Confirmed Arsenal team to take on Bodo/Glimt tonight Nketiah going for goals

Arsenal may be sitting pretty at the top of the League but we are now entering the most congested part of this strangely convoluted season, with a long break in the middle for the World Cup being played in Qatar.

But I don’t know if there will be many fit players from the English Premier League in the Middle East, as the gunners, along with all the other top teams have a gruelling schedule of two games every single week until they meet up with international sides.

Arsenal may be considered a bit luckier this season, as without the Champions League to worry about, we can play heavily rotated sides in the Europa League Group matches against less difficult opponents.

This week is even more important as we have to play Liverpool at the weekend, and having won our opening Group game against Zurich, we will expect to most of our rserve players on the pitch tonight.

We will definitely see a completely different side to the one that beat Tottenham last week, and GoonerP predicted this line-up in his earlier preview…

Cedric Tomiyasu Holding Tierney
Lokonga Xhaka
Marquinhos Vieira Nelson

I personally don’t think he won’t be far wrong, so we will wait patiently for Mikel Arteta’s confirmed team to be announced.

And here it is…

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  1. Wow, very strong team, they should win this. Good to see Martinelli playing. He may bag a couple of goals tonight.

  2. If I were Arteta, I wouldn’t put Xhaka and Martinelli in the starting line-up because they could get exhausted and they’ll need to keep up with Liverpool’s energy soon

    But maybe he wants to score a couple of goals in the first half and replace them in the second half

    I’m afraid the line-up means Nelson has no future at Arsenal and would likely be loaned out in January or sold in the summer

      1. The poor boy should’ve started the game. His contract is expiring and Smith-Rowe is recovering, so he doesn’t have a lot of chance to showcase his abilities

          1. A defeat means our fringe and squad rotation players’ qualities are far below our key players

    1. Martinelli is super fit and Xhaka never gets injured,right call imo ,still need that experience in the squad .
      Regarding the defence it Shows that Sundays squad will be white and zinchenko in again which ATM is the right call

      1. But Liverpool’s Duracell bunnies have two rest days advantage over our players. Martinelli has a long-term injury history and Xhaka is already 30 years old

    2. What are you complaining about mate?
      Martinelli just got back from a 2 weeks rest didn’t he?
      Also you said Martinelli has a long term Injury record. Injury from how many years ago? Didn’t Arteta managed him well when he got back from surgery and you guys were calling for him to be rushed into the team?
      Since then, has he gotten injured?

      Plus Nelson’s just returned to the team after how long out?
      Do you think the manager doesn’t know what he’s doing?
      So calm down mate, relax and just enjoy the game

      1. I’m sure Arteta and the staffs know better than a fan like me, but I just want Xhaka and Martinelli to be fully fresh to play against Liverpool

    3. Absolutely agree… Very sad for Nelson. And if arteta keeps like this, how many games a season will xhaka Gabriel and martinelli play ?! Because if they play against Bode, what if we do a long run in the UEL ?! Arteta has done very good things but he should not be driven away because if xhaka or Gabi get injured…

  3. Good solid line up mix of back up players and first teamers .
    Think Marquinhos could be another Martinelli ,so good to see him starting .
    5-0 my prediction

  4. Great Testing Squad plan. This is going to be great empowerment for the youngsters. Time for them to show and cement what they are yearning to demonstrate to the team.
    Am expecting goals from Nketiah and Martinelli. So we should end up with 2-0 or 3-1.
    It is going to be an exciting match to watch and be thrilled by the youngsters. WWW!!! (We will Win)

  5. Hey guys where can we watch the game now that have downed tools and stop showing all games ☹️

  6. Our B team looked rusty and weren’t really in sync, but we still managed to score two goals. Hopefully Xhaka and Martinelli will be replaced soon

    1. Where did you get that from? Or are you watching a different match? The team is playing so well, I wonder what else you expect from them.

    2. GAI
      I think you are expecting the same as the first team which is a bit over optimistic imo.
      However, they all got better as the half went on

  7. I like that dude Fabio Vieira, he is so agile. Nketia’s energy and hunger is so great. Tomiyasu is just amazing, so comfortable in the ball.

    Common boys, we need clean sheet.

    1. Yeah the possession stats now show Bodo having 51% 🙁

      I’m not looking forward to playing this lot inside the Arctic Circle!

  8. Nothing but positives! Onwards and upwards! Bodo is the 2nd best team in the group imo, they drew away with PSV so 2nd is theirs for the taking.

    1. It’s a classic example of being in 2nd gear and giving players some
      Game time, but to be fair they are a decent passing side…

  9. Didn’t think it would be easy but Bodo were no mugs and that is a good result, though will be difficult next week in the return.

  10. Bodo must have had the hairdryer treatement at half time and came out much stronger. Everything that I have read about them suggests that they are a well drilled team and they certainly grew as the game went on.

  11. Comfortable .. will be worried if Jesus and ramsdale get injured .. don’t have proper replacement for either .. lokonga improving …

    1. Turner had a good game, not like Bodo didn’t test him or he didn’t have to play out from the back. Eddie scored his 2nd from 2 starts this season. Obviously, the guys that start, begin games for a reason but we are not threadbare behind.

      1. Turner seems to have no clue about distribution and nketiah wasnt a threat against mediocre opposition .. clearly two areas where we need strengthening given their importance … in a way while I think both Jesus and ramsdale deserve to be in their national squads both might be left out which might be a blessing for us

        1. Your only post on the day of the NLD was to moan at Xhaka when they levelled. Here you are after a win targeting players that did nothing wrong. Yes Eddie should of scored a 2nd late on but he already scored the 1st goal outright and was a genuine menance throughout, average fan will have been pleased with what they saw.

          As I said in another post BODA are the 2nd best team in this group, they are organised and committed it’s one of the fantastic stories in European football how good they’ve become. They are not world beaters obviously but a very sound side built on sound principles.

          I agree on Jesus/Ramsdale but Ramsdale will go to WC no matter what and fatigue is not really an issue for GK’s. Jesus I suspect will continue to play his way into the Brazil WC squad however much it would benefit us for him to rest (you get rusty resting so it’s not all good either just don’t risk injury.)

      1. Haha I meant lively not lovely but yeah I agree he looked bright. I always liked him and I hope he comes on and does well for us

  12. It’s such a shame that Tomiyasu’s performance has gone under the radar. The guy should be starting for us. We need him.

    1. I agree with u on Tomi Kev. B. White isn’t doing bad but Tomi is assured both defensive and going forward. Maybe they want B. White to make the world cup squad

      1. I think it’s just the case that White hasn’t given a reason to be dropped. Even if Tomi is the better player, he will have to wait for his chance to prove it. That’s just how it goes in football.
        I’ve always said I think Tomi is probably our best defenders and is strong on the ball, but white has adapted very well to a new and specific role at RB. It was good to see Tomi moved to LB later in the game as it gives more evidence to the fact he is very capable there and can provide extra cover when needed

  13. Great game, Bodo gave it a good go and had a good spirit. I’m impressed with what they were able to do and we’ll need to watch out on the away leg. Our 1st half total dominance. Bit shaky in the 2nd half, still hoping we can get a CDM to relieve Lokonga of that position where he isn’t at his best. Tierney, defensively very helpful today, Tomi a strong game as well. And hopefully people can get off Turner’s back. Ridiculous scrutinty over one mistake in a pre-season game and because he is American I think people think he cannot play football but he clearly can and showed some great shot-stopping skills. Distribution not Ramsdale level obviously but a decent game for him and some good passing around the back as well. Nketiah, took that good well, Vieira buzzing, more minutes for Marquinhos. Very positive night for the Gunners. (and a clean sheet!)

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