Confirmed Arsenal team to face Wolves for final match of season – Interesting line-up….

Today is our last game of a brilliant season that was deflated by our total collapse when it came to squeaky-bum time, but it is still a massive improvement on our last few seasons, and we can happily celebrate our ascent back to where we belong in the Champions League.

But today’s game means little in the great scheme of things, although it will be a great chance to show off our new home shirt. It is the 20 year anniversary of the Invincibles and it is just a shame we could have managed to secure the title to celebrate properly.

But to be honest we have absolutely no idea what team Arteta will choose for today’s game, but this is the team that Daniel chose earlier….

Ben White, Jakub Kiwior, Gabriel, Tierney
Reiss Nelson, Jesus, Emile Smith-Rowe

I doubt that this will resemble Arteta’s choice, which is just about to arrive.

And here it is……

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    1. My mistake read the JA lineup before it loaded in ,a chance for Xhaka to say goodbye then .

  1. I don’t think calling the manager a w@#ker is foul language. What century are we in

  2. I find this selection incomprehensible for a match in which there is nothing at stake.As a reward for the defeat by Forrest, the same starting eleven is chosen?Can you just imagine the feelings of ESR and Tierney who are unlikely to be with us next season .

    1. I agree, think it sends the wrong message.

      1. Manager rather field some players out of position than give opportunities to players on the bench.

      2. This selection was pathetic last match, but still get to start; rewarding failure.

      3. Arteta has favorites, this should put to bed any notion he chooses favorites over form.

      Meaningless game where result doesn’t affect table standing.

      ESR & Tierney should be off this summer, Manager won’t give them chances. Nketiah should reevaluate, does he want to play or content making millions riding the bench.

      Disappointed in the stubbornness from Arteta in not giving chances when opportunities are plentiful.

      1. Wrong message? maybe not to KT/ ESR…unless there are reasons we don’t know about,if they don’t get it then…?

    2. I think he’s stubbornly trying to get this setup to work, with partey and kiwior in unexpected positions.
      All top managers seem to be a little stubborn, so I don’t mean that as a negative necessarily

  3. No reason to play partey at right back unless the manager has a vendetta against certain players. It’s a nothing game so play some youngsters

  4. Couldn’t we play more of yhe reserves….there’s absolutely nothing riding on this game so why not! We already playing a complete make shift backline

    Imagine being ESR…been fit for weeks now and still can’t get a start even in a game like this. Not a good message to be sending wjen the whole worlds been focusing on your lack of rotation. I can’t understand it.

    1. Who would want to sign for a club where you aren’t even given the chance to prove yourself? Unless you’re given a massive wage

      Must be so demoralising being a bench player at Arsenal, no wonder our reserves struggled so much when finally having to play.

  5. I agree that it’s a nothing game but it is a chance to end the season well by winning

    I don’t know what is going on behind the scenes, however, IF Tierney and ESR are to be sold then it’s better they are fit rather than crocked for any potential suitors.

    All very odd to me.

  6. Partey will play inverted-RB again. The summer transfer window will be very intriguing

  7. Anyway,,, there are more interesting matches this morning other than Arsenal vs Wolves. I’m hoping for a Bournemouth win over Everton. And Leeds United and Leicester City to win their perspective matches. I can watch the full Arsenal match whenever. Maybe I’ll watch that match last. It may help me go to sleep 😴 while watching it

    1. Too much talk of inverted full backs and let’s be honest it don’t mean a lot if you are playing players out of position.
      Rule 1 in football is to play players in their rightful positions but then MA knows more than I will ever know about football

  8. I suspect Arteta wants to introduce an inverted rightback setup next season as an alternative to the inverted leftback setup. With an inverted leftback setup we will see a conventional right fullback on the other side which is Tomiyasu or White. If we play the inverted rightback setup then Tierny or Tavarez will play.

    – My guess is that Arteata will recruit a specialist inverted rightback this summer.
    If this happens we will need a midfielder, (on the right side), who goes forward like Xhaka does. Caicedo comes to mind. Partey can also do this but i think the holding midfield role suits him better in the inverted leftback setup.

    – Our creative attacking midfielder, Odegaardt, will shift over to the left. Or to give Odegaardt rest i think Veira Or ESR will be used in this setup.

    – Our holding midfielder & replacement for Xhaka if he leaves is still up for debate. RICE seems to be the frontrunner.

    By employing 2 setups throughout the season it will afford the coach more luxury to rotate players without sacrificing our style of play and identity albeit a “different setup”.

  9. If you’ve ever needed more proof that Jesus shouldn’t be playing striker,just look at the goal 🙂

    1. https : / / headlines. netcomsports . com / 1-arsenal -vs-wolverhampton /

      Remove the spaces

    1. It’s obviously looking good then?
      I’m stuck watching Leicester due to it being a local club and my husband being a Leicestershire man

      1. Wolves don’t look interested in playing at all Sue.

        I’ve switched to Newcastle/Chelsea game, both teams are going for it.

  10. I was not for Xhaka leaving! At least he goes out on a high note having totally rewritten his Arsenal history.

    1. Very well put, QD.
      After the toxicity he – with Arteta behind him, has indeed rewritten his Arsenal history. Really pleased that the nasty trolls didn’t win

      1. @SueP @EvGunner
        Amen! I think even @JonFox would have liked to see Xhaka stay 😂

        1. QD – you never know he may yet stay. It’s a remarkable coincidence that if this really is his last game he should do the business like this.
          22-23 is his best season for goals since he’s been here. He’s scored quite a few for Switzerland too. Let’s see what happens with him.

  11. Wolves aren’t at the races perhaps, but it’s interesting to see this system as arteta intended. It looks very fluid, with kiwior, white and partey playing hybrid positions, appearing in different roles at different times, and trossard and Saka popping up on both sides of the pitch.

    1. It’s not appearing fluid…
      It just wolves aren’t interested in playing…
      This was same system they played against Forest and we have seen what happened there..

  12. Everton were hopeless, but it means Onana and McNeil could be available cheaply soon

      1. Unfortunately, Calvert-Lewin is too injury-prone for my liking. He isn’t available again today

  13. Having being on holiday for four weeks the Arsenal Team suddenly assert themselves – a little too late !!! Bitter Sweet – Champions League next season (Yay) and hopefully we can attract some top players – and get rid of dead wood ( you know who you are) Mi gusta Arteta 🙂

  14. If Arteta continues his favoritism he won’t last long. We lost the league because he wasn’t giving players equal opportunities. We gave the league to City on a golden plate. Why can’t he give other players chances to play even in dead rubbers. Next season might be very cruel to him and he will rue the chance he wasted.

  15. We’ve been decent no doubt but Wolves might have well just stayed at home, they have no interest in this game at all.

  16. After Arsenal played those “We are really not interested in winning the Premiership Title” against Brighton and Nottingham Forest – Someone on Just Arsenal said I bet Arsenal beat Wolves 5-0 .I hope you put a bet on that . Mate!!!!!

  17. I’m hoping that there isn’t a disaster between now and full time. No bottling it because bottling was a couple of weeks ago and Wolves have, in any case got their Havaianas on and are dreaming of somewhere hot
    Not been able to watch the match but 5-0 looks a pretty good score line-even against low scoring Wolves

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