Confirmed Arsenal team to face Wolves – Jesus and Trossard start

Arsenal will be looking to get back to winning ways at Wolverhampton Wanderers this evening and this is the team that Mikel Arteta has selected to achieve that goal.

It has been a dreadful week for Arsenal, losing to Aston Villa in the Premier League and being eliminated from the Champions League by Bayern Munich. However, the season is not over yet, and the Gunners still have a chance to claim the title. To do that, they must secure all three points in this upcoming game.

There is no doubt that Arsenal is the better team, but football isn’t always about having the best players. Confidence, morale, and momentum all play a significant role, and Arsenal is not in the best place regarding these attributes at the moment.

If the team can return to the form they have shown earlier this year, they will win. However, if they perform as they did in the second halves against Villa and Bayern, it could be another disappointing night.

Hopefully, we will see the real Arsenal this evening.

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  1. Just not a fan of havertz in midfield,
    Rice and saka look like they’re out of gas lately. Really hope we get a early goal

  2. Im sure we’ll win but that doesn’t change that Havertz in the midfield simply doesn’t work well….and on many occasions has been horrific.

  3. Should have played Partey or Jorginhio instead of Havertz in midfield.
    Drop Jesus with Havertz up front.

    Fingers crossed his line up wins.

  4. Haverz doesn’t really bring much to the game playing barn left 8 in midfield.If Jorginho isn’t fit then surely Partey has to play.He was one of the best central midfielders in the Premier League last season before he got injured.Jesus doesn’t look capable of hitting the proverbial barn door at the moment.If Tommy hasn’t managed to last even 80 minutes in a high intensity game before being injured once again then,unfortunately, he isn’t capable of playing in the PL and will need to be sold into a League more suited to his physical attributes..Its a great shame but there’s no point having a “utility player” if he can’t be slotted in whenever required.

  5. Arteta seem not to believe too much in his bench. ESR used to play ahead of Matinelli in left wing two seasons ago and even provided an assist in Arsenal game against Luton this season from left wing why can’t the coach try him instead of Trossard?
    The fring players aren’t in form because of the gaffer’s poor rotation, they seat too long on the bench.
    I would have preferred Tomiyasu instead of Kiwior to gain more match form or rest Ben white for him.

    1. Something I agree with sylva. The manager Has to find a way to give these players more competitive minutes or there useless.

  6. Thankfully Wolves are lessened due to many injuries, otherwise it’s madness with this lineup.

    At least Zinchenko is dropped.

    Havertz back in the midfield? He has been poor there while 2 better midfielders sit on the bench.

    Jesus again as striker? Hope he scores or does something.

    Curious why Martinelli always seems to get dropped even though Jesus, Saka, and Trossard were all terrible as well.

    Hope this lineup pays off, otherwise prepare for any criticism, hard to defend the player positions.

  7. Arteta never learns. Instead of resting the recently injured and visibly tired Saka and Rice for the more electric Chelsea match, he continues to batter them with more fatigue and potential injuries. We should be able to beat Wolves with Nelson, Party, and Smith playing. He also continues to force Havertz in all lineups!! His is a lost cause!!

  8. We just lost our last 2 matches and you think the best thing right now is to play our bench in this match.. people will just likely say anything just to complain

    1. “We lost our last two matches. To not loose again, let’s play the same players😵‍💫” How is that even logical?! There’s a term for doing the same thing expecting a different result

      1. Some logic are out of this solar system and to have the audacity of accusing others of complaining. Sigh!

      2. There is also a word for someone whose glass is always haf full or someone that wants instant gratication. Whichever one you are you are guaranteed to have an unhappy miserable life. Its the pleasure of taking part to ENJOY yourself that matters.

  9. Arteta is not a rookie and keeps acting like one.
    For 3 seasons, you keep falling at the same time of the season. You have players who haven’t performed, and you keep playing them. a system that hasn’t worked, and you keep implementing it . Arteta has reduced the value of so many players that it is unthinkable. Why cant ESR, Nelson, Viera, Partey get some game time.

      1. @Admin PAt Sir it’s not my job to appoint a capable manager. I am calling it as i am seeing it . So far in this game, tell me what you see .
        The excuses are becoming tiring. Now we can’t win trophies because of Pep .

        1. NYG
          Emery was gone in just over a year and a bit. It would have been an amazing spending spree to have spent that much in such a short time

          1. @Sue P
            Had he been given the support, I’m sure he wouldn’t have needed as much. Jus sayin

  10. Arteta never learns!

    There is the unending question over Havertz in midfield.

    Why Partey isn’t considered.

    Whether or not a clearly burnt-out Saka should be starting.

    Man-management has been the Achilles heel.

    In the long term I don’t see us winning anything reason with him in charge, if he continues on this path.

    1. Has he not learned since he arrived? We have gone from 8th to 2nd and from nowhere to being in the top 8 teams in Europe. Yes he has made many mistakes but he has clearly learnt from them. Maybe he will learn even more this year….

      1. Sure, after 5 years and how much spent again?

        Aren’t we suppose to be doing better than just being in the top 8 teams without any major silvaware?

  11. If Arteta doesn’t want to use inverted LB then he should reinstate Tierney back into the side
    Because Tierney is much better in both departments

  12. Cannot believe that foul on Havertz looked like a red, at least a yellow but Tierney let the game go on.

        1. Played advantage then came back after a stoppage…if he didn’t play advantage then someone else would be complaining that he stopped the game.

  13. Also so so poor boardering on shit but hopefully the players won’t be too “leggy” 😂😂 you couldn’t make it up

  14. IF we are to win this it wil be at best aby single goal and its another flat display Kiwior is pants.

      1. YES Pat, as you know very well Why not stop always picking on my posts and try being fair for once?

        At least you have not censored my posts today. That will soon change I EXPECT.

  15. Yesss how on Earth that wasn’t a penalty on Jesus I don’t know. We mustn’t loose this now.

  16. I thought it was a bit turgid after a sprightly few minutes. That goal certainly lifted my spirits

    1. We certainly are victims of the refs, no other team can claim they’ve been hard done by like us before!


    .EVERYON ELSE IS PANTS! We are lucky to be ahead and dont deserve to be.

  18. Hopefully Trossard’s goal will galvanise the team for the second half. Kiwior made a horlicks of his job but then lobbed a beauty into our box

    Raya made a great save but it doesn’t feel like we are dominant at all

    1. That is because we are NOT Sue, as all can see. Its awful and we arelucky to be ahead DAMNED AWFUL REF THOUGH.

  19. Good goal from Trossard, but Kiwior lost the ball twice. He’ll need to improve his awareness and ball-playing ability soon, otherwise he might get shipped out in the summer

    1. Am i missing what MA see in Kiwior? I don’t see anything remotely good about him. Almost everything about him is sub standard..

      1. I guess our scouts didn’t pay attention to his technical skills before recommending him to Arsenal

  20. Rough watch. Positive thing about Trossard is he can be well below average all match but still put it in the back of the net. Every other one of our attackers it seems they HAVE to be in form to score. Saka again with another forgettable performance so far. If this has to be a tight 1-0 match then so be it. Very fortunate that Trossard took A LOT of pressure off the team right there.

  21. I don’t like the idea of having harvert in midfield, it kills our strength in midfield. Good we have a goal

  22. Kiwior is a young, inexperienced CB being asked to play out of position because we don’t have a fit LB, expect mistakes.

    We may be in the lead but all of our play is completely disjointed with Havertz in the midfield, it’s clear it doesn’t work. Need to change things around with the formation.

  23. Some of the Wolves tackles can best be described as industrial- particularly the bloke being subbed off

    1. Agree there Jon.
      We still are struggling to make real inroads in their box though – but definitely better
      Wolves are committing regular niggly fouls which spoils the game

  24. We are playing much better faster more intensity. Wolves can’t cope and playing rugby with those fouls.


  26. Great response! Given the circumstance and pressure. Guarantee there were many people supposed fans included gleefully awaiting a slip at this potential banana skin.

    Will never catch Liverpool? Above them last year and still above them this year. Will never catch City, doping and generally the best team in the world. What are these discussions? Seriously.

  27. I could rest easy if we got another goal … always living on the edge of your nerves as an Arsenal fan …

  28. Annoying we aren’t using the full capacity of our squad. Esr and vieira surely can play10-20 min vs wolves

  29. Top of the league but questions remain of this extremely young team compared to CIty or LIverpool. why? stop moving goalposts and start enjoying what we see. If it ends like Klopp then 1 pl and 1 fa cup will be job done no? CL is a cup comp like the FA so the same logic towards Wenger and his staggering FA success applies no?

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