Confirmed Arsenal team to face Newcastle United – One change

Arsenal welcome Newcastle United to the Emirates tonight and this is the team that Mikel Arteta has selected.

Arsenal aims to bounce back against Newcastle this evening following their midweek Champions League loss to Porto, and there are valid reasons to be confident that the team will secure all three points.

While the Champions League defeat was disappointing, Arsenal’s recent league performances have been highly impressive. Returning to familiar territory, there is optimism that they can resume winning ways, especially facing an injury-hit Newcastle.

Undoubtedly, the match will be challenging, as Newcastle is known for putting up a fight and not easily conceding. However, if the team replicates the form they have displayed in recent weeks in the league, there is a strong likelihood of securing a victory tonight.

Let us know in the comments below what you think about the team that Arteta has chosen and what your predicted score is.

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  1. Man City winning away to Bournemouth 0-1. Has anyone noticed that their last match was also one nil. If it was Arsenal, title credentials would be questioned. COYG, show them stuff

  2. Partey should be let go ASAP, the guy is never available, trains but never shows up for the match. Arsenal isn’t a nursing home.

    1. Here we go again…the same people who couldn’t wait for Xhaka to use the door.
      Same people suddenly angry that Arteta let him go, after his beauty for Leverkusen
      I’m tired of moaners please

  3. Watching the City game, one thing is for sure the fact Bournemouth should have scored and City allowed it will not be mentioned except in praise. Narratives. If Arsenal go on to win 1-0 in the same manner against Newcastle (who without injuries are top 4) we will be questioned no end. Narratives. Ignore them, support your team. Best example, as writing the commentary I’m watching said “if city put the accelerator on they could have won 4 or 5”

    1. I hear you. But arsenal are not likely to in 1-0. we either score a lot of goals, or succumb to unexplainable lapses as hppened in Porto. IMHO the mark of a champion is being able to win with a single goal. holding on to a single goal and not conceding indicates a degree of resilience which we have not been able to showcase.

      1. Totally agree given it’s home just saying if it did happen it would be displayed very different.

        1. It’s habit and sometimes jealousy, we have been a banter for years now so their brain can’t process that we have been challenging for the title for the last 2 seasons.

  4. So the Big German is ask to lead the line again once more,

    Eddie Howe is expected to park the bus, as the wheels slowly comes off , am looking for the time wasting monster to raise it’s head once more.

  5. Arsenal havent lost to New Castle at the Emirate in a while. Last season New Castle “packed the bus” at our home. For me it’s a win win for Arsenal wether with 1: 0 or more. This guy’s knows what is at stake. Above all, like Arteta said after Porto game ” if you can’t win it don’t lose it” I bet that’s from the “dark art book. Gunners let’s go I am optimistic.

  6. Only way we drop this match is if that rubbish ref gets odeggard sent off. Completely dominating that thug team.

  7. Jorginho’s lob to make a pre-assist for Martinelli to Havertz was sublime and his overall playmaking performance was excellent

    I think we could get a different result in Portugal if he started the game with Havertz in the CF position

    The Gunners were pumped up and aggressive since the first minute

    1. Fantastic signing, his multiple cup winning experience and leadership in such a young squad has been invaluable. The fact he’s been turning up with massive performances when called upon is even better.

      1. Yeah, I think Arsenal had better extend his contract if they can’t sign another deep-lying playmaker of such caliber in the summer

        I hope we’ll be able to sign Douglas Luiz

        1. i’d prefer a douglas luiz (remember when a lot were unhappy with those links) or whoever playing next year and especially long-term but the leadership example not sure we can lose that, weird one. If we do win the title this year changes.

          1. To reference this comment i believe that Arteta played a vital role in leadership even off the field when he came to his end, We dropped out the top 4 the next year after he left (surprising given he was never captain material, now he’s too emotional on the sidelines, arguments) and only by curious circumstance because Emery was unluckily no to return to CL when he managed. Weird sequence of events for people to continually dimisss him,

            Best time for this 4-0 Saka, we’re killing it in the league against all odds. Squad that costs less in actual transfers and actual wages than both CIty and Liverpool more so CIty otherwise United/Chelsea are involved. Wouldn’t know it sometimes but is what it is. 4-0 insane run of 4+ nil wins

    1. Haha. For most of the second leg. in the absence of Partey, he is the best playmaker and passer. But damn those legs

  8. These are the standards. The people that never wanted Arteta as Captain (top 4 always.) Never wanted him as manager, Never wanted Gabriel, Odegaard, White, Ramsdale (weird given raya), Raya (Could add more)? Standard…….. Improving no? WIth less squad spend/wages both.

    Disappointing Porto result my fellow gunners enjoy your night tonight it’s deserved.

  9. Haha, same here. I’m gutted Emile and Reiss’ efforts did’nt end up in the back of the net. massive win though!

  10. Have fun everyone lord knows we’ve been through it. This team is so much younger than our rivals. Enjoy it!

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