Confirmed Arsenal team to face Tottenham – Trossard injured so Jesus and Nketiah up front

So we have finally come to the North London Derby against our fiercest rival, Tottenham Hostspuds. And Arsenal fans will be just as hyped as the Spurs fans, who think that their team has finally clicked and are expecting them to carry on their unbeaten run this season, just as expect the Gunners to run them ragged as usual…..

It promises to be an amazing match with the loudest atmosphere that’s possible at the Emirates, and both sides will be chomping at the bit to get these three points in the bag, but we are also waiting with bated breath to find out which starting XI Arteta has decided on to begin the match.

Will it be Nketiah or Jesus?

Will it be Raya or Ramsdale?

Vieira or Havertz?

Trossard or Reiss Nelson?

Well, the wait is over, and here is the Official Arsenal team to face Tottenham..



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      1. I actually feel sorry for Ramsdale, I hope Arteta won’t destroy the unity in this arsenal team. I may not be huge Ramsdale fan but he really doesn’t deserve this. You benched him against Everton benched him against PSV now you benched him again today.

    1. What a bad luck for Trossard. Finally when he got chance to start matches he himself got injured and suddenly that area of the field looking our weak point.

  1. I doubt Nketiah can play better than Nelson on the left wing, despite Nelson being not match-fit. I hope I’m wrong though

    1. Where did u hear that Nelson is not match fit

      He came in as a substitute against Everton and against PSV

      U always spew funny things

    2. Gai, I wonder if ESR still has future in Arteta team. With Nketian and Viera prefered to him on the left. ESR has more physicality than the two. The lineup doesn’t inspire confidence hope I am wrong though. I remain positive.

      1. I don’t think Smith-Rowe has a good future with Arteta’s current tactics

        In my opinion, Smith-Rowe is less technical than Odegaard, Vieira, Trossard, Martinelli and Nelson. He tends to release the ball quickly instead of trying to make 180-degree turns

        I bet he’ll try to move in January, if he still gets benched

        1. Smith Rowe is not less technical. He has proven when fit that he can score goals more than all these guys. Arsenal would be trying to buy him for 100M by now if he were playing for Bighton or Chelsea.

        2. I sincerely hope Arteta’s too many tactics won’t complicate things for him. Sometimes it’s good to keep things simple, ie JKlopp. If ESR not good enough for his tactics is Havertz the solution. I keep my fingers crossed.

  2. Not sure about the left side, if that how they are lining up, viera and Nketiah. I would have put Jesus right, Saka left and Nketiah up top. BUT im sure they will rotate. It will be interesting to see
    viera in the heat of the London derby. Im not sure about him at all.

  3. Our left side seems weak, I think Nelson would do a better job than Nketiah,

    Please what’s up with Trossard?

  4. The strongest team available given the injuries incurred by some key players. I agree with Reggie that the experience of Jorginho may have been beneficial in this game, given the quality of Tottenham’s midfield. However, Viera has been playing well recently and Jorginho is an option off the bench (as is Nelson).

    1. Agree
      It’s no good worrying about the injuries- this is what Arteta has been paid to deal with and to have provided a stronger bench which has done
      Shame about Trossard but it is what it is

  5. I would have used Tomi to man mark the dangerous Kulusevski, with Zinchenko in midfield and ESR on the left to replace the injured Trossard.A more balanced side than the one chosen imo.

  6. Nketiah and Jesus will be constantly switching to confuse markers. Good plan tactically if it pays off. I think it may be a gamble with Viera. Hope he can handle the pace of a north london derby.

  7. Same concerns as everybody else on the left side. I hope Jesus plays on the left then we can defend from the front and maintain Nketiah in the centre.

    The only positive is that the bench looks strong and MA needs to use the substitutes sooner than the 70th minute in the NLD depending on the game dynamics.

  8. Hii pple.Things keep changing remember dat b4 Aaron there was Leno.Mike tested him de end was that Leno was sold afta Aaron’s gd perfance.SO if RAYA takes over dont worry moreover hi is good.

  9. Very nice Zinchenko won the ball back and initiated the attack, thats the reason why we play better with Zinchenko at Leftblack, having a playmaker there is one of the best tactics arteta brought to arsenal and is one of the reasons of our uprising

    1. I agree. Left side of our attack seems to just disappear and be marked out too easily. Nketiah offering zero threat this game. Mikel has a blind spot for him. If trossard and martinelli are out why isn’t Nelson playing?

  10. Am I the only one who saw that Spuds goal coming five minutes earlier? I don’t understand how we can dominate and then be so dominated?

    1. Yes
      It was coming
      We started to loose the control on game and spurs scored
      But we missed 2 glorious chances
      It should have been 3-1 Arsenal at HT

  11. 1. We really missing Martinelli and Trossard here.We should be out of site by now.
    2.Our mid is so disjointed, when is Partey coming back by the way.
    3.Its clear our forward line is not good enough, we should get a centre forward ASAP.
    We can’t afford to lose this game for sure I’ll be so gutted.

  12. Let’s not do the usual and start blaming the so called usual suspects. We haven’t be good enough for 45mins against s very average spuds. That’s where the blame needs to be put, but only an honest non alcoholic opinion

    1. Actually, we weren’t good enough for 15 minutes. We were on top for half an hour and Spurs got back in and deserved their goal.

  13. That was a world-class save from Raya

    Vieira, Odegaard and Nketiah got robbed too often for my liking

    We should be able to capitalize on Spuds’ yellow cards, to win the game in the second half. Otherwise we might need to try Smith-Rowe ahead of Nketiah or Vieira next match

    1. Niketiah and Jesus had 2 big opportunities and they missed it
      We should have been 3-1 up at HT
      I said to myself that the moment Jesus missed that chance, I knew it will haunt us

  14. Should be at least 3 goals in front by now. Missed very good chances.

    Spurs are deadly on attack and if we don’t control possession, it will be a tough second half.

  15. Goal was obviously coming. We’re killing them in terms of winning the ball back but our attackers when they get the ball aren’t making themselves available besides Saka. Nketiah has done nothing to help today, Jesus shoulders the blame for not really hurting them and making it 2-0. This team lacks the ruthlessness of City. They would’ve demolished spurs if they played like this against them. This spurs team is clearly young and not ready for this game yet were allowing them to look like this

  16. Good changes, Rice and Vieira both were being sloppy in ball possessions, well odegaard and saka too but they are more important

  17. For those Arsenal fans for whatever strange reason like to defend Gary Neville look how he protested against the penalty.

    Look how after Saka scored he said he wouldn’t celebrate if he were Arsenal because we still have a big job to do.

  18. Jorginho ring rusty , a keep saying Arsenal is need of another powerful midfielder, whether Partey stays or go.

    1. There is still life left in this derby regardle,ss of the side of the fence one sits on, red card and another goal looks likely

  19. Seriously stupid by Jorginho. Can’t win anything doing that. May as well give it to them. Unforgivable!

    1. I don’t understand how Arteta looked at this team at HT and thought Eddie should stay on and he should put Havertz into this game. The 1st half wasn’t very good, but my goodness the 2nd half quality is even worse. The midfield for this 2nd half is so below the standard we’ve been striving for

      1. Yes if we had rolling subs, that would have been possible. I guess based on weakest plays next sub should be Nketiah.

    1. What’s the advantage we have this second half to playing havertz over vieira would love to understand Mikel’s thinking. He’s got ESR on the bench instead too. I just don’t get it

  20. the whole team is so bad in ball possession, honestly it’s shocking, they dont even want to keep the ball, terriple performance

  21. Please may someone make it make sense….rice and Viera off for jorginho and haverts at half time??? Icing on the cake, Jesus off soon after?!

  22. Arteta got it wrong with the subs today….yes there are plenty of injuries but the subs were wrong, In timing and personell selected

      1. @ Cliff, then apply for the job, may be with you, we will be the best.
        Always finding excuse and reason to blame the manager…

        1. Have to admit Arteta wasn’t good today either. Subs were questionable, had no answer to blunt the spuds, and no plan B.

          Overall bad day for our key players, and Arteta had no answers to help from the sidelines.

          It happens to all players and managers, just hurts more when it’s the spuds at home.

          Can’t really defend anyone at Arsenal today, and Nketiah should be ashamed to take his wages this week. Awful player, and to expect more from him is lunacy.

  23. Will take the draw considering we were really poor today. Some reaaaaaaallllly bad performances today from players who ate usually reliable. A bad day at the office so we move on..

  24. That was highly disappointing. Not even the result, but the performance and especially Artetas decision making. From his starting XI, to his subs. He’s getting too smart for his own good. The fact he continues to rate some of the players we have and gives them substantial game time over others is hugely concerning. Also, please get a new striker next summer. Jesus makes it 2-0 and it’s a completely different match. He cost us points again.

  25. If this how they play against top teams, then their is no hope for them winning the league. Aside from the defense, everyone was abysmal including Arteta. How can you keep Nketia and subbing out Jesus?

  26. Game just over and the single MOST BLINDINGLY OBVIOUS fact of all is that we badly need a PROPER specialist top class centre forward.

    Nketiah proved today, once and for all that despite his willingness,that at real top level he is well below what we need. HE TRIED HARD BUT WAS OUT OF HIS DEPTH, AS WE ALL COULD SEE PLAINLY.
    Neville,astutely, said exactly that towards the end of the match and I thought that the most STRIKING- or should that be “nonstriking”- truth of all.
    The other truth is that without Rice(and Partey and Timber) we are half a team only.

    1. Nketiah was awful and so was Jesus. He has the easiest chance of the game and missed it so for all the hate Nketiah is about to get Jesus makes it 2-0 and it’s a totally different game. His misses are unacceptable and this should be our last season with Nketiah and Jesus as our main options. Arteta needs a good shake as well. His subbing is so poor. Havertz yet again does nothing when he comes on, he throws ESR on for 90 seconds… David Raya, fine, but I’m not seeing the vast improvement over Ramsdale everyone thinks that he is. With Jorginho, mistakes happen, there was plenty of time after his mistake to make a stamp on the game and everyone just played abysmally. I don’t think the spurs performance was that special. It was scrappy and we played into it.

    2. 100% agree with you nketiah cannot even do the basic of holding the ball up
      It’s basic

      Poor decision making by the manager
      Nelson should have started instead of Eddie with Jesus up the middle

      Anyone who criticises havertz and has supported Eddie is a moron

    3. Jon
      I think most fans agree with you. Now I don’t even blame Nketiah anymore, I blame Arteta 100%.

      For 4 1/2 years Nketiah has shown exactly what he was;

      A very limited 1 dimensional poacher. He can’t take on opponents, create for himself, or create for others.

      Shocking that a professional has shown no growth or development in his areas of weakness. Time he leaves, sooner the better, deadwood still at the club.

      Unfortunately, Jesus continues to show he isn’t and never will be a top striker. Continues to miss chances, and wow did we need a clinical scorer today.

      A top steiker and a B2B midfielder should top our list.

      Honestly, disappointed with the match today; sloppy, key players lacked grit and intensity, and didn’t step up when we needed them.

      Jorginho & Nketiah should be gone next year, and likely ESR if he can’t get into a game when so many were poor.

      Nketiah was embarrassingly bad today, not sure Arteta’s “obsession” with him, it’s too much like Willian debacle repeating itself.

      1. Durand, Yes I agree.
        I like Jesus as an all round attacking player but he is not a top level striker and that is certain.

        He’s nowhere near clinical enough, far too many easy chances missed, just as they were when he was at City. I do feel sory for ESR, and cannot see WHY he hardly ever gets a proper chance. A few late minutes here and there are not a fair chance!

  27. DAMN!! We literally handed them a point, just have to get our acts up and take it to Brentford if at all we are interested in the competition. COYG!!!

    1. Vamos, what about Romera unluckily deflecting a wayward shot and conceding a handball penalty, yet Arsenal handed Spurs a point?
      From day one I have said Ange Postecoglou is no mug as a manager.

      1. Yes, we handed them a point by misplacing passes,jorginho’s dispossession in a dangerous area and Mikel’s subs and in game mgt today.non of their goals were there own doing. i’d love to see how they fare from now on

  28. Arteta responsible for today’s result. Or is it just paid game? So obvious. Am I diluted for not sub Nketiah and sub Jesus instead…

    1. I don’t get why we let him go and replace him with a player who isn’t even a midfielder. You can tell every game how reckless and unconfidnelty Havertz goes into any challenge to see the obvious fact he can’t play as a midfielder

    2. Arsenal have not found replacement for Xaka. They thought they had found that replacement in Rice or Havertz, but it’s not the case. There is an absence of physicality in the midfield.

  29. Today’s team set up,substitutions and the overall game plan was awful. We played the worst game of the season and we are just lucky with the draw.Some players are letting the team down and they aren’t at the Arsenal level. But above all we need a manager who can see this coz we deserve better.

  30. Bizarre substitutions. No plan B. Poor ESR given 5 min to save us. Havertz is 65 mill’s worth of Zilch.

  31. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Arsenal lack urgency in their game. A serious team that wants to win the title cannot be passing the ball back to the goalkeeper when it’s time to attack; there are so much slow passes and shadow pressing. The coach does not seem to be giving the players pep talks like he did last season.
    Objectively, the current team’s lapses cannot give them a leverage over Man-City or Liverpool for this season. The team is psychologically weak.

  32. Jesus missed a sitter in the first half that would have us 2 up.
    We lost the match because of sloppy errors, even spurs’ first goal was as a result of sloopy passing, probably due to over confidence. The moment rice went out our midfield got wide open. They were more physical and played on counter attack and it was our quality that got us the goal but we gifted them this point.

  33. This sealed it for me. After the mismanagement and capitulation of last seasons chances, I’ve totally lost faith in Arteta being the guy to get us to the top…Jus sayin 🙁

    1. I haven’t lost faith but somebody needs to not let Arteta have total control over how we move in the market at least. I can’t imagine a single person at the club recommending Kai Havertz for 65mill. I can only see Mikel personally requesting him which would explain why he keeps giving him tons of minutes when he’s clearly a poor player and our entire team is weaker with him on the pitch. Mikel also gives Nkeitah high wages to be bang average. He’s not the guy. He’ll never be better than just okay no matter how much Arteta believes in him. Mikel has only been a manager for 4 years and needs to be humbled. He already thinks he’s more clever than he is. There’s more lessons he needs to be learning but he’s not and his management has regressed compared to last season. This was such a POORLY managed game in every sense. Honestly, I haven’t been satisfied with a single EPL game we’ve played yet.

      1. @RSH
        You said it all right there Gooner. But after last season, I gave up hope on the guy. That should have been his humbling moment, going a good bit of the season playing one match a week, top of the league, then poof, he threw it all away. And looking at us now, we’re nowhere near our last season form and have CL matches to boot. It don’t look good from where I’m sitting…Jus sayin

  34. The obsession with an extra attacking player is what I don’t understand. We have 4 excellent attacking players on the pitch already why the fifth?

  35. Nobody should come here and say Gabriel Jesus is a like for like replacement for Saka.
    Jesus was poor today no creativity from is wing and pairing Jesus and Nketiah is always a bad idea by our manager period.

    1. It’s always looked bad. Nelson comes on and gets behind players, stretches the game and gets into good spaces. I just don’t understand Mikel’s decision making process sometimes. Pep is allowed to be more clever than his own good because he’s earned that. Arteta hasn’t yet and is obsessed with being unpredictable instead of doing what is obvious. The treatment of ESR especially is criminal. Every minute Havertz plays over him is a crime.

  36. Havertz offers nothing when he starts and nothing when he comes on as a substitute.
    He is a real rival for the worst signing of the last ten years. As bad as Willian, except that Willian cost nothing.
    Game lost by yet another Chelsea reject Jorginho.
    Why can’t we learn from our mistakes?

    1. This I agree with sadly. willian was theoretically a good acquisition but Jorginho?! At that price???!

      I was really hoping for some reaction from him after gifting them a goal…but his reaction was almost gifting the. Another

  37. I thought we were lucky to get away with the draw TBH. Apart from the first half an hour when we dominated them, Spurs won the ball better and passed better after they”d won it. And that miss by Richarlison in the final minute!

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