Confirmed Arsenal team to face Valencia – Ozil starts away from home

Well this is make or break time for Arsenal, and although we don’t have to win tonight, we have to show enough fight to make sure we qualify for the Final.

For me I thought that Emery would do his damnedest to try and stop Valencia scoring, which is why this is the team that we predicted that Emery would choose in a defensive line-up….

Sokratis…Koscielny.. Monreal
Maitland Niles.. Xhaka.. Torreira.. Kolasinac
Aubameyang.. Lacazette

And here is the team that Emery has chosen….

TEAM NEWS — Arsenal

Sokratis, Koscielny, Monreal;
Maitland-Niles, Xhaka, Torreira, Kolasinac;
Lacazette, Aubameyang.

Sooo, the only difference is that Emery has chosen Ozil instead instead of Mhkitaryan, and I hope that he has made the right decision, but otherwise we were extremely accurate.

Let’s just hope that they are good enough to do the job.

Come on you Gunners!!!!



  1. Declan says:

    Glad to see Ozil instead of Mkhitaryan.
    Let’s hope he fights like never before!

  2. Ramterta says:

    Valencia comeback on the cards

  3. samuel says:

    common guys!

  4. RSH says:

    unfortunately this is the best lineup we can put up. Get ready for at least 90 minutes of stress!

    1. Sue says:

      That’s the norm these days, RSH ?

    2. Declan says:

      Or 120 minutes

    3. Al~wattan says:

      We are winning the tie come rain come shine tonight..

  5. Sue says:

    Come on Arsenal ?

    1. RSH says:

      fingers crossed, Sue!

    2. Mobella says:

      We are going to final Sue. Have now fear. How is ?‍♂️ know.

      1. Sue says:

        How right you are, Mobella ?

  6. Brett says:

    Why is it most of yu guys do not see any positivity frm our team when we field the best players we hve

    1. Declan says:

      Have you seen our away form?

      1. brydenGH says:

        Arsenal this season have played differently in the epl and the Europa. Our away form in Europa has been better compared to the epl and our best has been knocking out Napoli at their own backyard.
        We are qualifying whether lose or draw.

    2. Sue says:

      Oh come on Brett… have you watched Arsenal at all recently?? 1 point out of 12 in our last 4 PL games… I think we’re entitled to be a little nervous!! COYG

    3. Temple says:

      Because our best team doesn’t give anyone any confidence, hurts but true. The confidence you ‘ve when you go into a battle with AK47 is not same when you find your self in modern warfare, saddled with a revolver.

      1. Sue says:

        Nice explanation Temple ?

  7. John0711 says:

    Best team available
    Xhaka is poor but no one else to replace him
    The bench looks very uninspiring

  8. Declan says:

    Should have replaced Xhaka with Willock.

    1. Temple says:

      That Xhaka gives me High BP

  9. Don't even rep my hood, you're not from QB says:

    Emery bombs atomically
    Sokratis, philosophies and hypothesis
    Can’t explain how the gunners be dropping these mockeries

    1. Anda says:

      Wow…Wu tang forever…inspecta deck

    2. Anda says:

      Flee with the trophy…possibly they spotted him

  10. gotanidea says:

    I hope Xhaka wears his scoring boots today and I wish Sokratis can behave like an intelligent CB tonight

  11. Rkw says:

    If this is our first 11 next season I don’t see us finishing in tip 6 … but in a one off game with a lead in place should still b possible

  12. koss says:


  13. Highbury44 says:

    The game will finish 3-1 Valencia and we will loose on penalties ?

    1. Godswill says:

      Swallow your words.

  14. waal2waal says:

    down already … anybody surprised at all?

    1. Kedar says:

      No… It’s routine…
      Almost 2nd it was

    2. Tissiam says:

      You were saying?

  15. Sue says:

    This is typical Arsenal

  16. RSH says:

    just one flipping goal you bottlers…. just ONE please..

    1. RSH says:

      THANK YOU!

    2. waal2waal says:

      Thank u PEA …COYG!!

    3. Wolf says:

      There’s your goal. Ask for more plz

  17. Xxnofx says:

    Arsenal are getting absolutely faking slaughtered here
    Lol as I type auba scores

  18. GB says:

    Boom bang a bang

  19. S says:

    We can still lose 4-1 aet or 5-2 within 90 minutes…

  20. Sue says:

    Lush goal, Auba ?

    1. gotanidea says:

      Aubameyang loves to score against Valencia

      One at home and another at their turf

  21. Gunnerson says:

    Yoh they’ve got AMN on toast hey…haven’t seen him make a single tackle

  22. Wow…Lacazette so wasted that golden chance. Hope we don’t regret it. So far so good, we are holding well.

  23. koss says:

    just support these guys for the next 2 El games. I believe we will come good in this.

  24. RSH says:

    45 more minutes. Not even looking for an impressive performance. Just qualify.

    1. Tissiam says:

      Well you,re getting both#!

      1. RSH says:

        there is no pattern to our form lol. Just spin the wheel

  25. RSH says:


  26. Sue says:

    Laca ? brilliant!!!

  27. Kronkoe please don t mess up these strikers. Buy some defenders wingers. I mean proper plaers to play with them

    1. ArsenalWhy says:

      Absolutely right, are strikers are some of the best in the world, all they need is support. A creative midfielder and wingers and there is no stopping them.

      1. RSH says:

        Laca and Auba got us through this tie. The midfield has conjured up very little. Torreira doing Ozil’s job. So many areas needed for improvement.

  28. ArsenalWhy says:

    Yessssss absjsjdbehshsbsbs goaaaaal

  29. Ackshay says:

    Come on even arsenal can’t mess this up. Barcelona are the new arsenal in Cl. they get whipped every season. 0-4 Liverpool, 0-3 Roma, 0-3juventus, 0-4 psg.

  30. Uncle P says:

    Boom …

    “Its coming home”

  31. Declan says:

    They still need 3 more, don’t panic gooners

  32. S says:

    If we make Valencia the first team since Bayern Munich to put four past us in a single half of a football match, then yeah Emery has a bigger bottle job on his hands

  33. Martin says:

    Thank you Laca and PEA. Let our midfielders and defenders continue fooling themselves.

  34. Martin says:

    Mean while, Chelshit are having it hot?

  35. Mobella says:

    My problem with this as always is this shadow marking with acre of space we are giving Valencia.

  36. RSH says:

    Done and dusted. Auaba and Lacazette are just too hot to handle. Good strikers make a world of difference.

  37. Declan says:

    Boom bam a bang
    Au bam a yang

  38. S says:

    We’ve never conceded 4 in 20 minutes. Well, not since Liverpool tore us a new one five years ago. Should be as good as through.

  39. gotanidea says:

    Aubameyang is on steroid today

    Once Maitland-Niles finally decided to break through, the king of tap-ins showed his blistering speed and finish the great cross

  40. Godswill says:

    Auba-Lacca show. Thank you people.

  41. We are through! Can we get back into the champions league? I hope so!

  42. jon fox says:

    Great to have the legendary Henry back in the team tonight. It is great that he has changed his name to Aubameyang too. Aubas best game in our shirt by a country mile. Bergkamp is now called Laca too!

    1. RSH says:

      Hattrick. As you said jon, his best performance in an Arsenal shirt. Very happy he saved it for today. Give us another in Baku Auba!

  43. Mobella says:

    Do anybody see what miki has done so far.

  44. Joe Jackson says:

    Bring a decent winger who can cross for Aubameyang next season and watch him tear the Epl apart next season.

    1. ramterta says:

      problem is he is not getting any younger

  45. Joe Jackson says:

    He still has got 3 seasons left in him, I think.

  46. Tissiam says:

    I,m happy unai has been vindicated with auba,s operation,he wiuldn,t have made an enough difference in the epl,humble pie people

  47. Martin says:

    Frankfurt giving Chelshit nightmare

  48. Gunnerson says:

    Arsenal are 5-0 up and neither Wilock or Nketiah get some mins???I’m slightly worried about the development of our youngsters who aren’t Guendouzi. Thank god for Laca and Auba but they’ve completed 90 + mins 4 games straight…BAKU here we come

  49. Sue says:

    Absolutely amazing… thank you Auba (& Laca) that really was a joy to watch!
    Who said we can’t play away? Baku, baby.. here we come!!
    AFC ❤

    1. Gunnerson says:

      Curiosity asking Chapski or Frankfurt your choice?

      1. Sue says:

        Frankfurt ? now I’ve said that, Chelsea will win!

  50. Joe Jackson says:

    Come on Eintracht. Please do something

  51. Gily says:

    England is rainbow!!
    Bring all the European cups here – it’s been long coming.
    The toughest league in the world has to show it in style.

    Well done everyone, and a special welldone to AubameBoom for his first Arsenal hat trick. It should have been his every game but for his wastefulness. Just give us another for the last EPL match to grab your deserved Golden boot.

  52. avenger says:

    Ozil left the field sending silence to the fans and with a tremendous anger Mesut has stalled and his football with him. He was going for a series and now he plays for playing………
    see you in Baku……..

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