Confirmed Arsenal team to face Tottenham today –

So after watching the Arsenal Women easily dispose of Tottenham last week, we are hoping to see a repeat performance in this week’s Mens North London Derby.

Tottenham are unbeaten so far this season, but Arsenal have comprehensively deserved to be at the top of the table since the opening day of the season and we will aiming to stay in that position this afternoon and to show the rest of the League that we mean business this season.

We have already heard that Arteta has a large fit squad of players to choose from this afternoon, but he must play his very best team if we are going to quieten down our noisy neighbours and their fans.

Here is the team I predicted earlier…

White… Saliba… Gabriel… Tierney
Partey… Xhaka
Odegaard… Martinelli… Saka

Well, its going to be hard to predict who Arteta will choose, especially after the international break, so now lets have a look at Arteta’s official choice…..


  1. Am excited about this game, no excuses we are winning. No red card and stupid emotional rashness please 🙏

  2. This is it Gunners….do it for all our supporters, male, female……give us a joyous rush. The best creative, athletic, dance like, intense football. Let’s do it.

        1. If we want to win then we will have attack and if we are attacking then counter attack is expected
          So I don’t see there won’t be any counter attack from Spurs..

        2. Funny, how people see spurs
          Speed demons? These have made my day
          See you at the final whistle
          For those hoping for a draw Arsenal have played 24 Premier League games without a draw

            1. So what? So what they have all the clowns you mentioned we too have technically gifted players in our ranks. Oh and richarlison that you often praise to the high heavens is overated. Matter of fact you are the Only one that rates him. I’m talking to you Gotanidea

  3. The fact that Tierney does not start, surprises and disappoints me.I hope I am wrong, but Zinchenko could well be exposed today as defensively he is not adept.I expect us to have a lot of the ball but I hope we are not naive enough to play a high line back four as this will be playing into the hands of Spurs, and in particular, Son.

  4. So what? So what they have all the clowns you mentioned we too have technically gifted players in our ranks. Oh and richarlison that you often praise to the high heavens is overated. Matter of fact you are the Only one that rates him. I’m talking to you Gotanidea

  5. Ivan Perisic is going dark horse today..
    His creativity from wide area is very good..
    Looping crosses towards Kane for headers

    1. Stayed away from this during the game but once again your only comment is negative and you are nowhere to be seen celebrating a NLD game we won to stay top. Motm Xhaka. Worth noting Xhaka correctly pulled out for the pen, Gabriel unfortunately didn’t although they may have scored anyway.

    1. Unfortunately there is that need for Arsenal to shoot themselves on the foot with the need to play out from the back even under pressure.

  6. Maybe bias, I’m not talking about the penalty but the referee gives them free kicks, which had we done the same, he’d never give to us

    1. The same refree that refreed the spurs match against Chelsea if you watched that game then you know what to expect when it comes to refreeing a spurs match. These is beyond incompetence, this is corruption, you will be forgiven to think spurs are the home team given so many calls that went to them

  7. We need to keep it tight at the back. Gabriel should be more composed. Xhaka should have hit it hard

  8. I have to say that the additions of Gabriel Jesus and Saliba have transformed this team. Saliba is so composed on the ball.

  9. We should not commit men forward,..let us see how resolute they are…and occasionally send men forward…and surprise them…I think that is the way to play against bus parkers…Wenger could not do it against Moronho, …let’s hope Arteta can against Conte…

  10. Half time

    1 – 1.

    Good game so far, but the boys are letting them grow in confidence as the game progressed and especially after that unnecessary penalty.
    Good time for the break to settle the nerves.

  11. Saka got robbed when he should’ve released the ball earlier, then Magalhaes’ challenge on Richarlison was 50:50. Saliba was great though, very strong, confident and skilled

    Spuds’ first great chance should’ve been offside, fortunately Ramsdale made a fantastic safe

    Hopefully Saka or Magalhaes can score in the second half, otherwise Nketiah might need to replace Zinchenko

  12. Referee has definitely given them a helping hand, didn’t even look at that terrible foul against Odegaard, which put us at an instant disadvantage. They are the smash and grab kings, a boring side to watch, but it does work, especially with ref help. We have to watch that.

  13. We have certain overrated players in this team whose fans overhype their impact. Another win today as expected will paper over the cracks from those players.

  14. Glad so far Dan prediction is wrong. Brentford he got it wrong.. My wish after this Dan predict we lost all the match..

  15. Sorry to say but Spurs are tactically playing better. They have a plan, which is pretty much obvious to everyone, and they are executing it. We need to calm down and not rush things. They are hoping to play us out of postion and then catch us on the break.
    We need to create spaces and shoot. A win is a win. There are games we don’t need beautiful goals. There is no penetrating that Spur low defence to get a one on one.
    Arteta need to realise that our back line has no real pace so quit the high line.

  16. We have a certain overrated ‘pundit’ and ‘transfer guru’ in the house who overhypes himself and parrots the same thing every game day. Another win today as expected will shut him up for anther week after which he comes here again to repeat the same boring lines about an overrated player.

  17. I said this thing about Spurs always getting penalties against us. Most of Harry Kane’s NLD goals I can remember are penalties.


    1. Sensible decision….
      These kind of tackles can end player’s careers
      Eduardo did recovered from his broken leg but he was never same the way he was

  18. Holy shizz. How good is Partey?

    So calm on the ball, retains the ball, passes the ball so well.


  19. Im just impressed with Saliba. I wish he stays fit all season. The composure and calmness he brings to the back line.

  20. Great performance 💕 and… and… I’ll tell you, honestly, I will love it if we beat them. Love it!”

  21. This is ridiculous that was no way a yellow card for Martinelli, Spuds have done loads of those fouls and it has just been a free kick

  22. Nice one. We won it. We even made Spurs look ordinary.
    8 games down, 30 to go.
    Next, we welcome Liverpool.

    Still on top!

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