Confirmed Arsenal team to face Manchester City – Jesus replaces Trossard

Arsenal travel to Manchester today for what is probably the biggest game of the season so far for Mikel Arteta and his men and this is the team the manager has selected.

Arsenal has enjoyed a remarkable run of form in the league since the beginning of the new year and enters this game in excellent shape. If there ever was a time for them to secure a win at the Etihad, it is today, and fans anticipate a fiercely competitive match.

Certainly, it would be unwise to underestimate City. They are arguably the best club side globally as the reigning English and European champions. However, they have not displayed their usual formidable form this season. While they command respect, there’s no need for Arsenal to fear them overly.

This game could unfold in one of two ways: either as a strategic battle or an exhilarating classic. Regardless of the outcome, what truly matters is that Arsenal avoid defeat and ideally secure all three points.

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    1. In the realms the match has been played already. Arsenal vs City is a win for Arsenal.

      Arsenal vs Bayern first leg is a win for Arsenal.

      1. Don’t call it a prediction when it happens. City don’t lose at home and I tell you confidently Arsenal won the match in the realms.

  1. Can’t complain at all. Martinelli hopefully gets a chance later
    City without Ederson in goal
    Our bench is beginning to compare in quality to City’s. As in we no longer a sub standard

    1. But it’s all about mentality
      You need to have that mentality and nip city down
      I hope we have installed that mentality in our play

      1. Have we not beaten them this season at the End and also the community shield? So what mentality are talking about sir? If the referee allows us to play our normal game tactically we will beat them well in that their stadium. Referee need to keep an eye on Rodri because he fouls a lot. He constantly stop counter attack by holding or pulling players shirt and he always get away with it but today it’s going to be a big battle in the middle between Rice / Jorginho/ Rodri/De bruyne. I believe we will get the 3 points but can’t predict the score line.

        1. I don’t think we should consider charity sheild
          Also City’s record at Etihad is formidable
          They are unbeaten in 38 games in all competitions

      2. I agree that has let us down in the past. We have a few winners in the team now and I do believe we are stronger than last season.

        It is fingers crossed for me as City have a pretty damned good home record. COYG

    2. I wish Martinelli was fit to start, because his pace could prevent Man City’s defenders from playing with high-line

      Hopefully Jesus will be able to use his experience at Man City to exploit their weaknesses. Zinchenko could also help in the second half if we’re losing

        1. If Man City are leading after the sixtieth minute, Zinchenko’s high-risk movements and passes would be required to penetrate Man City’s defense

      1. @Gai, Zichenko might not be able to handle Benado Silva like Kiwior who is in good form. I just hope Saliba don’t leave White all alone against an inform Foden, player should double up on him. I wish Jorginho can handle City pace in the middle. It would be a big statement if we win this game. But at least a draw will be decent Considering we have beaten City twice in the season. I see a tough and difficult game for Arsenal.

        1. I’m not worried about Foden if he plays LW, but he could be troublesome if he moves to Man City’s right wing

          Doku or Grealish would likely give White a torrid time if they play LW in the second half, because of their trickeries

    3. Kovacic starting ahead of Alvarez shows Guardiola is hell scared of this fixture, let’s hope his fear can turn into nightmares and he can have few sleepless night before losing title.

      1. Walker out but the aging world class Kevin Bruyne, has score more goals against Arsenal than any other team, though one could argue it mostly happen when youth was in his favor

  2. Strong lineup, let’s go. Arsenal to win 1-3. Ode to open up with first goal. 0-3 by half time and they get a consolation goal at the end. Come on Arsenal ♥️🤍

  3. If we win today

    We’ll have utmost confidence to go to Old Trafford, White Hart Lane & American Express to get all 3 points

    (I believe those are the other tough away matches we have)

    COYG !

  4. Now that the gaffer gets his team selection right, he must now gets his team formation spot on, it has to be a 4 2 3 1 set up, which quickly switch to 4 3 3 in attack mode.

  5. Liverpool just won so big weight on City and Arsenal’s shoulders to get a result.

    Whatever the outcome I hope the ref is barely mentioned and we put a proper fighting shift in

    1. Great post
      Let’s banish the weak mentality
      We may not win, but at least go down fighting to the end

  6. I see that team and bench and foresee a statement win. Announcing to the world this ain’t the unexperienced youngsters of last season that got crushed by the city machine.

  7. City always struggle when teams don’t respect/fear them and get in their faces like Liverpool. A fast start with an early goal would see the match go bonkers

  8. In the realms the match has been played already. Arsenal vs City is a win for Arsenal.

    Arsenal vs Bayern first leg is a win for Arsenal.

  9. Here’s to the changing tides. To be the best you have to beat the best or forever hold your peace.

  10. I hope Kiwior is not conceding penalty against Bernado Silva
    That’s why you needed Tierney as LB

  11. What I would say is how good man city are with and without the ball but we don’t look at the races yet not by a long way. We are giving them far too much space

    1. @Perry
      Real talk. And they’re not giving us any space to operate. We can’t handle the press. Jus sayin…

  12. Not the worst start but we need to get some control over the ball. Defending like this for so long will eventually become too much..

  13. Kiwior struggling with silva Tomiyasu gonna come on early i think. Being right footed better to defend against b.silva

  14. Been his biggest defender but Raya is struggling today not helping us at all. Hope he gets over the nerves.

  15. Happy with our defense. The treble winners look toothless.

    Up front is another matter. Guess we can expect our highest paid player to be the difference against the likes of Sheffield.

    Our attack threat is non-existence Man city defenders may as well bring deckchairs in the second half.

  16. Very cowardice game play by Arsenal. We need to show some courage. Saka is just useless today, looks like a kid going for exam. If it continues like this we will concede 3-4 goals by the end of the match

  17. Let’s hope its a game of 2 halves

    The Ref has been quite kind to us as Jesus has been lucky to escape with nothing and other fouls have gone unpunished.

    We have hung on in some respects but neither City who have had more of the ball, have been decisive, or us, with a couple of half hearted attempts, been anywhere near clinical enough.

    1. It’s very rare you watch a game and you repeatedly say oh my player should have had yellow there.

      1. Early on, Angus, Jesus was rash and managed not to get a card after a couple of naughty challenges.
        It was stupid of him, and lucky for us, the referee kept the card in his pocket – as he has done throughout the half. I hope that clears up my thoughts. Cheers

  18. Arsenal didn’t dare to play openly against Man City. I bet they got affected by Man City’s supporters

    We need players who excel in one-on-one situations, such as Martinelli and Partey, to penetrate Man City’s defense with their dribbling skills

    1. That’s what I was talking about mentality
      Sometimes you don’t need tactician but you that mentality guy

    2. I dnt think so last season we played openly pressed high and conceded 3 goals in transition. So why would arteta do the same thing. The onus is on City to attack, they are at home and behind us in the league.

  19. Shouldn’t complain too much. To get a draw wouldn’t be a bad result at the Ethiad. We had better chances than City. If we can control the ball batter and get our passing sorted we even get a better result?

    1. We are not able to get hold of the ball
      That’s why you need big strong and powerful CF at times to bypass the midfield and get forward
      Winning 1st and 2nd ball

      1. When fans on here talk about no corruption in refs then please please tell why this clown will pull back an man city free kick but not an arsenal one. It is so clear and obvious

  20. Arsenal lack of clinicality to finish off a chance in front of goal in the match is made bare in the 1st half of the match. Especially by Gabriel Jesus who missed a chance to score off Kiwior’s assist. SHOULD Arteta then be BOLD early in the 2nd half to bring on Trossard for GJesus at LW? And redeploy Havertz centrally as striker? Then bring on T Partey for him in the midfield?

      1. And I think Jesus should be subbed now
        He has done tireless defensive work and now on silly yellow card
        Should be replaced by Martinelli

  21. Like for like . We need an attacking threat at wing back not a stiff like Tomiyasu.Hope Partey’s fans get what they wanted. Personally I think he’s finished.

  22. Arteta’s decision to stick with Jesus over Trossard may cost us points. In tough games like this, especially against a coach who previously deemed Jesus inadequate, he’ll likely face immense pressure and may squander numerous chances. I’ll be the happiest if I’m disapproved

  23. City playing higher now Martinelli pace would be great in behind. Maybe last 10 min if not fit enough.

      1. What ever happens its not over. We can still win(obviously without biased ref’s) silverware 😀

  24. With Marinelli and Trossard on we now have a real chance of scoring and probably winning the game.

    Wasted 70 minutes with Havertz and Jesus upfront.

  25. Best perf by a CB in SALIBA I have EVER SEEN.
    Beyond sublime and I am in awe!

    Great perf all round too. To prevent a side of Citys level having a single proper chancde was, well words fail me!!

    One proper chance in the whole game for either side and we had it when Trossard OUGHT to have crossed low to MARTINELLI.

  26. It’s really official now. Arsenal’s defense is really the top in the league. Saliba and Gabriel the best CB pairing in the league, probably in all over Europe.

    1. Imagine only a few years back teams used to physically built Arsenal. Now the team takes no prisoners

  27. Harvetz showed his true value. The nowhere man iu of his depth. God Odegaard could have used some help from him today.. Still the big fellas fans will tell us about the unbelievable ghost work he does. I guess a point is a positive in the sense that we are still in the race and can improve on today’s attacking no show.

    1. By your understanding, Haaland showed his true value? Sometimes defense can really overpower offense, which right was the case today.

  28. Partey is back and he was so cool on the ball. Except for letting de bruyne outrun him once.

    Wish he stays fit.

  29. Dont what you are on about I am a big fan of Ode but he was poor with his final passes one big chance stands out where Havertz was in a good posiition and Ode with time and noone around him failed to find a very makeable through ball. He worked hard as usual but his end product was non existent and he has not yet had a good game versus City. The only thing is De Bruyne did not own him this time as Rice stole the ball from him several times but he was also under par as well.

  30. Never saw this nil all coming, but it seems we went to Manchester not to lose.

    All in all we have acquitted ourselves well as a regular contributer predicted.

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