Confirmed Arsenal Team to take on Brentford this afternoon

The teams are out for today’s Premier League encounter, with no big shocks in the Arsenal line-up to take on Brentford.

The Gunners have opted to start Emile Smithe Rowe in the place of the suspended Gabi Martinelli, while Tomiyasu also comes back into the squad after recovering from injury, but sits on the bench.

Bernd Leno also makes his return to the squad, but starts on the bench with Ramsdale continuing to hold onto his the number one spot.

Admittedly, we thought that the news on Tomiyasu meant that he would be starting today as shared in our predicted XI earlier on today, but maybe he isn’t quite back to 100%

Omari Hutchinson also makes the squad and could well make his Premier League debut also, but we will see how the game goes.

Will this team have any issues in dealing with Brentford today?


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      1. Cazorla could only do playmaking, whereas Giroud won a lot of aerial duels and held the opponents off for the other Arsenal attackers

  1. Westham just drew, so important to win this game, I will accept a scruffy victory. Although I really expect a better football performance (offensively) as well…..

    1. We shouldn’t have to rely on a ref’s call but how wasnt that a penalty on Cedric’s shot?

      Still, a pretty dominant display in all aspects apart from where it really matters.

  2. We are getting mugged by fatty moss again. Dont understand how epl monitor their referees. Out of shape and inept at doing their job but still on the payroll.

    1. Someday one of those crooked ref will get mobbed by angry fans on a really bad day, then they will learn.

    1. we’re the worst shooting team in the PL, maybe in Europe…it’s f’ing embarrassing

  3. Lacazette is not a striker unfortunately … would put Pepe in middle and see what happens .. playing some decent football but no return

  4. We’ve got to get Laca off. What’s he offering this game? He’s not going to score and we don’t need him to control possession…. So why’s he there?

  5. From all the top 4 ahead of us, we still happens to be the only team with more shots. The stat won’t say otherwise. More corners and shots..

    Why are some fans so impatient, this is a game after 2weeks if I am correct? Pool chelski and co are no near us on shots for this 40 mins

    1. Who cares what liverpool and chelsea are doing. One, we aren’t going tot catch them this season, two it doesn’t change the fact we struggle to score goals. This is simply a fact, and is showing to be a main reason we will struggle to get 4th. Team is secure defensively, fine midfield, can create space. Literally everything but an instinct to score. We have 15more games after this. Two goals in 2022. There’s reason to worry

      1. I believe we will nail this one. We are a team under progress and we all must understand that we can’t get it all right this season. Arteta is doing better than some of the managers that started the season together. We can judge come end of season.

        1. I agree. I don’t expect everything to
          Be perfect this season. I think a loan for a striker could’ve gone a very long way just to add some extra goals to the team tho. I see esr just scored but still gonna need a striker to contribute this season and I dont think it’s Laca or Eddie

  6. xhaka rubbish saka rubbish the rest poor ..just cross cross cross laca keep urself onside FFS

    1. Saka has been rubbish in the first half, Partey has been poor too. Seems like Cedric been more adventurous than Saka on the wing.

      Laca showing why he should go. Could Pepe do any worse up top? So dull in terms of challenging the Keeper, good creativity, possession, everything there but finishing.

      Odegaard shining in the first half.
      Too many crosses, no one can finish those in the box. Laca simply not existent as an Ariel threat.

  7. As usual, we relied on ground passes and long crosses too much. No head flicks and short lobs at all

    And Smith-Rowe didn’t seem to be encouraged to cut inside. If I were Arteta, I would’ve pushed him to dribble to the penalty box and shoot more often

    Too many corners being wasted as well. Arsenal could’ve fixed the attacking set-piece problem by loaning a towering super-sub, but I believe Kroenke is unwilling to spend more money until he sees a real progress

  8. There is an agenda from ref and some senior FA officials to undermine arsenal from reaching top 4 because they favor manure. The fact that manure are dropping points is a big worry to them. Football politics..

  9. Hopefully in the Summer we bring in a plan B striker, a tall presence to at least fight to get on the crosses.

    Shocking how they continue to cross to Laca, just wasting a pass. Laca looking more to flop than get a header.

    Like to see a few more give and go in the box, the crosses aren’t working.

    1. 4th best scorer level with ronaldo, son and vardy. Only need saka to improve his finishing and we will have a dangerous trio with martinelli replacing lacazette.

      1. Either way we’ll have the 3 games in hand on them still 🙂 Chelsea still 0-0 against Palace slowly getting dragged into the race. Will be 6 wins in 15 for them in the league if it stays that way.

  10. Chelsea still 0-0 vs Palace too. Looks like they are getting dragged into the race too. Only 5 wins in their last 15 league games if it stays that way!

  11. Excellent performance by Arsenal bar the late goal. Maintained the pressure for 90 mins. Kept a clean health bill, with no injuries.

  12. Anyone else note Xhaka refusing to take the captain’s armband. Very strange. Apart from the late goal, a pretty impressive performance. Still need to work on shooting and finishing though. Could have been a cricket score!

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