CONFIRMED Arsenal team to face Liverpool – Sanchez out!

Well everybody can usually easily predict which Arsenal team that Arsene Wenger will pick every week, but today he has shocked us all by leaving out Alexis Sanchez, and reinstating Olivier Giroud as centre-forward.

Could this be because he wants to rest the Chilean ahead of massive 4-0 win over Bayern Munich on Tuesday (lol), or maybe he has a slight injury like Ozil? Le Prof has also left Ramsey, Perez and Walcott on the bench too. Is this also to rest them for our Champions League fixture? Another shock is that Danny Welbeck will start on the wing despite being much less match-fit than our benchers…..

Well, here is the official announcement from Arsenal about the team to face Liverpool. Make of it what you will….

And here is Liverpool’s line-up…

Can the Gunners beat Liverpool with this line-up?



  1. Wonder says:

    We should have kept Welbeck

    1. Adienl says:

      Yes his energy and presence is too good especially in big games. Walcott on the out the hand….

  2. Adienl says:

    Lol walcott. Hopeless guy.

  3. luvdaguns says:

    boom boom boom

  4. gunnerman8701 says:

    My prediction was 3-1!

  5. arsenal_canada says:

    Please please please, bring all of your banners!!!! We’ve had enough!

  6. vinie2000 says:

    You keep iwobi on the pitch tells you all. I’m done..thanks Alexis.

  7. RSH says:

    so Liverpool have scored 7 goals against us this season. United have done more in one match. Glorious Arsene Wenger folks!

  8. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Pathetic from Wenger once again. That team selection was a joke in the first half….

  9. john0711 says:

    Prediction- Wenger ” Sanchez was carrying a slight injury so i didnt want to risk him’
    It actually feels like wenger is trying to mess the club up before he goes

  10. Wonder says:

    Wenger is hopeless. Seated the whole game and will only stand up with few minutes to go!

    1. RSH says:

      he only stands up to complain to refs. Never to inspire the players.

  11. john0711 says:

    Hey even BOB wont be able to be positive this week !

  12. Comes to the point on whichever is greater my love for Arsenal or my hatred for their Manager…….Wenger don’t you dare to sign that extension you friggin looser

  13. highbury44 says:

    Another defeat followed by another next week.Surely we are getting close to Wenger leaving

  14. Ronny331 says:

    Another nail in wengers coffin.

  15. gmv8 says:

    It just shows how much we need Alexis and don’t need Wenger. The game totally changed when he came on – think we would of won had he been playing from the start. We conceded because we had to go all out for the goal at the end thanks to poor team selection in the beginning. He is so important to the team yet Wenger is still quibbling over his contract.

  16. Ronny331 says:

    @rsh. He just sits there with his IBS type look with his arms pained across his stomach. I wish we could change now. Even if Wenger announced he’s leaving now I think we’d pick up just like Leicester did.

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