Confirmed Arsenal team to face Luton Town – A number of changes made

Arsenal will reclaim the top spot in the Premier League with a victory over Luton Town at the Emirates Stadium tonight. Here’s the lineup chosen by Mikel Arteta for the game.

The Premier League title race has evolved into a genuine three-way battle, with Liverpool currently leading the pack. However, by the end of the evening, the Reds could find themselves in third place if both Arsenal and Manchester City secure wins in their respective matches. This illustrates the tightness of the title race.

While Arsenal appears to have a clear advantage on paper against Luton, the Hatters have proven themselves against top teams, indicating that victory over Rob Edwards’ side is not a guaranteed outcome.

Nevertheless, if Arsenal maintains the level of performance they’ve demonstrated since the start of the new year, they should be well-equipped to secure all three points and propel themselves back to the summit of the Premier League.

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    1. Yea, only Saka not available.
      I hope Nelson and ESR can take their chances.. I also taught Havertz needs some rest but Jesus can always come in. Hope Pathey is match fit enough.

      1. Whilst I understand the need to rotate I think that changing out half of the outfield players who started at City smacks of over confidence.I think thatvit was important to try the Partey /Rice combination to start in this match.Similarly its important to give Martinelli more game time again once again to help him back to match sharpness.
        We nearly got caught out against Luton earlier in the Season and once again they will be going for it tonight as they desperately need the points.
        I hope I’m wrong but I really don’t like the look of this starting XI given that everybody is presumably fit and available apart from Saka and Jesus.

    2. ESR Nelson and Partey all have been directly thrusted in starting line up, meaning our spine of attacking and midfield unit has been changed. Hope it doesn’t come to bite us back as Luton is a very good and physical side as we experienced in last meeting. We may need more physicality in this game.

    1. Yes wanted throughout the season so that when you get to this part of the season your whole squad is up to speed 🙂

      1. Yes PJ-SA
        That is what many of us have said during the season. If players are rotated during the season, then there is not a concern or a worry if they can produce in this game.

        Unfortunately, when a player sits on the bench for weeks or a month or more, there will be rust.
        Can’t sit a player that long, then thrust them into the starting lineup and expect the productivity of the starter.

        Unfortunately that is what we see at times; then when their performance is below par they are not seen again for weeks, as if it was an accurate judgement.

    2. As of now our rotated squad in Carabao cup and FA cup has already backfired. Hope it wont happen this time.

  1. Hopefully the guys are able to perform despite some of them lacking game time/match fitness.


  2. I would have preferred the first 11 regulars while others come in after 60/65 minutes hour. But I guess the CIA h knows better

  3. That’s decent starting eleven, but a really slow front three.
    I’m pleased to see Emile get a game.

    1. I don’t know what Arteta is thinking, under-rating Luton? Five changes to the starting eleven. Hope it doesn’t come back to hunt us.

  4. Most on here wanted Arteta to rotate so hope their is no backlash on him if it doesn’t come off. Anyway, the team picked should have enough to beat Luton. If not then we will know that the back up players aren’t good enough.

    1. Nobody is good enough when they sit on the bench for way too long

      We saw Ten Hag bench Ronaldo for some few matches – when he was eventually played Ronaldo had lost sharpness

      That was Ronaldo

  5. Rotated team looks good shows we have good squad depth it’s just that they are injury prone.

  6. Strong performance, early lead and a goal from Esr is all i need. Saka,Rice get their much needed rest. Martinelli gets some min to regain match fitness.

  7. Lots of opportunities already for a simple final ball, seem to be trying to overcomplicate things.

    Great play from ESR, made that goal!!

    1. FAR TOO MUCH UNNECESSARY PASSING TO RAYA AND BACK We urgently need more pace in getting ball forward. Own goal just scored though. Now 2-0. Not agreat game, despite our superiority
      Missing Rice massively.

  8. Watching our highest paid player is depressing. His agents are extraordinarily good at their job.

    1. I think you have been a little unkind about Havertz. Everyone is putting in a lot of hard work and I’m not sure what you find wrong with his showing so far

      1. I don’t think I am unkind. A player earning that much should be the one difference between winning a title or not.

        His performances so far I don’t see they are worth even half of what he is paid.

        A very average and unimpactful player on astronomical wages hence my praise to his agents.

        We should have got way way better for that kind of money.

        1. Let’s agree to disagree. I didn’t base my recollection of his performance based on his transfer fee or salary. I obviously rate him more than you do HH, and it is your right to think he isn’t good enough and I think he warrants his place

          1. Yes we will never agree on this unfortunately. I think performance should be based on transfer fee and wages. Its why all players do not cost nor paid the same.

            Why would one get paid 40,000 and the other 300,000?

            The highest paid player on 300k a week, who cost us a pretty penny yet the praise he can get is “he is doing nothing wrong”?

            His woefulness is being hidden by his peers excellent performances and his manager clever tactics.

        2. HH – you are not unkind, you just hate Haverts but that’s your problem.
          Team is playing well.

    2. @HH
      Real talk…His dribbling skills, pace and ability to play with his back to goal leaves a lot to be desired. Jus sayin

      1. Dont you agree with him HH, that you are whining . Cos you are not! You are simply making afair comment.

    1. It’s better situation to be in. Now if we could substitute Saliba, white, odegard, havertz and trosard then it will be rotation of all 10 1st teamers except for Gabriel and I realize we are thread bare in central defense with only Kiwor proper CC.

  9. A commanding first half which did tail off a bit. However, it’s great to see ESR and RN getting a chance and acquitting themselves well. Odegaard is a class act

    1. Nelson though scored goal has been quite disappointing. He hasn’t made any progressive pass and most is pass are back pass and easy safe pass. He is just not willing to take any initiative. I used to have high regard of Nelson, but maybe his qualities are regressing with lack of game time. This makes importance of Saka much more.

      1. I agree but it’s difficult to blame him, first EPL start in 4 years tells you all you need to know. When you are behind 1 of the least rotated players in Europe you’re going to battle to be sharp

  10. Good 1st half, hopefully get a 3rd early then can rest Ode and maybe 1 or 2 others.

    Hoping Partey and ESR make it through with no niggles/injuries

  11. Not really enjoying this game, our passings been sloppy, and now we’ve got on our flip flops. Have to wake up

    1. For the first 30 minutes we were pretty fluid but this half has gone a bit flat. As I write this, hopefully Martinelli will make a difference when he comes on

  12. It’s all gone a bit laboured and disjointed. Not that I want it to happen but if Luton were to score it might at least make them buck there ideas up.

  13. I know 3 points is what matters but I expected to at least be entertained.
    Sorry but what a slow match 😞.

  14. I am entertained by winning especially at the business end of the season coming after the internationals and all the effort put in against City. Will take twelve ‘boring’ 1 – 0 wins the rest of the way if thats what it takes.

    Besides got more than our moneys worth with the glut of goals start of the year till the internationals now our schedule gets super difficult from here with an Bayern, Brighton and Villa.

  15. Definitely not the most entertaining as many have said but a slow game like this suits our players like ESR and Partey that needed the game time.

    Eddie and Nelson need to be sold ASAP though, Id take 30m for the pair and run

  16. Shocking second half!

    Unacceptable and I thought , the Fulham away game apart,it was the most awful ,sloppy, lacking in passing ability game of the season. If we play this sloppily at Brighton we will get beaten for certain!

  17. Difficult team to play against but shows why our first team are the first team. Unfortunately with so manny changes we lost fluidity, but 2 points is what’s important.

  18. Looking at the schedule it is nice that Brighton played today as well and Villa play 2 days before they play us. I am thinking Bayern have already given up on their domestic title so they will have all their focus on getting far in the champions league.

  19. So crucial that we could rest so many players at this stage of the season.

    Comfortable win, clean sheet, perfect night.

    I have to say, I did not enjoy some of these new camera angles. I don’t mind a brief shot from another angle, but they lingered so long on them, and it made the game worse as viewing spectacle. Are they trying to turn real football into FIFA 24?

    1. Probably for tactical reviews. You would’ve been familiar with it if you do follow La liga EA sports.

  20. Whiners always searching for something to complain about, you want to be entertained and lose the match? Is that better? With the tight schedule we have I wouldn’t mind a 1 nil scrappy win. Weldone boys, one match at a time.

  21. 2 goals scored, clean sheet, and the most important thing at this stage of the season, 3 points. Not bothered about being entertained, if I was, I would go to a concert or the theatre.

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