Confirmed Arsenal team to face Tottenham – White and Lokonga starting

So today Arsenal have their last pre-season warm up game before we open the season away at Brentford on Friday.

You can’t get a more competitive game than playing our great rivals Tottenham at their ground, especially as haven’t won there since 2015.
We will definitely be playing to win, with our new signing Ben White going straight into the starting line-up, and Sambi Lokonga also gets to start beside Xhaka in the absence of Thomas Partey.

Mari is the surprise partner alongside White at centre-back, with a rare sighting of Bellerin and Tierney as the wingbacks.

Up front we have the trio of Pepe, Aubs and Laca with Smith-Rowe also there to provide a few assists.

Let’s all go for a big win today lads.


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    1. OT: Sue, report surfaces that the spuds have agreed to sign Lautaro for 60m.
      How true is that?

      Arsenal 3-1 spurs


      1. Yes Phenom. I saw the news. Other Teams are really getting stronger. We have to be ambitious and get in more creative players.

      2. Hi Phenom.. Fabrizio is reporting the Spuds have offered €70 and Atletico are also interested, but after selling Big Rom to Chelsea, they’ve no intention of selling him this summer..

        3-1 sounds good to me!

      3. It’s true. Probably to replace Kane. Buendia and now Martinez. The season looks promising already.

        1. So we will sign Silva given Man City funds for Kane they inturn sign Martinez ,they both improve their squads why we are left with the scraps .

  1. Awful. Playing Auba rings of the repeated denying if fact when playing Willian.
    Am so fed up with Arteta, and now the twat is going to allow spuds to get Lautoro

  2. Is it true that spurs have agreed 60 million pound deal with Inter for Lautaro. Doen anyone know if it is legit ???

      1. I know you dont follow Talksport but it was discussed a few minutes ago. The suggestion was that Inter are really in the do do because Lukaku being on the move too. There was the suggestion that Kane might be moving on and Lautaro is the replacement. Just supposition

  3. @phenom I saw it on now.. If it is true, it’s a big slap on Arsenal, we are always broke + it means Kane to Man City is a done deal

    1. How is it slap on our face, we are yet to make a concrete bid, and even if we did, do we have a £100m player to sell ? Besides you are were complaining few days ago why we need to be shrewd and not buy overrated players like Maddison, what do you all really want?
      If we don’t buy you complain and if we bid, we are overpaying. So what do we want as fans

      1. “What do we want as fans”? Spend limited transfer funds on the priority upgrades in midfield required, bringing in an ACM and DM from any of the fair priced options out there. Plus buy Onana or Johnstone as the second goalkeeper.
        Three players on loan last season, Ryan, Odegaard and Ceballos are gone, yet apart from Lokonga and the return of Willock have not been replaced.
        Brentford must be shaking in their boots.

  4. Willian probably can’t fit into the kit would be my guess based on his appearance and efforts.

    This very well could be starting 11 for the season, so Arteta is giving them a run out.

    Love Lokogna starting, let’s see how he handles the pressure and intensity; it will be feisty preseason or not.

    Starting RB is an interesting decision to me. Bellerin more familiar with the rivalry and bit more pace, but Chambers 100% better defender and reads the game better.

    Curious to see if we attack and trade punches or play negative football and hide in a shell like a turtle.

  5. I don’t understand what some arsenal fans sees in Martinez, the guy is not better than Lacazette. And some arsenal fans are just so funny, you wanted the club to extend balogun deal which they did, you wanted the club to keep Lacazette which they are still trying to figure out, you want the coach to give martinelli playing time but still you want us to still sign another striker and we still have aubamayang.

    1. Some fans don’t care whether we really require the fancy player or not. Some of them just don’t give a $h** about our financial problems, even after watching Real Madrid and Barcelona struggled to fix their financial mess

      We can’t sign a new CF until we offload Lacazette and Nketiah first

      1. GAI I’m not a football expert but I will think what will really need right now is creative midfielder not some Lukaku understudy.

        1. A fancy creative CAM can be replaced by a hardworking presser. Okazaki has proven that when he played behind Vardy and Smith-Rowe is doing it for us

          Liverpool have proven to be a better team without a no 10 like Coutinho and Klopp said no playmaker in the world can be as good as good counterpressing

          1. Smith Rowe at this stage in his career is an improving player but he would not be starting in any of the top teams in the epl or those in other top european leagues … the team does not press hard so I’m not really sure if that is a strength of his until we actually do that .. but for sure he is not a touch on Silva in terms of vision creativity and worrying defences … klopp has both Tiago and shakiari (or did) though his is a high tempo game with a fast moving attack which is not in our dna or at least the gene pool of the last ten years … if we don’t add creativity in the remaining window it will be more mid table mediocrity this season am sorry to say .. with arteta unlikely to have a happy new year

        2. I’m looking forward to the new season. We must start the season on Friday with 3 points. COYG

      1. As i posted yesterday our main transfer target should be a 20 + striker nothing I’ve seen today to make me change my mind.
        Panic buys is about to begin,Arteta & Edu has had 18 months i can’t see no difference in terms of pattern of play
        No more excuses please.

    2. God bless you, and we still have Auba, most even want Auba and Laccazet dropped for Martinelli to play, seems he is our new Messi

    3. I think you’re mixing the desires of different fans there. Some want Laca sold and a replacement signed, some want him sold and Balogun and Martinelli replacing his role, some want to keep him, some want Auba sold with or without replacement etc. I don’t think there are many who want all these things to happen at the same time..

  6. Still at least seven players named today that I hoped will be gone by the start of the new season. I doubt we can shift that many before the end of the transfer window closes?

    As for today.. Will be interesting to see how Lokonga and White settle in. This is almost certainly what the team sheet will look like starting the new EPL season next Friday!


    1. Arsenal’s and Spuds websites.

      Other than that, there are links on line but beware of viruses etc!

  7. First half not bad but those few loss of concentration could cost us matches.
    I few if our players could avoid individual errors we still not bad as a team

  8. Enjoyed that… White and Laca looking really good. Excellent save from Leno
    What a miss from Alli *wipes brow*

  9. White, Lokonga and ESR all looking very composed. Still frustrating by the lack of real good chances- much like last season.

  10. Better side after a “shaky” opening 15 or so.

    In usual fashion despite our domination,Spuds should be 1 up through Ali – who also could have done for Pepe’s early season after a very poor challenge.

    For me White & ASL took the eye – both impressive.

    So far today we look a decent side which given 2 or 3 signings would become a very good side.


  11. It will be interesting to see how we play this season with Saka, Pepe Auba and Martinelli. Pepe is fully settled and both him and Saka are untouchable in this team whereas Auba past records and captain title makes him untouchable too so who sits for who

  12. Forget outstanding close range save by Leno from Son mid half keeping it at 0 -0.

    So again, we’ve dominated possession – they’ve carved out 2 golden chances.

  13. The same lethargic team with no creativity… We are gonna finish 8th again this season:(

    1. Maddison, Aouar, Isco, Coutinho…. I dont care who but we need to sign a new playmaker…

    2. As i posted yesterday our main transfer target should be a 20 + striker nothing I’ve seen today to make me change my mind.
      Panic buys is about to begin,Arteta & Edu has had 18 months i can’t see no difference in terms of pattern of play
      No more excuses please.

    1. Nope Sean you can not say that…you need to trust the process and back the team. If you don’t then you are not an Arsenal supporter. Now a days one of the laws to be an arsenal supporter is to be blind. Say nothing about Arteta, hear nothing about Arteta and do nothing about Arteta…that seems to be the new Arsenal club & some fans anthem.

    2. Predictable, not only for us fans but for opposition as well. Arteta-ball is the most soul-crushing, ugliest, uninspiring play I have seen since Tony Pulis was managing.

      Not a single thing Arsenal except the kits. Gone is the slick passing attack, the movement, creativity and finesse.

      At least we used to be entertaining when we lost, Arteta ball has even killed that.

      1. Agree Durand, give us one if you can not give us both so either produce results or give us entertaining attractive football. I am afraid we have none.

        1. Bang on Durand and Logic…if there was one lesson I would have hoped he gleaned from his days under Pep, is that your best defence is a good offence…paint dry central reboot 2.0

    3. Totally agree, i wanted to give him until Christmas it’s just painful i can’t wait that long

  14. If this is how Arsenal will play the upcoming season, I will not be tuning in. Lethargic, slow, sideways and backwards. Don’t think we have had a single shot on goal the second half. Arteta has to go, this is not working out.

  15. Same as last year, sideways, backwards and back to the keeper. No shots on goal the second half and of course spurs scores. Will not be watching this crap next season, if Arteta can’t come up with new tactics he has to go. Horrible to watch.

    1. Hi Kent, the truth is we need more than one creative player. We need both Bernardo Silva and Aouar. It is not rocket science

      1. For some it is a rocket science that is why we went out there to buy £50 million defender and season is starting but we don’t have our midfielder yet. That shows which direction we are heading into.

        1. Play breaking down in the final third, with poor service to what would be a productive forward line.
          Even without splashing the cash on Maddison (if Leicester would sell) or Silva, there are any number of combinations available from Houssem Aouar, Marcel Sabitzer, Renato Sanchez, Bruno Guimaraes, Yves Bissouma or any other nominated by JA posters.
          Why is Auoar worth £50 million last season to Arsenal, but not £25 million this season?
          Why was not Mat Ryan resigned, if a backup goal keeper was not waiting in the wings?

    2. Kent, KT is turning into another backwards and sideways passer. What at all is going on? This is down to MA and his methods.

      I’m beginning to agree with others that we don’t have a game plan. Xhaka slows our attack, we can’t do the simple basics, no telepathy between midfield and attack.

      I loved yesterday’s community shield match. Direct football and end to end stuff. Our slow build up has been hurting us for years. The job is becoming big for MA. The sooner the board acts, the better for the team.

  16. It is clear if we don’t sign 3 really good players we are going to finish no better than last season. Aubameyang is finished. Toothless.

    1. Same for Arteta’s tactics, toothless. Unfortunately we are stuck with Arteta ball and Arteta because club doesn’t want to admit to yet another failure choosing mediocrity and cheap solutions.

      Welcome to Kronke sports ownership; been preaching this for years on JA.

      He clearly loves LA Rams more, yet shows no ambition with them. Look at their record last 20+ years under Kronke.

      What chance does Arsenal have? Stop drinking the Kool-aid they are serving you (Stan, Josh, Arteta, & Edu).

      1. 👍 And Durand, KS&E surround themselves with mediocre management, that couldn’t organize sex in a brothel with a hand full of £50 notes, let alone buy an ACM, DM and backup goalkeeper.

    2. Leicester and man u play with venom.. arsenal play with slow build up mixed with sideways and backward passes

  17. Let me guess….it’s only pre season and ut doesn’t matter right? The fact that we are 5 days away from the start of the season doesn’t matter right?

    Cheque book rookie is going to need a lot more money, we know he can’t coach his way out of this. Micromanaging doesn’t work!


    1. Hahahaha…well said PJ-SA. It was not a preseason when we were thrashing smaller teams but now it is and results do not matter 😂. Some people still carrying the flag of be positive and wait for start of season as if some how we are going to transform into some sort of pep’s Barcelona when season starts 😂🤣

      1. Pep, Arteta’s mentor always buy his way out, so our coach also need a lot of money to buy his way out. They have no modern coaching skill for the type of our players. Please let’s look for a matured coach.

  18. Decent first half.

    Second half ……………

    They’re gonna score in a minute.

    We’re gonna lose this .

    Son – bang.

    Ended up huff & puff with little else I’m afraid.

  19. I hope after this nobody questions why we splashed the cash on BW!! Blatantly obvious why…

    Have to give credit to the Spud fans for the reception they gave Saka 👏

    1. Sue.

      When Ben White & ASL went off end of.

      Toofk the grand kids to their football yesterday morning, and up rocked a random Brighton supporter and his lad.

      Got chatting to him about White – put it this way, he spoke in glowing terms .

      No doubt, a very good signing – but we can’t stop there.

      Now for the women.

      1. Exactly, A J – game over!
        Pre White, were people actually satisfied with our defence? Mari was poor today, imagine heading into the season with him and RH…
        We needed a decent CB, we got it.. 50m and I think he’ll be worth every penny.
        You’re right, we can’t stop there. I’m really surprised how quiet things are, we’ve got so much to do and time is running out….

        1. Hi Ozziegunner.

          No, just B W.

          Must admit the reason being, Ben went under the radar with me a little I so thought I’d get his view.

          Didn’t get onto Y B

          We kinda know the qualities he has.

          The blokes reply re’ White was interesting.

          B W has the qualities we were looking for, and is no doubt a very good player who will only improve.

          But, he said the defender that would HURT THEM most losing was Lewis Dunk as totally different what each brought to Brighton and what they relied on.

          As we know – 2 very different players, poles apart.

          Early doors, I’m liking the look of White.

    2. Nope sue I argue splashing of that amount on CB when it was not required. CB was not the requirement of the team and there are other more pressing positions which are still to be filled. You can buy vandyke but if that is not your need then you wasted money in him. How is Ben White going to solve our transition and creativity issue. Some fans here were giving arguments that White will solve our lethargic and slow buildup play as he is good passer of ball I argued then he won’t and I stick with my argument. If Luiz could not solve that issue who was the best passer and transitioner of ball from back then how is white going to solve the issue. Arsenal buying white for £50million is like you need plane to fly but some one gives you a sports car instead. Will that fulfill your need at the time when you want to fly to other side of world?

      1. I completely agree we have more pressing needs, but after watching how poor Mari was today and with Gabriel injured, imagine heading into the season with RH/PM… oh dear…
        White looked pretty solid.. he won’t solve our creativity issue, only MA can 😜

        MA has a lot to sort out between now and Friday, and tbh after the poor display in the 2nd half, I’m feeling rather anxious about heading to Brentford.. how about you?

        1. Speaking for myself I am fairly confident Brentford will be a walk in the park. If they manage to even get a draw that will be a genuine upset.

          It is the following 9 fixtures that worries me. If we are not on our absolute best we are going to be out of top 4 after those games.

          Let’s hope the pre season form and results are just that.

          1. We’ve been awful on the road for too long, HH, I can’t seem to shake that feeling! Newly promoted, something to prove, Ivan Toney scoring for fun…
            Bring it on 😂

        2. Sue, Its been ages since I have felt confident & assure when ever we play. How I wish that feeling returns soon which I used to have during Wenger era of invincible 😢

  20. Last season was proof enough that this project is not working no matter who we buy but we are adamant to self destruct. How come ppl expect different football based on what we have seen whole of last season but still in the name of being optimistic club supporters some keep making a mockery of them selves and still don’t give up their stubborness. Yeah guys keep giving excuses and turning blind eye at the end results don’t lie they did not lie last season and they won’t lie this season as well no matter in your dream land what ever fantasies you are create.

  21. Same problem existing we definitely need goals to win the game . If the manager and the edu doesn’t fix this problem they have to go , only our manager need time their manager has taken charge this season and they are getting the results , and we are still in’ trust the process’. Saka has to improve his finishing ability i know this is his first game but his finishing is poor

  22. Anyway sh*t happens but a big hand👏👏👏👏for spurs supporters clapping Saka onto the field!

  23. Damn. We,finished the season with zero creativity.. we’re gonna start the season with.. nothing done to fix it.

    We’ve spent whole summer chasing positions we didnt urgently need filled.

    Spurs sporting director using his connections to strengthen Spurs’ starting XI from the Serie A. Tell me, what connections does a total rookie Edu, who also was an average player, have? That’s right, no connections. He has no pull.

    Spurs played without 4 starters. We played with our strongest possible line up with Saka on bench. Result? One shot on target for 90minutes. Same happened with Chelsea.

    1. You would hope Edu would get Bruno Guimaraes from Lyon, who is Brazilian, but hard if sitting on a jet ski at Majorca.
      The trouble with Arsenal is that the only people who care are the fans and supporters.

  24. We have the talents but I think MA is the problem. Conte is clubless now…..

    The board should act fast!

    1. Exactly Conte is available….we can’t continue to blame players…even the new guys are clearly talented…

    2. Conte wouldn’t even return Arsenal’s calls, having seen the snail like pace and lack of ambition in the transfer market.

  25. Look … we didnt loose all our pre-season friendlies so the process is clearly working … xhaka was stellar in the euros so we just have to wait til he shows up in the epl … smith rowe is the new de bruyne so talk of need for creativity is mute … chambers is multi talented and big sam improved amn … so looking good for the season really only requires fans to get behind these mediocraties and we will be flying

    1. And that world renowned manager Steve Bruce got 8 goals in 15 games from Joe Willock!
      Maybe bring Bruce (an ex CB) to Arsenal as assistant to Arteta (an ex midfielder) to coach the midfield to score goals?

  26. Caught the last 10 minutes… and all I can say is I see nothing any different from last year.

    I think we are gonna be in big trouble this season ladies and gentlemen from the pre season games I have seen unless a dramatic rethink takes place.

    My worry is I’m not sure how anybody can make this team any better. So possibly will be another season of fighting for mid table.

    Just to add to my woes I have an almighty toothache. Any suggestions?

  27. For how long will this continue…it’s obvious that arteta is taking us nowhere even if we sign all the stars in the world….

    Ben is a top defender,lokonga looks solid, tavares is clearly talented but I fear for their careers with our clueless rookie manager, just look at proven performers like partey,willian,Gabriel even pepe

    He has to leave our dear club or be relegated to assistant coach.. afterall he doesn’t seem to be better than ljunberg and co…

    Am so angry right now…

    1. instrooments

      Why are you so angry
      It is a friendly
      I dont like losing against the spud at any time but is a friendly
      If we can’t convert our chances and get results like this in the season then I will came out and support you for his head but for now chill
      Transfer window is still open
      Players will come in and go by the end of the window
      Lots of improvement required but players are still finding there legs
      Some players will never find there legs
      So let’s see who goes and who stays
      Onwards and upwards

      1. Alanball08…it’s frustrating mate…I have watched some of our top six rivals preseason matches and even fringe players look sharp for the season…man utd demolished Tottenham, Leicester looked sharp yesterday, man city Liverpool will always perform, Chelsea team looked solid imagine adding lukaku to the mix, An average Spurs just beat close to our strongest eleven….villa have been buying up the underhyped stars in the league…

        With all the trainings and preseason with 90% of the squad even during the euros…we still don’t seem ready for the season …

        We started poorly last season which cost us dearly even with the improved second half of the season…we can’t afford same again

        1. instrooments

          We started strong last Season and fell away until boxing day
          Inconsistent and won 5 on the bounce on the end
          Forst 10 games is where we need to see where we are sink or swim
          I have a £100 bet with Dan kitt that we are in the top 4 on 1.1.22
          Doesn’t look secure at the moment and Mr kitt thinks he doesn’t have to donate the £100 to macmillan cancer
          Let’s see

  28. Top managers are in this league.

    Man city: Pep
    Liverpool: Klopp
    Leicester City: Rodgers

    Pep, Tuchel and Kopp have won Champions league and league titles. And they have a bigger squad than Arsenal.

    Arsenal has a long way to go before we can win the EPL.
    Arteta has to change his approach. Stop micromanaging the team. Buy 2 creative players.
    Stop playing both Aubameyang and Lacazette on the pitch. It affects the team balance. Aubameyang is getting older. He does not have the pace to play on the flank. He is not living up to expectation.

    We need 2 creative players. We need a very potent attack.
    Arsenal should buy Auoar and Bernardo Silva.
    If we can’t get Silva, then go for Fekir. Aouar is a must buy.
    We need intelligent midfielders who are comfortable with the ball. Midfielders who move with the ball.
    We have to get it right this season. The football has to change.

      1. wolves beat Man City home and away in one season. They played in europa league. Nuno has more experience than Arteta. He coached Valencia and Over achieved at wolves. Nuno Esprito is imo a top manager.

    1. How can you say Pép as top Manager?? That’s lol
      The man who need unlimited funds, how he can be top manager?
      He always manage those teams who are able to splash cash as per his will without any restrictions…
      Once hé buys Kane, he will spend 1 Billion just on buying players.. Which is almost half of Arsenal Valuation.. And you call him top Manager… That’s Laughable hilarious…
      I wonder what if Arsene Wenger would have got that money??
      He might have won much more than what he did…
      Sometimes Pép buys players just on trial and Error basis because he has unlimited money..
      He has spent 320 Millions just on defenders..
      And he is top manager…
      He will be biggest failure in football if manage teams who runs the club on limited budget

      1. Being a checkbook manager I will never put him in the same level as the great Arsene and Sir Alex but his Barcelona which was the second most attractive football back then was not built by huge spending if I recall correctly.

        @Skills, I think Nuno has yet to prove himself as a top manager.

          1. That has always been the case in La Liga. That Barcelona team is probably the best ever seen in club level. He might have gone on to be a checkbook manager after that but he is still a top coach.

        1. Hi Highbury Hero. I am really worried about Arsenal. I Love Arteta as a player and I was very happy when he took over as our manager. But I feel he is at his wits end right now. It is time for a change. Something has to change. top quality additions in midfield, a change in playing style, New manager. Something has to happen. We can’t continue this mediocrity.

          1. Skills1000, just wondering about your comments above:
            “loved Arteta as a played” – why? What were his attributes as a player and where does he rate among the midfielders you have seen play for Arsenal?
            “very happy when he took over as our manager” – why? What was it in Arteta’s CV that convinced you he would succeed at Arsenal?

  29. So much negativity, yes I’m pissed off we lost to spurs but both sides had chances, and there were loads of changes, get over it, Friday is the important game, not today!

    1. So on Friday we will suddenly become pep’s Barcelona
      The only excuse left for arteta is that he hasn’t had any preseason now that he had his preseason I am looking forward to what’s next

    2. Yeah it’s true that the game was lost only after all the changes in personel. We looked strong in the first half but spurs picked it up after the break, but then once all the substitutions were made, it’s a different game almost.
      To me the biggest concern is finishing chances. I think we were quite fluid at times, Lokonga in particular made a difference, Laca looked hungry and Pepe looked dangerous, but our finishing was not great. I can’t see that changing too much frankly, so I think scoring goals will still be our biggest challenge next season.

  30. Lokonga was outstanding and will start, Tavares is an able deputy for Tierney and could easily play left wing if necessary. Laca was great today and White looks a brilliant buy. I’m not depressed for the season like some on here.

    1. I believe the questions that most people are asking is if there is an improvement in our play despite improving the squad with good players

      1. Correct Pepe .. there is a difference between a fan and a follower… followers are happy with whatever the leader does regardless of outcomes fans have goals against which they judge how their club is performing … on just about any criteria arteta has taken us backwards in his 20 months … his followers are still there expecting miracles … bunker mentality … I wanted him gone at end of last season but if he adds a couple of creative players in window am willing to give him til Xmas

        1. That pretty big of you giving him until Christmas
          Bet MA mighty relieved now that you have given him 4 months to save a job
          I would like to question your take on the difference between a fan and follower
          I put my self as probably 99.9% of people on here are fans and not followers.
          We support the badge. We support the team. We even support the manager who manages the team even though you dont agree with tactics, team selection ect
          We are all firm supports and we all want success for the club and everyone has there own opinons but it is getting boring reading posts of people asking about getting rid of the manager, giving him 4 months to save his job.bla bla bla
          We haven’t even kicked off yet
          Let’s focus on what we can achieve rather then the glass is half full mentality all the time
          If he doesnt get it right I am sure he will be sacked so let’s hope he gets it right and stand behind him and the club
          Upwards and onwards

    2. Laca was as you call it great today as he is looking for a new contract.Once he gets that he’ll be back to his usual indifference

  31. So Willock is being sold ! Only goal scoring MF arsenal has & is being sold to buy unproven Maddison at higher cost. Just reflects combined inexperience of Arteta & Edu. Both have no prior experience of managing clubs.

  32. Alanball08…it’s frustrating mate…I have watched some of our top six rivals preseason matches and even fringe players look sharp for the season…man utd demolished Tottenham, Leicester looked sharp yesterday, man city Liverpool will always perform, Chelsea team looked solid imagine adding lukaku to the mix, An average Spurs just beat close to our strongest eleven….villa have been buying up the underhyped stars in the league…

    With all the trainings and preseason with 90% of the squad even during the euros…we still don’t seem ready for the season …

    We started poorly last season which cost us dearly even with the improved second half of the season…we can’t afford same again

  33. Someone needs to phone Conte before Friday. Sword of Damoclese. Get it over and done with quickly and painlessly. It is obvious that we are not playing any differently to last season and other teams are improving. I cannot believe after how long the transfer window has been open we don’t have a midfield Maestro in place. Watching Elneny and Xhaka in the team is heartbreaking. The coaching, style and tactics are non-existent.

    1. Sean
      He might have won the league and I of all people would go and collect him and drive him to the Emirates but it won’t happen plus let take a look at the aftermath of inter
      A fire sale because they have no money
      Would we as fans take that
      Win the league and then have a fire sale?

      1. Alan, given that Arsenal is looking at breaking the record of the Club’s longest period (post Herbert Chapman) of not winning the title, I would argue yes, because the way Arsenal in managed from owner down that doesn’t look like happening too soon otherwise.
        After Arsenal finished twelfth in 1994/95, David Dein and Arsenal went out and bought Dennis Bergkamp and I was very excited. Bruce Rioch then achieved fifth and was sacked in 1995/96 and Arsene Wenger came in.
        Josh Kroenke tells us to “be very excited” yet Arsenal finished eighth and yet the deficiencies in midfield and backup goalkeeper aren’t being addressed, let alone an equivalent markee signing to Dennis Bergkamp!

        1. Ozziegunner

          Late reply so sorry
          Agree with you on.kost accounts
          Difference is we have two different beasts in charge and driving AFC
          the current regime have been disinterested for years
          Happy to settle for mediocrity as it doesn’t require them to invest heavily
          We are now in a world.of catch up.
          We used to be one of the teams where other teams were trying to catch but now we are a team trying to catch up

  34. Watched the game today and couldn’t help think how the all or nothing doc is gonna solidify our place as the joke of world football. We’re in a mini preseason competition with our 2 neighbours and fierce rivals for top 6 and we can’t even muster a draw against both. Just there to make up the numbers and look pretty in our new kits and swanky manager on the sidelines. But it’s just preseason right…

  35. I am beginning to believe that Arteta is the problem as he isn’t good enough for Arsenal. In his comments after the Spurs defeat, he blamed Covid and the fact that the players just returned from holidays. But most of the players have been in camp for more than a month and have played six pre-season games. By his argument, Covid is affecting only Arsenal. We saw athletes at the just concluded Tokyo Olympics create world and Olympic records in spite of Covid. I think it’s time to send this Arteta packing before he ruins our club.

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