Confirmed Arsenal team to face Tottenham – Unchanged team

This biggest North London derby in decades is almost upon us and this is the team that Mikel Arteta has announced.

We all know what is at stake at the Tottenham Stadium this afternoon. Arsenal must win; it is as simple as that. Anything less, and the Gunners’ title hopes would suffer a massive blow, probably a terminal one.

Tottenham also has something to play for. Considering their upcoming games, they cannot afford to lose and ideally would want all three points if they want to qualify for next season’s Champions League.

The crowd will no doubt be very partisan, and that is something our players must be prepared for. The best way to quiet them down is to get an early goal, or at the very least, keep Spurs at bay for a significant period.

Arsenal is the better side, and all things being equal, would win. But derbies are tricky affairs, and as Everton vs. Liverpool showed earlier in the week, form and better players are not always enough.

That said, I would be very surprised if we did not leave N17 with all three points.

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  1. i think the right selection

    i expect a bit more conservative approach away from home against a good opponent – like against Liverpool and Man C

    Arsenal to be more about control than possession

    feel confident we can do it

  2. That’s about as good as it gets from fit & available players. And no surprises on the bench either.

  3. That lineup looks good enough to win. We need to play like we did against Chelsea
    Very excited. I will be off to the pub in an hour’s time to watch

  4. Same outfit, seems the game against the Blues was a dress rehearsal.
    Martineli is the Trump card, expect this one to lit up like the 4th of July

  5. I do hope we beat Tottenham

    But hope Tottenham can somehow beat Man City when they face-off

    Does that sound delusional ?

    COYG !

  6. I think Rice needs to sit deep alongside Partey otherwise Partey may get outnumbered in midfield
    Already he has been robbed once

  7. Wow … it looked dicey beforehand but cross field pass to Saka was a beauty- as was the finish.

  8. I think Trossard needs to be replaced in the 2nd half by either Jesus or Martinelli
    So far Trossard is very poor

    1. Yes those lost balls are dangerous(he did recover n win one back) and while a top player doesn’t have the pace to profit from spurs high line.

      1. With our great defence, I’m sure we won’t screw it up. I guess I enjoyed the 5 goals against Chelsea so much that i want to see more lol

  9. Today I have realised we pretty strong height and physic for these set pieces

  10. Just the job Kai, just the job!

    I’m in a pub in Ludlow with a few downhearted spuds sitting behind me.

    That said, we’ve had some passing that’s been dead average

  11. Dominant performance and spurs dnt look like they can get pass our defence. Only need to keep it cool and hit them in counters.

    1. Not completely. If not for a slim offside and a goal post is might be a different game. We’ve looked nervous and given the ball away to easily at times. I will say though, we’ve got stronger as the half went on.

  12. We are really playing like champions
    I’m enjoying this so much. I’m still on my first gin and tonic. If we were not doing well, I’d be on my 3rd lol
    There are mostly Forest fans at my pub. I live in Nottingham. Their waiting for the City match.

    1. Its because we are doing what’s been done to us soo many times before especially by spurs. Playing smart, leaving possession to them but nullifying them and being clinical. 29% possesion 4 shots 3 goals.

  13. Lady luck smiled upon us in set-pieces and Saka’s finish was beautiful

    Arsenal didn’t dare to play from the back because of Spuds’ high-press. Trossard tried to make high-risk moves and passes, but he got caught twice

    Arteta’s decision to play very safely was correct in the first half

    1. Today I have realised we pretty strong height and physic for these set pieces

      1. It’s like the Invincibles era with Henry, Vieira, Pires, Toure, Campbell and Silva in set-pieces

  14. 70-30 possession but were leading 0-3.. not complaining, they can take the ball home.

    Lets keep our cool and hit them on the counter, they have to attack like hell now. Keep it composed boys, they will start fouling us.

  15. Wow,what a performance by Havertz,both offensively and defensively! Defensive headers,winning aerial duels upfront,linking play,superb assist and a goal.Immense.

  16. Man City will probably wipe this Spurs team also

    I said it during the Chelsea game that if the Spuds come at us with their tactless all-attack they might suffer a similar fate to Chelsea

    But their defending is even worse than I knew

    I loved that Kai’s long pass to assist Saka’s goal

    1. When we are trashing Chelsea, Spurs and Man Utd next, the fact that they are bad teams should not get in the way of the fact that we are a very good team. The latter is more the reason.

      We are as good as City and getting better.

  17. OMG! Spurs 0-3 Arsenal, with over 20 minutes of football still to be played. I guess I was wrong & we are having another Christmas in April after all.

    Hope it’s not too early to start celebrating though.

  18. Don’t be surprised with Raya. He is extremely fortunate to have the best defense in the league in front of him. Were it otherwise he would have been a disaster.

    1. Bad mistake by Raya.
      However, I disagree with the suggestion that suggestion that he is anything like a ”disaster”.

      1. It’s why I said he would have been. It seems we are downgrading on goalkeepers every season. You might be underestimating our defense which is currently the best and one of the best in recent memory.

  19. What manager would sign raya given the chance to send him back to Brentford and thanks but no thanks arteta would,🤔🤔

  20. I’m decidedly anxious about this game. It’s not been a great game or performance by Arsenal and we could well be in trouble if this carries on and now a penalty

    It’s been bitty and niggly and now Spurs are very much in a game and that should not have been allowed to happen

  21. Come on boys we are still winning we just have to hold on for the remaining minutes.

    @SueP I imagine the guys behind you have become noisy 😁

  22. Thr Gunners will hit back to hit Spurs with a derby match killer goal or goals. 1-4 or 1-5 before the end of the match. And as result compensate for the Raya’s howler,

  23. I have never seen a player going into the corner to waste time hold longer than few seconds. Why do they keep doing it?

    In my opinion keeping possession by passing around is more effective.

  24. Why do we have to be the architects of tension, every time?????? We should’ve put them to bed comfortably in the second half. Far too many mistakes, e it seems when Odergaard is off, which he was today, the whole team is off.

  25. Feels funny as I say this:

    “Kai was my Man Of The Match”

    Odegaard wasn’t in this at-all
    He seemed to be managing himself and lost the ball at any slight instant

    How has Martinelli become so bad

    1. I don’t think Odegaard has had a rest since the start of the season?

      People talk about other players needing a rest, but never him. Maybe he’s getting tired which would be a shame with 3 to play.

  26. I’m not going to argue with the three points, it’s all that mattered, but, but isn’t Harvetz poor? So many of our attacking moves broke down because he was either too slow or didn’t have the skills to continue a move. Also I hate the idea of taking off a play maker and just putting on a body such as Kiwior and gambling by simply trying to hang on. It was a roll of the dice which worked this time. However wouldn’t Jorghino have been a better option? Still who cares, we won, thankfully.

    1. what are you on about! kai and saka did alright! defensively and in attack as well. our midfield could not hold the ball. Odegard struggled in this match. but it all fine. we won!

    2. I was screaming for Odegaard to be substituted since like 60 minutes

      He was playing with the body-language of “Arteta Remove Me” but Arteta didn’t

      Odegaard wasn’t in this game at-all

      I kept wondering why Arteta didn’t bring Jorginho for him since since since

      1. And who would you have put on to replace Odegaard? Jorghino is good at slowing to down the play but can’t make anything happen creatively. Viera would just disappear and ESR seems to be a persona non grata in Arteta’s eyes. I thought Partey and Rice were out muscled for the 50/50 balls. Whatever you guys see, I think we need someone who can bring a higher level of ball playing quality and footballing skills than Harvetz. He is our weak link in our forward line. Can he shoot, can he dribble, can he split a defensive line with a killer pass, ? Yes, from time to time but not consistently enough.

    1. Which I guess shows we were tired. Hopefully a full weeks rest will restore the boys, Odergaard especially.

  27. Three great points – for starters that was all that mattered!!!
    Three nil up and cruising-that’s how far we’ve come this season versus last.
    A wonderful team performance up and until the Raya “goal” and, because of that, we let them back into a game we controlled completely..
    His mistake was a complete howler, but it happens in football.
    Let’s not point fingers at anyone, just enjoy the result and look forward to Forest beating city.
    COYG and mind the gap!!!

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