CONFIRMED Arsenal team to play Man City at Wembley

So the big game is coming up very quickly, and I am certain that Arsene Wenger will pick his very best Arsenal starting line-up.

Here is the team we predicted earlier…

Bellerin  Mustafi  Koscielny  Monreal
Xhaka Elneny Wilshere
Iwobi Ozil

Obviously we are all hoping that Ramsey can play instead of Iwobi, so fingers crossed for all of us!

And here is Wenger’s CONFIRMED team

Well we got our wish and Ramsey is in and Iwobi is out…..

We have our five at the back to try and defend, and our midfield and attack is probably the best we possibly could field. I am not terribly impressed with our bench but we can’t have everything!


Updated: February 25, 2018 — 3:37 pm


  1. My choices in order of preference
    Win the cup wenger leaves
    Lose the cup wenger leaves
    Win the cup Wenger stays
    Lose the cup wenger stays ( most probable in betting circles)

    1. My choice in order of preference.
      Wenger leaves
      Wenger leaves
      Wenger leaves
      Wenger leaves.
      And we have just gone a goal down.
      To a lump up the pitch from the goal keeper.
      If we lose this and fail to qualify for Europe and they keep him on that will just take the piss out of the fans.
      And the BBC are putting teletubbies on as a reference to our defence.
      Absolutely f**king pathetic..

      1. He’s never leaving, don’t you get it? Jees, the guy does an awesome job. Why do you want him gone? I cannot think of one reason. You are not a real fan mate. Hector said it right.

  2. i dont know about u, but i am realy optimistic about this lineup. ramsey and wilshere together can dominate the midfield.

  3. Anyone im Canada know what channel this is on? If not, do you know a live stream?

      1. If you are on android, download uktvnow apk from their official website. They have streams for all sky channels. Cheers !!!!

    1. soccer streams reddit

  4. Little concerned about Chambers playing ? but at least Iwobi isn’t ?

    1. No Iwobi, no Elneny, no Welbeck! We’ve got a chance!

    2. U must be happy with d result, after all Iwobi didn’t play. He is not d problem..

  5. It’s a team which is massively short on quality so it will be all down to work rate and hoping some of their players don’t show up … Iwobi out is good Ramsey in brings in a bit more energy but no ability to dominate middle of park which is where we we will struggle … Chambers xhaka bellerin and mustafi will need to play out of their skins which has hardly been the case all season and kos will need to show leadership skills but if wilshere ozil and aubemayang click there could at least be a forward threat … An honest assessment 3 1’to them

  6. Good line up,lets do this boys…coyg!!

    How good it is to have many top players and a commanding manager, Sanchez is regularly subbed at ManU something that rarely happens at Arsenal, even the little time he was subbed he isnt always happy about it…but he dare not misbehave over there cos he is now just part of a good team not the best among the group.

  7. With Chambers starting, i dont seem to get our formation…what formation are we playing and what is Chambers’ position cos i think its a back four formation…is he playing Dmf??

    1. I think it would be 3-4-2-1:

      Koscielny Mustafi Chambers
      Bellerin Xhaka Wilshere Monreal
      Ozil Ramsey

  8. Any stream link guys??

  9. how many times have our defenders defended lazily?

  10. Pathetic – why were we playing a defensive game, when the strength we have is up front?

    1. Wenger’s fear has spreaded among his players, that is why they play super safe like that. One mistake from Mustafi and the super defensive setup crumbled

      1. Play super safe?
        I think you are confusing defensive play with incompetency..

  11. On top of that I have to listen to Gary Navill’s voice…

    1. Trouble is he isn’t wrong about our soft centre!

    2. Neville is doing my head in ?

  12. Mustafi as always has a mistake in him
    Never be good enough

    1. All Arsenal’s defenders and goalkeepers are erratic, because the whole team cannot pass properly. They often misplace passes, I wonder who trained them in passing

  13. Auba should have scored!
    And what a pathetic goal to concede, mustafi take a look at yourself!

  14. I don’t know what is going on with our club at the moment, but the team are lacking any real desire to want to win. We play like it’s a Sunday league game with the pub afterwards, no urgency, no hunger or determination to win.

    We’re flat, predictable and frankly most of the team look bored, as am I.

    Wenger out?

    1. If you are pro Wenger Out, pray for the League Cup defeat

      1. Yeah, because finishing 5th really made a difference to Wenger’s job didn’t it?(sarcasm) When are you guys gonna realise that praying for Arsenal to lose games is not productive. Losing to City in a cup game is not going to cost Wenger his job. He will have to walk away from the job because he is not going to be sacked. You’re forgetting that the board gave him a 2 year contract extension at the end of last season in spite of how poor we finished.

  15. @goranodea.
    I’m not sure we need to pray for that I think city and our defence will help that cause.
    # Wenger out even if we win.

    1. Correct .. wenger is a tired manager and it’s reflected in attitude of team

  16. What is the point in being angry anymore.
    Our only hope is that he calls it a day and quits or falls off the perch. I don’t care either way I just want to see him gone.
    I just cannot believe how the owner can happily sit and watch a billion pound franchise just disappear down the toilet under the management of that clueless old fool.
    Its game over already.
    Arsenal don’t have a defense anymore and no leadership except a dribbling cretin spouting on about mental strength and other rubbish.
    Just go Arsene.
    Can you not see when its game over ?

    1. Arsenal are worth more now than at any time previous.

  17. @mark
    You’re not wrong we need a flamini or frimpong to put in a tackle or two.
    It’s a physical game no? If the managers are going to argue anyway let’s give guardiola something to really be unhappy with!

  18. Agree with me I don’t eve n get upset anymore but laugh at us what else can you do?!
    Whilst Wenger is he I expect nothing and I’m surprised when we do well.

  19. Said in a French accent……quality, solidarity, technical ability……..yawn yawn arsene!

  20. Ospina touched the ball more times than Ozil

    1. sick volley from that Chambers backpass

  21. Arsenal starting the game against Manchester City in FEAR
    did you hear me Wenger in Fear
    then, you can see the result in the first 20 minutes Manchester 1 Arsenal 0
    No depth with Arsenal attacking and Manchester city with Aguero
    is making the difference

  22. Defended well except for that brain fart by Mustafi. Need to get Ozil on the ball more, Wilshere and Xhaka need to get it to him quickly. If any is gonna get Auba in you’d imagine it’s Ozil. Come on Ozil like your contract depended on it.

  23. distasteful performance.
    The players have been talking too much all week but are now playing like bunch of under 10s.
    Get wenger out asap before we sink into oblivion

  24. mickmematethemasterfarter

    mustafi off wellbeck on442 give it a lash aw….

  25. Here we go again….. I’m going to be sick of City after this week…. sigh ?

  26. Wenger is a has been but I support Arsenal not that deluded old fool, here’s hoping for a better second half, I would never pray we lose especially a cup final, win or lose he’s here until the end of the season at the least.

    1. I support Arsenal.

      Arsene Wenger is not Arsenal.

      He is replaceable.

  27. Ah marvelous, Wenger on course to getting fired.

    1. Yeah, coz that’s how it works!

  28. Man city are far from their best and even so there is no hunger from our players … Add the inevitable mistakes from the usual suspects and it looks like we are just going through the motions with no real desire … Any team with mustafi and xhaka as guaranteed starters has left the top flight in my books … The only positive we are still one nil down I would prefer to see some kind of attacking effort in second half and loose by 3 than this kind of blandness

  29. Fernandinho or Xhaka, who will be first to go? Could decide the game.

  30. With Bellerin on the pitch, as so sorry nothing will happen on the right wing. He’s the weakest link and Man City are taking advantage of that. Wenger please bring Niles on for Bellerin so we can play with the wings. Willpower is doing a great job on the wings. We just need more push from our wing backs so we can create more opportunity to score

  31. Wenger better tighten the nuts on our wheels as its looking likely they will be coming off this half.

  32. Come on you Arsenal!!! Give em hell Gunners!!

    We’re by far the greatest team, the world has ever seen, and it’s Arsenal, Arsenal FC!!!!
    We love you Arsenal, We do!!!

    1. A team with absolutely no self belief.
      Managed by a man who has absolutely no clue about motivating and building team spirit nt to mention coaching and tactics.
      Its no wonder we are rubbish.
      And if at the end of this review by Josh Kroenke he finds no reason to remove Wenger then I am afraid Arsenal fans should not renew season tickets and should not attend games.
      Its a joke…

  33. Guys don’t hate me, but we need to lose this game.
    Imagine if we win today, AW is gonna sing about it, even if he achieves nothing else this season. We need this man out, this team is complacent. Every player is too comfortable. I don’t mind losing, but the way we lose is pathetic. We don’t put any effort.
    I just want every player really wanting to win. We need a manager who can instill back the pride in our team, because losing is a routine for our players.

    1. Don’t worry about that.
      Mustafi is making it happen for you.
      2-0 now.
      Game over…

  34. Mustafi is a joke he really is

    1. Rkw
      You spelt his name wrong,surely it’s Mustafalaugh isn’t it!

  35. Too late, there go the wheels

  36. Nice team building by Wenger.

    Fn useless excuse of a,manager.

  37. 2:0 the game is gone & I’ve nt seen what we’ve done 2 salvage the game. Pathetic….

  38. Have you seeing the pass from Chambers to Ospina ha ha ha ha
    pathetic!!! Manchester city 2 Arsenal pub team 0


    I’m sure a bottom table Ligue 1 side will hire you.

  40. Thank god the game is now over.These Arsenal players are pathetic

  41. Wtf is the fossil doing ??? Clueless

  42. Sam P calling my Sam P
    Nothing heard

  43. now the changes Iwobi and Welbeck ha ha ha ha sorry guys but I have to laugh

  44. ozil back to his usual invisible self now he has his fat contract.
    ospina is $#!t
    wenger is a lost cause

  45. Danny Welbeck ?!? That’s the answer FML

  46. Pack your bag Wengker & Kronke and get hell out of Arsenal????

  47. Xhaka is meaningless again..

  48. Man city is superior, we should go back & prepare properly 4 next season cos we’re shit this season. No grit, no drive, no defence. God help us.

  49. Gary Neville spot on
    Ramsey and Xhaka walking Back

    1. Xhaka would win a gold medal if holding your arm in the air after hitting a terrible pass were an event

    2. Heard him say the same and have to completely agree. Club is actually a joke. Can’t believe how far we have fallen and yet this old f word is still managing the team.

      Everybody needs to remember what Bellerin said before the game about “doing it for Wenger”. If this is them trying to do it for the manager than we might as well just give up.

      Stopped watching now. Gna end 5-0 I can feel it.

  50. Let’s see if we have a true fan base come Thursday or just a corporate junkit

  51. How many nails are in his coffin now?
    What exactly does it take for him to be removed?
    Drug dealing?
    Human trafficking?
    Mass genocide?
    Can Josh Kroenke and Ivan Gazidis please explain?
    How many times does the club have to be humiliated?
    And its 3-0 now
    No f*cking effort at all from them.
    This is ridiculous…

  52. Game over!!! M.City 3 Chambers and his pub friends 0
    I can not cry

  53. Predictions

    Welbeck tries hard and runs around a lot

    Iwobi loses the ball constantly

  54. Dear dear me, never mind the end of the season sack him now!

  55. No one is bothering… they’re all f*****g useless….. absolute s**t… I’ve seen enough. I feel for the thousands that are at Wembley actually believing we might win.. just saw some little boy crying in the crowd, poor sod… Nice one Arsenal … should be ashamed of yourselves

  56. Not only don’t we have the quality, we then drag that lack of quality down even further by playing them in a shape and in a system that doesn’t benefit a single outfield player.
    The moment the team sheet was announced we had to hope that City were on their worst day.
    Arsene must go. Need fresh players and fresh ideas.

  57. Waiting for the lame excuses, we have external problems, there first goal was a push, we started the game slowly, we responded well after going 2 nil down, we can’t compete with city’s money, wish he would just say say sorry but I have built a team of pushovers with no tactical input from me, I can’t keep up with these new managers and there ideas and I have been winging for a decade cus the board don’t have the balls to sack me.

  58. It’s embarrassing, again. How can a coach stay when the team looks constantly so empty of conviction?

  59. welbeck and iwobi are the answer? what a joke we have become

    1. Desperate bringing them on

  60. Even 3 down we are still passing back or parallel .. it’s hard word in to wengers style of SH@@ football

  61. We need a new manager fast before Wenger sickness seeps into PEA. Its already affeted Laca but maybe he can be saved if Wenger is sacked like tonight. The rest I’m afraid have no hope …. Maybe Ozil because he is of a different caliber.

    1. I don’t see that different calibre tonight and I refuse to be deluded like our Supreme Leader

      1. That’s what I’m saying. Under a new manager maybe he can be saved

  62. What will it be on Thursday? 4-0???

    1. Who cares sue were out of the top 4 race

      We have been annihilated in a final an city never left 2ND gear

      1. I know muff… that happened months ago!
        Just goes to show how far behind the other teams we are…. going nowhere… bloody crap

  63. Its shame on you Mr. Wenger… At least have some courtesy to accept that you cannot compete and go…

  64. Destruction, Demolition, Annihilation

  65. bloody hell arsene ,the back 3 is awful especially mus and chambers

  66. If wenger doesn’t announce his retirement at end of this season he is a despicable human being

  67. fans from UK all over the world are asking from
    Wenger resignation!!!! also commentators from all
    sports Media …………..

  68. You would have to be a Spurs fan to argue, that Wenger should continue as manager.

  69. I know Wenger assembled this team but the players haven’t even tried, even though Wenger being a useless manager if players can’t gear themselves up for a final and put in an effort, they don’t deserve to wear the shirt, another cr@p display of themselves regardless of the opposition

  70. If you love the club as much as you claim Wenger, leave, now!

  71. In Arsen we rust

  72. ‘We Want To Win EFL Cup For Arsene Wenger’- Arsenal Defender Hector Bellerin Speaks.

    Well, there is still the Europa Cup – LOL

    1. Milan will throw us in Dustbin…

  73. Sometimes I wonder whether Wenger is paid to win games or to lose them

  74. The person in charge of sacking the person in charge of sacking Arsene Wenger, needs to be sacked. Wenger is both Arrogant and Naive to think he does not need a mobile DM to win trophies.
    Real Madrid have Casamero.
    Barcelona have Busquets and Paulino
    Man United have Matic and Herrera
    Spurs have Wanyama(a Player Wenger should have bought from Southampton) Dier and Dembele
    Man City have Fernadinho
    Chelsea have Kante
    Juventus have Matuidi
    Arsenal have Xhaka.
    Xhaka is not a DM. He does not have the qualities of a DM. A good DM must have pace and can use both feet.
    Dhaka does not have pace. He is also not good with both feet. Wenger is an arrogant Man. He cares only about his wages and power. A joke of a manager. He has been found out. He is past it. Why didn’t Wenger get Wanyama for 15m from Spurs? Why didnt the Old Man get Kante from Leicester? He deserves nothing but a sack this minute. Sack him. Burnley has a team who defend in numbers high energy. We have a player like Bellerin who believes that no matter how badly he plays, he will get into the starting line up the next match. Wenger is the only problem with this team. WENGER OUT. LUIS ENRIQUE IN.

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