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CONFIRMED Arsenal team to play West Brom today – Ozil rested?

We always knew Arsene Wenger was going to rotate his Arsenal team tonight, but who expected this team to take the field. This is the team I predicted for today’s match ….

Bellerin Holding Chambers Maitland-Niles
Iwobi Wilshere Coquelin
Ozil Lacazette Sanchez

And this is the team that Arsene Wenger picked for the last game of 2017. I did say I had little confidence that Wenger would agree with me!

I didn’t think he would play Koscielny and Mustafi with Chelsea coming up but I guess this is a big of a must-win game, but he has rested Mesut Ozil at least…

And Sanchez is still the first name on the teamsheet!


95 thoughts on “CONFIRMED Arsenal team to play West Brom today – Ozil rested?

    1. Xxnofx

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      Sorry if it broke any site rules for giving a website name

  1. Ackshay

    why doesn’t wenger play niles in place of xhaka when xhaka is clearly out of his depth and niles form is good? Niles is a central midfielder with pace who can defend and attack plus has good recovery pace to defend against misplaced passes and counterattacks.
    The style of football we play requires players with either good stamina or recovery pace in the central midfield. Niles showed he can tackle while playing LWB/LB and can be our own kante if paired with ramsey or wilshere as he has shown himself to have the necessary discipline to know when to push forward or stay back. Xhaka would be a good mid in a team who plays like crystal palace or leicester where the C Mid stay close to the defenders and need good long passes to launch counters. e.g vardy/xhaka combo would be deadly.
    We are potentially losing the chance to develop a future great homegrown player by preferring to force xhaka in a role he cannot do.

    1. kev

      Brilliant!You couldn’t have said it any better.Why does Xhaka get to play week in week out?Maitland Niles is probably working and training very hard and to me has earned his place over Xhaka who won’t make it here.What at all is wrong with this coach?He hates a good player and loves the average one?I just don’t get it anymore.Xhaka might do well in this match only if we’re on top so people will come and say ”I told you so”.Fast forward the next two or so matches then he’ll cost us as he can’t defend and he’s average.What a liability of a player we have in midfield.Even Spurs won’t take this guy on their bench.

      1. kev

        Since we lack creativity in this match we need to make do with what we have.We have to change to 4-2-3 1 and bring Wilshrre to No. 10 as I think he can create chances and is currently playing too safe in the middle of the park.As for ”Mr. Liability” same as usual.He offers us nothing apart from passing and shooting.

        1. Rit

          Does bulletin even once try to go towards the by line? Just passes it back in the middle…remember sagna…

  2. Ackshay

    while it is good to rest ozil as he looked tired vs palace when he missed 2 very good through balls from alexis, it would have been cautious to put him on the bench as west brom can frustrate us with their park the bus tactics and a little bit of ozil magic in the last 30 min could be needed.

    1. kev

      Please how do you know Ozil is being rested?I also have another question.Why isn’t Xhaka being rested if Wenger was thinking of resting players?Arsenal have a real liability on their hands.

  3. Brett

    Welbeck should’ve started over Iwobi. Iwobi is still young but at the moment he is really not performing

    1. Eat Pie

      Yes, City lost 2 attackers today and will need to invest in the market 100% .
      They will go for Sanchez 100%.

      Take the money and get a replacement.

      We could get more as City are now in need no longer a want.

    2. Salmonella

      Pep – ” In the internal meetings we are going to decide what is best. But my feeling now is that he’s(Alexis) an Arsenal player and he will be.”
      So basically the Man C board will decide shortly whether to buy Alexis now or in the summer

  4. Eat Pie

    Iwobi what a waste of space in the team today.

    Misplaced pass after misplaced pass.
    Losing ball in tackle time and again.
    Can’t hit a barn door from a yard out.

    Welbeck or Niles or anyone really would be preferred.

  5. sfgunner

    oooooh, now city need alexis, what a change, get the cash, get him out, clean up that dressing room, ozil leaves me perplexed, maybe rest for chelsea, i think nothing more then that

  6. waal2waal

    …unfortunately young iwobi loses his head much of the time when he has a clear goal scoring opportunity. i hope jack shows why he wears the #10 (today) and the best way to make your point (jack) is by putting that ball in the back of that onion basket #COYG turn up the heat…

    1. Break-on-through

      If Jack had what it takes to be a good captain he would have went over to Ozil and said ..whats all this about you wanting my number?, then, is it true that it could help make your mind up to stay. Then just give him the number seeing as the number doesn’t mean anything unless it’s accompanied with the position.

  7. sfgunner

    my skin crawls when we have numbers on a counter and xhaka takes a 35 yards feckless shot, he does this over and over…

  8. Kenny Rolfe

    Posts on here are so right about Iwobi, what on earth does Wenger see in this player, 30 minutes gone and he’s and so far he’s been a absolute disaster. He’ll take him off on 70 minutes, until then we’ll just have to put up with him .

  9. McLovin

    Crappy display. If I recall our only good 90 minutes was against Spurs. Thats 1 solid match in about 30 matches.

    That’s Wenger for you.

  10. waal2waal

    if sanchez departs arsenal we would be somewhat akin to a pensioner threatening to a bite but not quite having the teeth with which to do so (jus thinking aloud) he remains our most lethal weapon.

  11. jon fox

    What a rubbish first half. Zero creativity and having to put up ONCE AGAIN with Xhaka and Iwobi. If I had to watch this tripe every week I would take up model railways or pottery. OR BETTER STILL AND MORE INTERESTING, WATCHING PAINT DRY. I call this stuff anti-football.

    1. muffdiver


      the ladies love it!!
      …my nan , her mate also a nan, my great aunt..list is endless

  12. waal2waal

    luckily, for us, west brom havn’t a clue what to do in the final third – they flatter to deceive. on that note i will applaud our next goal – yes even before we’ve even scored it.

  13. Rkw

    This is the worst arsenal team I can remember … they are no better than wba the worst team in the league … what is wenger paid to do …

  14. Eat Pie

    Pathetic pathetic Arsenal.

    Top 4 is a distant dream with Wenger here.

    Why is Sanchez even playing, just get rid of him.

  15. Rkw

    Wenger is a joker he really is … hoe the f@@@ did this club sink do low .., they r the one that want to win

  16. Eat Pie

    Their logic.

    I’ll pass you the ball xhaka,but I’ll stay in the same spot and you must pass it back so we waste time.

    Wtf is xhaka on the field.

    Chelsea will man handle us.

  17. COYG_CA

    Why oh why did AFC buy an all-out striker, which scored most past goals on a break? And, AFC RARELY, if ever, feeds him an early thru or over the top balls??? I know, it’s not the AFC way”, so why buy him then? So many times during most games, a quick release ball would set him free to do his thing. So EFFING FRUSTRATING!!

  18. Rkw

    Whatever it takes to get rid of wenger .. if that means a wba win that’s fine with me … we are being defrauded by this guy on a day to day basis

  19. COYG_CA

    Oh come on everyone, Wenger broke a record today – most games as a manager, collecting a paycheck!!!
    Now that’s something to celebrate (puke in mouth)!!

  20. Durand

    Of course Sanchez wants City.
    Gunnersauras refusing contract, rumor is he’s off to city as well.
    Boring boring Arsenal, we really are drab.

  21. COYG_CA

    Oh, the player wanting to leave, created the goal on the dribble, then scores the free kick . . . and Wenger collects another paycheck!!

  22. Break-on-through

    Disgraceful referring, bring on var and get rid of these useless biased cnuts. How can a ref get away with this shit, if he lived near me I’d dance on his stupid bald head.

  23. sfgunner

    need germanys replay, if going to be that bad, how can you get a hand ball 2 feet from the player, no way to react,

  24. jon fox

    Yes, so we were cheated again by Mike Dean BUT we did not deserve to win. Both teams deserved to lose heavily and would have done were either playing against a proper team. I called the game tripe at half time. My apologies to tripe!

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