Confirmed Arsenal team to take on Brighton – Attacking line-up by Emery

This is crucial day in the race for the Top Four and with the Spuds losing yesterday we can still have half a hope that we can make the Top Four. Chelsea are currently 2-0 up and will leapfrog Tottenham into Third place before we play. We should win this game no matter who plays, but I can see Unai Emery holding back some of his best players for the midweek game against Valencia as that is likely to be our best route to the Champions League next season.

With that in mind, my predicted team was…


So I am assuming that Lacazette, Koscielny and Guendouzi will be saved for Thursday, so now let us wait patiently for Emery’s confirmed side…..

So, no Koscielny or Kolasinac but is it enough to do the business today?


  1. Both Ozil and Mkhitaryan are supposed to thrive in an easy home game like this:

    Lichtsteiner . Mustafi . Sokratis . Monreal
    …………..Torreira ……… Xhaka
    Mkhitaryan ………. Ozil ………. Aubameyang
    …………………. Lacazette

    1. Ozil hasn’t thrived much against lower teams this season

      I guess that theory has been debunked

  2. Miki and Mustafi highlights how short we are even against Brighton

    Neither would make any of the top ten teams
    When you include lich, Iwobi and Elneny we really struggle I would prefer to see some of the youngsters

  3. I made the prediction that it is Spurs who will deny us 4th, and it looks set to become reality now. Chelsea getting 3rd does, however, give them less incentive to win Europa. It is unfortunate it has come to this but those 3 losses in a row did irreparable damage to our league route option. We must now use the back door.

  4. This is a dreadful back four.No height,No pace.No composure.We are asking for trouble.

    1. And we’re expecting torreira + Xhaka to dominate Gross/Stephens/Bissouma midfield lol.

    2. …we been asking for it (alright) for the best part of the season but we’re still in there with a shout

      let’s see what kinda result they can carve out today – we should be optimistic of yet anther europa league appearance at least.

      One thing we do know is we’re still better than man utd 😀

  5. We now have to pray that Everton and Leicesterdont loss their last league games

    And we win against Brighton n Burnley

    1. .. maybe we’d better think TWICE before using man utd ever again as a bargain basement?

      So much for the shenanigans of alexis sanchez – seems the grass isn’t always greener on the…lol

  6. We just have a squad which is shockingly short of pace … Aube and laca have bursts of speed but only miki really runs at defence and he isn’t quick enough though on his day can still cause trouble … Xhaka mustafi lichsteiner is a disaster combo waiting to happen

  7. Wow
    Burnley is the worst team we could have gotten as our last away game.. especially not being good away.
    Spurs are at home..
    Chelsea seem to have found so me grit…
    We are away to Burnley..
    Not a pessimist bt this doesn’t look pleasant

  8. From the space there are two things you can see 1- The Great Wall Of China 2- The Gap in Arsenal’s Defense.

    1. Why? His decision making is questionable. That was an improper penalty awarded for Monreal’s dive. Thankfully VAR will eliminate this cheating nonsense soon.

  9. Chelsea 71pts…..draw.72pts… >opponent Leicester Away.
    Leicester could catch Everton in 8th.

    Tottenham 70pts…..draw.71pts… >opponents Everton at home. Everton can’t move above Wolves but can be caught by Leicester. A draw would secure 8th spot for Everton.

    AFC 69pts.
    A draw is not enough as even if spurs loss we loss out on GD as theirs is far superior
    A win and a Chelsea draw means we need to rely on DG and that is fairly close between us.

    So a win at Burnley and hope that the other 2 will draw (ideally Chelsea for sure) and the task today though is for a 3-0 shoreline ideally

  10. If we keep xhaka for next season I can guarantee we won’t be in top 4 possibly the worst player I remember in that position for a long long time …

    1. It always surprised me what some fans see in xhaka. What does he offer other than the odd shot from half field that usually ends up in the upper row and the constant yellow cards. The guy is extremely slow, can’t take on players. I don’t know what Wenger saw in him.

      Let’s hope one of his crazy shots go in tonight.

    1. I agree but the thing is emery keeps selecting him so he must take some of the blame

        1. Anyone is better … just get him off … drawing is irrelevant need more attacking options

  11. When you gave difficulty selecting your player of the season, you know how poor your team is

    1. @gotanidea

      I think you’re right. I only got to see the first 15 mins, and the last 15 mins, but Xhaka was shocking in those first 15 mins, and apparently he gave away the pen as well. In the first 5 mins alone Xhaka: passed an easy ball straight to the opposition to set up a counter attack, passed another easy one straight out for a throw-in, got beaten by an opponent with ease, and over hit a cross. And that was just the first 5 mins! Remember also against Leicester he also cost us the crucial first goal by letting the opponent run off him for a free header.

      Looks like the whole team may have been awful though?

  12. Don’t wait until summer, sell this idiot immediately after the game. I’m so fed up with this useless piece of s***!! The worst player ever to wear Arsenal shirt. I just can’t believe… how stupid can you be!!!

  13. I hate to state the obvious but we are dire. That whole defence should be sold. It’s pathetic. My patience is running out with Emery. We should have cemented a top 4 position weeks ago. No excuses. Just not good enough for this club.

  14. This “Ozil the unlocker of the opponent’s defense” is BS

    We lack creativity in the last three seasons and he looks disinterested today

  15. I would like Jon Fox comment on today’s selection of Mustafi and Xhaka as I feel he would be slaying Wenger for the same

    1. Please spare Mustafi for today. I know you have one set of players you criticize even when there are worst players on the pitch including a 350k star

    2. So what did Mustafi do wrong?
      Both pens weren’t pens and Sokratis is the biggest liability.
      All you do is come on here and, like the radio station, you Talkshite. .

    3. Of course he would, but one dare not say anything about UE, as that would be an affront to AFC.
      UE lost us a top four place withdrawal his selections and tactics and that’s a fact.
      Let’s move on to Thursday and pray he redeems himself, along with certain players?
      By the way john0711, wasn’t it you who also pilloried AW?

  16. Emrys fauly . completelt . bottling against crystal palace and very late subs today

  17. Mate it’s the players. 95% of the squad is absolute trash! They haven’t qualified for the top 4 in the previous two seasons, so what on earth made you think that Emery should definitely have them in the top 4 then? Given the injuries as well?

  18. Absolute rubbish! Palace, wolves Leicester, and Brighton =1 point pathetic

  19. Can’t wait to see half of these guys released. I’d rather give mavropanos, guendozi, Nelson, nketiah 100 games than watch Mustafi, lichsteiner, myhkitarian, play for arsenal football club. They’re wages should be reinvested in any of the academy graduates that look like they can kick a football.

  20. You have to laugh otherwise you would cry This Arsenal squad have no back bone when it’s put up to them they fold. We need Real Men at Arsenal not weak p××××.

  21. in the words of terry thomas “there absolute shower” alexandria iwobi the main 1,last post here waste of xhaka pass master LOL cant take a proper corner dunk &duffy real cfs

  22. We don’t deserve to be in the champions League anyone who says we do is an absolute clown. We were awful today and we were at home to a really crap team so it puts the gunners in to perspective on where we are. I would be surprised if arsenal got a result on Thursday

  23. Xhaka. Xhaka. Xhaka. U cost us this game. This is very irresponsible. These guys are very immature. We need a complete overhaul. This is very shocking to say the least. We need to spend over 100m in The summer. A complete overhaul. We are a joke now. And if Stan is not going to spend..we must force him out. I repeat we must force him out. Even if we win the Europa league, we must spend. This is bizarre. I’m really disappointed..Xhaka scored 0. Very irresponsible thing to do. Buy Doucoure, Nabir Fekir and Koulibaly. Sell Elneny, Welbeck, Mustafi, Have a solid first team. We have the Europa League as our only route to the Champions League. We had a shot at 3rd place. But Emery and his defence cost us big time. If we don’t play Champions League next season, then Emery should be sacked.

  24. It’s time that the board back the manager then rely on CL qualification money to back the manager.

    Today we again showed we do not have enough skilful talent to unlock defences. An issue alongside shabby defending. The 2 areas we need to resolve.

    Xhaka hardly touched the player for a pen But even before then we offered zero play in unlocking Brighton. It could do with tactics, it could do with personal but it will definitely need to do with changing things this summer.

    Hugely let down by the end of the season from the Napoli game. It was like the emotion within the squad felt they could take a break/breather. (I appreciate our squad is thin atm)

    Sell who you want but I only value the following, everyone else can be for the squad or sold.

    I am happy to be proven another name from our current squad who should be on this list above…but I just dont see one.

    1. Ozil at 30 is still treated as a 7 year old baby. He should be the first to be sold, if a club will ever come for him. To show you how poor he has become, Myki has a better stats than him this season

  25. And when I called this manager a rookie pple slated me. Brendan Rodgers was the perfect manager for us after missing out on Klopp and we fluffed the chance.
    This is what you get for slow backward passing.
    We’ve now made Europa our home.

  26. I rather have Arsene than Emery. Clueless coach
    6 premier league matchecs 4 point. As worst as wenger winger was, he will get nothing less than 7point in this same matches

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