Confirmed Arsenal team to face Southampton – Lacazette and Ozil benched

The Gunners are set to face Southampton with a much changed defensive line up from last week’s win over Huddersfield

This is the team that I predicted earlier with the return of Koscielny, and Nacho Monreal his partner at centre-back….

Bellerin  Koscielny Monreal  Kolasinac
Xhaka Torreira
Iwobi Ozil Ramsey

And here is Emery’s pick….

I see that, despite having very defenders available, Emery has decided to stick to his 5 at the back formation, which he seems to have settled on for now, with Lichtsteiner the third defender alongside Monreal and Kooscielny, with Bellerin and Kolasinac as wing-backs.

I am very surprised that the boss has decided to keep Ozil on the bench despite his return to fitness and Mhkitaryan has been preferred to both him and Ramsey. Maybe the other two Number Tens are not quite back to full fitness?

I thought Lacazette would be a sub after starting on Thursday and now Aubameyang has a chance to increase his goal tally from the centre-forward position.

I am sure Emery knows exactly what he’s doing and we will win this game in the second half as usual!


Updated: December 16, 2018 — 12:39 pm


  1. Where’s Kolasinac? 😢

    1. Yep. He’s not even on the bench. Odd considering we are low on defenders
      Hope he is okay!

        1. Alex Iwobi is amongst the worse five players ever to play for Arsenal.

          1. You’re definitely right about him Sue

    2. Thinking the same ,seeing he’s been one of our best players recently and how do miki and iwobi warrant starting ,especially as laca and ozil are ready and on the bench .

      1. Iwobi & Mkhi really need to have a blinder… can’t remember the last time they did!!

        1. I can see them both playing sh1t and going off at half time again to be replaced by the other 2 and Ramsey .not sure when you have laca and ozil both fit why he wouldn’t play them with auba ,their a class above the other two.

          1. I am a little baffled if I’m honest…

  2. I think this is better than the predicted line-up (no offense)

    Prefer Mkhitarian to Ramsey

  3. Mikki HAS to make an impact NOW how many chances s is the Boss going to give him?

  4. Where is Kolasinac? Probably he is injured

  5. It’s reported Kolasinac has a thing injury people are starting to question if our players are being over work

    1. They are not,the sane happened in klopp first season it’s just a matter for the players to get used to new training and ways of playing,high pressing,to do thst you need to be really feet that’s why he goes after young players!!

  6. mickmematethemasterfarter

    starting match with 9 men again,could b found out 2day b4 halftime subs GUESS WHO..

  7. It’s annoying to see Maitland-Niles on bench because if given the chance he will make that CM spot his own.I can’t believe he starts that guy week in week out no matter the kind of performance.Every manager has his favourite indeed.

    1. i agree completely AMN needs to play – his time surely has come.

    2. Kev although I’m not sure who you were referring to when you said that guy I’m with you on Maitland Niles the kid needs to play in that CM role. Guendozi although he’s a great prospect the gaffer is a little bit fond of him!

      1. Xhaka of course!AMN is a special talent in my book and just like others here who feel some particular youngsters shall be hefuture stars he is the one who I feel shall be a great player.

    3. Every manager has his preferred players just like every fan I haven’t seen many games Maitland Niles played at cm to even suggest he can match what guenduozi does before we can talk about doing more….
      Over rated English players as always

      1. I never brought up Guendouzi but since you’re trying to say AMN is overrated let me also tell you that this guy is far better than Xhaka and Guendouzi from what I’ve seen.I do not need to see many games from him to know this.I have seen his ability on and off the ball and drawn my conclusion.Even before he played against Utd winning the MOTM I believe in his ability and felt he was going to have an outstanding game which actually did.Look at you calling AMN overrated.He shall easily displace Guendouzi and Xhaka when given the opportunity and because he has quality and is physical shall be the most sustainable and best partner for Torreira.Just remember these words in the future.

  8. i’m expecting our run to remain in tact – altho with arsenal we can often expect the unexpected, so i’m gonna opt for ainsley-m-niles and/or elneny to score at anytime. Other than this it’s business as usual – so southampton to be sorry they had the audacity to put on a kit and turn up against us 🙂 #COYG

  9. Beginning to lose a it of patience with Emery … 6 months in I was expecting some kind of learning curve and some shape to our play … So far we have a football sugar rush from wenger leaving … Which I am happy about … And a willingness to make changes when things arent going right … Which is also a welcome improvement in itself … but as this is now happening just about every game is a worrying sign too … Iwobi Miki aube is a combo has been tried now on several occasions none of which have delivered … Then again it’s a better team than what admin was proposing so I guess it could be worse!!!

  10. I think Emery keeps fielding Iwobi and Myhitaryan despite their poor forms to enable them wear out the defence of the opposition. He then brings on Laca, Ramsey to complete the job. Compare our bench for this game to our match against Huddersfield.

  11. Urgh that horrible green kit

  12. Very defensive team today, even with all the absent players.

  13. Like I said … Emery ‘s inability to learn is becoming a worry

    1. The way some fans here believe they know more than the manager who train with the players everyday is somehow. Manager knows the Strength and the weakness of the players, he has his plans, he knows the players that can carry out the plan. What should be out major concern now is injury.

  14. That’s been on the cards since ko, Iwobi and miki aren’t good enough

    1. He effectively playing with 9men ,I would even rather Ramsey on the pitch than iwobi and that’s saying something

      1. We playing 9 men, so non existent player pass to monreal , cuts back the ball to another non existent player and somehow we got a goal.

        1. Yea a pass which he nearly over hit ,wasn’t really a hard pass to make was it ,what else as he done in the last 15 games ,oh yea that’s right f4ck all ,

  15. Yawn, typical Arsenal

  16. this can’t keep happening… ugh

  17. 20 minutes first half the flower in Emery Ass is gone Southampton 1 Arsenal 0 we need new tactics

  18. …as i said (above) with arsenal …

    expect the unexpected.. luckily we’ve time to turn this tie around…

    its gonna be all about character (today).

  19. Utterly shambolic

  20. Chill guys, the boys are still asleep. Emery’s gonna wake em up at half time.

    P.s. didn’t even get the chance to complete typing and Bam mikhi.

    1. Watsup with auba? Sleeping?

  21. Finally Miki! C’mon, lets get a half time lead maybe?

  22. mickmematethemasterfarter

    1-1 but xhaka at cb come on

  23. …PERHAPS mkhitarian’s detractors …
    need to think about getting off his back??

    Business as usual is resumed 1-1

  24. how many chances aubamayeng needs

  25. Mkhiiiii Baby!!!!!

  26. Thanks Mikhitarian

    1. He has been utterly sh@@@ and it’s time to put him out to pasture …

  27. Laca shuld be in here

  28. Sad to say but an inform Wenger team would be cruising waiting for half time changes again

    1. “Inform Wenger team” was few and far between.

      1. Wenger man Durand, It’s all he’s ever known.

  29. Never get going in the first half.
    And they pay the price for it.
    The luck will run out sooner or later.
    They really have to motivate themselves better over 90 minutes – not 45 minutes…

    1. You’re right Me, there’s a real hiding coming soon and it could be the away game to Liverpool, so many bad players in the side, Bellerin, Xhaka, Mustafi, Worst of all Iwobi and apart from his goals today Mkytarian. Get rid of all of them, bring in the youngsters. We need at least five or six new quality players to make a real challenge.

  30. This is the third time I’ll be saying this. 5 players at the back is bullshît!! It limits our attacking prowess. Our match with this formation is always boring without creativity. There you go 2-1.
    Even if we end up winning this. 5 at the back is bullshît and not an Arsenal thing

  31. if ones things certain its that we need to invest in our defence ??

  32. Time to start questioning Emery I think … We have a shit defense we all know that the only way to ensure some stability is on the front foot .., with xhaka Iwobi Miki in team we are mid table quality with no forward threat …mend of and if this idiot can only see it for 45 mins he’s not the person to take us forward

  33. Are we going to kiss goodbye to our unbeaten run???
    Get Iwobi off… Jesus my 4 yr old grandson could play better than that

    1. We would be better off playing with 10 men Sue tbh ,he’s played one pass all half and(which he nearly over hit )And now he’s messi all over again

      1. I think the way it’s gone, we need a bloody miracle to get anything out of this!!

  34. Lol a clowns show. This team needs heavy investmends in the defense.

  35. Wow that was absolutely horrible to watch.

    1. It was indeed… in that awful kit too…

    2. Everyone is about Iwobi and Mikhi, is it because of them we have conceived those goals? The whole backline is terrible today. We can now appreciate how Mustafi and the Greek guy has been.

  36. Emery’s gonna wake em up now 😁😁😁😁

    1. Yes with the hairdryer

      1. 😆😆😆😆

  37. Funny I don’t think our defense is the problem in this game because we have enough attacking players to frighten the hell out of them but Emery’s darling iwobi has to have his say first

  38. This was not a good lineup, simple as that. Back 3 when we only have Koscielny as our true CB who has been out for ages. And Miki/Iwobi again are not too great. Auba is not a better striker than Lacazette. If we lose, it has been coming for a while honestly because Emery keeps making strange starts and then corrects them at HT, and that is not a sustainable strategy. I suspect we will see Ozil subbed on at HT.

  39. I am still have faith we can pull out a winning but a bigger effort is need it
    at the second half or soon we will be relegated to a six place at the table
    we need a win today come on Arsenal!!!!

  40. mickmematethemasterfarter

    remember kos form b4 his injury..elneny on at ht,could do with zaka 2day

  41. Iwobi is pure dung and he is still on. Dear dear dear.

  42. mickmematethemasterfarter

    iwobi lob wedge lol

  43. Mkhit!!!!!

  44. Iwobi is worse than dung ! I ‘ m sure no other PL team would want him !

  45. Is it wenger back in charge?

  46. What the hell Emery see in Zombi Iwobi to start him over Ozil ???

  47. You guys that are frustrated with Emery starting team selection and formation are going to be frustrated until we can bring in attacking reinforcements in January. He only sees us as having to senior CFs – Auba and Laca – and he’s got to try to use them both and keep them both healthy all the way to January. He has said as much.
    So as much as we’d like to see him do different things that include lacazette and aubameyang from the start, he’s likely not gonna do it.

  48. Mkhi has been our saviour so far
    Kept us in the match
    COYG we can win this

  49. Super save by Leno. That’s an extraordinary save unlike the lucky save Alison is being praised for by the media.

  50. Ozil gave the ball away and didn’t chase back then Leno made a mistake
    Finally we stop the BS

    This was exactly a wenger performance

  51. Wow.

    Lost to worst scoring team in the league, conceding 3.

    What has Emery actually changed? We score more, concede more, position same as with Wenger.

    1. Absolute 💩 and I’m gutted

  52. Streak over ???
    5 min + to find out

  53. No we are fn USELESS. Pure shit!!

  54. mickmematethemasterfarter

    20 million down the drain with leno, ozils fault

    1. Why didn’t u see AMN standing there watching Charlie Austin not trying to defend ?

  55. This is what happens when you have a terrible defence.
    Against the worst side in the league.
    Bellerin, Koscelny, Lichsteiner and Monreal simply are NOT good enough.
    We should not be looking at new wingers when our defenders are garbage.

  56. Losing to this team exposes the limits of Arsenal FC am sorry to say

  57. What the f£&k did you all think was going to happen with a very poor arsenal we can’t defend for f&£k sake

  58. long time coming. We simply wont be able to keep pace with the top 4. Let’s be honest. We have too many issues.

  59. 3 bloody headers how fn bad is that? Bottom of the league team . Sack the defence coach and that strap at the back.

    1. A absolutely crap performance Sunday morning defence kick out Leno and iwobi both are so bsd. If you think I’m wrong have some balls and say so

      1. Iwobi shouldn’t be anywhere near that starting line up…. he is just not good enough… how many times does he give the ball away… game after game after game…

        1. Sue you despise Iwobi. He is clearly shit but Auba missed 2 goals , kos let 3 goals in and Ozil practically assisted Southampton . I don’t see you on their case

          1. Kos hasn’t played for God knows how long… Auba at least scored against the spuds… Ozil well I’m speechless… Iwobi is consistently sh*t week in week out!

  60. What does Guendouzi actually do? He just passes side to side and backwards it’s infuriating to watch.
    If you watch Man City and Liverpool they play forward passes with some element of risk rather than just easy side to side or backwards.

  61. this is what you get when you play side ways and backwards 75% of the game and you didnt react to the circumstances frustrating

  62. So disappointing.
    If Emery does not improve our defending then he needs to leave.
    Terrible defending.
    How can we compete when we have second rate defenders like this?
    None of them would get in any of the top four squads.
    Nothing has improved in defending since Wenger left.
    So poor…

    1. I think this is a little harsh considering the defensive injuries/suspensions we have at this moment

  63. Nothing to write home about.
    Losing to the second to worst team says it all.

  64. Can we all talk about Leno’s positioning and decision making 😩

  65. Anyone defend ozil, Iwobi, Xhaka, Leno, miki needs there head looking at even though miki scored
    I fail to see any difference since wenger left

    1. Funny how you always surface from your drain when we lose.

  66. Arsenal will NEVER go far with player like Iwobi !

  67. mickmematethemasterfarter

    the run is over now iv got the runs after watchn dat ,bringing on ozil instead of elneny in a tight scrappy slugfest shamful

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