Confirmed Arsenal team to face Man City – No Saka

Arsenal welcomes Manchester City to the Emirates this afternoon in what can only be described as a massive game, and this is the team that Mikel Arteta has named.

Depending on the scoreline, Arsenal could go top with a win over City, something their opponents can also achieve if they win.

Arsenal has failed to beat City in 15 league attempts now, losing 13 of those games. However, there is reason to feel optimistic today, especially with City unable to field either Rodri or Kevin de Bruyne.

It should also be noted that this is a very different Arsenal team than some previous incarnations. Arteta has built a very strong side that can match City, but of course, that means everyone being on their game.

One thing is for sure; this is going to be an entertaining, tight affair. Let us know in the comments below what you think about the team that Arteta has announced and what your predicted score is.

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    1. I’m hoping for a win but let’s be honest who actually thinks we will win and I mean honestly because I’m looking at the team with not a lot of hope but let’s go gunners and do us proud

      1. How are hoping that we will win when for whatever reason that clown called Nketia is leading the line??????????

        1. Jorghinho has only played few mins and already cost us points with silly mistake. Trossard looked rusty last time out. The lineup looks average. This is all down to the unplanned, unforesightedness selection in the midweek game against lens. Cant expect much from this lineup but let’s keep hope that we can get something from this match and overcome our mental hurdle. If wolves can do it than sure we can if we don’t give up easily, but for that we have to give them respect and don’t play with overconfidence.

          1. Not my opinion, just an observation. Arteta has played Haverz every game he could, played him over many other players. We have a BIG game come up and he drops him. It is all a bit haphazard to me. Jorghino has not started a prem game all season and come in, in a BIG game. Im lost.

            1. Thats true. At least he could have given Jorghinho starting lineup in earlier match up and blend him to team fluency. Suddenly tinkering too much in big games never helps. But we can’t lose hope before the match starts. Sometimes Arteta has surprised us with tinkering nobody expected and got results. So I would rather keep my hope until match finishes.

  1. When I made my prediction it was with the thought that Eddie Nketiah wouldnt play up front
    Not winning title with him up front …….

    So hope he now gets a hatrick

    1. We have never relied on central forward since upturn of our fortune. Our main goal threat have been from flank and CM. Havertz surprisingly ineffective in goal, where xhaka was having goals and assists. With Saka abscent, if we cant create enough from flank it will be a big problem. So today I guess most of workload will be upon odegard. Let’s see if he can prove to be the best in the league today or he just another guy.

  2. Seems like a even match up on paper, if city didn’t have Haaland. Good to see Martinelli back, and making the bench. We sorely missed the lad.

  3. Wow! Jorginho it is.
    But at least he’s a little upgrade over Havertz in that role.
    This is a massive call from Arteta.

    1. I believe Rice will play the left-sided number eight role and Jorginho will play CDM

      Waiting to see Jesus and Zinchenko causing problems in Man City’s defense

      1. We are playing basically with 3 center forwards. All Gabriel, nketiah and trossard not natural winger so guess they gonna interchange positions often during the match. Hope zinko will not vacant the left flank which could be easily exploited by mancity. We need to have here strict discipline if gonna get something out of this match.

        1. I also hope to see a seamless positional interchange between our strikers, since Arteta chose not to play Havertz in the CF position

          1. I think the main battle will be in the midfield.
            Wether they interchange (which they will likely do) or not, whoever wins the midfield has the upper hand as has been the case in our previous meetings. And that’s my concern.

  4. Happy with front three considering but Jorghino!!!!!!! Partey on bench, can not be fit, against all reports. I think we have to win midfield but Jorghino is not a ball winner. Very disappointed but lets hope Jorghino delivers.

    1. Would rather Zinchenko play midfield 8 and Tomi play left than Jorghino. But Arteta knows what he is doing.

    2. Jorginho is usually very good in that role. He does win a lot of ball with clever movement and interceptions but not 50-50s. We need to lean on rice for those.

  5. Disagree guys
    Against city can’t have Rice as sole DM
    I rather sacrifice Havertz and have Jorgehino next to Rice

    1. Yeah the plan was likely to have a pivot of Rice-Partey for big matches and Jorginho is his replacement.

  6. Man city midfield looks frail tbh. I think we will dominate the midfield well but I don’t think mancity is looking to win the midfield battle, not without Rodri. They will attack hard and fast and look to put a couple of goals early on so our biggest challenge will be in the defense. Saliba, White Gabriel must be at their top and more today. If we can do that, we will get plenty chances to score.

  7. In whatever condition we are in at the least not to lose for us to go to the next step.

    As long as we keep losing to Man City we won’t take that important last step.

  8. 2nd half will be interesting with Martinelli and partey coming on. And ESR if arteta finally decides to unleash him.

  9. Arteta wasted €65M on Harvertz,money which would have been utilised to sign Saka’s backup or a decent CF

  10. I should take a point out of this game tbh. Given the results elsewhere today, a point wouldn’t be such a disaster.
    Let’s go Gunners; give it your very best

  11. I hate that we never ever play City with our strongest 11. Always someone important missing or not 100% fit. partey last year, this year saka, Gabi, partey.

  12. Saka out is the killer for me.
    Eddie will just coast through the game, do nothing and get paid £100k for it.
    When you look at the strengthening that Arteta has done – Timber is out for the season, Havertz has been a disaster and Raya was an unnecessary signing it has only been Rice who has strengthened the squad. This squad of players is not much better than last season really – we are being badly hit with injuries.
    I would be happy with a draw from this given the line up…

  13. Not sure why they are warming up with the women’s away kit though. I hope the ladies don’t get offended about this. lol

  14. Alvarez is the real danger man. Wouldn’t be surprised if rice sticks to him, though that doesn’t seem like an arteta thing to do.

  15. Interesting statement on TV. Last season, the ONLY team in the top 8 City won away at, was Arsenal.

  16. Nketiah never passes where there are opportunities. Always the same, Trossard was right there on the edge.

    1. Never ever going to be red as the Premier league is blue just saying and quite happy to have feed back

  17. Well it seems Rodri is playing incognito. Kovacic is getting all the treatment Rodri used to get by the refs. Ridiculous.

  18. Just end the match and give the 3 points to Mancity. What’s the point if the refs are not fair.

  19. I see the script already, kovacic has the rodri protection and jorginho gonna be sent off tomiyasu style.

  20. Nketiah plays alone it seems. He has too much mind on scoring himself that he loses awareness of what’s happening around.

    1. For those who say refs are not paid for please tell me that wasn’t a second yellow but please don’t talk shit or crap or anything else that isn’t honest

      1. It was an honest opinion. When was the last time Nketiah had an assist? I am asking for your honest assessment.

  21. Come half time break,,, I hope see to Spanish Goalkeeping Coach putting Ramsdale through a few Goalkeeping drills for him to come on for the 2nd half. We will see if Arteta is true to his word

  22. Nketia needs to be subbed early in 2nd half if not at the beginning. He doesn’t pass and tends to interfere wherever there is chances. He is only good for pressing, nothing else

  23. Nketiah brainless. Zero footballing IQ. Why would he take the ball of Odegaard who is through in goal when he is in an offside position. Havertz us better than this guy

  24. Arsenal were too afraid to press and Man City failed to capitalize on our mistakes in the first few minutes of the game

    Kovacic should’ve got his second yellow card

    I think Vieira and Martinelli will play if we still can’t score in the eightieth minute, but I still feel the match will end up goalless

  25. How Kovatch is still on the field is beyond me. Two rules. One for City, one for most other teams.

  26. Beyond me how Kovacic is still on. Pep will probably take him out in the half time. Xhaka would’ve been deported by now if he was in these two challenges. Referering in the premier league is rotten and Arsenal are being robbed against City at home by the refs again!

  27. I wonder if Arteta would have the balls to change the goalkeeper at half time. Ramsdale needs to play.
    Smith-Rowe needs to come on in place of Trossard who looks out of sorts.

  28. Lucky for us that City haven’t found the back of the net after some worrying goalkeeping. They haven’t been brilliant and have relied on strong arm tactics which have been rewarded – thanks to the ref – by still having 11 men in the pitch
    Rather toothless in front of goal

  29. Non red card for Kovacev has kept City in it. Both sides look afraid to lose and neither has impressed at all. BADLY MISSING PACE ON BOTH FLANKS

    RAYA? Why??

    Saliba looks his usual Rolls Royce and Jesus is our only other player playing well.

  30. Anyone believe Ref’s are impartial must be clear there are different rules for Sheikh City. Disgrace. At least two yellows. Good chance he’ll send Jorginho off.

  31. Jorginho shouldn’t come out the 2nd half if arteta is smart, Var is clearly out to get us.

    Apology letter is already in the draft.

    1. Same for nketiah, plays solo all the time no combination with others. Gabi and partey in to take out that rather average City team.

  32. If Arteta is clever, he must know ref has Jorginho in his mind in the second half. He must be replaced in the 2nd half or we will be playing with 10 men before the hour mark.

  33. Watch City sub Kovacic for 2nd half. They get so much from refs. Definitely getting the Rodri treatment

  34. Jorginho too need to be subbed early, otherwise he will get another yellow courtesy to the corrupt ref

  35. You can’t tell me Raya is better than Ramsdale with this display. We need to finesse Everton to come for Nketiah and Jesus is the ideal backup striker cuz he has been shite all day. We need a signing’s in January. A midfielder that should replace Jorginho (K Thuram,L Sarmadzic,Davide Frattessi), a winger to help Saka (Neto ,Michael Olise), and a striker like Victor Boniface or Victor Osimhen.

  36. Another apology from PGMOL loading….Kova should be off, Jotta went off for a far far lighter tackle. The clownery makes me think refs come into games with a specific instructions. We need a Spain-like investigation into officiating, something’s up.

  37. Haaland gives city to opportunity to play over our press, we should play havertz as 9 to do the same. Nketiah been useless

  38. I forgive Havertz for all the rubbish performances for that contribution and Ackshay you called it.

  39. Those Sour SOB in Erling and Kyle in a fight with our players lol. now we’ve successfully made it into their heads rent free, watch them go yo-yo in terms of form.

  40. Today Mikel gets an A grade for substitutions. I said Smith Rowe instead of Trossard thinking Martinelli wasn’t fit enough. Our wingers need to stay fit.

  41. Partey comes on and boom we’re miles better than Citeh. Not to slag off Jorginho but we’re different gravy with Partey and Rice in midfield.

  42. This is a win that moves the dial, the gaffer needed this win to rid the monkey off his back.

    Maybe Neville is right

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