Confirmed Arsenal team to take on Bodo/Glimt in Norway tonight

So the time arrives that Arsenal are in danger of losing their winning run, not so much because of the team, because we have some big very talented squad players and there are likely to be 5 or 6 full internationals on the pitch for us.

The problem is the weather conditions and the pitch, which i won’t go into detail about because it has already been discussed in this earlier post.

So it would be difficult for whoever plays and has certainly contributed to Bodo/Glimt having won their 14 previous European games at home. In fact, if they beat Arsenal, they will equal Barcelona’s record of 15 in a row…

Well, we al know that Mikel Arteta will make as many changes as possible to keep all his players fit and to try and win the game, and this is the team we predicted earlier today…

Predicted Arsenal XI:

Cedric Holding Tomiyasu Tierney
Lokonga Xhaka
Marquinhos Vieira Nelson

Not a bad bunch of backups to have around, is it? (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)

So now we just have to wait to find out the team that Arteta has decided on.

And here it is….

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  1. I guess Arteta wants to score quickly from the right wing, hence Saka instead of Marquinhos. Hopefully Saka will be substituted after 45 minutes, because we’ll need him in Leeds

  2. Last week he played regular first team players along the left hand side. This time he is playing regular first team players along the right hand side. This is very good for fringe players’ integration. Arteta has learnt a lot from the close of last season’s problems. Though it wasn’t much of his fault as there was no EL to play fringe players then.

  3. Strong line up, good.
    Need to finish top of the group so we avoid 2nd place play off further ahead knowing the amount of games we have already.
    Hopefully the boys get the job done on time so they can rest early.

      1. I understand that, let’s hope the boys scale out through.
        Arteta knows how important it is to top that group.
        If we win tonight we give ourselves a huge chance of doing that.
        If we stay top, we won’t have to play the round 32 playoffs.
        We’ll be through to round 16 immediately while the 2nd in each group will end up playing the teams from the UCL.
        It’s pretty stupid that they allow teams to get in here.
        What’s the point, 3rd from each UCL groups should just head home rather than complicating things for other teams.

  4. Arteta is definitely taken all games seriously which is a good thing. Also it gives room to some fringe players to start and get games under their belt to avoid being rusty. Injuries will happen as it is part of the game so its important players are ready to step in when called upon….

  5. I wonder what it means to tomiyasu, he should be starting this game unless not fit. Strong line . Expecting marqhuinos 2nd half.

  6. The defensive midfield looks light to me. Hope that doesn’t cost us
    Can’t wait for the return of Elneny

    1. ODD!
      I cannot wait for Elneny to LEAVE us, personally.

      I see no point in keeping such truly moderate players and that is being kind to him, IMO.

    2. There is a lack of physicality in midfield in the absence of Partey and Xhaka who are sensibly rested for what will be a tough match at Leeds hence my desire for a quality DM to add strength to the pool.That need is greater than the fans demands for another winger and a central striker.I would imagine that Holding will play on the left of Saliba and it will be interesting to see how they get together.

  7. Surprisingly strong side! I expected fewer top players , personally. Definitely did NOT expect Saka and Odegaard to start.

  8. Disappointed that Marquinios isn’t starting, really enjoy watching him play. Would’ve thought after his decent first few games he’d earned another start.

    1. I’m assuming you know better than the coach who is with them day in day out. Let’s leave the man to do the job job he’s been doing so far please.

  9. Bodo/Glimt made plenty of mistakes, so our players should’ve been able to score more than one goal

    1. Yes because we are playing on an artificial pitch “remember”. The instruction would have been to play to avoid injuries. That’s the reason why we are not pressing so hard as we use to. For me coming out of this game without an injury is as good as it gets.

    1. He is playing in an unusual position. I think he plays better as cam which odegard has already occupied

  10. Players that must never get injured: Partey, Jesus, Xhaka and Martinelli

    I still don’t understand the reason behind Vieira signing when we have a similar mould in Odegaard.
    Lokonga cannot play Partey role and isn’t physical and athletic enough to play box to box.
    Saka is becoming a one trick pony. He has a lot to learn from Martinelli.
    Nketiah can’t be relied on to get the job done in the absence of Jesus.

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