Confirmed Arsenal Team to take on Aston Villa this afternoon

The teams are out for todays Premier League match with the below Arsenal XI hoping to get back to winning ways when they take on Aston Villa.

The Gunners had a five-match winning sequence ended in midweek when coming up against title-hopefuls Liverpool, but we must get back on the right track as look to close in on the CL places.

With no fresh injury issues reported prior to kick-off, we expected Mikel Arteta to once again name an unchanged side today, and you can see below, both Gabriel Martinelli and Aaron Ramsdale miss out as late absentees.

You have to think that this line-up will be able to clinch the three points this afternoon, but Villa will not be looking to help us out with an easy game.

What is your scoreline predictions after seeing the teamsheet? Do you expect


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Arteta speaks after Liverpool defeat โ€œArsenal were the better teamโ€

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  1. Should have enough to win but villa are a good well oiled side .
    Only worry is the bench ,apart from Pepe there is no one else on there that could change the game if we are struggling .

  2. I pray Leno does well in goal…. How times have changed. He was our number one and always delighted to see him in the goal post but Ramsdele have stolen a lot of fans heart including him. Hoping Emile scores a goal and Saka have a good game today. Whatever happens, I want three points…


    1. To your reply, yes he is that bad that he cannot bench smith Rowe and saka, it is the managers that are with these players every time and please allow them to do their job……. 3 points for Gunners COYG….

      1. Pepe was one of our top scorer last season and this season he hasn’t really disappointed when called upon so I don’t know what you are saying. And how is me hearing my opinion nit allowing the coaches do there job?

      2. I disagree with you Wale. Some managers have bias. Arteta has bias. do you remember the amount of goals that Pepe scored last season?

        Who scored the equaliser against Wolves at the emirates tis season? it was Pepe.

        Besides, Saka need a rest.

        Arteta needs to learn. You rotate players.
        Saka and ESR can be benched.

        Even Grealish is also benched at Man city.

        Mahrez, Sterling dont start every game. CR7 does not start every game.

        1. Skills, I really understand you, but do you remember Pepe started our three matches and we were all shouting about his head…… We did not have the quality of players city have and we all know that Pepe has a alot of weak points ( hold up of ball too much, not tracking back to support defender etc) saka, smith, Martinelli and ode have been our winning guns since after the first 3 games. Pepe scored an equaliser in a game doesn’t guarantee an automatic start and you don’t change winning team…. Look at Liverpool for example, mane, salah and Firmino played together without being substitute ( unless injuries ) for 3 seasons and they league and champions league with it…..
          Every coach is bias, if that bias will make us to win games I am all for it. I am an Arsenal fan and not any individual ( players or coach fan) so Arsenal come first before any other players or coach….. If saka is tired or weak or what ever it may be, the medical personnel and others on arsenal will do the needful to him…..
          For example, Martinelli and Ramsdale were absent today without our notice or at least majority were surprised( with how important the 2 are in the team)….. If nothing is happening to saka( he does not complain, and not injuries were told) let him play as many games as possible ( so far Arsenal will win )…./

    2. I was about saying thesame thing Lenohappy.

      Arteta does not fancy Pepe at all.

      Saka should not start all the matches. He was poor the last time out.
      Pep, Klopp do rotate players.

      1. Pepe is not good at defending current arsenal winger fallback to support defenders.see how martinelli,saka operate

    3. He must be sold this coming transfer window if we are serious than let hos value even drop further. If Arteta wont use him then whats the point? The game bypassed some of our players in that Liverpool as they looked tired. There should’ve been dome more changes but lets wait and see what happens.

  3. What is wrong with martineli? I don’t have a problem with Leno between the sticks.

    All the same, I wish arsenal all 3 points.

  4. In my opinion, it would’ve been better to field our squad rotation players. Because the first-choice players might be too tired to press after the intense game against Liverpool

    But maybe Arteta would like to field the ones who’re highly accustomed to his current tactics. Gerrard might’ve asked Chambers about Arteta’s strategy

    I’m not too worried about the first half, because both Bailey and Traore are on the bench. But they could be super-subs in the second half

    1. @ GAI, Pepe should be starting this kind of game.

      Saka was poor last time out. Is it until Saka gets a long term injury that Arteta will remember there is some guy called Pepe in the squad?

      1. I also wanted Pepe to start, because Saka is likely too tired. But maybe Arteta thought Pepe is still rusty, due to his lack of games

          1. You are correct Admin Pat. that didnt cross my mind.

            I just dont want Saka to be injured at this stage of the season. COYGs

  5. Looking at the bench , we really have a thin squad! It’s about time we gave Saka a rest. Pepe should have started the game.

  6. This is the time for Leno to showcase himself once again. Such opportunities can revive the careers of players. Here Leno has an added incentive because Martinez is in the opposite goal. He will most certainly wish to show he is still better.
    We shall most certainly miss Martinelli’s supersonic speed but in ESR we have an equal match. The bench is shaky for forwards but defence and midfield are okay.
    If the boys put in a good shift we are good to go.

  7. At some stage Pepe will have to get a run in the side but I think it’s best doing so when Tomi gets back as he offers a little more in the right back position.

    Just making a suggestion, maybe that’s why I was never made a coach

  8. I’m gutted to read that Aaron is injured, and have written this game off with Leno unless ESR pulls out some stunts to change the score line. Big responsibility on the young shoulders of ESR.

  9. Hi All.

    Arteta is making do with a thin squad to try and make 4th position. Good luck to him. I agree that nobody on the bench is good enough to scare any opposition, never mind the top teams. Years ago we sometimes brought on Henry, Bergkamp and Pires.

  10. The game will be very competitive with Villa playing some good attacking football. Hopefully arsenal will be solid defensively and try to press Villa high up the pitch and keep them at bay from attacking too much. This game will probably end in a draw, but as an arsenal fan I am always hoping for a win.

  11. I happen to think the gaffer is the best young coach in UK and by extension Europe, he must prove his self to us against Gerrard.

    Looking at the bench does not inspire confidence, never must things be allowed back to such a state.

    A few weeks in football can feel like years ago, such is the state of the game that a few weeks ago I would have dismisses Loose cannon with minimum fuss

  12. Can see Xhaka making the point that he’s been sent off twice this season for the same thing. Against City he won the ball and didn’t touch the player.

  13. So a potential ankle breaking tackle and another shoving a player right in front of the ref but no red card. Might have well let the refs wear our opponent shirt.

  14. As much as I appreciate Laca’s overall effort I really hope we don’t extend his contract. Besides the odd good layoff he offers very little.

  15. I like the composure of Partey. He gets the ball in tight positions, does not panic at all.

        1. I wasn’t defending him. In all honesty whatever the ref decides on Xhaka I can’t complain. He deserves it

  16. Is there a way to see stats for aerial crosses into the box that were converted into goals? Or does anyone know how many goals we’ve scored from a cross in the air this season?

    1. Most stats on crosses would include crosses along the ground. We’ve scored a fair few from corners mind. I kinda of get your point but also can see your trying to find something to negative to talk about after a half where our opposition had 0 shots. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Are you bored with your life that you must always be negative?

        Our crosses on the ground have been great this season but I was looking to find out our effectiveness from crosses in the air, why on earth do you have a problem with that?

        1. Maybe you just don’t understand the concept of trying to continuously improve in areas that could use work?

          That’s the difference between us and the top teams, your exact mentality of thinking we don’t need to improve on certain areas just because we are winning. Very sad

          1. I do appreciate you taking time out of your daily life to look for my comments though, bit of a strange obsession but each to their own.

            1. “Team looks tired, ourcsquad rotation is almost non-existent.

              Hopefully we pick it up”

              “As much as I appreciate Lacaโ€™s overall effort I really hope we donโ€™t extend his contract. Besides the odd good layoff he offers very little.”

              Oh beacon of light!

              There is barely any comments on this page, your argument style is pathetic.

              1. My points you highlighted are valid, thanks for highlighting them ๐Ÿ™‚

                Proving my point about your stalking behaviour, bit disturbing. Maybe try a hobby, possibly lawn bowls or croquet?

                Anyway not going to waste more of my time chatting to my stalker, all the best.

  17. Arsenal were more organized and more confident than Villa. I think Xhaka is a time bomb in the game, so Arteta had better replace him after sixty minutes

    1. Yeah he’s pissed about Mings escaping a red where he would of auto been sent off. Good idea to replace him I think.

      1. We need to score one more goal, otherwise Gerrard might play Ings, Bailey and Traore in the second half. I think they’re quicker than Coutinho and Buendia

  18. This ref will try to get an arsenal player send off, letting aston villa player get away with several dangerous tackles and already has xhaka in his sight. Need to be disciplined.

  19. 45 minutes plus minutes added on. These are the games which are going to define our season not games v the top 3. If we are good enough we will win this. I hope we can get a second to give us breathing space. Villa have to have a go now so the counter is on. Much to look forward too. Xhaka on a yellow is a challenge and I would not ne surprised if Elneny replaces him . Play it cool and we are going to take 3 points. Pepe to score. COYG

      1. Heโ€™s a disgrace โ€ฆ no effort he knows heโ€™s off .. poor management in my books .., some silly logic about captaincy but a captain who makes no difference is worse than useless

        1. @RW1 take it easy on lacca , its not every time you will do or perform well…. Without lacca, our young guns will become clueless and lost…. Let the coach do his job or do you have another replacement for lacca? and please don’t mention Nnkatia to start for us….

  20. Just how poor are these Leno’s delivery… GAWD!!! Everything goal kick in this second half is just aweful

  21. Massive win awful watch โ€ฆ We need to get rid of Pepe laca and xhaka in the summer .. 3 quality replacements and we should be in good shape

    1. Some fans here were shouted for Arteta to start Pepe because saka is tired and so….can you guys see Pepe performance?

  22. What an important win that was. The table is looking good and although there was a spell when AV improved- overall Arsenal stuck at it and the mentality is held up well.

    1. Good win. Villa didn’t play particular well and arsenal also help with pressing high and keeping the ball to take any momentum they could make when they were on the ball.

  23. I get that we won, but can anybody tell me what happened in the last 5 or so minutes. Hesgoal was lagging so was not able to see properly. Heard we had a narrow escape from Ings or so…

  24. This team is doing incredible things right now so proud of them. All the boys crowinding leno after the final whistle blew just emphasizes the mood of the club and the dressing room. lets keep going, big big win today!

  25. Told y’all,stay optimistic.three points in the bag four above fifth placed manure with a game in hand fourth is our COYG.

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