

  8. Alright Jeremias but the fact he is YET to lose nor go on a winless run your rants are only a self inflicted misery cos there is no way your “discontent” will be of their interest and nothing suggests last campaigns outcome will be the same.

  9. Self inflicted misery is losing title in unwanted circumstances and your mind is in reflection to that because you don’t want to acknowledge rather than recite whats already written.

      1. Stop being a little keyboard warrior. Only someone with extremely poor character can’t appreciate a great strike just because it’s against the team you support.

        It’s a bit sad actually, shame.

        1. Shows you know nothing about support, the sad part is you are appreciating a goal against Arsenal, I am entitled to make that comment and I am sure he can stick up for himself. Keep your remarks to yourself.

          1. You heard it here folks! You are only allowed to appreciate a good finish if it’s Arsenal scoring it! You are not allowed to say a goal is good if it’s against us lol

            Im free to say that, you quite simply can’t tell me not to say that 🤣

  10. Wonder if Arteta will now change keepers as he said he would rotate,surely now he will after such a sh1tty mistake

  11. From his first game, i was pretty sure that Raya would surely costly mistakes. One of those mistakes cost us unnecessary goal tonight.

    1. His distribution in spur game was even worse. I thought he was brought because of his ball distribution abilities which seems baffling. Regarding shots topping capability Ramsdale is better. It seems we should go for another goalkeeper option in January transfer window for genuine contender not pretenders.

  12. Saka is clearly injured, watch his running off the ball.

    I’ve never seen a manager spend so much to build a squad he doesn’t trust.

    1. As I say it he goes down, if I can see it on TV how tf can the manager not be able to see it.

      This guy is determined to blame injuries this season, so much so he’s literally running our players into the ground.

  13. Isn’t it obvious that Vz isn’t an Arsenal supporter. He & many orhers just come here to stir insecurity & trouble. Replying to him/her is just a waste of time & energy. His jealousy & admiration for AFC is likely the reason for doing this. His/Her own team is also most probably struggling in the league. SHAME ON Vz!!!

    1. Could say the same about you buddy ,pathetic that you call out a fellow fan because his opinion does not meet with your own .

    2. I am not here to prove you any thing as you are among the fan who are as delusional as anyone can be. There are some obvious flaws which can be seen by anyone with certain IQ. So may be shoulnt have even replied you as it wont get into your mind. But hope you can understand the pain and gain before jumping from a wall.

  14. Saka is carrying a knock, yet he gets picked, makes no sense, Raya with a pass he didn’t need to do. Arsenal a bit disjointed at the moment, I would bring on ESR, Nelson and White, Tomiysau not really doing well, terrible cross when he had so much time. Big game on Sunday, I just hope we aren’t tired as we were against Spurs.

    1. Football is a business of risks bro.
      Is this match an easy one to drop your best players if they are fit?

      1. He went down in the last 2 matches so it was a big risk. I understand playing for 60min to get a lead before resting but it has clearly backfired.

  15. How does Arteta get so many basic things so wrong ? He does so much right and so much wrong and the wrong stuff stares him right in the face it seems…

  16. And Raya, guys hardly have to make a save since he randomly took No 1, and he’s still making mistakes. This is going to be one of those games we just have to find a way to win and simple route to goal is the best route

      1. There is nothing wrong with the tactics and setup, they happen to be no mugs as you lot must’ve thought. Such disrespect and arrogance!

        1. What’s disrespectful is not trusting the squad you’ve built. Remind me again why Nelson got a new deal if he’s not trusted to start a UCL group game??

          I agree on the arrogance, thinking certain players can just continously play every game without being rested 🙂

          1. What is disrespectful is you’d rather play a perceived weaker team against tonights opposition to rest “key” players against a so called bigger opposition and it’s arrogant to think our bench players are enough to handle them.

    1. Every team in the Champions League came on merit so let’s give Lens the needed respect amd I think that’s what MA did.

    2. What’s the meaning in bringing your best players when they are not at their best fitness level. It was clear to see Arteta was inviting injury to his players and thats what happened. Now everyone who had loud noise supporting this line up, please keep quiet as line up already been changed.

      1. But you’d want to play them against city on sunday despite thinking they are not of best fitness level? Someone best shut his mouth and it’s not me.

  17. Other big teams also haven’t killed the games in the first half. We dominated Lens at their own turf, so I think we’ll win the game

  18. Now that Saka is injured maybe Arteta should continue with 9 men since he can’t do without Saka.

  19. It was so frustrating playing Saka while carrying an injury. Hopefully, Arteta does what he threatened to swap goalkeepers at halftime.

  20. Poor player management .
    MA was and seems to continue to be poor in been ble to effectively rotate/get players form right and
    manage personell.
    It iwll haunt us all season.

  21. Pissed off right now with saka’s injury signs where there all along but arteta who is arteta will always keep a blind eye

    1. I said it before, the same people who last season blamed the lack of rotation on the depth of the squad.they are now making/finding new excuses as to why MA is not rotating.Saka injury tonight is no accident/bad luck…the manager was asking for it.

  22. Dan
    I will hardly call him a fan if his comments are only negative. Yet Arteta which he constantly & charactaristlcly assassinate is still unbeaten this season. Someone has to put a stop to this nonsensical criticism. If not you then me!!

  23. We are making heavy weather of this. Lens are up for the fight and the home crowd is like having a twelfth man

  24. Hard pill for some to swallow, but this is the level we’ve been playing at the majority of the season. Think the reason ppl are more upset about this one is because ppl don’t rate Lens

    1. Agreed. MA doesn’t make the right changes at the right time. Completely opposite! When your squad isn’t performing you know what you have to do but MA seems to have a much different view of things.

  25. Changes made too late…..again! Need fresh legs when you are under pressure, not after you concede!

    Hopefully the subs can help us pull this back

      1. He re-signed Nelson just a few months ago, so foolish to do that and then turn around and not trust him. Not sure what Havertz has done to earn he trust that warrants he start. ESR and Saka at one point was the only reason Areteta didn’t get sacked.

    1. I don’t think Arsenal play patient football, we just don’t move well when moving forward in attack. Ultimately, we play back and sideways. Jesus’ needs to improve his hold up play too.

  26. Arteta isn’t good with substitutions. I think that’s clear. Too late

    This worries me about City match.
    City are beatable right now BUT MA needs to start the right players and make the right substitutions at the right time

  27. ESR done more defensively and attacking wise in a few minutes than most of the team.. imagine if he was actually fit 🙂

    Jesus has been completed bullied most of the evening, still not sure how people can claim he has strong hold up play?

  28. This is the worst i’ve seen arsenal play in a long time. They aren’t even trying to play a foward pass

    1. We’ve been playing like this most of the season. Points we were picking up was papering over the huge cracks.

      Many on here saw this coming a mile off.

      1. @PJ-SA We are not allowed to say it as it is. Else we will be dubbed cynical fans or worse Arteta haters. No replacement for Saka, no replacement for Jesus, no replacement for Saliba, no replacement for Zinchenko. If Arteta must insist on playing Havertz he can come off the bench as every single game who ever replaces him always better and that speaks volumes. A 300k a week player who cost 60 million and has spent 3 years in the league needs time to blood in. lol. Kindly let ESR and Ramsdale go for good prices if you don’t rate them rather than loaning them out or selling them for cheap as is the modus operandi in this club.

  29. I understand when established managers have egos, as it can be explained that the manager has a lot of good will in the bank. In Arteta’s case, I simply cannot understand. He can’t rotate a team, he can’t make subs, and he clearly has his favorites. He is a good coach but thinks himself a genius. I also wonder why he is beyond being criticised
    I am sorry to say this, but Havertz is a horrible player, and Pepe looks like Messi compared to him. I don’t know how many more excuses can be produced. I have yet to watch a single match where the player has excelled.
    We need a striker, as it’s obvious that Jesus and Nketiah are nothing but subs to freshen up good legs. Edu needs to be fired. He has no balls to put his manager in check.

    1. I used to think him as great coach from ladt yr performance. Even though we lost title I had still hope that we will improve. But this season despite investment no signs of improvement until now. People are making loud noise that we are still unbeaten, 1 point behind leaders in league and this and that. Just want to remind how many goals we have scored this season from open play???? How many penalties we have been awarded??? Its not going to happen all the time. We must find a way to score from open play otherwise we can just forget all the hype. People who pretends to be supporter can say anything because they only see what they are made to see. In today game we only played with real intent in last 5 mins otherwise most of our pass were between the defenders, goalkeeper, and defensive midfielder. We rarely had penetration in opposition’s area. Our game is being too predictable and opponent are comfortably defending us. We have lost our dynamism. Sorry pretenders it may sound negative but I am also trying to figure out things which can be positive and bring hope. Yes, if our only target is top 4 then we can take some positivity from the games played till now.

  30. We left it too late to give it a proper go – as in not the slow and patient build up
    TBH we didn’t deserve to win and Lens played with so much passion and were aided and abetted by their supporters

  31. This is so funny because some our fans were saying we can reach atleast quater finals. Now they will come out with Lens being such a good team and french league is not a joke.

  32. Could be a blessing in disguise. The penny might drop for Arteta after this performance. Pointless commenting on the obvious.

  33. The dust settles and it’s 2-1 Lens, bad day at the office. This defeat only assures me of a win against CITY on sunday. City next COYG!

  34. At lease PSV VS Seville was a draw. So the group standings still looking good. We lost 3 points and they lost two games each..

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