CONFIRMED Arsenal team to face Newcastle at St James Park today

Arsene Wenger hinted that today’s Arsenal team may include some rotation to give the players that were in Russia on Thursday a breather, but I wonder just how much of a risk he will take considering that Burnley are still only two points below us in the table.

Well here was the Arsenal team that I predicted earlier…

Bellerin, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal
Elneny, Xhaka, Iwobi
Welbeck, Ozil,

And here is the team that Wenger has decided to start with…

Wow! Quite a few changes there!
I am glad to see Koscielny get a rest, and Holding and Chambers are likely to be the future of our defence anyway…

And Laca and Auba start together at last!” Yay!
Is that Arsenal side good enough to beat Newcastle today?


Updated: April 15, 2018 — 12:33 pm


  1. Christ!! Glad Laca & Auba start…. not sure what else to say 😐

    1. #Yo Iwobi - you wanna go away from here?

      So does Iwobi unfortunately so going to have to write this one off

      1. I was hoping for a win… but after seeing that line up I’m not so sure 😣

        1. #Yo Iwobi - you wanna go away from here?

          May Ben if he takes Iwobi off at half time we could win but can’t see that happening personally

          1. No away points so far this year!!!! Shocking! Will we get any points today??? I’m not so sure

    2. Good to see Willock getting a chance like Nelson did last week. Also Holding and Chambers being given a chance to stake their claim.

      Give the young kids a chance and then let’s see which ones really want to earn their starting place…

      Lots of potential in the reserves and like AMN who have broken through this year..

      1. Yup, I’m excited to see what the kids and the fringe players could do

        I hope Willock, Iwobi, Holding and Chambers can improve like Maitland-Niles

        They have to get more chances if Arsenal want to have their own Mbappe

        1. Mbappe was major talent at 18.
          Also, the fastest player in history of football.

          But yeah, Holding , Chambers and Iwobi are not too far from the best in the world. If we count it in light years, that is.

  2. with iwobi in the starting line up is like playing myself – gooner = forever

    1. Iwobi-chan created great assists at his last Premier League game

      1. About bloody time!!

  3. Where’s Ozil? Lacazette and Aubsmeysng need supplies. Hope the young lads behind can stake their claims.

    1. Ozil is too tired and needs to snuggle with Miss Turkey

  4. Lacazette AND Aubameyang but who is going to provide the ammunition? Having Iwobi in the team is like playing with 10 men, so I have my doubts that AW cares about the result. It is a nothing game for us but it would be an embarrassment to finish below Burnley.

    Roll on next season!!

  5. Haha! Ozil being rested for Atletico, but Ozil never turns up in big games! He should be playing today, and benched for Atletico if anything!

    1. I’ll have to visit livescore at halftime to decide if I’m watching the 2nd 45mins.. A young man like me should not be wasting 2hrs watching sh*tty performance

  6. who wouldve thought Auba would link up with Lacazette like that so quickly? Not rocket science sometimes

  7. Footballistrivial

    That goal by Newcastle was beautiful. Can’t blame anybody in Arsenal for that.

    1. Ok, but i will blame Mustafi and Cech, in that order.

  8. Mustafi is just horrible

  9. mustafic and cech taking turns to concede

    its a great goal…

  10. With Iwobi the most creative player in the middle of park everything hinges on laca and aube … Willock is clearly out of his league and needs a year in the championship to judge if he is any good

  11. Mustafi again with a CSKA repeat! This guy is singlehandedly ruining our team from the back. You are nothing without defensive stability. I would be tearing my hair out playing with a defender like that. We need at least 2 CB’s this summer, 1 to replace the retiring Mertesacker and the other to bench Mustafi if he’s not sold. His guy infuriated me more than Wilshere this season. Enough! This guy is a World Cup winner as well.

    1. cech should be doing way better with that as well. These two can’t be starters next season

  12. Where were our defensive midfielders Xhaka and Elneny???
    Perez’s run should have been tracked either of them… Perez made a run through midfield which should have been tracked by our midfielders…

    1. Mehn! So many managers on here..imagine this post

      1. At we saw something… You guys only put Blame on single player…. Chambers missed wonderful chance setup by Mustafi but you guys would still see that Mustafi cross was not pinpoint…

  13. The cross sliced through Holding -> Mustafi -> Cech like butter

    1. But Perez was unmarked…. He should have been tracked by Either Elneny or Xhaka…

      1. Yet Mustafi completely turned off and literally allowed Perez to maneuver around him for a first time shot. Jesus even the commentators where I’m at said Mustafi and Cech combo again there. We literally just did this in our last game against CSKA 3 days ago. 3 DAYS!!! Where’s the lesson learnt?

      2. As a defender, Mustafi did not even show any awareness whatsoever as the ball was coming in, he just stood there, probably expecting Cech to save that too.

  14. well we got nothing to play for…..the extra urgency is not there

    1. He is been horrible…. He should subbed at the half time…

      1. He should be, but I bet he won’t be!!

  15. My mind is on Madrid tbh

  16. Some positives … Chambers and holding have potential Iwobi was decent and aube is a class player worth what we paid but Czech mustafi and xhaka need to be offloaded in summer and some of these younger players are hugely overrated possibly coz they don’t play enough but that shouldn’t be in premiership…The truth that fans need to accept is that we are closer to Newcastle than to man utd .. That will only change with change at the top

    1. No Surprise our academy is not strong…
      Holding, Chambers bought from outside clubs and our own products like Willock, Maitland Niles are seem to be overrated..

      1. AMN is better than Chamber-maid and Holding-no one.

  17. Dollar for dollar xhaka is the worst player I think I have seen in the EPL … Whoever made decision to spend on him should resign

  18. chambers getting better after more games

    same for holding…after sessions with lehmannl

    1. lol sure dude sure…

  19. Willock & Iwobi…. get them off!!

    1. Iwobi looked little decent but should be subbed for Welbeck… And Willock should be subbed for Nelson or Maitland Niles..

      1. IMO Iwobi never looks decent

    2. Iwobi has been ok today but keeping Willock on is cruel and unjust punishment for him and the team …rabbit in the headlamps

  20. “Holding and Chambers are likely to be the future of our defence anyway”

    Not if we plan on top half finishes. Don’t believe me??
    That’s what I said about Yaya Sanogo, Djourou and a host of others and have been wrong rarely. The Greek kid will be better than both by next year.


    1. must say home grown quota can destroy…

      unless the club has heaps of funds to sign the best

    2. That stupid rule is to ensure that there are players in the league for the national team. I honestly think it hurts clubs more than help them at times, especially if the players are complete crap. Since the start of the season who from Arsenal deserve a England call up right now? They all play for Spurs, Liverpool, Utd and even City and Chelsea.

  21. I’m not liking what I’m seeing

  22. 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  23. Do we need Benitez as our Manager??? Lol

    1. We need a bloody miracle mate

      1. And Manager who can produce will not join Arsenal because Arsenal wouldn’t be of his standards…

  24. Footballistrivial

    Arsenal are so boring with the ball. A few years(5-6?) back I’d never say this

    1. Footballistrivial

      And off the ball, Arsenal are probably the worst top team I’ve seen.

      1. You said Top team??? Please correct yourself buddy… We have conceded 65 Goals in all competitions… That is terrible….

        1. Footballistrivial

          Lol. OK. If we ain’t a top team then the off the ball organisation is pretty good, on a relative level. While I agree that our defence is fragile, the more important problem is that Arsenal have horrible organisation and tactics off the ball, which exposes our CBs way more than a top team should.

    2. Not only boring but we horribly Fragile in Defence…

  25. Where was Monreal ? He’s our ffing left back … Burnley could well finish above us on their 37m wage bill … What excuse will the fossil have then?

    1. His arsenal of excuses never dries up

  26. Another fantastic defensive display.
    You could put four traffic cones in defence and we would be better off.
    Sooner Athletico knock us out the better – then we can finally be rid of Wenger for good…
    And to think Burnley are fighting us for sixth…

  27. I am so tired of Chambers looking at him joging back when he just lost possesion leaving it for Holding again !

    1. Thank god he is off that was just horrible display…..

  28. FA should charge wenger for fielding an understrenghed team. Fire this old ass right now, kick those wenger lovers out of arsenal with him. We need arsenal fans not arsene fans.
    Completely disrespecting a good Newcastle team

  29. Only 3 wins in entire season on road… Burnley is just 2 points behind Arsenal… To what level Arsenal have dropped themselves by not changing hands of Management in crucial times… There was a time when Top Managers in Europe would have agreed to join Arsenal because Arsenal were really top but now why Likes of Ancelloti or Allegeri, and other top managers would think of Arsenal as we don’t even have money like Chelsea and Man City to pursue them…..

    1. No away points so far in 2018!!!

  30. Obviously wenger’s half time talk worked wonders … 8m quid man .. Some people have it lucky but this fossil is just a disgrace to the club

  31. Arsenal are a joke.
    Wenger is a self centred, pathetic excuse of a manager.
    And Pires is a clown…

  32. Forget we would get top and Proven Manager…
    We need to try likes of Julian Nagelsmann who is fresh blood in Football…

  33. Watching Holding and Chambers make a mistake after mistake is totally sobering.

    Even if we improve on Mustafi, we still need a couple of years to get rid of Iwobi, Welbeck, Holding, Chambers. No top 4 finish with these fake footballers.

  34. Some very serious decisions HAVE to be made at the end of this season if not before it even ends. Also why do I keep hearing opposition fans sing “Same old Arsenal, always cheating”? Is that how others view us? If we’re cheaters then we really suck at it, especially this joke of a Premier League season…

  35. PASS PASS PASS PASS PASS LOSE THE BALL AND GET SUCKER PUNCHED NOTHING NEW HERE FROM Mr WENGER HE HAS NO ‘B’ PLAN. Arsenal are lost don’t know what to do in the last third of the pitch.

  36. Back to 33 points behind.
    I want to see how the manager can convince he has improved Arsenal – after all that was the reason they gave him another, thoroughly undeserved new contract.
    God I despise Wenger.
    More than James May presumably despises himself.
    Such a self absorbed old fool – clinging on for his own selfish needs.

  37. Need a new manager in place for athletico game so we might at least have a fighting chance … This moron is clueless tactically …

  38. Arsenal the ONLY premier league team to not get a single away point since 2018 I just heard. Lol the season ends next month. Time to look in the mirror I think.

    1. That’s true and completely unacceptable…

      1. Wenger is a F**king joke.
        As much as i hate to say this but Athletico knocking Arsenal out would be for the best.
        The last thing we need is an excuse to keep this idiot at the club for any longer..

    2. Wrong, we are actually the only English team in all four flights without an away point in 2018!

  39. Our Campaign will get Knockout punch from Ath Madrid…

  40. theres play for…the boys have no sense of urgency

  41. Looking forward to comments of the 6th place junkies after this one … At least the Scottish guy keeping British rail in business won’t have had far to go to watch this sh@@ …

  42. Wenger was finished when he concede 6 points in the hands of Man Utd in Season 2007-2008… Our board should have changed the Manager then itself..

  43. We were pretty lucky from the previous games. Our style is pretty low tempo patient football. Missing football from 2004 years or even 2012 season.

  44. Footballistrivial

    Missing giroud for this last part of the game.

    1. exactly what i was thinking. All these crosses, all short pacy players that wont get to it. Such a mistake. Giroud has saved Wenger from embarrassment so many times but got no gametime this season when we were at our worse.

  45. Jesus christ all these stats that are being rewritten…thank you Arsene.
    And to think we’ll probably have another season of this s**t!
    I watched the 49 unbeaten games DVD last night… just to remind myself that we were good, played great football & could defend

  46. Disgusting stuff. Wenger is a fool the way he plays around with that back line. We have a crap record away, I know, Ill change the formation make some changes at the back as well as midfield and rest some of the better players all while going full steam ahead.

    Should have set up to counter, they need the points so would have committed men forward, and we had the strikers for it. For someone who’s job is hanging by a thread this is not at all encouraging. I keep expecting our players to amaze us with an away game because of how bad it’s been, but it hurts to see us in this state.

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