Confirmed Arsenal team to face Man Utd – Gabriel back in defence

This is a massive game, one that Arsenal have to win and this is the team that Mikel Arteta has selected today.

Arsenal simply must pick up all three points at the Emirates this afternoon, we cannot afford to fall too far behind Man City so early on, it’s hard enough when we are ahead on points, never mind when we are lagging behind.

This game is also about pride and making sure that we do not have to listen to endless gloating from United fans and pundits, they love nothing more than getting one over us, especially in our own backyard.

Arsenal vs. Man Utd games are usually tight and fiery affairs and today’s clash should be no different, Arteta will need his big men to stand up and be counted.

Let us know in the comments below what you think about the team that the manager has selected and what your predicted score is.

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  1. Brilliant finish but it seems like the players are not comfortable passing the ball to Havertz. Am I right or it is my limited understanding of these tactics. Saka should have finished it but I will cut him some slack this time for his past contributions.

    1. Yep, players are literally excluding Havertz from the buildup. Trust issues? Something isn’t right. Havertz seems to be playing alone. I hope it’s not a dressing room issue but rather a simple familiarity issue.

      1. Talking absolute rubbish Haverthwaite yes had a great chance early in the game and messed it up but apart from that had a decent game to many people not giving him a chance played 4 games get off his back and support him recon he will turn it round and prove his worth!

        1. I am simply pointing out the fact that players seem reluctant to pass the ball to Havertz. If it wasn’t clear to after watching the match then I won’t say a thing.

          Btw, Havertz had a bad game today, I defend him but he needs to want to get into the mix and make things happen. Make triangles, play one twos and such. But I believe he will adapt. Our style of game is still too fast for him. He seems isolated because of that. He willl have to pick up the style of play and combine well with players a lot more. I will be very fair though, his confidence is so shot. He needs to buckle up.

          1. Havertz had three big moments. The glaring miss when he couldn’t connect properly with the ball, the pass to start the move from which United scored and the dive which VAR spotted after the goal was given. The reason why his teammates might be reluctant to pass to him could be because he passes straight back to them. Does nothing constructive. Can’t even dive competently.

  2. Good win or paper over the cracks? Could not decide yet. Saka needs rest, Odegaard needs to step up, Martinelli mostly becoming a cross and pray. Vieira proving to be an impact sub. Trossards future? Not talking about Havertz.

  3. The selection of Havertz will remain a dilemma for the rest of the season. That boy needs to learn how to hit the ball hard through the laces, I mean with venom, not try to caress the ball into the net each time. It’s a technique he needs to learn as different opportunities requires different shooting techniques. He wasted a glittering opportunity in the first half when the score was goalless and also was sloppy for the opening goal. I know its early days but the longer it takes him to score his first goal especially on game days like this where he could have covered himself in glory by scoring, the more fans and pundits will continue to question his selection.

    The patient buildup approach we took today is very dangerous if we continue to concede goals early. City does it successfully because they know how to prevent the opposition from getting the first goal, know how to do the tactical fouls better than us, and also have Haaland upfront who only needs a single chance to score.

    Arteta needs to go back to the drawing board during the international break and continue working on determining his best eleven and making them gel asap. Late wins like today will not always happen and I’m sure he knows that himself.

  4. Like the passion shown by the gaffer
    Ramsdale has improved since looking over his shoulders
    Martinelli worked his opponent all evening
    Like the physicality show by Magalhaes.
    Havertz needs more love
    Odegaard lead by example.

    A huge victory in the scheme of things

  5. We were nervous, predictable and slow today, Man Utd were there for the taking, Saka had a very poor game and should have been subbed, we were undone by losing concentration when Havertz gave the ball away, the White and Gabriel I think should not have let Rashford cut in like that. I sometimes wonder why Arteta takes too long for changes. Love the fact Rice scored his first goal. great ball from Vieria, and Jesus what a finish, he looks more stocky. Great result but were were lucky, the dive for the penalty, the marginal offside. We seem to be stuttering, and the side to side passing is boring and predictable, we need to be more direct i attacking, but what a game. Watching people leaving early always makes me laugh, they missed two goals. Stay to the end

    1. Same as a game at Highbury many years ago, with two late goals to beat United after being a goal down, and many of the crowd on their way home. Can’t understand how they pay such a lot to see the game and then leave before the end.

  6. Despite the euphoric finishing minutes I was in despair til almost the end about how dreadully insipid, timid, boring and above all SLOW PACED was the virtual whole game -til that great ending.
    Lets not kid ourselves Gooners, as this team is not going to win the title this season and UNLESS WE CHANGE COMPLETELY AND RIGHT NOW, we will struggle to stay anywhere within even remote distance of City.

    I excuse Ramsdale , Saliba , Martinelli who showed guts throughout, Gabriel and the super sub Jesus too. Rice at least tried hard, so I forgive him too. Viera did alright too in his limited time.

    But as for the others, all of them, they stunk the place out.

    Both HAVERTZ and SAKA, ought to give their entire wages back to those who attended IMO. They were both appalling!

    HAVERTZ seems to be the biggest albatross in football anywhere,even though , with gritted teeth, I WILL STILL GIVE HIM MORE TIME TO SETTLE IN.
    But he needs to PUT IN 100%. AND NOT 10% EFFORT.

      1. Ozil and Havertz are Worlds apart, Ozil before he became bone idle was a quality footballer for us and gave us some great moments, Havertz has yet to show he can control a ball, pre-season skills tests was a great indicator.

    1. I am worried about Havertz though. Not about his abilities but his confidence. Guy looks like someone who is playing football for the first time in years! I hope all the hate and discouragement doesn’t get to him more. He doesn’t seem like a fighter mentally so can sulk and be worse over time if he doesn’t buckle up and focus on his strengths.

    2. JON FOX. as usual , you have no problem calling a spade a spade !.you have got it spot on again.this team, as it stands are going nowhere. at best, i feel we might get a decent cup run together. too many players resting on their laurels, and i include the poster boy, saka,in this.the win have kept the wolves from the door , so to speak.but,unfortunately, there will be other wolves calling, and i fear for our team. good win overall, but not enough.

      1. ger burke, I like your comment as it is always important to tell things as thy are and never to make excuses or tell half truths and lies. Seems you agree, which is good to hear.
        As for SAKA he is out on his feet and badly needs a long rest.
        But when you are trousering Β£ 300k or more a week, we fans are not disposed to understand that he is only human.
        I am hard on him as we always are on GREAT TALENT. With no hopers you just dont expect much and so tend to give them an easier time.
        That is why so many make excuses for the much lessr players , such as Holding and Elneny. Holding has now gone and I want Elneny to leave too personally, and ALL who are not of our desired standard.

    3. Arteta should sit Havertz on the bench, if only to avoid harming his confidence further.

      Missed an embarrassing sitter, gave away a pass that led to a goal, and just not up to the required level.

      I miss Xhaka when I watch Havertz jogging around; such a low energy low impact player. Needs to sit out until he raises his grit and level of play.

      Saka was awful, I watch Martinelli run at defenders all game and Saka just stands on the wing rarely trying or able to get past his fullback.

      Looking 1 dimensional and needs to wake up and find an edge to his play.

      So far a shadow of the team last year; not convincing, sharp, or direct. It’s only 4 games, but a step backwards so far from last year.

    4. JK
      HAVERTZ seems to be a problem but as a team we are different kettle of fishthen a few seasons ago.
      We go to the final whistle and dig out results
      We are not firing on all cylinders as yet but still claw 10 points from 12.
      I fear for other teams when we do hit the groove
      If we can keep on the tails of city who are the bench mark a d are there or there abouts for the final 10 15 games then it will be an Interesting last part of the season.
      Onwards a d upwards

  7. Great to get the 3 points!

    But besides that this win is papering over some huge cracks. I wonder how long the ego will persist with Havertz.

  8. Why is my comment awaiting approval for over 20 mins Mr. Admin? I gave my honest opinion about the game like Jon Fox and was clean, but they won’t let my comments be seen by other visitors on the site.

    1. It might just be weight of posts Dendrite. It tales Ad PAT a certain time just to keep up with the the sheer volume.

      Its Arsenals fault for having so many fans across the world. lol!

  9. We were lacklustre in the 2nd half

    It’s cos are kinda one man done with Kai

    Look how Viera started working that leftside when he came in,

    Kai works with no body, is trying to create nothing, he’s not putting any form of creative effort

    We always become a lil better when he leaves yet will leave that substitution till late in the game

    I’m tired of complaining of Kai
    It absolutely not his fault
    It’s Arteta

    This Kai guy is clearly in a wrong place mentally

    Help him get out of it
    I don’t think forcing more pressure on him is the way to achieve that

    Nonetheless he was bought as a Senior player

    1. Arteta needs to remove him from the first eleven or else his confidence will be even more fragile than what it is.
      He should stop being stubborn and learn from his mistakes. See how we had to revert to the basics today and at least it worked. Also Saka needs to be subbed in some matches when he is not impacting the game.

  10. Get over yourselves with all the criticism a win is a win I said from start of season we cannot win the league still don’t have enough quality our best chance was last season will never get a better opportunity than that best we can achieve is top 4 no chance winning champions league either so fa of egl Cup only chance of silverware!

  11. Havertz must be benched….for HIS sake. He needs to learn the extra level Arsenal play at compared to Chelsea. Use Trossard or Viera. Start Jesus again.

  12. I still support Arteta but I struggle to see how we make top four with such overcomplicated tactics. Players look rigid and out of place, it’s like everything is choreographed and no one wants to trust their instincts. Saka and White looked like strangers. Anyone trying to gloss over this performance is just an arteta cultist who wont see nor hear sense. We were pathetic for 88 minutes. Wont even talk about Kai as I supported the signing from day one however, Arteta needs to get over his ego and ease him in. When Grealish misfired in his first appearance, Pep took pressure off him by easing him into the team. He did the same with Mahrez and Stones who looked so out of place at City. Havertz’s crazy miss should send a very strong warning to Arteta: the pressure is eating him up, he needs a breather, normally a player of his stature would be putting that chance away easily. Just take him off the firing line and ease him back in.

  13. It’s hard to argue with taking three points from one of your biggest rivals,so let’s enjoy however how long can we continue to play like this and get away with it. My usual gripes about Havetz and Nketian stand but the more serious issue is that due to lack of support from proper wing backs, and a roving midfielder such as ESR, our play is too over reliant on Saka and Martinellii and I very much doubt that these two will last the season unless something is fixed. Hopefully a fit Jesus is one of the answers.

  14. Surely Havertz has to take a breather now its get from bad to worst, he needs to sit and watch the Everton game.

    Had never seen a clearer sitter miss like this before.

  15. However much you hate ozil please do not compare him with this lazy player in Mr Harvest πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ƒ that’s a big disgrace to a 265 career assists talent. Secondly Saka must be subbed if he is not impacting a game. he has slackened greatly recently, just take look at Martinelli’s work rate in the opposite wing.
    Thirdly,why is nobody talking about Dalot’s double foul on Saka, as he was heading through on goal? Could have VAR have had a check?

    1. Saka was lucky he didn’t get a red for that foul on rat boy, I have seen softer tackles get a red, so he was very fortunate yesterday.

  16. If not easing Kai into the game is affecting his confidence, then what about keeping in form players like Trossard , Nelson and ESr on the bench? Do we realize what this is doing to their confidence? Players who give u their best game on game yet u relegate then to the bench to accommodate a misfit. Kai has won UCL and played 3yrs of Epl yet we “show him love” . Can’t we see that each time he’s subbed the team plays like it’s unshackled? The team suddenly catches fire?

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